Friday, August 10, 2007

Quacking At Last!

Yes, yes, I know, I've been silent for SUCH a long time. Been very busy. Kept my Slovak blog updated. Kept my social life blooming. :)

Things with me & L are going steady and even though he has his mistakes, I feel like I wouldn't change him for anybody, EVER. Yeah, he's a smoker. Yeah, he likes to drink. Yeah, he sometimes doesn't understand that as I'm leaving in 15 days for KL on the other continent, I should be his priority, not his cousin that's leaving for a city 500km away.

Everyday though, I'm finding out how much I care about him. He means SO MUCH for me! The best word describing my feelings would be CONTENTMENT. Yup, I'm really content. I feel like this is the right way; it should be this way, forever. :)

The last drop was today - I've found out that I AM UNABLE TO GET ANGRY AT HIM!!!!!

Me. Unable. To. Get. Angry. At Someone.


He has promised me to meet up with me today but he has forgotten on that goodbye party of his last we hadn't met. I was really disappointed & pissed off and I've wanted to tell him so many
"Why the fucking hell you promise something to me & then you don't fucking do it?! I can't stand that behaviour! You're such an irresponsible, egoistic asshole!"

Sigh, baby. You pathetic fool. Those were my angry thoughts flying around in my mind.

However, after I've picked up the phone.... I said: " know...I understand that family is family...but still, I don't like people promising me things & then not doing them...please, don't do that to me, I'm leaving in 15 days and I really care about being with you now..."

Hardly. :P
I'm feeling extremely vulnerable cuz my sarcastic & easily-pissed-off attitude is often my only defense. And now..I can't get pissed off....who am I? :P
Lucky lucky L, he's the only person I can't send to burning hells with my raw words. :P

Aaaaah, I'm REALLY tired. Tmr (technically, today) I'm off to meet up with him...nice. :)
Good night!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007



No presence, no future, no perspective.

Let's focus on what matters, that is, keeping the friendship, working hard at LKW and living my life the best way possible.


Tmr got power yoga class at 8am.

On Wed gotta see Harry Potter 5 again, but very gladly, cuz no words could do the justice on how much I salivate at RON WEASLEY. Hahahahahaaaa! :D Rupert Grint, you sexy, cute beast! ;)

Must go to bed. Nites. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Those were the days when I was cracking my head above the academic issues and issues regarding my future. I'm turning the leaf to my usual Korean drama life! :P

There's this my friend from the art class, let's call him L.

He's the one that has invited me over for a coffee for a grand total of three times of which we have actually met for zero times, due to unknown reasons. :D At that time I found it rather ridiculous for him to invite me over for anything, I didn't know him that well and I didn't feel like guys should interest me at all, after the pleasant break up with R.

Time went by and we've became a really good friends, recently we've been together at a club, before that at a bar with his friends (I've been laughing for 1.5 hours straight; those guys were the funniest & freakiest lot I've met in a loooong long time) and then he has left for an awesome road trip around Europe with his friend.
We, of course, keep in touch, we text each other pretty often at what's new & how are things going and where are they and what's new with Dr. House.. :D :D :D Ah yes, he watches it too! :D

I sense that still kind of likes me *that* way...I assume that he has liked me *that* way even before, hence the still; people don't invite other people over for a coffee just because, do they? :P

And NOW!!!! I think I also do! And FUCK IT!!!! I'm leaving in SIX WEEKS, okay?!

There are things that are pro doing anything significant around this issue:

  1. I can hardly meet another dude with THAT of a lovely character & THAT of a freaky sense of humour

  2. I live just ONCE! Grab the chance, bitch!

  3. Six weeks is quite a lot, isn't it? Who knows, maybe we could last for three days. Live at presence, babe.

And then there are things that are contra doing anything significant around this issue:

  1. I can hardly meet another dude with THAT of an addiction to cigs and apparently, to alcohol as well. Very gross. Cannot tahan.

  2. I'm leaving in SIX WEEKS. 10 000km away. Wake up. WTD.

  3. Maybe he is totally phlegmatic about me & I'm just seeing things, thus, doing anything would inevitably mean a total embarrassment. Not that I'm not used to embarrassing myself, but still!!!

  4. Even if he liked me & we would hypothetically get together, I'd leave and then I'd be yet in ANOTHER long-distance relationship, now in the exactly opposite way as before (me in SK, bf in MY), now it'd be me in MY, bf in SK! Who wants THAT?!?! 12 hours long flight is a 12 hours long flight. WTP.

Jesus Christ, I'm not gonna elaborate on this any longer, it's too much of a Korean drama for my three brain cells. @_@ He's coming back from his road trip sooner or later and then will, hopefully, things clear out. Wahlau.

Good luck to me & good luck to hubooby with a similar problem! B-)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Hairstyle, My Everything

I don't know what's wrong with Asian celebs & their hairdos.

Why do they HAVE TO perm & bleach their hair like there's no tomorrow??? O_O It looks good ok, they look cute, but for example BYJ looks like a paedophilic gay or like a Ken or like a wax statue with such a hairstyle. EEEHHH!!! @_@

Cannot tahan.

Tell them someone something finally!!!!!
Le Poseur


I'm feeling like I'm living in a fake world where everything is unreal, all people are false assholes & I'm one of them.
Probably I *really* am a poseur. I'm NOT myself in front of everyone. Sure, we all wear some 'social masks' but still....
I don't even know why has it gotten so much to me now but I've suddenly realised that I'm DUCKING TIRED of all the pretending.

You assholes. Not you, my 0.05 readers, that was meant in general to stupid people~

Why should I dress up sexily? Just so XY creatures that use dicks instead/as brains can masturbate when projecting my look?

WHO cares about any make-up? Li Hong is right, natural is the prettiest. Only I'm not sure if I'm able to stop using it, I find it quite necessary. Yeah, I know I'm contradicting myself. :P

Why should I waste money on mojitos & branded stuff? Fuckers, it's just a pose. And I was a DAMN HUGE poseur last summer. I'm tired of mojito (virgin, I drink the virgin one) and besides, it's just another drink...and EVERYONE in BA that wants to look cool, hip, stylish, rich, down-to-earth & laid-back drinks it. =_=
I'm sick of you, fuckers.

At least I'm not going with the flow (partially due to the lack of money) in terms of the apparel.

Got Lacoste?
G-Start Raw?
Guess? Cavalli?

NICE. You're DA MAN!!!! *pats back*
Maybe you remember, maybe not, how I was going with this flow last year. I've SO wanted a violet Hilfiger coat & around 50 Lacoste stuffs.....but those were the days when I had yet to understand, that I'm acting like an idiotic kid.

I'm also having second thoughts about learning tennis cuz I don't really feel like I'm that kind of a tennis person, you know? I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE badminton, but tennis seems too complicated & technically difficult to me.


Most importantly, I've never been particularly *interested* in it, only this year, I somehow persuaded myself that it's a very happening & interesting game and if I won't keep a track of what's going on in it, I'll be a loser.

Ah, sounds like just another pose. -_~

Dunno, dunno, dunno.
I'm trying to be someone I'm not & I'm not trying to be who I am.
Sounds confusing? I hope it doesn't. In times/moods like these I feel like it'd do me the best if I've just packed my toothbrush (and my eyedrops of course!) and left for some tranquil, crispy clean & beautiful place with NOBODY humanoid around where I could just chill.



I'm counting on Malaysia, btw.

New people, new place, new school, new almost everything.
I solemnly swear that I'll be ME, MYSELF & I and nobody else.



Wednesday, June 27, 2007




Dreams coming true.....hello.....I AM< THE FUTURE GRAPHIC DESIGNER!!!!! :D :D :D
Bow!!!! ^___^

*dances salsa & sings Boyzone*

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Does that "Acknowledged" in my LKW online enrolment application status thingy mean ACKNOWLEDGED as we know it in the good old English? ACCEPTED?! Or is it just my application & the payment accepted, but it's not that I'm actually accepted into the uni?!

Sheeeeesh, quack, sheeeeesh. *breathes heavily & tries not to bite nails*

I foresee sleepless nights until I get (or NOT!!!!! *bites bulus*) the Letter of Offer. O_O

Look at this:

Payment Date 6/25/2007

Application/Payment Status Acknowledged

Application ID *quackquack*

Applicant Name Michaela know my name ;)

Application Date 6/25/2007

Semester 1

Intake September 2007

Selected Course Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design (3+0)
[ KP/JPS (KR5166) 09/09 ]
Faculty of Design Innovation
Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Am I bodoh or am I bodoh? O_o Tell me it MEANS that I'm accepted, tell me so. Even just for a one damn semester. If I'm accepted, the remaining fees will be paid in no feather time. *_*
*bites feathers anxiously & quite in disbelief*

Look at my horoscope at Facebook:

"A door in your life really needs to be closed before you can open another one. Lock it up and throw away the key! You have to, for your own sake."

OMD. This Facebook horoscopes almost always comes true. It's updated just three times a week but that kind of makes it more...believable.

The opening of the new door is clear, it's the university thing (that's making me this anxious....*this* anxious, ot's 1.46am and I'm quacking here and checking my application status).

Close a door. Hmmm, hmmm. My SK life? I can't throw it away, this is my homeland, okay...
Or, my HIGH SCHOOL life?? I could as well throw *this* away cuz I don't really miss my ex-classmates or anything but it seems too rude to me to do that.

Okay, let's say we have closed the door, whatever door it has been. Now the question is, HOW ONE THROWS AWAY THE KEYS?! That's a real mystery to me. Change my name? Tell everyone you hate them & them emmigrate from the country?
Hahaha, okay, that's too extreme. :P

But really, how one does it? Have you ever done it? O_o

Almost 2am.

I'll then hug everyone & start dancing salsa and book my airticket & kiss Haku & cry & laugh & get scared & get excited & get sad & get happy ALL IN THE SAME TIME. ^_____^
Let's PRAY.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Strange Little Things That Are Happening To Me

* I don't give a QUACK about make-up anymore.
After that operation and after that one week of sleeping/breathing with closed eyes I no longer feel the insane urge to prettify myself with make-up and whateva cosmetics. Got UNused to it, I guess. Soon I'll reach Li Hong's phase when I'll wake up, wash my teeth & face and hands and comb hair and then GO. Hahahaha! But before *that* happens, I'll go and get my complexion cleant. :P

* I suffer from a severe QUACKING DIARRHOEA.
You have noticed it also, haven't you? Three quacks/day, that's like, MAD.

* I have a stronger affinity to the ultimate girly color - PINK.
How sad. I'm turning into Xiaxue!!!! T_T @_@ Nothing against her, I like reading her blog and I am in awe on how active she is & everything - she has achieved everything with her own hands with pink fake nails; however, I DUN WANNA BECOME HER!!!
When I start buying pink mobile phones & continue on by putting glitter on my pink laptop, say nothing and just KILL ME.

* Dreams & goals are being achieved.
That said, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING, as Adidas very accurately states. I've registered for Limkokwing today. Now let's ducking PRAY & HOPE that I ducking GET IN!!!!!!!

Weird, weird, mysterious life. O_O ^_^
A Really Seriously Interesting Quack That Will Change Your Lifes Like Nothong Else

I just went to buy a new toothbrush. Interesting, right? I hope you're dying of interest now. *sarcastic laughter*
I also bought a nail polish remover and an Asia Spa Fa soap with CHERRY BLOSSOM. Woooooo, I'm soooooooo interesting!!!!

I won't even credit it, the flowers are beautiful but the pic ain't so. Or OK, here, the credits.

OMD no no no. Let's do somethong, let's not pointlessly quack. Right after my nail polish dries, I'll EAT SOME BREAKFAST (at 12.46pm, mind you), brush my teeth & take a shower, cream my bulus with sunscreen, dress up & then commute to madre's workplace where I shall APLLY TO LKW.


I'm soooo interesting & fabolous. LOVE ME! *flies away*
Getting Things In Order

OHOHOHOOO!!! Being back into visual life with full of its tantalizing, beautiful colors, chirping birds and amazing shapes, I'm getting everything that has to be done, done one by one.

Like Yu Jin said in Winter Sonata: "Take one step at a time."

OMD, I think I should rewatch it sometime. Or continue with Stairway To Heaven that EVERYONE had seen million years ago except of me cuz I'm lame. However, I didn't really like STH simply cuz I don't like Choi Ji Woo (and I don't like her cuz she looks so pure & innocent; it's annoying the hell outta me) BUT!!!!!! KWON SANG WOO compensates it 6756 times. He's so hot, I almost cannot speak. O_O *_*


Speaking of hot Asians, know what happened to me yesterday?! *starts giggling stupidly*

I was at this ex-class party in the downtwn and it was held in a restaurant called The Arch. Me & my friends were sitting outside, sipping somethong (me a soda, I have antibiotics & corticosteroids prescribed) when suddenly a SUPER HOT ASIAN GUY PASSED BY.

He was the hottest thing I've seen in my entire life!!!!!!!!! *__* *salivates*

That dude was tall, with a nice body, a Se7en-ish hairstyle (only black, no weird browns), had deeeeep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep eyes, super cute flat Asian nose (I also have such, YEAHH) and all in all, he was one sexy sexy hot thing. *fans herself*

I saw him. My friends didn't. I exclaimed breathlessly:


..and looked at him, he looked at me sexily and I've put my soda glass to the lips, sipped it and.......SPILLED IT ON MY SKIRT, CUZ I DIDN'T PUT THE GLASS EXACTLY TO MY LIPS, BUT SOME 3CM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!


If he saw it, he might as well died of laughter afterwards and feel proud and his ego might have been pumped up.
"Girls can't even drink properly when I'm around..", he might have thought.

Tehehehe, I'm such a silly duck. XD

That was a BIG digression. What were I quacking...? ....ah yes, about gettyings things that have to be done, done one by one.
Yesterday I cleant my floor (I've started to like this activity, please slap me), wiped the desk a bit and put the CDs into that CD-holding-thingy (I'm not bothered about its proper English name, sorry).

Today I took pics of my two new paitings and right now I'm uploading my portfolio to Shutterfly that I've joined cuz I was tired of Photobucket liao.

This Shutterfly is pretty cool, in my opnion it's better than Photobucket. ^_^

Today I will also apply for LKW even if frogs were showering from the sky, NOTHING can keep me away from doing IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, NOT EVEN A HYPTHETICAL DATE WITH THAT PURE ASIAN HOTNESS.

Are you also noticing it? My preferences for guys are going around in circles. Asians - blonde/reddish period - Asians.
Pathetic. -_-
Please, wish me luck so I actually *GET* into LKW, ok? ^^'''' Now when it comes so near, I'm having thoughts, like, "OMD, and I'll be so far away if they accept me, that's scary" and "I'll leaaaaaveeeeeeee everyone!!!! UUUAAA!!! SAD!!!!" and etc., but heck, how else can one learn about life, if not by LIVING IT HERSELF?!
No other way, yes.
On the other hand, I've had this pleasant dream recently where I came into the LKW's food court (if can I call it that way; put up with my Eng just this once) and asked for the wheat grass drink. And they didn't have it. So I've asked for the winter melon drink and they also didn't have it. I got sad and asked for the chrysanthemium drink and they DID have it!!!! :D So I took it, it was in a nice, yellow plastic glass, and sipped it happily. ^_^ says: To dream that you are making or drinking tea, represents satisfaction and contentment in your life. You are taking your time with regards to some relationship or situation.
OK, whatever, it might be so, who knows? :P
The point is, IT WAS SO KOOL!!!! I *felt* that yummy taste of the chrysanthemium tea in my dream, seriously. Mmmmm. I think it's worth flying 10 000km away just for that one thing. ^^