Friday, August 10, 2007

Quacking At Last!

Yes, yes, I know, I've been silent for SUCH a long time. Been very busy. Kept my Slovak blog updated. Kept my social life blooming. :)

Things with me & L are going steady and even though he has his mistakes, I feel like I wouldn't change him for anybody, EVER. Yeah, he's a smoker. Yeah, he likes to drink. Yeah, he sometimes doesn't understand that as I'm leaving in 15 days for KL on the other continent, I should be his priority, not his cousin that's leaving for a city 500km away.

Everyday though, I'm finding out how much I care about him. He means SO MUCH for me! The best word describing my feelings would be CONTENTMENT. Yup, I'm really content. I feel like this is the right way; it should be this way, forever. :)

The last drop was today - I've found out that I AM UNABLE TO GET ANGRY AT HIM!!!!!

Me. Unable. To. Get. Angry. At Someone.


He has promised me to meet up with me today but he has forgotten on that goodbye party of his last we hadn't met. I was really disappointed & pissed off and I've wanted to tell him so many
"Why the fucking hell you promise something to me & then you don't fucking do it?! I can't stand that behaviour! You're such an irresponsible, egoistic asshole!"

Sigh, baby. You pathetic fool. Those were my angry thoughts flying around in my mind.

However, after I've picked up the phone.... I said: " know...I understand that family is family...but still, I don't like people promising me things & then not doing them...please, don't do that to me, I'm leaving in 15 days and I really care about being with you now..."

Hardly. :P
I'm feeling extremely vulnerable cuz my sarcastic & easily-pissed-off attitude is often my only defense. And now..I can't get pissed off....who am I? :P
Lucky lucky L, he's the only person I can't send to burning hells with my raw words. :P

Aaaaah, I'm REALLY tired. Tmr (technically, today) I'm off to meet up with him...nice. :)
Good night!