Friday, June 30, 2006

Bodoh, Malas, Jahat
(Stupid, Lazy, Bad)

Laducks & gentleducks, I'm here to officially quack you that I'm an ITIK BODOH, MALAS DAN JAHAT (Ahem, mind me putting Malay words here & there - I'm trying not to forget them so I have to use them).

My repooport card is slightly worse than I've been expecting:

Slovak language & Literature: 3 (WTP!!!!!!!!!!! KNN!!!!!! I'm not getting it!!!!! I skipped 2 tests but I have only 1s & 2s there!!!!! HOW COME I GOT THE FUCKING 3 FROM SLOVAK?!?!?! )
English : 1
Spanish: 2
History: 3 (WOW! Sibitchisova gave me 3, I think she's not such a bitch then! O_O ^^ Thaaaaanks laaa!!!)
Society Studies: 1
Maths: 4 (Typical~)
Physics: 4 (Typical. BUT THE PHYSICS IS OVEEERRR FOREEEEEVEEEERRRRRRR!!!!! *dances salsa and macarena on the green green glittery grass and throws confetti*)
Chemistry: 3
Biology: 3 (Here I go with my slacking, I could have had 1 or 2 if I studied)
Aesthetics: passed (It's not marked, you can just "pass" or "fail")
PE: 2

My average grade is 2,3 - ain't I a genius?! -_~ *rolls eyes*

Eh, my maturita must look like this:

Slovak: 2
English: 1
Society Studies: 1
Geography: 2
History of Art: 1

No more laziness, procrastination and no self-discipline next year!!!!!!!

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYS, I'm not gonna trouble myself with that now. That's not allowed cuz it's.....


WAAHHHOOOOO!!!! ^______^
I can't believe it's finally here...................oohh.....2 months of waking up at 11am, no stress, no tests, no professors, no 0th classes, NOTHING....NOTHING.........nothing but a great FREEDOM. ^____^

Btw, I had sushi today.
Darn expensive. @_@ I miss the Singaporean prices....uhh..

OK lah. Proper quack about Bae Yong Joon and about BA's beauty and about the tragedy of being a being myself later. I must go for a walk with byebye for now!

Listening to: "Kiss Goodbye" by Wang Lee Hom
Yay!: Holidays...^______^
Grrr: I haven't seen T! WTP! Me wannaaaaaaaa~~~~ *___*

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Again New

Yeah. I know I'm annoying already with these endless layout-changes. But at least you can comment now!!! ^__^
Still I don't have the tagboard. God knows where's the HTML for it!!!! O_O

Listening to: "Feel Good Inc." by Gorrillaz feat. De La Soul
Yay!: TOMMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grrr: That report card... *gulp gulp*

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I think I must change the blogskin AGAIN, I don't like not having the tagboard here nor the commenting thingee. Hmpf!!!
Actually... I either have to change the blog layout or sing up for HaloScan. I'm lazy to do both..... @_@

We (me + some my classmates) went to BA's Zlate piesky lake today & we had soooo much FUN!!! ^___^ I TOTALLY LOVED IT!!!!
We played volleyball, ate hotdogs, drank Kofola (okay, the guys drank beer but they're stupid), sunbathed, swam around....aaahh, it was nice. ^.^

Haiyooh but, even though I used suncreen with the SPF 10, I'm sunburnt!!!! My cheeks, my eyelids (!!!) and my shoulders are sunburnt. :p
Eh, tmr (whole class is off to the fabolous Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum) I'll go out only with SPF 60 on these areas! @_@ :P


Please Almighty Duck, hear me out:

You're such an asshole.

My eyesight is horrible.
I have no boobs (I've decided that if they don't grow until I'm 23yrs old, I'm gonna get the augmentation! MWAHAHA!!!).
I have an allergy on strawberries & dust and that's damn unfair!
You totally ignored that I'd like to get to know my brother Tomas and also that I would've loved to know my Korean grandpa, Mr. Cho Dae Muk.
I'm so average and un-talented.

As if this all weren't enough, you've decided that my skin should be awful.


See that clear, radiant, fresh, beautiful complexion?!? Choi Ji Woo isn't exactly pretty - she's so plain - but THAT SKIN! O_O OMP!!!!!!! *faints*

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna. *_*

Thanks for hearing me out, dude.


Eh. Sian liao. Lazy for a proper blabbing. 1am.....okeh....I'd better go to bed. NITEZZ!! ^.^


One more thing!
Today I got to know that one my classmate knows S.
His characteristics of S was:

Very polite, shy, silent, feeling the best just in *his* group of friends.


Shit, I must forget him. =_=


Listening to: "Baggage" by Mary J Blige
Yay!: Maybe sushi tmr?
Grrr: Waking up at 7am....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kill Me #_@

See the new blogskin??? ^_^
I think it's really cantik, it's so fresh & neat! ^_^
I felt like this blog needed a change. The previous blogskin was nice but it was way too sweet and pink and all those flowers and colors everywhere were distracting me from a proper blabbing.


I'm REALLY happy that mai deer daarlynk likes the t-shirt I bought him. ^^ Go see a pic of him in the blue t-shirt here. Man, he looks SO HANDSOME! ^___^ The t-shirt's color totally matches his eyes and it's like waaaaaahhhh!!!! ^__^


I bought a very beautiful ethno-looking notebook recently & I'm using it as a diary for short, spontaneous, important things. It feels so good to write; instead of typing! :D


I went to the bus stop and then I saw him. The trolleybus guy with S-ish features!!! *_* Let's call him T (as Tomas) cuz I think that the name Tomas would suit him well. Haha. :P
We stepped into the trolleybus and I sat on a very good place - he stood in front of me, facing me.

WAH!!! *_*
I think I like him. *everyone reading this blog slaps head*

This is very bad you know, I DON'T want to like yet another dude! T_T @_# And he looks like S summore!!!!
Don't I wanna forget S?! Don't I wanna?!?! *bangs head*
Yes, I do wanna.....

I've realized that I can never have him.

It took me 6 years but I did realize it. *bitter smile*

Erm so....what's the point of forgetting S and trying to move on....when I'm starting to like another guy looking very similarly to him?!? O_o

Today this T looked totally adorable. *_* I couldn't help it and I was looking at him in a rather flirtatious manner - and yeah, at 7.35am!!!!!!

Man, I love his eyelashes behind those glasses. *Yeah, I'm retarded* They're so long and nice....and those hazel eyes, OMD! O_O


Imagine I'd hypothetically date him - how would it be? O_o And when looking at him....wouldn't I think of S? Could I love him the real, right way? Wouldn't I love him...because he'd remind me of S?

Very Winter Sonata-ish.
Lee Min Hyung looks like Kang Joon Sang.
T looks like S.

I dunno, I dunno, I dunno.
He'd be quite easy to get, he uses to look at me and it seems like he finds me quite nice, but I dunno.

On the other hand, if I didn't hypothetically date him, I'd wonder "how would it be?" and that's maybe even worse than dating him and maybe not loving him sincerely.

I'd better shut up.

Listening to: Some song by J. Lo
Yay!: No school tmr ^^
Grrr: T!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Briefly In The Night

  • I'm an ah lian. It's official. A while ago I sat COMPLETELY 100% NAKED in front of the computer unable to wear anything cuz I WAITED FOR THE NAIL POLISH ON MY FEET & HANDS TO GET DRY.
    Yeah. No lies la.

  • I still haven't replied to Cheesie's email. I'm sorrryyyyyy!!!! I'm so rude. O_O

  • Yeah, I have to wake up at 6.25am tmr but WTP, the night is young, I'll sleep during da holidays. Hihihihi!

  • PERV ASSHOLES LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bangs head*

    Perv asshole No. 1:

    A German girl, 17yrs, contacted me via God knows what. In my first chat with her she was sending me a pic of her in black bra, a pic of her in black lingerie and then she wanted to send me a pic of NAKED HERSELF WITH HER *lalalaaaa* COVERED JUST BY HER POODLE.
    I told her I'm not interested in photos of naked her & she stopped talking to me.

    Perv asshole No. 2:

    A Turkish girl named Esra, 17 years, contacted me via
    She said she has a boyfriend in the USA so I was like "oooh, great, finally some normal girl".
    Later she told me I'm a sexy girl, asked whether I'm a model (HAHA, SO FUNNY), told me that she's sitting in front of PC only in a sports bra & shorts, sent me three pics of herself in rather sexy poses and demanded pics of myself.
    She also asked me to show her my mini PJs shorts I was (and still am) wearing on the webcam. Oh, and I can't forget her asking about my BRA SIZE. WTP!

    Perv asshole No. 3:

    *Me sitting on a bench at Hviezdoslav's Square*
    An old man, maybe 70 yrs old on the bench by mine comes a bit closer & holding some papers in his left hands looks straight into my eyes & tells me:

    "Mmmm, you know, I could also read you something, while you're waiting here!"

    POOR. ME.

  • I can't believe that the last week of school year is starting tmr!!!!!
    I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! O_o ^_____________^

    The plan for my summer holidays:

    * Draw. Paint. Take photos.
    * Buy maturita prep books & look into them, especially to Literature.
    * Learn to play tennis. Go horseriding again.
    * Try out Mojito Virgin, go eat sushi, go eat salmon steak. (Stupid, I know hahha~)
    * Invite IR over expensive lunch/dinner.
    * Relax. Relax. Relax.
    * Read the books which I should read for maturita.

  • I think I will go to bed now, it's not gonna hurt me. -_~ Almost 2am, OMP, do I wanna DIE??!!! O_o Grrrr......

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: Ai laav mai baibee. ^_^
Grrr: Itchy eyes.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

*faints into coma & never wakes up ever again*

My friend, let's call him IR, visited S's family on Friday (he's quite a good friend with S's bro Peter).

Remember the stupid bet/promise?

"If you get a photo of S, we (me & Kuci) are gonna invite you for a huge, expensive, yummylicious dinner to wherever you want."

And OH.
I can't believe it.
I'm going to die!!!!!

(I hope you can read it there~)

IR HAS A PHOTO OF S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With his aaaaarrgghhh grrrrr cheebye asshole bitch aaarrghhhh uuuughhhhh *kill kill strangle strangle chop chop* girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So they are STILL together. *depoopression* TT________TT

Why can't they break up?
Hey, it's not so difficult!!!! *evil laughter*

I mean, OH ALRIGHT, I'm glad that S is happy with someone.
But WHY can't that "someone" be me, right??!!?? ^_~ TT___TT

Man, seriously, I want you for 6 years already so leave that cheebye & come to me, I'm da best anyways, wuahhahahaah!!!


Hopefully I won't die seeing him on a pic.
And other people in the class can't see IR giving me the pic cuz they'd think I'm completely retarded (true!).


Nisah, baibee, Seb & all you duckies who wanted his pic, I'm gonna send you then & you'll think that I'm completely gila liking him for 6 yrs liao cuz normal ducks don't find him handsome, except of me, his cheebye gf (you see, I'm very jealous & envious) and his mother.


I'm a happy, HAPPY & UNHAPPY DUCK!!!!! ^_____^ TT____TT

Listening to: "O Green World" by Gorrillaz
Yay!: That. Pic.
Grrr: That. Cheebye.

I have to apologize to mai baibee, Nisah & Seb for the ignorance. I HAD TO play "Pool" at ICQ - I'm seriously getting addicted to it. Ugh, someone please cure me. @_@

I managed to win for few times, mmmmm...... ^^;;;

Now....lemme quack randomly.

I'm listening to the Winter Sonata OST (YEAH, AGAIN) cuz it reminds me of S. O_O Waaahhh......................S..........................listening to this makes me feel so nostalgic~~

All of the memories.....S here, S there, S doing this, S doing that....

Ehm, this is very amazing, but a part of people is telling me that winning his heart is a NONSENSE and the other part is telling me to get the courage & talk to him and etc., they're telling me that FOR SURE I could date him sooner or later & that he'd love me.

How now brown cow? O_o

I don't think either of you guys is right.

He wouldn't love me. And I wouldn't win his heart, not sooner nor later.

I'm gonna agonize over him for the next several years until I find someone similar to him (how silly, right? But I like S-resembling guys, kill me..), then I'll kick him (S) to the smallest corner of my mind and try to live happily ever after.

I don't like McD, it totally turned my life upside down! Why I had to meet him there?! *bangs head* -_- Life would be so much easier without S. *sigh*

The results of the psychotests are here. I met up with the psychologist yesterday.
Well, I got to know only what I knew.

I'm good in languages.
I suck duck in Maths.
I suck at 3D imagination (although getting this result is weird, I've always been good at it).

I'm a friendly, opened person with a relatively good self-confidence.
I like changes, I'm quite calm & stable and I don't like boredom.
I'm absolutely not for technical jobs, so please, no architecture, no product design, I wouldn't survive it.
Jobs as marketing communication, a teacher (HELL NO!!!), a linguist and all jobs related to languages, creativity and helping people would suit me.

My IQ probably is nothing fascinating, I weren't asking for the exact number cuz I didn't wanna die on the spot. But probably it's something ard 110~120? Dunno la. Really dunno.
Eh, whatever, I don't care, Boobney Spears is rich and admired like hell and her IQ may be -45 so WTP! I can be good at whatever anyways. :P

Madre told me that I'm "looking more & more like some Tahitian."
AHEM?! O_o Hahaha!!! Me & looking like a Tahitian??? Interesting la..... I'd better start wearing a palm tree skirt & swing my hips sexily. XD

(Credits to

Mmmm, so pretty, where are my flowers and my Noni juice?! :P

Oohh, I had a Malaysian papaya juice yesterday!!!! YUMMYLICIOUS!!! ^__^, thank you for being known also in Slovakia. :P

I DO miss Malaysia & Singapore. *sniff*
I wish I could go back there one day & see it all over again.... Eat all those meals, drink all those drinks, SHOP, watch sappy Chinese dramas with Chinese and Malay subtitles (I understood nothing), buy that kool Asian cosmetics which I totally loved, stare at Asian guys, smell the tropical flowers....
Waaah~~~ *sigh*

When will I come back?
WHO KNOWS! u_u O_o

OMP, I haven't noticed, it's 2.29am now - I'd better go to bed!!!

Listening to: "Forever Love" by Wang Lee Hom
Yay!: 10 of us lepak-ed yesterday and we had niiiice cocktails & ice-creams! ^__^
Grrr: I'm tired laaaaa............and I'm addicted to ICQ pool. @_# :P

Friday, June 23, 2006


It's here.

Madre has found my blog. *drops dead*

Thus, I'm changing my blog's URL cuz I can't stand her reading my blabbings.

If you wanna know the new URL, email me at, okay?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oh My Greedy Stomach




WHY, OH WHY??????!!!!???

This is not fair. ._.''''
I'm salivating like hell..................
*mega droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllll*


Yesterday I smiled at one Vietnamese vendor at the market and straight looked into his eyes (I was testing my flirt-o-meter) and then went into some shop......and when I was returning to the street where he stood, he looked straight in my eyes, winked and smiled!

Seems like I'm irresistible for Vietnamese vendors. :P XDDDD

He looked quite fine, like a nice polite guy BUT...BUT....his whereabouts are too low for my awful standards.

I bet he has no university. He doesn't speak good Slovak & probably no English and I speak no Vietnamese. From his job he earns too little.


UE is a complete bitch, she was online at ICQ and not IMing me at all....then I IMed her asking her about certain school stuffs, she replied and didn't talk to me anymore. Like WTP?!? DUCK OFF!!!! Ugh!!!



The most beautiful moment of my life would be a romantic Korean/Japanese dinner with S in a cozy posh restaurant with an ocean/sea view. It'd be dark already & we could see the stars..... Aaaaahhhh~~~ *_*

It won't happen though, so I'll stop blabbing nonsense. -_~

Listening to: "Wishes" by Byeol
Yay!: Books collected!
Grrr: UE! Cheebye! Grr!
Justine's Survey

I hope I could take this from Justine's blog! O_o

The Seven Deadly Sins Survey


1. Who did you last get angry with?
Some professors? I guess so. -_~

2. What is your weapon of choice?
A NICE, SHARP SHINY KATANA. Hohohooo! *evil laughter*

3. Would you hit a member of the opposite sex?
Yeah, I would!! Why not? If you're an asshole, pay for it. Ugh!

4. How about of the same sex?
Probably not.

5. Who was the last person who got really angry at you?
I don't remember. O_o

6. What is your pet peeve?
People who try to act all mature & grown up, when they're just stupid little kids.

7. Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily?
I have one - Sibitchisova. I'll let it go VERY easily once I finish with this annoying high school. ^^


1. What is one thing that you're meant to be doing everyday that you haven't?
Homeworks. Studying. Drawing, drawing, drawing. SIGH.

2. What is the latest you've ever woken up?
3~4pm I'd say. :P

3. Name a person you've been meaning to contact, but haven't?
My primary school friend Bora. And hmm....well, my primary school friends. Does S count too?

4. What is the last lame excuse you made?
"I'm sorry for not replying to your SMS, I wasn't looking at the cellfone all day long." Poor Linda! @_#

5. Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through?
No idea. O_o But maybe yes!

6. When was the last time you got in a good workout?
At PE 2 weeks ago.

7. How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock today?
I never hit the snooze button, mind you! Once the alarm clock starts to ring, I WAKE UP. Like a robot. :P


1. What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of choice?
Lychee juice (60Skk/can). Or one non-alco Japanese drink - I've forgotten its name, but it's yummy!
And BUBBLE TEA, WHEAT GRASS, WINTER MELON, CHRYSANTHEMIUM TEA & etc. what I can't get here so it's really really priceless for me! TT___TT

2. Meat eaters: white meat or dark meat??
White meat. But anyways, gimme a salmon & I'll be happy. Hihi.

3. What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting/outing/event?
Well.....I don't drink. I've never drunk any alcohol, unless we should count 1 sip of Chinese plum wine (eww) and my accidental BIG sip of tea with wine. AWFUL. #_@

However, I must confess that I'd like to try sake. :P

4. Have you ever used a professional diet company?

5. Do you have an issue with your weight?
Oooooohhh. I should lose some weight! At least 3kg! My average weight is 58~59kg, now I have at least 61~62kg. @_@

6. Do you prefer sweets, salty foods, or spicy foods?
Depends. I don't like spicy food too much though, except of a niiiiice spicy kimchi assorted to some niiiiiice mild Korean meal. YUM.

7. Have you ever looked at a small house pet or child and thought "lunch"?
Hahaha, OMG, NOOO!!!! XD But recently I've looked at koi carps and thought that maybe they'd taste well grilled. @_@ XD


1. How many people have you seen naked (not counting movies/family):
My friend Linda, accidentally my former TKD instructor (hahhahhahah OMG, he was such a huge guy with such a nano *ahem*!!!! XDDDDDD) & some dudes at TKD - they REALLY enjoyed walking in and outta the shower with a towel sized 3 x 4cm around their waist. -_~ XD
Well, actually I've seen many naked people.
We use to visit sauna, don't forget. And sometimes we go swim to a lake with nude beaches.

2. How many people have seen YOU naked (not counting physicians/family):
Those in sauna & at those nude beaches. :P

3. Have you ever caught yourself staring at the chest/crotch of a member of the opposite gender during a normal conversation?
Crotch - don't think so - if I don't count looking at ex in his undies; I was amazed by how skinny he is & how small his *ahem* probably is XDDD.
HELL YEAH. Hihihiiiii!!!! S's bro Peto has a really nice chest, seriously. S as well. *giggles*
Aaaaaaahhhh. And BYJ & Choi Dong Wook too, oooohhh mmhhhmmm!!!

4. What is your favorite body part on a person of your gender of choice?
Hands. Shoulders. Back. Face of course and there I notice eyes, nose and lips. :P

5. Have you ever been propositioned by a prostitute?
Oh my duckness!!! *screams in horror* Luckily not. :P

6. Have you ever had to get tested for an STD or pregnancy?
Virgins can't be pregnant or STD-ish, can they? ^_~


1. How many credit cards do you own?
None, I have only one Visa Electron debit card.

2. What's your guilty pleasure store?
In Malaysia it was definately Kinokuniya bookstore. *_*
Here it's Pull & Bear, Mango, Vero Moda and Peek & Cloppenburg. ^_^ And IF I HAD MONEY, it'd be Marionnaud Parfumeries, Baldinini, Burberry, Lacoste, Palmers and much more!!!!

3. If you had $10 million, what would you do with it?
I'd buy a luxurious apartment/bungalow at Koliba. With a swimming pool, sauna & tennis court!!!
I'd buy one more apartment in Seoul.
Then I'd buy Lexus to Kuci & BMW 3 to myself..... I'd bribe BYJ's agent & let him arrange a romantic dinner with me, no, I'm kidding in this! XD
Mmmmm, I'd also enter Marionnaud Parfumeries AND buy myself the Kenzoki cosmetics, Gucci Vol. 2, Pure by Jil Sander and blahblahbla.
$10 million is crazily much! O_o ME WANT!

4. Would you rather be rich, or famous?
Rich. ^^

5. Would you accept a boring job if it meant you would make megabucks?
Yup.....and then, when I'd have enough megabuckes, I'd resign & start doing something enteratining. ^^

6. Have you ever stolen anything?
Hah, yes, once. :P It was just a chocolate though. :P

7. How many MP3s are on your hard drive?
No idea, really. O_o But not too many.


1. What's one thing you have done that you're most proud of?
Volunteering to Sloboda Zvierat. I did lots of good work there!

2. Whats one thing have you done that your parents are most proud of?
I dunno, but I guess they're proud of my so-called artsy skills & a certain talent for languages.

3. What things would you like to accomplish in your life?
Getting to uni, getting an interesting, well-paid job, having a long-term rship, one day having 2 kids...having enough money to live an interesting life with lotsa travelling, shopping, eating & enjoying every single day. ^^

4. Do you get annoyed by coming in second place?
Sometimes, at English. :P

5. Have you ever entered a contest of skill, knowing you were of much higher skill than all the other competitors?
I don't think so....and anyways, I don't like competitions, so... :P

6. Have you ever cheated on something to get a higher score?
MUAHAHAHAHA. It's wrong but I DO cheat. All the time in school. Gah, I'll be punished for that! XD

7. What did you do today that you're proud of?
Creating a mega-nice make-up for my madre! ^_^ Golden-green and so damn beautiful. *_*


1. What item (or person) of your friends would you most want to have for your own?
S. *_* ._.'''
I'm pathetic, I know. -_-''''

3. If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be?
S's hypothetical gf. Haha! Or.......hmmmmm....Her Majesty Elizabeth II. XD

4. Have you ever been cheated on?
Ask my ex, haha! I guess I haven't though. In his mind maybe, but otherways I don't think so. :P

5. Have you ever wished you had a physical feature different from your own?
Well. WELL. Less broad shoulders, slightly bigger boobs, smaller ass. ._.''' And nicer nails and better eyesight!

6. What inborn trait do you see in others that you wish you had for yourself?
Errrrrr.....the self-discipline!

7. Do you wish you'd come up with this survey?
Oh man, not at all.

8. Finally, what is your favorite deadly sin?
Greed. Muahahaha.

WHEW! DONE! So many questions, omg, I'm tired liao, hhahah. Eh. I think I'll go now.... I need to collect all my school books, we're returning them tmr. ^^

Listening to: "You Don't Know My Name" by Alicia Keys
Yay!: I skipped school today.
Grrr: My skin is still awful. T_T

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Discouraged & Ranting

Yesterday I went to the art course's atelieur to pick up my works.
We had an exhibition of our works two weeks ago & for the 1st time in my life no one voted for neither of my paintings/drawing.
(Yes, NEITHER, I had only 2 works there, for the 1st time as well. Usually I had 3 or more, once I even had my own exhibition in this big one - a whole wall was dedicated to my artworks!)

Even our art prof said that I'm slacking off.

She said that she sees a talent in me, but she also sees that I'm slacking off and that I'd better come back to my old self who was simply good, cuz in a year I have entrance exams on VSVU's Graphic Design and...

...and that's another thing.
She said that especially Graphic Design is a course where LOADZ of people wanna get & as we have design high schools here, the competition is terrible and they kind of *expect* at VSVU, that people know how to work with these design programmes, or at least Adobe Photoshop or whatever.

I think that I'll end up by sweeping the streets BUT in case I pass the maturita, applying for VSVU's Graphic Design course would be foolish - it's more possible of me to get to Parsons in Paris/NYC or to t. Martin's College or to London College Of Communication or to wherever!!!


Oh, and yesterday Tokarmort told me to come up to the blackboard & make some easy exercise but of course I was confused at first and I was nervous - I'm always nervous at Physics and Maths cuz I know I suck at it & I'm afraid to say aloud anything I think cuz I expect it to be wrong (even though quite often it's not) - and so I got involved in a lovely conversation with her in front of the whole class.
It went like this:

T: *frowns looking at me* "Mishaaaa...from what you wanna do maturita?"
M: "Well....From Geography, History of Art, Social Studies, English and Slovak."
T: "But there you have to talk a lot & I've never heard you speaking coherently."


Okay, I KNOW I'm stupid.
I'm gonna have it proven by the psychologist too, the results of my psychotests will be ready soon. I think I'd better enjoy the last few days of not knowing my exact IQ.

I KNOW I suck at Physics. I suck at Maths.
But she knows it too. So WHAT THE FUCK?!?
Now she even wants to tell me that I don't suck only at Maths & Physics, I actually suck at everything, I can't even talk coherently & well, I'm a complete loser.

Thank you for "lifting up" my self-confidence. As if it weren't low enough, seeing all these intelligent, talented, smart & perfect people around me!!!

She couldn't hear me talking coherently, cuz at Physics I'm silent. Non-existent. Invisible! Just so she won't tell me to come up to the blackboard where I'd know FUCKING NOTHING, get emmbarrased again and reassure myself that I'm an imbecile.

But can I mention shyly, that for example today, when Tokarmort cheebye were telling us the basics of the Special Theory Of Relativity, I knew them???!!!??
I read books about it. Unlike 99% of our class with better grades from Physics!


Seriously, within these two days my positive approach to my future has turned upside down.

I know that I'm a slacker & not only in the school but also at the art course. I have no good artworks this year, they all SUCK.
Getting to VSVU is a nonsense, I'd better forget it.
Getting to an uni outside of SVK is most probably a nonsense too, after we buy a new apartment, we won't have that much $$.

I'm tired of this.
I'm tired of being myself, it's full of problems.

Everyone in the school takes me as a stupid brainless sassy ass.


You don't even know me! What do you know about me?!

That I suck at Maths, Chem & Phy? That I'm good at English and Slovak AND I don't study for it, cuz I'm lazy? That I hate Sibitchisova? That I'm *that* crazy 1/4 Korean who loves Asian guys?! That I'm *that one* who likes S for 6 years without a chance of him returning these feelings (it's a nonsense, let's admit it~)? That I'm *that one* who is always forced to draw everything for the school (not that I can draw)? That I'm the one who does nothing at school? That I'm the "tardy one" - even though I fucking wake up at 6.25am every single fucking day & I NEVER come late to school?!?!?! <--- It happened for few times some years ago and since then I'm the tardy one.

All profs think about me that I'm a sassy idiot.

Know what. I actually really dunno WHY I went to a grammar school. I would've felt so much better at some vocational school!
I'd choose the gardening vocational school.
Or the one where people study how to take care of horses. That'd be the right career for me.....yes....the gardening school..... I'd take care of carrots, cabbages, peas, roses & etc. for whole my life and I'd be satisfied with that. I love nature after all.

Oh, whatever.

C'est la vie.

I'm a loser, let's admit it.

Good night.
The prestigious grammar school is awaiting me tommorrow!

I can hardly wait to go there. *sarcastic laughter*

Monday, June 19, 2006

Femme Fatale

Yesterday's chat with Mr. Wavy:

Long live His Majestry King Phumipol says:
what what?
Long live His Majestry King Phumipol says:
i l.......................u


Haiyoooooh. O_o
"I love u" Vol. 3 liao!

Seems like I'm someone's femme fatale. Huhuhuhuhu~~ :P

I was born to be a Korean drama heroine, it's proven now. Hahaha.
*S, I volunteer for being YOUR femme fatale, k?*
S! Today I maybe saw him in some car! I'm not 100% sure whether it was him though...he was in some blue Renault (not silver Fiat) and he wasn't wearing glasses and well.... I dunno if it was him..probably it wasn't.
I saw his bro though, in a tram with lotsa sticky people with sticky hands in this gila 30C heat. :P

Eh, anyways. Off I go. And today I'm going to finish watching Winter Sonata. I got stuck at episode 17 cuz I broke up with R and it reminded me too much of him (he gave me that) but it seems like I'm healing so wtf, I'll watch it. BAE YONG JOON, MMMMMMM!!!!! ^___^ *licks lips greedily*

Listening to: "Could I Love You?" by Yurisangja
Yay!: I got 1 from Social Studies! OMP!!!!!! :D
Grrrr: Prob I got 4 from History. Oh, whateva~~~
Panda Style

1.28am AND I've completed the assignment for Aesthetics class about the Korean Manhwa AND I have finished the assignment for English class about Wales AND I haven't studied History at all so tmr (well, today) I'm going to die.

Shit shit shit.

Btw, see my amazing Pisces horoscope for June 19th, 2006!

"Rather than turn up the heat, let things cool off a bit. Put your plans on the back burner and keep them simmering, because all your energy is needed elsewhere. Obstacles will be popping up here and there, but if you're paying attention, you can flick them away like annoying gnats. Overall it will be an entertaining day full of many victories and a renewed sense of confidence. If you're looking for a bigger challenge, make your move on a hidden crush."

With the allergy on my chin, shoulder, panda eyebags, starting CELLULITIS on my mega-ass and weirdly colored hair?!!!!????


I can get emmbarrased less painful ways as well! Hahaha!

Oh well.
Off to bed I go. *gigantic yawn*


Listening to: "Count To Ten" by Lee Seung Chul
Yay!: I have a new skirt! ^___^ TMR IS THE LAST DAY OF TERROR.
Grrr: Fuck the allergy, fuck the History, fuck my eyebags.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Off To PN

Off I go to PN! Will be back on Sunday!


P.S.: I'm officially fat. With a starting cellulitis on my ass. FUCK!!!! O_o

Listening to: "One Love" by Yoon Hae Jun
Yay!: I'm feeling Msian-ish sitting here in hot pants, tank top & with freshly washed wet hair. Yay yay!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ode On Summer Holidays

Dry fields, golden glitter
Blue water, playful waves
Green leaves, peaceful wood
Pears' scent in the air

Three triangles on our bodies
Long hair flying in the summer breeze
Flip-flops with fake flowers covered in sand
Kofola and beer drunk by the lakes

Hot streets in the downtown
Loud music from the bars
Couples kissing unseen in the parks
Scents of food and fun in the sky

The beautiful summer holidays
Careless, yet serious
The first for some
The last for another

The beautiful summer holidays
Time for relax
Time for fun
Time for ourselves

The beautiful summer holidays
With love in the air
Hot kisses shared and hot tears shed
The crude reality in the end

The beautiful summer holidays
I wish you'd be the key
To the peace in our hearts
I wish you'd be endless

I wish you'd be all year round

(Copyright to Mich I.)

A sudden urge to be all poetical had taken over me. I'm at home with itchy eyes, unability to breathe, sore throat & the emmbarrasment of getting 58% from the recent English test from Reported Speech. :P -_-

All windows in our apartment are opened & I'm looking at the SUMMER outside. In the end of the school year I always feel this amazing melancholy of something ending....and beginning in September for the last time.
Last time! O_O
I can't believe that in one year, the high school will end.

The door of my laziness & people taking me as a young girlie attending high school will end.
And then, the bigger door to the university times will open.

I'll no longer be a little girl, I'll be a young woman and that's very scary. O_o

So, did you like my Ode On Summer Holidays? ^^ Mind the English mistakes, I just got 58% from the test so it's a natural thing to be all crappy. Hehe.

Listening to: "Fast Love" by George Michael
Yay!: I'm downloading Gorrilaz & their "Demon Days"! If it proves to be good, I'll go and buy it as well.
Grrr: I'm confused. More of it later!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last & First

It's already 10.46pm and I haven't even peeked at the school stuffs SO I think I shouldn't blab novels here. No one cares anyways, so wat.

TODAY I wrote the last Chem test of my life with 15 questions among which I had NO IDEA about 3 of them. Ugh hihihihi. Sorry, but how does some something-alanine looks by pH 13??? O_o Me has no idea, me wasn't even at school when my classmates were learning about the proteins cuz I was stuck somewhere in Zdiar with ex-bf or whatever, I don't remember anymore. I hope that I'll get 3 (C) from Chem.

Actually - and this is very emmbarrassing - I'll have 3 almost from everything. =_=

Probable awful results:

Slovak language & Literature - 2
English - 1
Spanish - 2
Social Studies - 2
Biology - 3 (shit! Only if I've studied!)
History - 3 (and I must go for that oral examination on Friday or Monday, fucking damn cheebye bitch aaaarrggghhhh go fuck off you shitty asshole, I hate you, the way you're 'teaching' is so fucking unprofessional, I feel like kickin' your stinky ass, go rot in hell & stop annoying my life, go fuck off FOR GOOD!!!!!!! Anal asshole Sibitchsova!!!!!)
PE - 2
Chemistry - 3 (Hopefully! But after today's test...... *gulps*)
Maths - 4 (Hopefully)
Physics - 4 (32,5% HAHAHAHA, I suck!)


I'm alarmed at the state of my stupidity, irresponsibility, laziness & my attitude towards school ("LET IT END!"). ARRGGH!

One more year & I am free from all this shit.


I'm gonna throw a big party then & invite the whole world there - including perv Pakis, Dutch paedophiles, middle-aged Japanese men who collect schoolgirls' worn panties, Korean grannies who eat dog meat, stupid Americans who don't know that there's a place called "Europe", Thai prostitutes, old perv Germans who sleep with Thai prostitutes & Colombian cocaine dealers!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Ahahaha no no, I'm just joking. :D

The tasks until the next Monday:

Thursday - school, walk with Haku, downtown -> buy a t-shirt for Ilkka, give back that 20Skk I owe the guy at Góvinda (a veggie Indian restaurant), Koprivnica check-out with the developer (or whoever)
Friday - fucked up oral exam with Sibitchisova asshole, walk with Haku, downtown?, go home & meet up with madre and Xeňa, the estate agent and madre's ex-classmate
Monday - school, art course, FREEDOM!

Summer holidays are here in exactly 13 schooldays & I'm thinking of trying out tennis or something. Wouldn't it be kool? :D Or maybe that horseriding....hmmm....I don't know. Maybe I'll just draw, draw, draw & draw, draw, draw as I'll finally have a time for that.

Reading this entry by Minishorts made me thinking..... I've never been the dumpee but always the dumper. Why? Isn't it wrong? O_o

Oh OK, this is a very random entry. Me is lazy to blab more. I'm off to read some blogs. ^^

Listening to: "Memories" by Lee Seung-Chul
Yay!: We went to check out the Koprivnica's exterior today & it doesn't look bad!!!! The only disadvantage is, that it's 30mins by tram away from the downtown.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nice Day

Today was such a fine day. I even didn't write that Physics what's very beautiful cuz yesterday I was too tired to prepare the professional cheatsheets.

Talking about cheatsheets....

I know it's very bad of me to cheat like this (especially when I find Chemistry as really interesting) cheatsheets are so GORGEOUS!! 8D
Ignore my Thai-Arabic writing, no one can read it but me. :P

Since today I have new titanium earrings in my ears. Hypoallergic they say - I hope it's true, for my ears get inflammated even when I wear silver or white gold (!!!) earrings and that's just outrageous. Sorry duckies, I was born to be pampered in luxury, I can wear just gold & platinum!!! XD (And hopefully also titanium & chirurgic steel.)

These earrings are just like a little grass green sparkling stone in a shape of circle. It's really pretty, it sparkles and glitters and ooooohhh la la la, it matches well to my swampy hazel-green eyes and also to my oddly-colored dark hair! ^___^
I'm lazy to take a pic of my ears but it looks like this:

(I'm sorry, I can't give credits cuz I don't remember the website anymore. :S)

Ohohoooo, I feel soooooo pretty now!!!! EARRINGS!!!! :D I'm lovin' it! ^___^

The let's-change-our-apartment thing is getting serious! :D

Prepare your maps now. :P

Yesterday we (me & madre) went to check out one apartment at Guothova street - just the exterior - and today madre went to check out the interior. The owner was madre's good friend's aunty so it was kinda fun...hehee...
Also yesterday we went to check out one another apartment at Cesta na Kamzík but it wasn't good.

We've booked one hella pretty apartment with 3 rooms, 92,31 square meters, one loggia & one balcony. ^^ It's at Koprivnická street which is quite near to a forest & it's also quite near to the downtown - 15~20mins by tram.

I wonder where will we move in the end.

Most probably it'll be away from Kramáre, the district we live in now, and that means that it'll be also away from S who lives at Koliba which is on the other side of the same hill.
Maybe I'll forget him then.
And maybe not.

I'm starting to look at all the places with a big sentiment and all. On my way home by trolleybus 203 (or 204, 209) I often catch myself thinking: "For how long will I keep commuting home this way?"
Not for too long for sure.
Goodbye S!

Oh, S - today I met his younger brother Peťo! ^^ He's also kinda hunky and I've never noticed how tall and toned he actually is, only now when I stood by him. :P

I'm a really terrible & ungrateful ex-gf.
Today I sold the bracelet he gave me, got 700Skk for it & I plan to spend it on a nice t-shirt for mai baibee.
I feel kinda awful now but WTB, what would I do with the bracelet otherways? I don't want to wear it & I never would - and should I like, throw it away or give it to a drug-addict to waste it on heroin? -_~
No matter what, don't want to spend even 1Skk on me. No - it must be spent on other people. Spending it on myself would be a turning back to the ownership of something from him. And that I don't want to happen. I want all to flow away like a river and then...then I'll be happy. :)

That reminds me of buying the "Goodbye, Tsugumi" book by Banana Yoshimoto.
The synopsis?

"Maria is the only daughter of an unmarried woman. She has grown up at the seaside alongside her cousin Tsugumi, a lifelong invalid, charismatic, spoiled and occasionally cruel. Now Maria's father is finally able to bring Maria and her mother to Tokyo, ushering Maria into a world of university, impending adulthood, and a 'normal' family. When Tsugumi invites Maria to spend a last summer by the sea, a restful idyll becomes a time of dramatic growth as Tsugumi finds love, and Maria learns the true meaning of home and family. She also has to confront both Tsugumi's inner strength and the real possibility of losing her."

(Credits to

I've heard that it's a beautiful book & I like Japanese literature so I don't think I'll regret buying it. :)

Oh anyways. I think I'll go relax, I need it....and then I'll prepare my LAST cheetsheats from Chem ever! 8D

Listening to: "Miracle" by M to M
Yay!: My earrings! ^^
Grrr: That mad Maths prof B**** wants to give us ONE MORE TEST. Aaaarrggghhhh, I don't give a fuck about Maths, I JUST WANT TO HAVE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Briefly & Happily


    Yeah! YEAH! YEAHH!!!!
    Let's partyyyyyy lallalalallaaaaa traalallalalalallalal hihihihhiiiiiii I even didn't fail although I was damn close to it, lallalallaaaaaa, 32,5% and if I had 29% I'd fail, mwaaahhahahahhahaaaaaa, LET'S PARTY ALL NIGHT LOOOONG YEAHHH BABEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^_^ I'm just so happy.
    I love Physics but NOT in the school. Bleaaaurrrgghhh. But otherways, gimme a Physical book and I'll read it happily. I know I'm weird. :D

  • Today's conversation with Pom:

    Me: Hey Pom, what do u want for ur bday? (It's on Aug 9th but whatever)
    Pom: I don't want anything~
    Me: U must want something!!!! But I can't give u a car. :P
    Pom: Haha, why do u think I want a car?
    Me: All guys want cars.
    Pom: Hehee... Or maybe a motorbike.
    Me: I have NO MONEY for that!
    Pom: Then PS3. ^_~
    Me: Too expensive!
    Pom: Ur heart~
    Me: I'm not giving that so easily. ^_~

    Why do I think that Pom's feelings for me are like mine for S?
    I feel like in the middle of a Korean drama, really. :P ._.

  • It was like 29C today!!!!!!!

  • I'd better go now & carefully prepare the cheatsheets (I know I'm an asshole) for MY LAST CHEMISTRY TEST of my whole life & also read those 3 Spanish articles and try to learn them. Oral thingee from them tmr. Mierda. -_~

  • I love Burberry. Please, if you love me (*hint hint*), buy me something from Burberry. Hihihihihi.

  • You know, I actually think it'd be better if we moved to somewhere far far away from S and all my nostalgic memories.... I'm getting crazy thinking of him & knowing that him ever returning my feelings is a nonsense.
    I'm starting to hope that we move away.....and I'll forget it all. *sighhhhhhhhh*
    Why, oh WHY did I have to meet you 6 years ago in that McDonald's? -_-

Listening to: "Careless Whisper" by George Michael
Yay!: That last Phy.... ^___^ Oh, and I bought a new black mascara. :D
Grrr: Not an easy day tmr. Sigh.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dense And Tense

It's fullmoon what again means that I'll sleep 5mins from the whole night & that tmr I'll look like a stunningly real ZOMBIE. Can't wait for it. =_=


The whole weekend was very tense & dense (hoho, it rhymes). My father is a demanding possessive kind of person & he's da king at creating a stiff, dense atmosphere full of tension. Hey, in some ways it's a lil bit like my ex.
Madre is thinking of breaking up with him for good cuz she says that she just feels like being with him makes her feel like "there's no way out of stereotype" and that with him she somehow feels "caged" and "not free inside".



What is that???
Nothing eternal for sure.

But see what I created one fine day when I was playing with Photoshop; I think it's beautiful. ^___^

I love its atmosphere. ^^ Of course anyone could create that in AP, I know, but I still love it. ^__^

Oh well. MIDNIGHT liao. I must go take a shower and then go to bed, tmr I'm waking up at 6.25am & I have a long day, with art course and all...

Listening to: "2 Become 1" by Spice Girls
Yay!: I slept until 1pm. Me gusta mi vida muchos! ^^
Grrr: This. My. Father. Arrghh.
A Belated...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHANGMIN'S LOVE JUSTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be happy, giddy, great, perfect....simply be as perfect as always. ^___^
Wish you LOTS of happiness, love (from G & ChangMin!) & success....and all....ALL your wishes coming true.

It sounds so matured and important. Now you can marry ChangMin. Now it's the time. Hahahahaha!



*huge squishy hugs*
*sends naked dancing ChangMin to Justine*
*sends Jae Joong ONLY with the stethoscope to examine Justine's health*
*makes Jerry Yan to come & give Justine a bouquet of roses*
*arranges a romantic dinner with G*


Saturday, June 10, 2006

A 71 Years Old Lady Blogging

Inspired by the kool future stomatologist Jolene Lai whose blog I love to read AND who'll hopefully not kill me for being a copy-duck.


Such a busy day today!

I came back from Paris and now I finally have the time to call my daughter, cook lunch & cut the roses in my garden. They need some treatment, I hate seeing those old withered leaves on them.

Tommorrow my daughter, her husband (whom I'm still not really accepting) & their 3 kids will come to my villa & really, I don't know whether I'm awaiting them happily or angrily.
Me & Yasmine REALLY need to talk.
That her husband isn't treating her well, she's closing eyes before the reality & that's plain stupid. If she had my experiences....but aah, that careless naive youth...!!!!!!!!!

Would you believe that my 1st grandson Jano has successfully gotten accepted into the London College Of Communication?
I'm really proud of him!
Finally a person in my family who's not disappointing me.
He's well-mannered, intelligent, handsome and talented. He'll follow my designing path as he has gotten accepted into the Interior Design undergraduate course.

Sweetheart Janko, why are your siblings and parents unlike you?
YOU are the only one whom I can take to my get-togethers with friends without fearing that you'll emmbarras me & yourself.
Next year I'll take him to that annual street art exhibition in Belgium, Monsieur Sacré has already sent me the invitations.

However, his brother & sister.... I really don't understand why Yasmine lets them wear those awful clothes, lets them speak like the worst worker & most of all - lets Peter play football.


I highly doubt it. As if he couldn't play squash instead, or tennis, or golf or well, maybe even the basketball...
No. Football. Good heavens, men are really weird and their mothers as well.
Ellen is a very sweet, good girl, only she should forget that her boy. First love never lasts. Of course she wouldn't believe me if I told her that - her world is now all pink & beautiful!

I'm glad all this is over me already.

It's been a year since my beloved husband has left me. I'm still wearing black and white (white is the color of sadness in Asia) and I still keep his emails to me which he had sent me from Iceland. I've never believed that I would marry anyone but then when I met him... Ah, it's been over 50 years and I still remember every single second of it..

Somehow the Alzheimer isn't affecting these kind of memories.

Is it well or bad?
Sometimes I think that a little amnesia wouldn't be bad.
I'm old, I deserve to live my last years of life in happiness, harmony and peace, not in pain, tension & stress.

Spare the old lady!

Oh, Janko is online, I think I'd better go talk to him. He has his first serious girlfriend and I must educate him on how to treat women. He might be the last gentleman alive, for all I know... I have noticed that "gentleman" is a very rare thing to see nowadays.

Good old times, where are you?


I LOVE writing fictional entries! Haha!!! ^^
Hm, by the way.... What if the "new phase" in my life has something to do with my psychotests' results? O_o *shivers from fear* Like I get to know that my IQ is 60 and I have no hope for entering and graduating from any university????!!!????
If that's the thing, I'll die. Why have I even taken those tests!!??!!! *bangs head*

I'm sure I'm an imbecile. =_=

Listening to: "Hero" by Mariah Carey
Yay!: A nice soothing warm herbal bath & wonderful sweet pancakes. ^^
Grrr: Really...those psychotests.... *drops dead*
Yet Another Weird Dream Being Analyzed

I can't see my side section!!!! O_o
Can you??

Aaarrggghhh. Idiotic template/blogger/Mozilla/me!


I had yet another weird dream.
I'm very lazy to write it here all, but let's imagine that dreams have meanings - I'm gonna pick up few things from there & ask what could it mean:

We (some students, me & madre) went on a trip to a forest. We've gathered on the playground of our school (yet again! Recently it was with that Chinese guy, it took place on the same playground~) and during a nice sunny day went to a promised nice trip.
The meaning of going on a trip:

"To dream that you are going on a trip, suggests that you are in need of a change of scenery. You are feeling overworked and need to take time out for yourself for some fun and relaxation."

How true. *sighhh*

The trip started with a damn steep path to a hill with bright green leaves on trees & etc. Spring. ^^
"To dream that you are climbing a hill, signifies your struggles in achieving a goal."


"To dream that you are in or walking through the forest, signifies a transitional phase. You may be following your instincts.

To dream that you are lost in a forest, signifies that you are searching through your unconscious for a better understanding of yourself."

In my dream, there was both, walking through the forest & getting lost there as well.

I saw trees with pink and purple flowers in my dream, lots of them. They looked really lovely & I ran to them and took few. Hohooo.

"Pink represents love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection, kindness. Being in love or healing through love is also implied with this color.

Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, and dignity.

To see colorful flowers in your dream, signifies kindness, compassion, gentleness, pleasure, beauty, and gain. It is also symbolic of perfection and spirituality. Your dream may be an expression of love, joy and happiness. Alternatively, flowers may denote a particular time or season. If the flowers are white, then it symbolizes sadness."

AMAZING, isn't it???? O_o *scratches head*

I saw trees everywhere, as we were in a forest. I even climbed up a tree and stayed there. With some my friend, she looked Asian and had layers in her hair. :P

"To see lush green trees in your dream, symbolizes new hopes, growth and desires. It also implies strength and stability. You are concentrating on your own self-development and individuation.

To dream that you are climbing a tree, signifies that you will achieve your career goals and reach those high places in society. The degree of difficulty to which you climb the tree will measure the speed of your achievement of these goals."

Oh, it seems like in 3 months I'll be going to Ascott Horse Races, wahahahhahah. XD The more I look up the symbols, the more amazing it gets. Seems like I'm entering some interesting maturing phase in my life, so everyone, BEWARE. ^^

I climbed up the tree using a rope. Then I climbed down to take those pink & purple flowers, but after that I climbed up again.

"To see ropes in your dream, represents some connection or a way to tie/hold things together.

To dream that you are climbing up a rope, indicates your determination to succeed and overcome adversity. It may also represent your climb to the top. If you are climbing down a rope, then it indicates that you are experiencing disappointments and decline in some business affair."

Uhm, don't laugh, but in the forest there was a concert of those losers from Slovakia Seeks Superstar. XD

"To hear harmonious and soothing music in your dream, is a good omen of prosperity, pleasure and the expression of your emotions in a positive way. Music serves to heal the soul.

To hear discordant music in your dream, signifies unhappiness and troubles in the home."

There was some new, architecturally perfect house by the tree me & that my Asian friend climbed.

To see a house in your dream, represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche. In general, the attic represents your intellect, the basement represents the unconscious, etc. If the house is empty, then it indicates feelings of insecurity.

To see a new house in your dream, indicates that you are entering into a new phase or new area in your life."

HA!!!! It's THAT!!!! I told you! A NEW PHASE.

One last thing to interpret: All those ASIAN PEOPLE!!!! O_o Hah! Recently I had that Chinese exchange student in my dream, now this Asian girl. In both cases we've liked each other a lot.


"To see an Asian person in your dream, represents an aspect of your own self that is unknown to you. Additionally, to see an elderly Asian person, represents wisdom and knowledge."

Whohoooooo. I'm seriously at a loss of words. My dreams are amazing & (if we say that they have meanings) very meaningful.
A new phase?
Everything in the dream indicates it. I'm curious about it liao!

Listening to: "Dragon Days" by Alicia Keys
Yay!: It's Saturdaaaayyyyyy~~~ ^_____^
Grrr: Probably got a Physics test on Tuesday. T_T