Saturday, September 30, 2006

Making Other People Happy



Today me & Ali bought a BRUTALLY BIG golden belt for Linda and then I bought a BRUTALLY BIG yellow lily + whatever + peacock feather bouquet, all for her 18th birthday!!! ^__^

She was so happy, she almost cried!! ^__^


Red Delicious by DKNY (a Parsons NYC graduate!!!) is a DAMN GOOD PERFUME. Lacoste Insipration?! No, thanks. Too sweet, I don't like that vanilla!!!
I think I'm gonna buy this Red day when I actually have money... -_-


I'm sick of being myself.
All these influences from my friends who regard money as the most important....and I'm starting be like them too.



Off I go now to take a walk with Haku. That's more meaningful than lamentating that I don't have $$$ for that Hilfiger jumper and WTF la. Grrrr.

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: The bday?
Grrr: Well, dunno. Whateva.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Very Weirdly Ill

I seriously dunno what's up with me for the past week.

I have headaches.
I feel very weak.
I feel very hot & then cold.
I feel a bit sick in the public transport (!!!).
I feel like fainting.
I have no appetite (!!!!!!!!).

Today I went to school, almost died there, left few mins after I came, went home & slept, came back there (AND immidiatelly felt headachy) and then felt a bit weird during the whole day. WTF ah. @_@
I had some ugly pasta, a chicken soup at Bamboo Garden (which I was eating for like 3 weeks cuz I just had no appetite), black tea + strudel at Cafe Mayer and that was it until I came home for another strudel....that I ate, felt weird again and made myself a detox tea, just-in-case.


I was in Palace Shopping Center (bought a FREAKISHLY MAD Pucca bag & a plain black Esprit pullover) with Ali and all went well with my health until we sat into the tram and travelled all the way long to the square where we interchange trams for trolleybuses & etc. Bleeeh. I felt weak & weird and a bit sick in the tram.
Because I don't mind walking, I wanted to make sure that I'm not gonna die in the trolleybus - so I walked all the way from this square to the former Ymca theatre, what's like 800m.
Breathing the fresh air is what I need. -_-

Anybody has any idea what's up with me?! O_o
I'm kinda worried.
I used to felt weak & ill when having my period, but never just like that. Wah. I wish we had some Chinese docs here, I'd go for some nice acupuncture or what, I bet that would help. Yay.

Enough of my health issues...

Today also a very funny coincidence happened.
I entered the class alongside with UJ. And Peto. But Peto was behind us, so he was kinda invisible for the whole class......................
*slaps head*
My classmate (let's call him A) even made that "shagging" pelvic thrust forward as we've entered cuz he thought some *ahem* things.
WTD laaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UJ was up on the 3rd floor with his German prof writing some essay and I just came from the bus stop. The Fate has a very funny sense of humour when he made us meet on the 2nd floor and....enter the class together. -_-

Know what I think.

I think that me & UJ will either get together one day OR lose contact with each other for good. Or UJ is gonna turn gay. Ahahaha. :P

12.30pm in front of Polus tmr.
Off I go to shower & then to bed cuz I don't wanna feel that damn fucking weak & ill again. =_=
I'm living on painkillers & tea for the past week.

Listening to: "Don't Forget Me" by Ryu
Yay!: I like what I bought. :) I'm not so sure about liking that bag, but I think that it's cute's as mad as it's actually cute! :D

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Autumn Depression, Here I Come!

It's here. *sigh*
I've skipped my 2nd TOEFL prep course class (jahat me!), almost died in the school & now I'm feeling completely sian while mindlessly reading various S'porean blogs INSTEAD of working on my Chinese mythology & philosophy presentation for Society Studies. =_=

Oh yes, and I'm chatting to UJ on ICQ who seems like he's totally ignoring me, so WHATEVA. =_=

Even though it's hot during the day, the mornings & evenings are chilly and I KNOW that the autumn is here.
And I HATE autumn.
Very depressing time for me.
All those grey, dead leaves, fogs, grey sky, darkness in the afternoon, chilly rains & freezing winds....
NO, THANK YOU!!!! BRING MY SUMMER BACK!!!!! TT__TT *bangs the table and cries*
Okie la, I should stop wailing, it was like 24C today.
But....those are the....last touches of the beautiful summer I had...... u_u
I do know how to depress myself, don't I? :P

I wrote a Chinese beginning of my presentation AND I dunno if it's correct or not, cuz 3/4 of the words are from the dictionary and blahblah. The sentence itself is completely boring but its use isn't of being amazing, it's of being in Chinese, so all the people in the classroom can faint & die of shock that I know some Chinese. Haha. :P

Could anyone correct it for me, please? *_* ^_^


Okie la, I wrote just the pinyin on the paper and NOT the han zi & now I totally dunno whether the actual han zi is correct!!!!! XD WAHAHAHA!!!! Sorry!!!! I bet my big ass that it's ALL WRONG, but whatever, I'm only gonna READ it in front of the class & I know that nobody there speaks Chinese, so..... THEY WON'T KNOW THAT I'M TALKING A COMPLETE RUBBISH!!!! *evil laughter*

Speaking about Asian things.....
People here in Europe have an amazing view on Asian women and their cosmetic & hygiene routines. :P
Today I bought a certain Czech mag for women and in the article about the "Asian women's mysteries of beauty" got to know, that:
"The women take showers not just for the cleaning's also for relaxation of the muscles. After they take their showers, they take a bath too and they add lots of gentle aromatherapeutic oils in.....and for the sense of balance they add fresh lotus or jasmine petals."

I'd REALLY love to see one busy businesswoman in Seoul adding jasmine petals to her morning bath....errr, shower! XD

We Europeans are very stupid. ^^

Listening to: "We Ride" by Rihanna
Yay!: A nice cocktail today at Grandes called "What's Up, Ginger?!" with ginger syrup, lime juice, fresh lime, fresh galia melon and fresh ginger. MMMM!!! ^^
Grrr: I'm as lazy as it's not even funny anymore. =_=

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It Fits!

I'm amazed. I've tried the thingee linked at BlackHighHeels' blog AND I've found out that both the Birthday Calculator & the What Your Name Means things DO fit me. O_o

I'm not gonna copy the whole Bday Calculator here, just the relevant part, okie?

Your birthstone is Aquamarine

The Mystical properties of Aquamarine
Aquamarine is often used to experience love and mercy. It is said to help ease depression and grief.
Some lists consider these stones to be your birthstone. (Birthstone lists come from Jewelers, Tibet, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and other sources)
Jade, Rock Crystal, Bloodstone

Your birth tree is
Lime Tree, the Doubt

Accepts what life dishes out in a composed way, hates fighting, stress and labour, tends to laziness and idleness, soft and relenting, makes sacrifices for friends, many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom, often wailing and complaining, very jealous, loyal.

WOW!!!! O_o That Birth Tree part COMPLETELY FITS ME. Completely. I'm totally shocked!!! *gasps* I've never believed in all this astrological yadda yadda but it seems like I should start to - all of the Chinese horoscope (I'm the Snake), this birth tree description AND my name's meaning fit me. All of them. O_O

Moving on to my name's meaning! ^^

Your number is: 11

The characteristics of #11 are: High spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, idealist, a dreamer.

The expression or destiny for #11:
Your Expression number is 11. The number 11 is the first of the master numbers. It is associated with idealistic concepts and rather spiritual issues. Accordingly, it is a number with potentials that are somewhat more difficult to live up to. You have the capacity to be inspirational, and the ability to lead merely by your own example. An inborn inner strength and awareness can make you an excellent teacher, social worker, philosopher, or advisor. No matter what area of work you pursue, you are very aware and sensitive to the highest sense of your environment. Your intuition is very strong; in fact, many psychic people and those involved in occult studies have the number 11 expression. You possess a good mind with keen analytical ability. Because of this you can probably succeed in most lines of work, however, you will do better and be happier outside of the business world. Oddly enough, even here you generally succeed, owing to your often original and unusual approach. Nonetheless, you are more content working with your ideals, rather than dollars and cents.

The positive aspect of the number 11 expression is an always idealistic attitude. Your thinking is long term, and you are able to grasp the far-reaching effects of actions and plans. You are disappointed by the shortsighted views of many of your contemporaries. You are deeply concerned and supportive of art, music, or of beauty in any form.

The negative attitudes associated with the number 11 expression include a continuous sense of nervous tension; you may be too sensitive and temperamental. You tend to dream a lot and may be more of a dreamer than a doer. Fantasy and reality sometimes become intermingled and you are sometimes very impractical. You tend to want to spread the illumination of your knowledge to others irrespective of their desire or need.

Your Soul Urge number is: 11

A Soul Urge number of 11 means:
With the 11 Soul Urge, much of your thinking and interests relate to the abstract, the spiritual, and utopian dreams. You are motivated toward idealistic concepts, and the sharing of your ideas and concepts with humanity. This number is not one that is giving in a material or a practical sense, but rather one who desires to help mankind with a more abstract commodity such as religion, spiritualism, occult studies, or even psychic abilities.

If you possess the positive 11 Soul Urge traits, you have a dream of the perfect world; you are highly idealistic and inspirational. Your inner strength and devotion to your beliefs are extremely strong. You have a very good mind that is especially well equipped to handle the higher, more abstract forms of thought.

If there is an excess of 11 energy in your makeup, you may possess some the negative 11 traits. There is a tendency for the 11 to produce considerable amounts of nervous tension which is bought on by a very high level of awareness. You may be too sensitive and overly emotional. In some cases, these sensitivities and emotions are quite repressed, and this tends to add even more to the sense of nervousness in the makeup.

The strong 11 is not a very practical person because of the extreme idealism; often, there is a degree of self-deception present. There is usually a rather fixed idea of right and wrong held by those showing strong 11 traits, and with this very often is a resulting attitude of inflexibility.

Your Inner Dream number is: 9

An Inner Dream number of 9 means:
You dream of being creative, intellectual, and universal; the selfless humanitarian. You understand the needy and what to help them. You would love to be a person people count on for support and advice.


Very irrelevantly.....
Aiyooooohhhh!!!!! @_@ I dunno how to tell them that we're NOT dating, we DON'T love each other and that we're NOT planning to do neither of that. =_= I hope that they're gonna cure soon from these stupid ideas!!!!

Even more irrelevantly...
I saw a PERFECT red hoodie at Reserved store at Shopping Palace...and I'm gonna buy it. ^^
I've always thought that red doesn't fit me, does! :D
Yupiiiii!!!!! ^___^
I think it's such an....strong, oriental & deep colour! ^^

OOOHHH, enough blabbing. Maybe I should start that presentation about Chinese Mythology & Philosophy. Aiyoooh.

Listening to: "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dog feat. Pharrell
Yay!: Eh. Dunno la. School skipped? :P
Grrr: Nobody knows what's up with me yet. So I'm booked on to the neurologist for the Oct 5th. :P

Off I go from my GP to my ophtalmologist & to the neurologist.
Brain tumor, welcome to my life!!!

Oh no, I hope it's NOT gonna be a brain tumor. @_@ Cuz that means either an operation or death or both. F-F-F-F-uck.

Listening to: "Love Song" by SG Wannbe. Beautifully sentimental, mmmm....
Yay!: Yay? Ahem? Nothing so far. -_- Maybe skipping school is YAY.
Grrr: I WANT MY FUCKING HEALTH BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An E-mail to Tsung Long Instead Of A Proper Entry Which I'm Lazy to Write ^_~

Hi Tsung Long,
thanx a lot for your nicely long email! ^^

Poor single us.....okie....if we find no one, we get together and I'm NOT joking! Muahaha! Okay, but no more long distance relationships for me. -_- *flies to Taiwan the next day* <--- We, desperate souls have half-jokingly agreed that if we find no white chick/Asian guy, we get together. Hahaha.

I'm just staying at home for the first class, observing that whether my morning headaches, feeling-like-fainting and feeling very hot and then cold has anything to do with the school (if yes, then whatever) or if it's just like that (then I go to see my doc). For the past two days I've always felt okay in the first 20mins of any class & then I started to feel weak, hot/cold, ill and that I'm gonna faint. WTF!!!!
My mother asked me whether I'm not pregnant - double WTF!!!! >_<>_> <-- No kidding la. WTP!!!! ME & PREGNANT?! With whom, if I may ask???!!! Prince William?! AARRGH!!!

Maybe I just should sleep more. <--- DEFINATELY. @_@ Less than 6hrs today. Less than 5 hours yesterday. KNN.

Or buy some magical Chinese medicine which is gonna help me to rejuvenate my qi or whatever, haha....well, I can't get any Chinese med here anyways so I really have to fly to Taiwan tmr. :P
That makes me thinking.... If there's something wrong with me & no Western drug can help me - could you please check out some Chinese miracle for me? I know from Li Hong that she was feeling very bleeeh and no Western doc could help her..then she went to China and the Chinese doc checked her tongue and all, gave her some stuff & she got healed. Aiyoooh. 5000 yrs of history is something! ^^

Thanks for the advice on Raymond. Nice to know that he hates me & loves me, esp when his last words to me were: "Let's fuck out of each other's life." -_-''' The ultimate politeness from a guy who didn't mind me paying lunches/dinners/anything and who has never never never ever opened a single door for me. -_~ ("I wasn't raised like that, I dunno these gentleman-ly things!" <--- WTF, LEARN THEM, you fucker!)
I bet he's still single as well. *evil giggle* I AM A VERY BAD EX-GF, I KNOW. Muaha. <--- I'm bad but I'm loving it. ^^'''

The autumn is coming here....even though it's warm during the day (21~25C), the mornings are hella chilly (9C yesterday! @_@) and I HATE IT. I got used to washing my hair in the morning but I can't do it anymore because I'd get some angina and then hallelujah with me. u_u
HOT & HUMID. Yeah. 8-) Humid is good for my complexion and for my contact lenses and for my nose.... Sigh... Here it's all cold & dry. I think I was born in a very wrong country. :P -_-

I've started my TOEFL prep course yesterday and ohhh man, it's gonna be so tough. O_O 2x 2 hours per week + essay homeworks.... Well, what can I do.... I do need TOEFL because of Cenfad where I definately wanna go. I'm already looking forward for eating the healthy Asian food everyday, for the hot & humid climate, the hot Asian guys and for my own apartment - strictly non-smokers'!!!!! *_* And for the sappy, sentimental K-dramas on TV. Hahahaha, I know I'm a retard. XD

I hate the mornings. =_=

Now Pom is online..... I'm "appear offline", BUT okay, I'm gonna talk to him....

Take care!
*gigantic hugs*



P.S.: I'm gonna post this email on my blog, as I'm lazy to write a proper entry with the same info I told you....TOEFL, my weird illness, Raymond & etc.... Hope you don't mind!!!

I think I'm gonna lay down for a sec. Feeling not well la.... And my feet & palms are again darn cold....aiyoooh!!! I think I have to try some acupuncture or what. I hate it, how sick I am.... AND I KNOW THAT I AM FUCKING SICK ALSO CUZ OF MY MOTHER'S SMOKING!!!!! AAARRGGH!!!! People are fucking INCONSIDERATE. Mucus in my throat for the past 3 years?! AR?! From the smoking. I'm a passive smoker and I fucking hate it, thankyouverymuchforaskingme.


Listening to: "Run" by SG Wannabe
Yay!: Yesterday I've received the package from Jong Moon oppa! ^^ Rain Vol. 3, SG Wannabe Vol. 3 (along with a book with pics) and the "Stairway To Heaven" drama. Or is it "I'm Sorry I Love you"? O_o Dunno now la. Heh. BUT I AM LOVING IT!!! ^___^

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Bad Day

I've almost fainted at Geography.
Something's seriously wrong with me. =_= I hope it's not pre-matural menopause or I'm gonna die of sadness that I can never have a son whom I'm gonna love foreva & make him wear polo t-shirts and read Saint-Exupéry's "Little Prince" to him for goodnight!!! O_O

Aiyoooh. I left in the middle of the last Society Studies class but before I had to run around the school to get my headprof's signature (that bitch refused to give me) to the paper where I wrote the allowance to leave and then to the SS prof who (luckily) signed it and let me go home.

Strangely, the moment I stepped outta the school's door I felt 3x better. :P


During Geo I went to the toilet to splash my face with cold water and when I stepped out (feeling like I'm gonna faint or puke) to the corridor, I saw my little guy interest again! ^^ Not the best time for that la, I was pale and awful, but at least I was dressed really nicely. :P

I haven't mentioned HIM yet, I know, but I've been noticing him in the school for quite some time - only I found S more important and then R and S and always S and then T and then BYJ and JJH...heh...

Okay. Let's call him H as "Havo" (Doggy). :P
Very untypical for me to like this guy. :P
Cuz this dude has a sandy blond hair (Seamus Finnigan from Potter!), grey eyes which are fascinating me cuz the look in them is so darn cute - his eyes are like doggy's eyes, really! ^^ So warm and lovely!!!! ^__^ *melts*
Ahem. Yeah. So there. He's very tall (2m?), has freckles and for once he ain't skinny but his body is just normal. A bit toned la too, he's the son of the Slovak Davis Cup team captain so he plays tennis and etc.....
MMMMM. Must be rather well-off too. Hmm hmmm. PLUS POINTS. :P

Today when I stepped outta that toilet looking all pale and awful, I was playing around with the thought of fainting theatrally in front of him, but that'd be plainly stupid. XD
Also I thought of asking him whatever ("Got Paralen?") but then I did nothing and just....walked away to the classroom. -_-
BUT to my credit, he has noticed me liao - yesterday we looked at each other as we were passing each other by. HA!!!! :D
Next step is some mesmerizing smile from me. MUAHAHA. ^^v


I haven't seen S for such a long time liao! O_o Maybe already for 1~2 months!
It's not like I really mind...seeing him is killing me, cuz it always awakes my *feelings* for him, no matter how happy am I with myself that I'm over him. =_= I wonder if I ever will be over him?! I HOPE SO.


Not late la, but I still have to check out the Spanish for tommorrow. =_= BLEEAAUURRGGHH.
Tommorrow my TOEFL prep course is starting - I will be having it every Tuesday & Thurdsay from 4.45pm to 6.25pm. Very tough. =_= I hope I'm not gonna die!! O_o


My art prof bought a Terveureuven puppy called Aron. I AM IN LOVE. ^___^

Listening to: "Crystal Ball" by Keane
Yay!: I painted two things today. ^^ Met Kika's bf, Ji Sun & Savo in the downtown AND survived today!
Grrr: I HATE FEELING WEAK & SICK. I hope that tmr is gonna be WAY better!!!! @_@

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Deadly Bored =_='''''
Mind the colour of this title, it's poopy-khaki-green reflects my poopy-khaki-green deadly bored mood. -_-

Today is a waste-of-time-day, really.

I slept until 12.28pm, then I went for the one but last SVK - BEL Davis Cup match where that Belgian dude (Rochus) totally K.O.-ed our Dominik Hrbaty who played like the biggest amateur and lost to him 2 : 6, 3 : 6, 3 : 6 in just 120 minutes. And it was a very boring match. Eh, I've never really liked tennis anyways. ._.


Then I went home.
And ate pancakes.
And read some mags.
And went online.
And here I am. =_=


I'm as bored as it's not even funny. @_@

I SHOULD tide up my desk, but I'm too bored to do that, can you get it?! I'm a typical hopeless case of a stupid spoiled bored teenage brat. Someone should kick my big cellulitic ass, maybe it'd help. -_~ AAAAH.

Very outta topic, but Kelis' song "Lil' Star" is really relaxing. :) Me likes. :)

Maybe I SHOULD start my PP presentation for the Society Studies about the Chinese mythology/Philosophy but I'm too bored to wake my brain up & start gathering some articles and all.
Aiyooooh. 7pm liao. Die die die die die. -_-

I've decided that cuz I'm broke AND not modest at all AND wanting like 457 different perfumes, I'm gonna buy two 30ml perfumes and it's gonna cost me less AND I can change them according to my mood. ^^
I'm thinking about buying a 30ml Lacoste Inspiration and 30ml something else - yesterday I've found 9 perfumes which may be what I want:

  • ESCADA - Signature (citrus/fruity)
  • ESCADA - Island Kiss (citrus/fruity & that name rulezz! :P)
  • AIGNER - Clear Day (should be very crisp and nice, I must try it)
  • CAROLINA HERRERA - 212 H20 (soft, floral, very feminine)
  • MATSUKI MATSUSHIMA - either Mat Blue (romantic, feminine) or Mat Le Rouge or Mat Le Vert (fresh, citrus/fruity)
  • CALVIN KLEIN - One Summer (citrus/fruity & I love the name, hahaha)
  • CHRISTIAN DIOR - Miss Dior (a classics!)
See, most of them are citrus/fruity. That's how I like it! ^^ I HATE all those sweet, heavy, floral, oriental perfumes, all flowers & esp. vanillas and etc. is not my stuff.
I love everything fresh, crisp, clean, neat......well, at least when it comes to perfumes, guys, fashion and food.
THAT MEANS I SHOULD DUCKING TIDE UP MY ROOM cuz it's EVERYTHING BUT CLEAN & NEAT. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! *bangs head on the desk*

TK texted me now that I should design another cards for our prom. YEAH. Something to kick me outta my boredom!! ^__^ Off I go!

P.S.: I saw a guy looking like an ang moh BYJ at Davis Cup today & *aaaahhh!!!* *___* ^___^ Ah anyways. I let him go & did nothing. Chance gone, still no bf. :P

Listening to: "Family Affair" by MJB
Yay!: Tsung Long replied to my email AND Jong Moon called me today. Yeeey! ^^
Grrr: I AM DEADLY BORED & feeling like a zombie. =_=
Another Exciting Weekend
Little Summer Holidays :)

Here I am, back from the Davis Cup tennis match (SVK - BEL, SVK won), ladies' night at DD's, DD's visit to us, pizza & cake with her at Pirko, a lil' trip to Horský park with DD, TK (and her dogs), UJ and Haku and Kofola at Funus with these my sayangs..... Ooooh, it was yet another exciting weekend - and there's still one more day ahead! ^_^

Tommorrow me & Kuci will be going again to see Davis Cup (I love free tickets!) and after that - who knows? ^^ I'm looking forward to being surprised. ^^

I'm downloaded Keane's latest album "Under The Iron Sea" recently and I'm beginning to really like it. They kind of resemble Coldplay but they're not THAT sentimental & - as I say - "foggy" (whenever I hear them, I feel like it's this depressive, cold, chilly, wet autumn with fog & I'm gonna die of loneliness, so there), actually it's quite cheerful and rhytmic...yay! ^_^

I've fallen in love with a song called "Nothing In My Way" and because before I wasn't paying any attention to the lyrics, I read them today and......found out that it's about being single & pretending not to mind that! O_o
My situation. Heheh.
And why d'you say It's just another day, nothing in my way I don't wanna go, I don't wanna stay So there's nothing left to say And why d'you lie When you wanna die, when you hurt inside Don't know what you lie for anyway Now there's nothing left to say Well for a lonely soul, you're having such a nice time For a lonely soul, you're having such a nice time For a lonely soul, it seems to me that you're having such a nice time You're having such a nice time

COME GOOD BOYS TO ME, COME. *winks seductively* I'm a sarcastic asshole but I'm gonna take a good care of you, as long as you will make me laugh, as long as you'll be able to cook a bit, be gentlemans & think with your brain and not with your dick. Come, come. ^_~

Today UJ was behaving very logically. XD

We went for a Kofola and as he sat next to me, he exclaimed pseudo-angrily-wonderingly:
"Eh! Why am I sitting next to you again?!"

Oh dear, you're such a logical boy. XD

Another interesting thing which may had been completely nothing. Or it may had been some hint/sign of something. Or I dunno-whateva-la. Confused duck I am. O_o :P

I went to call TK and as I opened up the V of my lovely Samsung babe, UJ & DD caught a glimpse of my wallpaper - a beautiful sunset at Thassos taken by me.

Yeah, this is my wallpaper now. ^^ A good photo, isn't it? I think it has an atmosphere of....of a goodbye to summer 2006. TT_TT *falls into depression*

UJ asked me what was that but I was already calling TK so I told him to wait & that I'm gonna show him after I finish that.
And so I did.
And when I opened the "My Photos" folder, clicked on that particular picture and held my phone in front of him so he could see it, he outreached his hand and caught my phone too so he could adjust the angle of it (for seeing it better I guess. Or just because...?) AND touched my fingers with his.
WTP ar? O_o

You know, if he wanted to, he could adjust it by holding the other part of my V, the one without my hand on. But nooooo, he held *that* particular part of the V (the upper one with the display) AND it wasn't just like "ADJUST -> hand quickly goes elsewhere", no it was like he held that mobile fone (+ my fingers) for good 10 seconds which is a lot considering how pointless and easy to absorb that picture was.

Aaaah, maybe I'm just thinking too much and it was totally NOTHONG. -_~

And maybe not. O_o

*scratches feathers*


I'm kinda desperate to know. Confusion is terrible!!!! I wish I knew what he meant/wanted but I'm never gonna hear that from him personally, at least not in this century, so I need you guys' help. TOLONG LA. *puppy dog eyes*

I wish I understood guys. *sad smile* :P

Off I go I's 12.39am and even though I'm not really that tired, I know I should sleep.. healthier sleep-habits will do me good. Ah, Self-discipline. Welcome to the house of mine! ^_^

Listening to: "Nothing In My Way" by Keane. I LOVE THE CHORUS' MELODY. Aaaaaahhhh! ^_^
Yay!: I love love love love love love my friends.
Grrr: I'm as broke as I've NEVER EVER been before. And the money are flying away from my wallet or WTD - I just never have any. F*ck...... >_< @_@

Friday, September 22, 2006

I Need A Guide

A guide on MEN is what I need.

Few years ago I hadn't understood all those articles in Elle/Cosmopolitan/Vogue/Harper's Bazaar/etc. trying to decipher what do the MEN want, what do they NEED, what do they EXPECT from us, what ARE they like, HOW to make them LOVE us/LEAVE us and so on, but now I do.

Maybe not understanding men means that I'm a woman now. XD

Today me & my two friends were contemplating all day long that WHY is it, that guys go for slutty IQ-less types like D* who drink, smoke & sleep around and WHY do they ignore decent, intelligent, witty non-smokers like us???!!!

I say it's because many guys in their teenage years want to shag as many women as possible (SAWAP). =_= Those who don't want to SAWAP and want also the mysterious thing called L. O. V. E. are usually either a) taken, or b) homosexuals. Or unattainable, yes. Or non-existent, yes. Heheh.

The chicks say it's because the guys are assholes.

And we say it's because the guys are scared of us.

It could be, you know? We're not stupid, brainless, blonde sexual toys, so the average primitive dudes with brain cells located in their crotchs are scared of our intelligence, ambitions, decent way of life and so on.
Do I sound very self-confident now? :P
Well, I AM!!!! :P
We know what we want from life, we have our pride, good looks and a great friendship together. Naturally the losers are scared of us, and those outstanding ones are.....well....who knows where they are?! O_o

Happy my cuzin.... After few crappy relationships she has found her present boyfriend J and he's a complete sweetheart. That's THE Guy!!!! *sighs in awe* He's witty, he's intelligent, he's caring, he loves her a lot, he's tolerant, friendly, down-to-earth, communicative, responsible & loyal. What more can one want?! *sighs in awe again*


It's cuz I'm feeling a bit lonely like this.

I'd appreciate to have a decent guy with a great sense of humour, brains, taste, a beautiful smile and a real love to me...a guy who'd make me laugh whenever I feel blue and who'd be there for me when I need him. I'm melting just by imagining all this. :D ^^'''

The only problem is that I can't find anyone like this cuz I don't see anyone like this! All guys drink/smoke/are stupid/are primitive/ugly/disgusting/unattainable/foreigners. =_=

Help me out la.


I wish I had a boyfriend. I'm not telling myself that it'd last forever and happily ever after yadda yadda, but it'd be nice to have someone by my side. The only decent guy coming to my mind is UJ, but he's my schoolmate AND he is too much of a mommy's lil' darling & I find that ridiculous. Besides I wouldn't wanna date him anyways, I can't imagine even holding his hand or whatever. @_@


Here I went wailing but now I must go pack few things for tommorrow - I'm off to school, then to Davis Cup with Kuc, after that to Dada's for a lil' ladies' night. :)

12.37am...DUCK. I'll be sleep-deprived tmr again. -_- I hate my lifestyle!!!!!!

P.S.: If you haven't gotten it WHY I need a guide on men, it's for answering me this crucial question:

"Why nobody wants me?"

Hmmm hmmm.
I'd REALLY like to know. *scratches head* I'm not a crap, am I???? *smiles in the sweetest way*

Listening to: "Goodbyes" by Kelis. I looove pianos!!! ^___^
Yay!: Here's crappily drawn (I was lazy) what my prom dress looks like:

Red, sexy, elegant, glamorous, 40s-ish. Mmmmmm!!! ^^

Thursday, September 21, 2006

No Self-Discipline, No Sleep

1. 15am & what am I doing????


La Plaza mayor esta conocida por sus famosas mercados de Navidad cual tiene lugar tambien en la Plaza de Francisco y en la Plaza de Hviezdoslav. Esos mercados dura al rededor de 3 semanas y aqui la gente pueden comprar todos los regalos cual le quieren: la ropa para invierno, las ...... *blablabla*

I'm writing few lenghty Spanish sentences with BILLIONS of mistakes for the tmr's Spanish class. Aiyooooh. My fault though. I wanted to start writing it at 9pm BUT I logged into ICQ and talked to Kuci, Dada & UJ and felt no urge to pay attention to the school stuffs like this.

I tell ya, I'm starting to get pretty tired AND I'm going out with Haku tmr. -_- *yawns*

Plus points to myself for tiding up my room.....well, the floor at least. :P The table still needs to be tided up, and THEN I'm gonna PAINT on it.

1.32pm. Spanish finished. Me must take a shower and then.....HELLO BED. Or maybe I'm gonna take a shower in the mornibng, dunno I go. *yawn*


Listening to: "In Public", Kelis feat. Nas
Yay!: I'm gonna see Li Hong tmr! ^^
Grrr: DON'T wanna wake up. FUCK. =_=

Tuesday, September 19, 2006



He wasn't pissed off at me at all BUT I got to know that only after I told him about the bet and everything.


And got headache somemore. -_-
Shower & bed, that's what I need. =_=


P.S.: I emmbarrassed myself in front of S's bro today as well. More of that tmr, okie? AIYOOOH. Die die. =_=

P.P.S.:A war in Thailand!!!! WHAT THE DUCK????!!!!! O_o @_@ *faints* Please, no deads, please, end it asap! @_#

Monday, September 18, 2006

Healthy Lifestyle =_=

Amount of painkillers consumed: 3 Panadols Extra (Paracetamolum)
Caffeine, Teine, Teofyline: 3/4 litre of Kofola, 1/2 litre of Nativa Green Ice Tea
Food eaten during the day (6.25am ~ 10pm): 1/2 bread with cheese, 1 2x3cm vanilla cookie
Handkerchiefs used: 15854274 at least
Sneezes: 4854855 at least
Teary eyes: 175548555 times at least
Could breath?: NO
Times when feeling like fainting: 3x
Emmbarrasments today: 2 + 1 (at the art course)
Classes skipped: 1 (PE)

I love periods!!!! You see, I ate just 3 painkillers today because I was feeling so fine. Gah. -_- During the 2nd class (Literature) I almost heard nothing, saw nothing & felt like I'm either gonna faint or puke in the next second. LOOOOVELY. I'm such a weak ducky. Pff...

I also love my *ahem* talent. YEAH, I'M SO TALENTED, I CAN'T EVEN DRAW A DAMN STILL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shoots herself*

I also love how UJ is suddenly pissed off at me. What have I done?! @_@ *bangs bulus* Is it that he's hurt that me & Dada have created this idiotic bet that if he likes me *that* way (as Dada says), I'm gonna get her the most expoopensive dessert at Le Monde & vice versa or something else?! O_o
Aiyoooh. UJ UJ UJ. Don't you do this to me cuz I'm feeling guilty like shit.


I'm NEVER gonna understand them. =_=''''

Off I go to take a shower before my dear ducky sis replies to me on MSN. :P Heheh!

Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay
Yay!: I saw Dedo's doggy Hank! ADORABLE Welsh corgi!!!! ^____^
Grrr: No talent here, And angry UJ. WTP.
Morning Health Rant
[Today Hypochondry Rocks Ducks]

I'm going for the 2nd class - so I'm skipping my PE - cuz of *those days* and me feeling awful AND I don't know when does the 2nd class start.
Gah. Typical me. :P

I'm NOT feeling very well.
Darn cramps, why do I have to be so sensitive so faint-prone and all?!
As if it wasn't enough that I can't sleep well when it's fullmoon (no kidding!), I also have to feel awful anytime *my days* are here. =_=

And my skin is also hideous cuz I've been touching it too much and also I still have this mysterious dunno-the-name illness when even in 36C my hands and feet are ice cold. Ice ice baby!!!!

Have I mentioned yet that my eyes are itchy & my nose always full, mucus in my throat and my nails are very soft?!


You know what all this means.



Thank you mummy & all you assholes out there for killing me slowly with your fucking smoking! I'm looking forward to my lung cancer!!!! ^_^ =_=
I bet my everything that that annoying disgusting mucus in my throat & nose is caused by the smoke.

*Yeeeey, Scissors Sisters on MTV!!! ^___^*
*smiles for a second*

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need that air humidifier (?) so I can create a little Malaysia here in my room, complete with palm trees, batik sarongs, baju, pisang trees and cheap, healthy, Asian food. Hahaha. :P

Like I'm always eating these Euro things bloating me & making me feel terrible..... So I think I'm starting an Asian diet. But first I have to clean up myself from inside, so I'm gonna eat just rice (and drink tea) for the next 3 days until I feel clean enough to cook myself some mee.
Tommorrow I'm going to Bamboo Garden for some light vege soup and that'll be the best for me. GOODBYE MEAT FOR THIS WEEK!!!!
Just salmon will do. :P

One last thing before I go brush my teeth, put lenses into my itchy eyes, hide my hideous skin under the make-up & brush my messy hair....

RAYMOND, yes, RAYMOND, my ex-boyfriend has sent me that kinda join-me-on-my-Hi5-friends-list email out of sudden & the best thing is, that as far as I remember, it was him who had deleted me from his friends list.

I'm duckless. O_o

My (ocassional) kindness tells me to reply to it and accept it.
My (natural) assholishness tells me to ignore it & murmur nasty words under my nose.

Help me out la please!!!!! *puppy dog eyes*

Off I go to school now.... *GIGANTIC SIGH*

Listening to: MTV
Yay!: Dunno what's YAY. Maybe that I'm wearing my lovely V-neck Esprit jumper? :P

Sunday, September 10, 2006

First Taschen Book Of My Life!!!! ^___^

I'm literally BROKE.

Hello, new Pull & Bear light yellow cotton t-shirt.
Hello, 2 mojitos virgin for me & Dada.
Hello, new pearly light mint green nail polish.
Hello, new tweezer.
Hello, FishMac Menu in McD.

Hello, 615Skk on my account. -_-''''

HAHAHA. *sad smile*

Most impooportantly - HELLO, MY 1ST TASCHEN ART BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JAPANESE GRAPHICS NOW! is what I got myself. *happy smile*
I'm fascinated by that book.
*drools while flipping the pages*


Yaaaay!!!! ^_____^
Who cares that I'm broke? ^^
Yay yay yaaay!!!
Looking into that book gives me the strenght to try hard on the way up to my dream of being a graphic designer. How kool is that? :D B-)

I think I've found a potential prom dress for me today. 6900Skk, brown satin, V-neck, very simple & elegant. I was lazy to open up Photoshop, so here it is drawn roughly just in MS Paint:

Awful, I know la. Me was VERY lazy to draw properly, so there. :P

Aaah, anythongways.

THANK YOU, hubooby for the pink boxers!!!! Wife's gonna be SOE SEXAI now, no itik is gonna tahan it!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD WAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!

I'm IMPOOPRESSED & HAPPY for Nisah's decision about hijabs. You QUACK ON girl!!!! :D I'm gonna get you some nice scarf here! ^_~

11.31pm. Off I go to bed liao. School tmr! EEEEKKKK!!!!! @_#

Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay <---- a beautiful song *_*
Yay!: That book.... YAY! ^__^
Grrr: I'm SO broke... SO broke... SO broke.... *dies*

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I'm late, I know, but only NOW I happened to find some time to read Kenny's blog & took his "How un-Malaysian Are You?" test. Ahem, okie, I'm a Slovak and a quarter Korean so I think I'm veeeeeery un-Malaysian. :P

But wah! See! It's not that bad! :P

Congratulations Michaela, you are 66% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?


UJ & Ali slept over here. WTD, I told UJ to sleep on my bed (and me & Ali on the sofa in the living room) and WTP, we have no new clean sheets now AND I have to sleep in what he slept before. Gross, ain't it?!?! >_< @_@ DUN WAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaarrgghhh!!!
I really have to go to IKEA & buy some sheets ONLY for myself & my friends. Otherways me & my friends will have to sleep in sheets stinking from the fucking cig smoke or I will have to sleep in sheets in which UJ slept. I mean, yes, I like him, but WTF, he's a guy and guys in my bed! Ehhhh!!! Nooooooo!!!! DUN WAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R was the only one (guy) who was allowed to sleep in my bed but okie, he was my boyfriend then. Now I wouldn't allow him to that. Hahah.

Yesterday I was out till 1am, then I came here with Ali & UJ and we fried pancakes around 2am (yes, am!), talked a bit and then went to sleep. Well, they went to sleep, I hadn't - I couldn't fall asleep, I was feeling horribly full & heavy & not really well, so I was silently suffering on the sofa breathing heavily like a dying hippo. Uhhh. FOOD is a POISON sometimes. @_@
The next day we woke up around 9am, I prepared the tea, apples, yoghurts, milk rice & etc., had our breakfast...after that I walked UJ to the bus stop with Ali, he went home, me & Ali stayed and read all the mags and later we went for pizza.....and to Koliba to meet up with the gang again.

Tiring day, I tell ya!

But a very nice one too!!!! ^__^ I've laughed so much, I think I've prolonged my life to x + 89 more years! :D


I've almost fell asleep while having the bath. =_=

Off I go to bed...I'm gonna sleep in those infamous sheets. SHITS! ARGGHH!!! DUN WAN!!!!!!!!!!! *curses while looking very disgusted*

Listening to: "미친 사랑의 노래" (Crazy Love Song) by SeeYa
Yay!: THAT LAUGHING!!! :D And finally, finally, FINALLY I'm listening to some K-Pop. ^__^ I really missed it!!!! O_O
Grrr: WHEN will I finally talk to my ducky sayangs on MSN??!! TT_______TT @_@

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Busy Busy

Sorrryyyyyyyyyy for no quack yesterday.... I'm busier than I thought I'll be and it's gonna be far far worse (or better, depends on the way you're looking at it).

School until 3.30pm on Mondays & art course (4.30pm ~ 7pm) afterwards.
Double lessons (2 x 45 mins) of English & Spanish.
TOEFL prep course at the Canadian Bilingual Institude or at Akademia vzdelavania on Tuesdays & Thursdays. If at CBI, then 7900Sk per 3 months and the lessons from 7pm ~ 9pm. Yay.
Tennis trainings too. I had my 2nd one today...
And, THIS TENNIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals in pain*
It looks so easy on the TV where some dudes (*cough Roger Federer has a good body cough*) are playing....yet it's so difficult!!! I'm a complete loser at it! A COMPLETE LOSER!!!! @_@

OOoooohhh yes, I've missed the ball too - for like 34579641180087645 times. Am I the next Wimbledon champion or what?! XD Credits to Cs.Odu.Edu.

History of Art, Geography & Society Studies seminars after regular classes.

And we can't forget myself preparing for maturita (only 4 subjects now! YAY!!!! I'm going for Slovak, Society Studies, History of Art & English) and of course the infamous portfolio prep.

I already want summer holidays & peace.
No, actually.... I've UPGRADED MY LAZINESS!!!!! *gasp* Now I no more want just 2 months of fun, sun, Grandes Melones and swimming. Now I want to be retired!!!!! MUAHAHA!!!! You know....retirement must be SO KOOL.... You've lived thru all the pains & gains, thru all the conflicts, heartbreaks, money probs....and NOW you. have. the. peace. You can do whatever you want & the richer you are the better!!!
Err, when I am retired, I'm gonna go cruise around the Carribean in my own yacht. Bwahaha. I'm gonna wear golden bikini & show my cellulitic wrinkly ass to the whole world. Suffer, youngsters. *evil giggle*

What am I blabbing here, eh..... Someone shut me up before an innocent reader (one of those 0,000006568) dies.

Tommorrow our gang is off to the that means another busy day & another day of me NOT at MSN!!!!! *weeps* T_T Really, really, REALLY....maaf!!!!!! TT___TT I'll be duckline either on Saturday or on Sunday or both. Got more free time then.


...and know what...

I don't want any bf. Like WHO CARES!!!! Blah! I'm too busy for one. Plus if he turns out to be some wailing ass (*AHEM*) again, I'm seriously gonna lose my patience & nerves and turn lesbian or what, hahhahaa....

Wah. I'm veeeery tired, even though I drank that Kofola. Off I go read Justine's & Xiaxue's recent entries & then, GOOD NIGHT to myself. *yawns like a crocodile*

Listening to: "Call" by Ashanti
Yay!: I'm fairly positive about my future.
Grrr: Monday means *something-to-do* from 6.30am to 7pm. Lovely. Almost 12hours! @_#

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I have itchy eyes. My eyes SERIOUSLY don't like DRY AIR in AIRCON-ed PLANES/AIRPORTS/ROOMS/SHOPPING MALLS/etc. And yesss, I want a darn Air Humidifier (or however is it called) for Xmas!!! Hihihihi! ^___^

I read three English books there & countless of Elles, Cosmopolitans & etc. :P Ha! Tartan is the new trend for f/w 06, did you know that??? XD

I missed you.

I have school tmr which I was dreading.

I loooove youuuuuuu, you know who "YOU" I mean!!!! ^____^

Very itchy eyes.
Very dry legs.
Tired from flight & outing with UJ, Dedo & Tereza.

Must go liao!! Will blog prpooperly tmr, okie? ^^