Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Enough @_@

The ORAL GRADUATION is drawing nearer and nearer and I'm starting to be scared shitless. @_@ I should be studying 24/7 as I don't know anything yet but I just can't push myself to doing it.....the sun is shining outside, the birds are chirping, my beautiful badminton rackets and the shuttlecocks (HAHAHAAA) are smiling at me sexily and the power yoga is seducing me with its smooth & relaxed nature......



I MUST study.
Every minute of my day MUST be dedicated to diligent studying!!!!
Only if *that* was possible!!!! *bangs head*

I'll tr, try, try, try.....I'll do my personal possible & healthy best to learn everything required AND not jump outta the window during the process. -_-
I wonder if that's even possible....??

Today I've realized in its full glory how important is it for me to graduate and get accepted into LKW. O_O It is, in fact, my biggest dream & goal....it's the doors to the exciting future and I must do EVERYTHING I'm capable of for ACHIEVING it. *_*
There's no possibility of me failing either in the first or second task or in (god, no!) both!
Ducky Princess shall get down to work!!!!!!! *roarrr*

I'm graduating from Slovak (level B), English (A), History of Arts (B) and the Society Studies (B). All these subjects, save from English, are idiotic cuz there are so many facts to remember..... *sigh* The worst is Slovak cuz there so much Literature & Grammar, there's no possible way for me to remember EVERYTHING.

But I ought to BELIEVE in myself.

Me & my friend Dominica have decided on one hilarious thing:


Now, Dominica is already accepted into the Uni of Westminster so all what's left for her is to graduate.
And me?
I must graduate as well as get accepted into LKW. @_@

Oh, you Almighty Duck, please, HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!! @_#
I'm scared bululess!!!! #_#

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Vrrrrrrrr Element

That's how we here describe the sound that angry dog makes. Sadly, I can't remember how is the English version of it - and yes, I'm aiming for 1 (A) in English! MUAHA! Fat chance, babe.

To me, the 'Vrrrr Element' also indicates the hotness & sexiness & the overal charm of the particular dude. Besides these, it also indicates how much do I wanna tear his clothes off & be naughty.

I'm VERY late on this, I agree, but well, I've seen the Music & Lyrics movie today & the Vrrrr Element of Hugh Grant is INDESCRIBABLE. *_* *salivates*

That British accent.
That ability to play piano (and to SING!!!)
That British humor.
That body, which is not actually hot, but there's something about it anyways!
That face.


Such a sweet lovestory! FINALLY a good movie! Okay, The Babel was even better, but it was another type of a movie...this one was a stupid romantic comedy with VERY vrrrrr Hugh Grant & catchy songs....I'm very simple-minded, so I enjoyed it. *shy smile*

Know what? I'm off to FedCup with my friend's FATHER tmr! :D Heh! Nice! It's held in the National Tennis Center, well, check the fedcup.com out & you'll see. :) It's SVK vs CZE and sadly, our players have been losing so far. T_T
That reminds me of seeing Daniela Hantuchova on Friday on my way to power yoga! She's just BEAUTIFUL. O_O OMD!!!!! She could be a model ANYTIME!!!! *_*

OK. I'm tired. -_-

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Love Life Rocks Ducks

Sorry guys! I was either lazy or busy, but more BUSY than lazy.

What's new with my SUPER EXCITING love life?
Many funny stories ahead. One could make a comedy outta it, I swear so!

Sit down, sip your cup, stretch your unshaved legs & enjoy...


I was invited to that infamous BBQ at Doggy's. So I came. I paid extra attention to my appearance and to my behaviour, cuz, as we all know, guys have better eyes than anything else so if I wanna attract anyone, I ought to look decent.
Well, I came, I sat down and felt amazing, cuz THE guy, Doggy, was just besides me & he looked super crunchy and he was really funny.....mmm, those eyes...those shoulders...that smile...

"This is too good to be true...", I was telling myself.

And SO IT WAS!!!!

Minutes later, a slim, cute, ash blonde girl came to Doggy and sat on his lap. =_=
Turns out she is Doggy's girlfriend and she even slept at Doggy's as he was off to Prague the next day.

There went my hopes. -_-


There is this website in Slovakia similar to Friendster or Faceparty where people - including me - have their profiles and talk together, check out party photos, rate each other & etc.

One day I stumbled upon a profile of a guy with the nickname B. U. N. N. Y. (only in Slovak) and he seemed quite cool... 20 years, 184cm, intelligent, cute, he resembled Ron Weasley to me with his red hair and a funny attitude.
Few days later he messaged me and we've started to talk.

"Who are you?", said he.
"Your worst nightmare!", retorded I.
"Then I have a really pretty nightmare. :)"

Mmmmm, he seems like such a lovely bunny. ^^

Few days later we had added each other to our ICQs. I checked out his contact details and....

...ladies & gentleducks, he is FIFTEEN years old. @_@ XD

I still haven't recovered from this blow! This is like, TOO MUCH! Ah, sigh, I almost wish I was 15 too. XD


Today I went by train from PN to BA and I went with a friend of mine, the daughter of grandma's neighbours. At the railway station we met up with friend's friend and THEN we met up with a guy, a mutual friend of these two girls.

This guy was dark-haired, had glasses, was quite short (I guess he was like 170cm or so) and he looked very intelligent & tender.
The best feature?

"Mmmmmmm", I thought, "he looks so BYJ-ish!"

After some talking when I told them all that I'm just graduating this year...they told me what they're studying at the uni...there was international economy, medicine & the guy's degree remained a mystery.

And know what?

He's a devoted student of............................






I can't, I just CAN'T believe my "luck"!!!!! XD Obviously, there's already some taken 12 year old gay waiting for me behind the corner. Can you feel it too....? XD

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Catch Up

It's been an exciting time! ^_^

On Monday I lost my nerves and apologised to Doggy and he invited me over a BBQ party right away. It almost seems like he was waiting just for my apology...heheh...
Well, and I also passed one his secret test - he told me to listen to one video by The Genesis...me, unsuspecting anything said I like it cuz it's so nice & relaxing.....and he said he's glad I like it cuz he finds little understanding for music like this in people nowadays! :D
Muahaha. ^^'''''
Yay, and then the BBQ!
It should be on Sunday but he himself isn't sure cuz on Monday he's leaving for Prague for a month to train and then play at some tournament so...
Well, he said that he'll tell me when he'll know more. :)

Am I in a Korean drama or am I in a Korean drama? ^_~

Erm, not really a Korean one, nobody is as far from looking Korean as Doggy. Hahaha.

I'm trying not to get too excited cuz I'm afraid that all this might go to waste and I'd be happy for nothing. I have no idea where will the BBQ be, who will come, when will we come, whether I can take Haku with...... NO IDEA. :P
It's Thursday already and I hope that he'll tell me all these details soon cuz on Sunday I also want to meet up with my kindergarten friend B and I must time manage this! O_O

I definitely DON'T wanna NOT to meet up with B or NOT to come to that BBQ. Or maybe the BBQ won't be at last....?
NO. IDEA!!!!! O_o

Well, on Tuesday me & Kucci went out to play badminton and we've ended up playing it for three hours straight! :D HILARIOUS. I love love love loooove that game!!!!!! ^____^
I bought new Yonex rackets and new Yonex shuttlecocks (I love this word, hahahah) so now the badminton is like never before! :D

On Wednesday me & Kucci went out again to try to play tennis cuz we wanted to know whether there isn't some little Roger Federer hiding in us, but, there REALLY isn't. @_@ :D
OMFD, we have decided that we *MUST* learn that so after graduation (if we survive) we'll go to PN and sign up for some freakishly intensive tennis course at those nice tennis courts nearby my grandma's house.
The thing is, we both love badminton but we can't play it when it's windy. Unlike tennis! Ha! So if we learn to play tennis, then let it be windy, it doesn't matter, we still can play! :)

Today I'm off to DD with Haku and my parents are off to the eastern Slovakia to check out the protestant Easter celebration. I'll sleep over at DD's and then, when I come back, my grandma will come and stay until Monday. ^^

I hope the Sunday will turn out well. It MUST. *_*
But I'd better not say "YEAAAHHH" before everything clears out and turns out a certain way in order to prevent a possible disappointment. Hm? Life is very unpredictable, you know...especially mine. :)

Okay, off I go! Soon my father is here and he'll take me to DD's.... I'll be here tomorrow & maybe even quack here. :) Take care!