Saturday, March 31, 2007

Like, duh.

Doggy was online yesterday and he hadn't replied to neither of my messages. Like, duh. This is how I ruin my illusions and the sprouting relationships of any sort! It seems like I'm an expert to this....maybe all I need is to THINK before ACTING. Or maybe I just need to be attracted towards a different sort of people. =_=

Am I disappointed, you ask?

Well, I don't know. Right now I'm not, but once I see him again, I'll so be....
C'est la vie. As they say, life is a bitch. Uh, that means I'm life or something? :P -_-

Shame, shame, shame.
Well, Ducky Princess, next time think twice before you do something impulsively. -_-

On another note, I've written the condolence card for Pom and the good-mood-card for ducky sis today and I'll send them out ASAP, that means, Monday.
See? Life IS a bitch.
Pom's mom passed away and ducky sis might have been diagnosed with an awful "T" word which-must-not-be-said.

Erm, and have you seen my Year of the Pig all year horoscope? I'm Snake & this is what Yahoo! Astrology says:

Snake Overview
Actually, 37% makes things look better than they are. This could be a very trying year indeed, as you and the Pig are on different wavelengths. To top it off, several unlucky stars have your number this year.

Snake Rating
37% (1 favorable, 2 neutral and 9 unfavorable months)

Snake Career
Here is one area where results might be satisfactory. You're not likely to win that big promotion, but you can make steady progress. Just do what you do and hope for the best.

Snake Relationships
This is not a good year for marriage, for finding the love of your life, or even for taking an existing relationship to the next level. The Pig stirs up everything sensual about you, but if that leads to an impetuous decision, the results could be disastrous.
Snake Health
Frustration over a series of setbacks could increase your stress level to a point where you might need to consult a health-care practitioner. <--- I'm booking the nearest madhouse already, they're right.
Snake Wealth
You are susceptible to at least one significant loss this year.

Fuckin' awesome. =_=
Do I believe in it? Well, kind of. Fuck. How kool, this year is the BREAKTHROUGH year with my grad, TOEFL, laser operation of eyes, the uni exams and maybe even the changing of the country! FUCK IT AH! I hope this forecast *IS* wrong, or else..... @_@

The only positive thing is maybe my playing around with AP. Here's the awesomely gila result. Nothing fascinating but I'm proud anyways. Heh.

OK. I'm tired, it's 2am. =_=
And I so hate myself. Doggy??? FORGET HIM, YOU BITCH. Ah, sigh. :(

Friday, March 30, 2007

Letter To Ex-Bf

Hello Ex-Bf*,

I've finally found the right mood to reply to both your letters and your e-mail. Thanks for the bday wish! I won't be blahblahing around here, it's late and tomorrow I have a busy day and I really don't fancy looking and feeling like a zombie.

You were talking about yourself "hating things being like this between us" and about many things from which I understood that you still sort of like me *that* way.'s this issue about?
And what "THINGS" between us do you mean?!
I offered you my friendship and you had ignored it, saying, "friends just doesn't say anything". I'm quoting your own letter now! ;)
I can't possibly get back to you or anything. You're far away and I'm tired of long-distance relationships, I'm busy and concentrating on my graduation, the portfolios and TOEFL and most importantly, I'm over us.

Am I being too harsh & straightforward here?
Well, sorry, you know I've always been like this.

From your letters & your emails I've gotten the feeling that you haven't changed a damn single bit. Don't ask me for details, it's just the feeling I have and which I can't describe coherently.
And please, this is just a stupid irrelevant detail, but I don't like getting letters without any greetings.

Hmmm...what about me & guys? Why do you mind me "seeing other guys"? Boy, even my own mother may mind it, I still wouldn't care.
I'm still single but I am really liking one guy now. He doesn't fit into my former preferences at all, he's reddish blonde, got blue eyes and he's probably a cocky, arrogant and super cute and lovable tennis this is a challenge!

See? My mind is just on so many other things. Thank you for all those beautiful times and everything, thank you for the best holiday ever and maybe we'll see each other in September, if Limkokwing accepts me. I'm applying for La Salle as well but I am afraid I've missed on the scholarship deadline and no scholarship to LS = no LS cuz it's expensive like fuck.

Oh you still accept a gf of yours to pay for you?!
Do you still whine at your empty wallet?
Aiyah, that sucks, if you do. Learn not to do that before you step into another relationship, cuz most of girls aren't as patient, compassionate and impulsive with money as I was; in fact, most of them would just walk away from you right away thinking that "gentleman" is an unknown word to you.

I know this letter is full of nasty things & I didn't feel great writing it but leaving this issue unfinised would be nasty too. Sorry. Life's a bitch, as they say!

Take care!

He would oh so hate me for putting this on my blog! MUAHAHA! He had always talked shit about how I dare to blog about things that had something to do with our r'ship.....idiot, WTD. My life, my blog!

And I'm such a bitch, right? @_@ :P

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ducking Accurate

Just like PotatomusMaximus did, I had done it too & I took the Colorgenics test.

You are trying to establish yourself and make an impact despite the fact that everything around you seems to be against you - putting up barriers, but don't be unduly concerned: you have the right ideas and come what may, they will soon be manifested and appreciated.

Always anxious to accept the role of the leader, as indeed you often work well with people - but try to stay out of the limelight. You'd like a life of ease with no one to rock the boat and someone who understands you is so important in your life.

Being a very proud individual, you tend to hold yourself aloof pretending that you are stoical - indifferent to pain and pleasure. This is not so, for in truth you are an extremely emotional individual, one that may make a hasty decision and perhaps regret it at leisure. It is time now to break the bond of detachment and be the 'you' that you would like to be - give vent to your emotions and enjoy yourself.

Setback after setback has resulted in considerable stress and now you have got to the stage where you are continuously on your guard, not only to protect yourself from others but to protect yourself from yourself. It would seem that many of your unfulfilled hopes and dreams have led to uncertainty and suspicion. You no longer wish to answer to others and you are insisting on freedom of thought. You feel that you are fully self-sufficient and can control your own destiny. You are seeking ways to protect yourself from further loss of prestige and against further setbacks. You have become very dependent and you doubt that matters could possibly get any better in the immediate future and this negative attitude is leading you to exaggerate your claims and to refuse reasonable compromise.

You are trying to build up your own position and you resist all external influences. You insist that you are your own person and you will not tolerate any outside interference. Decisive and proud, you are true managerial material.

This is so ducking accurate, I can't even believe it. O_o

And I just did something stupid & I'm regretting it. Oh, I'm such a fuck.
Few days ago I msged Doggy. He didn't reply despite being online. Sure, my ego was hurt. So today I msged him something about yesterday when I might had seen him (dunno, it was dark) coming home when I was out with Haku and then I added:

"There's no place for paranoias of your choice, even though you seem to have an affection towards's a nice place for walks with a dog! :)"

I hate myself, I'm such an annoying bitch and I *know* he thinks so too. *sigh*
We know each other maybe for a week or so? Yet, I dunno what I want. I'm annoying & stuid, thankyouverymuch, I know it & I feel like kicking my own ass for that. =_= @_@

Okay, so this match is lost for me.

Good luck to DD with her new bf who endlessly loves her and she didn't have to move a finger for getting just happened.

I'm off with Haku now.....and not *there*. KL, where are you? I need you! New life, new problems!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Are The Odds...

...of Doggy living on a street to where I went with Haku for a walk twice 2 days ago AND I was standing in front of Doggy's house, not suspecting anything, for good 5 mins cuz Haku was strangely attracted to it? I see the beginning of this street from my window, btw.

...of learning from Doggy himself that me & him went to the same primary school & were taught by the same teacher?

My life is just SO absurd. :D ^^;;;;

I must do something about this..... I think I do want him, maybe I'm attracted to him cuz he's so diligent & hard-working and introverted....sounds like my opposite, hahaha...! Either way, he's a nice guy, although he's strangely paranoid about people knowing where he lives. :P Maybe it's cuz of his famous father who won the men's singles Gold Medal at the Olympics 1988?

He should be thankful that I'm no tennis freak! If this case was my case, he would be afraid of his life. XD

Please, even if you know whom I'm talking about, don't say his name aloud here! @_@

Anyways, what's new?
We're writing written graduations now. Yesterday was the mother tongue essay, today was nothing and tomorrow will be English. It's annoying...especially the fact that I MUST be there at 7.45am and I MUSTN'T be late!!!! If I'm late, they won't allow me to enter the class and I'll have to write it later. Pain in the ass. @_@

Well, what else?
I have an event to attend as hostess on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it cuz a little financial injection is exactly what I need now. Then I can pay up the framers' and finally give my cousin the aquarel. Whoops, I'm more than one month late, ain't that kool. -_- :P

Today I went to the fitness to take with the schedules and prices. It's kool! On Saturday evening they offer one hour long Body Dance, during the week they offer Body Complet, Fitball and etc.! ^^
I'm feeling like the laziest glutton ever and I can't stand it anymore. As soon as my cold is gone, I'll go exercise and move my fat ass around. :)

Alright! I'm going to make one poster now cuz I have a kool tennis (haha, yes) idea in my mind. :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Flirt Or Not & The 360 Degree Change Of My Standard On Guys

I was SMSing with my boy friend Em today.

Me: "Hey you! Whaddya doin? :D"

Him: "I'm sitting in a cafe at the XY street thinking of you. ;) And you? :)"

Me: "I'm sitting in a cafe at the XX street thinking of sexy, blond and arrogant tennis players! :D"

Him: "Sob....and I can play tennis! :D"

Me: "BUT! You're not blonde!"

Him: "So I'll bleach my hair! :D"

Amazing. Kucci says he was just joking, but I wouldn't be so sure. He had invited me over for a coffee twice but it never worked out (not that I mind it). :P

Anyways, today I've talked to Doggy and he has replied to my msg on one stupid Slovak website a la Friendster where we both have profiles.
I've lost all my motivation for schooling as he's not gonna attend school regularly anymore cuz of his trainings. -_- NO MORE VISUAL PARADISE ON MATHS. Sigh. @_@ T_T :D

I am such a stupid 14 year old BSB fan. Hahahahaha. OK, I'm not, but I'm behaving like one. Very primitive. -_-

Anyways, Doggy has replied to that msg, so I've replied to him as well, caressing his ego (as you men like it). I typed there something playful along the lines of hoping to see him at Roland Garros next year and asking him where is he in the ranking of junior players and also I've offered to bring him some notes from the school if he wants as we're practically neighbours.

I'm so proud on that msg. XD
I let go of my pride and behaved like a stupid chick and now I'm testing BET he'll be glad. XD Poor boy, he doesn't know he's the only and the most important part of my test. :P

All this leads me to one thing.
My cousin was SO RIGHT when she said 6 years ago:

"You know, it's like, now you like guys who are similar to you and later on, you'll find out that you go for your complete opposites in whichever aspects."

I didn't believe her. Now I do. :P

My former standard on guys meant dark hair, dark eyes, Asians preferred and well, if the guy had to be an angmoh, I preferred an exotic look as well. I'd prefer sexy archs & designers with a lovely personality. Think Lee Min-Hyung in Winter Sonata.

And now?

I TOTALLY go for arrogant tennis players with blonde/reddish hair with blue or green eyes. OMD!!!! XD Think Doggy or Andy Roddick, Kucci's eternal love. :P


My cousin was oh so right. XD

I'd better go to bed right now, it's 1.14am, and I'm sooooooooo tired! *yawns*

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My today's horoscope says:

"Not all illusions are false -- sometimes they are just sneak previews of what is to come! It's time to see the glass of water as half full, and make the choice to hope for the best. The conclusion of what is coming to pass over the next few days is still unknown, so why not choose to believe that everything will work out just fine? Visualize the best-case scenario. You won't be fooling yourself -- you'll just be setting the stage for a very happy ending."

Let's see.



I wanna.

To my own shock, *he* is reddish blond with blue eyes!!!!
No Asian. No dark haired poodle. No S.
In fact, S is fading away from my mind.

He plays tennis, he's over 190cm and he looks like a super cute Golden Retriever puppy, hence I call him Doggy (just in the circle of my friends). XD

AND! I KNOW him liao! *_* Not deeply though, we greet each other & talk on ICQ sometimes but, I AM WORKING ON IT. ^_~

I hope that this horoscope DOES say the truth. :P
The Super Shocking Saturday Continues

In my previous entry I've quacked about how weird life had been in Saturday and how many shocking things had I gotten to known then.

Whew, this was a difficult grammar and I'm SURE it's all wrong!

Now, sit down.

Pom called me two times, once on March 17, then on March 18, both in weird and very late times. I thought he wanted to congratulate me but as he had been calling in such stupid times, I SMSed him, saying that next time he calls me, he'd better check out the local time here cuz I actually also need some sleep.

Yesterday at 1.11am (I remember it precisely) I woke up on the annoying sound of my cellphone announcing an SMS.
I got up, took my mobile phone and with very sleepy eyes opened it. And to my utter horror, I read:

"Mich, u know why I wasted ur bedtime n woku u up, my mom is dead, she died last saturday night, i've nobody, God is not fair he took my family T_T"

O_O @_@
I still can't get over this. And then, poor Pom! If *I* can't get over this, what about HIM?! Fuck, I so wanna be with him but I can't. T_T

What's with this year?! O_o
Everything is so sad & weird. Like my Bruneian friend's possible diagnosis or like Pom's loss.
Everything is also so happy & weird. Like Peng coming back or me getting to know one crunchy yummy guy whom I call Doggy cuz he looks like a cute Golden Retriever puppy. ^^

About this later, thought.

I'm sooo sorry, dear Pom. T_T

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Super Shocking Saturday

I have to have my mud mask on for 20 mins and because it's over 12.30am, I shall write quackly cuz I AM TIRED.
There were many amazing and absurd things happening during this weekend, but I'd like to highlight the Saturday.

I've gotten to know three shocking things.

The first one - my friend quit her Fashion Design course and she's going for Tourism instead. O_o WOW! That was a BIG shock for me, cuz before she sooo wanted to do this FD!

The second one - MY FRIEND MIGHT HAVE THE BRAIN TUMOR. I'm so fucking scared of her. I'm as 'religious' as my mousepad but I am SO GONNA PRAY FOR HER. @_@ I'm so scared!!!!!! Oh godness.


It's enough that she had to break up with her long-term bf because of religion and everything.....I can't imagine that pain and vacuum she must be feeling now!
Well! NO! That obviously wasn't enough! GAH!!!
*THIS* danger of having the tumor had to come as well. God, if you exist, then I'd like to kick your ass. AARGHHHH!!! I'm so angry cuz I'm so desperate! I can't help her, I can only cuss and try to lift her mood. Aiyaaah. T__T


I know you don't even know her, but WTD, you can pray anyways, it's nice to be good at least once a year, isn't it?

Well, and the third thing. That was damn WEIRD! O_O

Remember the Taiwanese Peng (pseudonym), the asshole guy and before one of my best friends ever?
Well, I lost the contact with him like six years ago or so because of him. He chose to ignore me and after few desperate attempts for contact from my side I lost my patience (I have some pride too), told him that he's an asshole and I don't wanna talk to him anymore cuz he's not worth it.
He, then emailed me something along the lines of a deep apology but I was still pissed off and ignored it.

Korean drama, I know. :P

Well, since then I hadn't thought about him at all, save from YESTERDAY. Yesterday was the first time my thoughts drifted to Peng after like six years and I silently asked myself how had he been and how weird it is that he's not in my life anymore....

It felt weird cuz I felt really sorry for all this happening. I liked him a lot, you know! He was like a brother to me!

OK, so, after that I logged into MSN and quacked a bit with Manis and Teresa and all my duckies......AND THEN~!

I got an instant message.

From Peng.

He remembered my bday all that time. And I remembered his, by the way (that's VERY rare, I never remember dates!).
He asked me if I'm STILL so angry at him, he said he felt horribly sorry for being such an ass, he said he regretted it million times and that he missed me all the time.

I was shocked. O_o

He then said he realized that I was a beautiful part of his life and by losing me, he felt like something is missing.

See? We were REALLY great friends, really, almost like siblings. ^^

WTD!!!! O_o
I lost all my ability to speak and then virtually squealed:

"OMG!!!!! PENG!!!!!!!!! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?????? I'm so shocked!!!!!"

We've talked. And it felt so warm and fuzzy an old friend coming back. ^^ Only now I've realized that I DID miss him, even though, just subconsciously.

Isn't life just AMAZING? ^___^
I don't think about a certain person for six years, then ONE DAY I think about him wondering how is he doing AND 20 mins after that HE ACTUALLY CONTACTS ME.

Please, duckies, don't tell me that there's no DESTINY. :D

I'm so happy! :D
And sad as well. u_u
Please, pray for my friend. I love her so much and she had gone through so many hard times......this just CAN'T be happening to her! T__T
Hey, Allah! Don't be so cruel to her, she loves You so much!!!!!! T_T

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Legal Age

This is an important DAY (NIGHT)!!!!!!


Yes, I have finally reinstalled my Photoshop and resized a pic so here it is. I am so mysteriously beautiful, glamorous and sexy, I hope your bulus are glittering from jealousy (just kidding ok! :D).


How sad.
And how cool!

I'll go get my EU passport issued asap cuz in case I get to LKW or La Salle, I don't want to experience what I had experienced before; the KLIA police thinking about me that I'm some whore from Eastern Europe. ARGH. Such a degradation of me! T_T

I don't really believe in horoscopes but since today is so SPECIAL, lemme check out my Pisces & Snake horoscope:


If you have a somewhat busy day today, make an effort to get things done as soon as you can -- you will need some free time in the afternoon so you can daydream about your future. Sound silly to schedule fantasy time? It's not -- in fact, it's just as important as a doctor's appointment or a staff meeting. Your imagination requires maintenance, and you need to get some imagining done so you can recognize a dream coming true when it happens.


Home is where your heart is today, and that's where you'll want to be. Others may engage in pettiness, but there is no need for you to join in, as this is a very favorable day for you. Focus on spending time with the family and making your home a better place. If you're single, do something to improve your appearance; your love life will thank you for it.

Interesting as always. ^_^ The credits Go HERE.

I'm super tired now, it's past 2am already, but I'll quack more after I get some wonderful WEEKEND SLEEP. ^___^

Stay quacked, there's lot to quack about including my new golden-retriever-resembling-super-cute-tennis-player-crush (who's successfully winning over S in terms of my infatuation!), the public transport fucked up rules and everything. :D


And thanks a million hubooby, Seb and Munie for your super quick congratz! ^_^

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Okay, I came home from an unexpected theatre premiere of one contemporary Slovak play, I was there with my father and 'our' balcony was also occupied by the Slovak president & the first lady, the governor of the Slovak national bank and his wife, the president's bodyguard and another two, probably important, people.

I felt REALLY underdressed cuz I was wearing my terracota brown corduroy pants, the red long top, the polka dot top and my white shoes. CORDUROY to the theatre premiere with the president and all these important people.
Luckily they didn't give a flying duck about me so it was no faux pas (hopefully).

Well, and the GD dude?

He said that I draw good portraits and that there *is* something but if I came to the exams with a portfolio like this, I wouldn't have passed cuz it's not about GD at all.
A good sign is, that he wants to meet up with me again in about 6 weeks.
I like this, because he is known for yelling at students that they suck and etc., so the fact that he even wants to see me must mean something good.

What I find rather idiotic is that me, a grammar school person interested in studying GD is asked to build a GD portfolio! He told me to design some posters, logos and etc. and show it to him. Amazing.

Blahblahblah. More on this logic lacking AFAD thing later.

I'm enroling to Limkokwing now! HUHUHUHUUU!!!! :D

It's 1am liao, I know.......I'd better enrol quackly and go to bed. :)

G'Nite! ^_^

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Day D

Missed me? ^^
I've returned two days ago from PN (and my spring holiday is over T_T) but I was too lazy and tired (esp yesterday) to quack anything here.
Now I'm waiting for my mother to come here with my portfolio and I'll add some more stuff in there and voila! I'm off to AFAD to meet with the head of the Graphic Design faculty! :D

I'll get to know whether I have some GD potential or not.

Considering me being 39th at the exams from 109 people and WITHOUT any diligent work before the exams (and without knowing people at AFAD; in SVK that helps a lot) I think I ended up very well.

Other GD dude even said I must be miraculous! :D

Teheheheee, I'd like to be miraculous but such things rarely happen. :P

On another note, I was talking to Manis yesterday and we had came to a conclusion that GUYS ARE STUPID. Where's your courage, eh?! *YOU* are the ones we want to make the 1st step, even though it's 21st Century!
Sorry my boy friends, I love you all so much (and Ilkka the most, he has no competition! 30% discount! HAHA!!! ^_~) but really!!!!

Please, before flirting with a girl and hinting her your interest, make sure you are over your ex.

It's just stupid to play with us like this.
Ahhhh yes, we girls do the same to you cuz we're bitches, so I apologize for us.

I think I'll be on a pure rice diet today. I'm feeling weird and weak. UGH! Well, maybe a nice miso shiro with seaweed would do me good as well. ^^
YUM YUM YUM, the miracles of the light & healthy AZN cuisine!!!!! :D

I know! This entry is TOTALLY random! :P But what do you expect me to quack after 5 days of silence??? About the iraqi crisis? O_o
Let me continue my randomness.

I'm feeling tired even though I've slept like 8 hours what's completely UNIMAGINABLE for me normally. From Sun to Mon I slept hardly 4 hours. @_@ I looked so charming then, like a panda in a washing mashine! @_@

March 17 is:

* MY 18th BIRTHDAY (someone take me to London, I miss that city!)

UUUUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Exciting, isn't it!!!!!
I plan to go to the police office on March 18th and getting my EU passport. I'll never forget the moment when the Malaysian dudes at KLIA were examining my (Slovak) passport for good 20 mins and then my ex's dad told me that probably they had thought that I'm some whore from Eastern Europe. OMD. @_@ TERIMA KASIH. Hahaha!!!

I've found out that I'm not an EARTH Snake, but a FIRE Snake. According to the website (dunno which one anymore) red is my lucky color so I should wear it often. OK. I'm doing so. :D

Ahhh, I'm feeling so weak, I dunno why. @_@ I really should sleep more. I VOW TO GO TO BED AT 11PM TODAY.

End of randomness. VSVU soon! :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

On ProGamers

I was just watching the Arirang's Heart To Heart talkshow and there was this Polish dude with an honorable 'job' of a StarCraft ProGamer in the honoruable Korean ProGamers team.
Now, StarCraft is some stupid e-game where you probably kill some weirdos. I suppose it's like in all games for little boys; if you don't kill them, they'll kill YOU!

I love intelligent games.

Here's StarCraft:


This dude was a TYPICAL computer id....erm, geek. White as a ghost with glassy, empty eyes, 44kg, arms thinner than mine and a messy, ugly hair. He was wearing a white-lime green TEAM CLOTHING consisting of ugly pants and an ugly hoody. Cannot tahan.

He was speaking on how they're practising their idiotic StarCraft 13 hours a day and how it's very difficult, how he has no time and how the Korean computer idiots are much much better than those in Europe.

I've found a nice Polish (ah, the irony!) cartoon concerning the StarCraft Geeks. It's in Polish but I kind of understand it, so I'll translate it.

Year 1998:
The pig: "What Are you doing?"
The owl: "I'm playing StarCraft."

Year 2005:
The pig: "?"
The owl: "I'm playing StarCraft."

Year 2020:
The pig: "?"
The owl: "I'm playing StarCraft."

Year 2060:
The pig: "Oh no! Are you playing StarCraft?!"
The owl: "I'm downloading its newest stuff!!"

MUAHAHAHA, how accurate. The credits are *here*. ^^

Back to E-gamers.
Oh duckness, I have a classmate who wants to become an e-gamer/progamer (however you call it) too and he so resembles this Polish dude. Only I dunno if this Polish dude also fancies porn with animals?! @_@

These people are DERANGED and nobody's gonna persuade me about the opposite.

The weirdest thing is, how importantly and normally is it regarded in Korea. Like, the e-gamers there are sort of heroic people.
Heroic for what ah?!
For masturbating 13 hours a day while playing idiotic games?! For being able to kill few virtual dudes in a virtual world with virtual everything?!

Wow, you hero, you've killed so many enemies.

Now, if I kick your 3cm thin arm, it'll get broken and you'll start crying cuz you're too weak to lift your sweaty hand from the mouse.

Ah, the irony again, there's this weekly (or even daily?) E-GAME MAGAZINE at Arirang now. The host is talking about how the dudes are playing, what they're playing, what strategies are they using and all.

I've watched it once.
In this episode 6 dudes went to the hairstylist to get a sexy haircut and then they had a photoshoot. OMFG, I thought I was hallucinating. A HAIRSTYLIST! A PHOTOSHOOT!!! For what ah? For some stupid upcoming e-gamers masturbating competition?!

Cannot tahan.

One day when I'll have a son, I'll NEVER let him even touch games like these. @_@ I can't risk him possibly dreaming about becoming a ProGamer. NO WAY.

These dudes should get a life, a girlfriend (so they won't be left to masturbating in front of hentai) and a brain.

Live and let live, they say.
I'm sooo tolerant but I can't understand these retards. If you happen to be an e-gamer reading my blog, at least you know now WHAT I think about your pathetic existence, thankyouverymuch.

Oh and on another note, I'm off top Piestany today and I'll be fucking busy. Aiyaaah! I'm supposed to work on my portfolios, learn English cuz of the TOEFL and there are voices whispering me stuffs about MATHS too but I dunno if I won't commit suicide hearing that word again. ARGHHH.

Take care duckies and see you on Sunday! ^_^

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


To the previous entry: Okay, I'd love to hug him (S) twice too. Or thrice. Why not ah! HAHAHA!!! He looks so funny & serious, that's the sexiest combination EVER!

Okay, I know that normal people find curly guys with rim-less glasses super fugly but I AM DIFFERENT. Teheheheheeeee.

Have I said I don't love him? Fuck, I dunno. But probably not. It's 50:50 I guess.
Oh, I wish I knew myself at least a tiny bit. -_-'''''


The nearest suitable test date for me is March 23th. FUCKING NEARBY!!!!!!! I AM SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mother was just threatening me that if I don't get into LKW/Cenfad/LA SALLE, I'll have to stay here & work. SCARY.

I dunno if I can make the TOEFL. Well, hopefully yes....... I MUST. O_O

Wish me luck. O_O
Brand New Episode

Who would have expected *THIS*?!

Yesterday I've came across a website of one (pretty good) Slovak poprock group.
(I'm giving out the link on request only! I couldn't possibly tahan *them* tracking my blog back cuz of me stupidly linking their band. @_@)



Nice website. Many pictures.

Right now I have one picture with solely S opened up....but.....know what?
I really don't love him anymore.
Because if I did, I would be dead and in tears already...or in 7th Heaven or wherever.

However, all I do, is look at this pic with a nostalgic smile and I sigh. I sigh like "Ah, those were the times..", not like "Ah, I wish he was mine.." and even though I STILL think he's a cutie, I don't feel anything special.

I'm impressed, though!
He's good like hell!!! I didn't know he's *THAT* points, S. :D

Isn't life an on-going happening full of absurd experiences? ^___^

Thinking about it again, I WOULD love to hug him, Just once!!!!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Cannot Tahan

Thank you, hubooby & Herman for talking to me even though I have a "DON'T talk to me." thingy written on MSN.

I owe you so much. ^_^

....and I hate Maths anyways.

I bought the Muskmelon Milkis by LOTTE recently in the "Foreign Food" TESCO section. It's a Korean drink (and the only Korean drink available here T_T) and I'm really turned off by the supposed MILK in it (I *HATE* milk) but still I wanna try it! AAAAAHHH!!!

*takes a sip*

Not THAT bad la.
But not THAT good also.

I can't take my mind off the MILK there. @_@

Very stupid entry, right. Byebye!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

An Ode To Holidays


*Me* have.
Finally!!!!!! *_*
9 days of FREEDOM. Well, a relative one, I must study for two fucking tests, make one Immanuel Kant assignment and paint, paint, paint...

Today I woke up around 9am but then I've realized - and couldn't believe my sheer luck - that I have HOLIDAYS. No school. No stress. No hatred. No fake assholes. No fucking profs. No tests. No shallow topics being discussed.
P. E. A. C. E.

I still can't believe it. *_*

Naturally, normal people don't wake up at 9am (and on Saturdays somemore, OMP) so I hugged Leif (that's my plushy elk hahah...probably my only love here in SVK after Kucci and Haku) tightly, put my nose under the blanket and slept until 12.30pm. Muahahaha.

I've never felt so much relief and shock after realizing that I have holidays.

Holi days??

Indeed they are HOLY....... Please, don't disturb this religious fiesta of mine. I don't believe in God, I believe in HOLY DAYS. ^___^

I'll try some loving religious poetry.

An Ode To Holidays

Oh, holy holidays

You free time of mine
I can't let you end your time

Oh, holy Holy Days
I sacrificed my all for you

Now you're here

Oh, holy holidays,

You bring me peace & joy
The anger & hatred walks away
Oh, Holy Days, STAY!

That was sooooo from my stressed out, empty heart. *_* I sill feel hatred & anger though, I can't take my mind off everything that's troubling me.... I need time, apparently.
I'll recover hopefully just when will my be Holy Days ending. And I'll jump into this nasty academic shitty hole all over again.

I don't even wanna think about it. @_@

My biggest trouble among all is the MATHS.
I *SERIOUSLY* cannot tahan it anymore. I. JUST. CANNOT.
I didn't need it, I don't need it, I will NEVER EVER IN MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE need it!!!!!!! Yet I have to study for it & be tutored ALL THE FUCKING TIME while I wanna concentrate on more important things, for example, MY THREE PORTFOLIOS, right?!


I know I'm vulgar. So what?!

I need something that will spice up my life but in a GOOD, I repeat, GOOD way. Something interesting, something intriguing & new, that will consume some part of my empty brain so I'll have some topic to think about.
I don't want to think about GUYS though, cuz that's so superficial.

No, in fact, I'd like to get some boost in the area of art..... I need some fresh air, some new inspiration.....something that will keep me going on with my portfolio building, something that will make me think deep...something fresh & fascinating.

Got any idea?????

I don't. -_-

A long time ago I wanted to start the Bollywood Dance cuz that seemed so new, fresh, funny & fascinating to me, something different & inspirational.....but HA!
As if *that* was here. Tsk.
Maybe some Asian cooking lessons would be fun too, but HA! As if *that* was here!!!


I'm tired of this country liao. -_-
I need a change, I need a fresh air.
Or maybe I'd cheer up, if S hugged me?

HAHAHAHAAA, I might as well leave for Singapore and stay there. :D ^___^

This entry is dragging on endlessly. I feel like quacking & quacking & quacking on and on until the wee hours, but I know that it'd bore my few readers to death. Right? :)


Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Must Throw Away My Clothes!!!!

If I don't do that, they'll EAT me alive. @_@

I cannot tahan it anymore!!!!!! *bangs head*

I tide up my tiny wardrobe.
Then I pick up one top, one jumper & pants to wear.
After I take it off when I come home, I put it on the chair/on the lowest shelf in the shelves by the wardrobe.

Another day comes.
I pick up different clothes and when I return, I do the same as the day before.

Another day comes & the routine repeats.

*repeat repeat repeat*

My lowest shelf is full of wrinkled clothes once worn.
I stuff even the "chair-clothes" to the lowest shelf, therefore it's even messier and even more wrinkled.

Now what do I do?

Ha. You wish. =_=

No, I start putting everything on the chair again. Then when I come home & wanna sit by the PC, I take the pile of wrinkled clothes and throw them on the bed.
Later on, when I'm off to bed, I take the wrinkly pile of clothes and throw them on the chair.

Usually some wrinkly pieces fall down, thus I mutter vulgarities under my nose, pick them up angrily & slam them at the chair again.

The next day exactly the same procedure repeats.
The day after that too.

A remarkably long time passes, I lose all my nerves and tide it all up. And then what? To get to know that, read this entry all over again. =_=

*WHAT* do you advice me to do with this fucking bodoh habit?!
I'm going berserk by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have lots of clothes and yet this happens! ARGGH!!!!
And all those idiotic WINTER CLOTHES!
Duck you! I hate jumpers (especially the woollen ones), various long-sleeved whatever and all those heavy winter boots!!!! *SIGHHHHHHHHH*

I'm the happiest ducky in a tank top/t-shirt, skirt/capri pants and flip-flops. Well, being barefoot is even better, but that also requires crazy-colored skimpy bikini, hot sand & turquise water. ^^

Like this la:

WAHAHAHAHA, that was a shock, wasn't it?! XD

Okay, here is something better; I hope it will please the disgusted men's eyes after seeing Borat in sexy, skimpy, lime green...errr....DICKINI???? XDDD But hey! What about those chicks by him?! Liked it, eh??



With this I shall sign off and go check out some blogs. ^^

If I weren't bodoh, I WOULD BE DRAWING/PAINTING & STUDYING MATHS now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sadly, I'm bodoh, so I'm happily PROCRASTINATING. =_=''''

EU countries aren't visa-required in Singapore, are they???
Cuz if it's as I think (that they are not), then my application deadline is on April 17th, instead of April 1st!!!! :D

I've printed out billion of forms, documents, applications & etc. in order to have them all collected cuz who knows, I might even:

  • get 30,0% from Maths --> 4 --> being accepted for graduation
  • graduate
  • get accepted into La Salle
  • get the scholarship

If all this happens, I'll come to S, French kiss him & dance away singing ABBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Whohohooo, btw, I *can* work part-time in Singapore, ain't that cool? :D

I don't think I'll get accepted into La Salle though...still, LKW & Cenfad might accept me. Well, Cenfad is NOT replying my emails (ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I think I'll apply just for LKW!!!!!!!!! GRRR!!

Eeeeh. 7.12pm. Me is tired liao.

I keep getting little headaches when staring at the PC for too long. I guess my body is controlling myself from being a PC maniac?? :P
I'm glad for that cuz it also prevents me from blindness, fatal procrastination & fatness at its best. ^^

I think I'm gonna draw something now & then.....the MATHS is waiting. @_#

I wanna be an university accepted grammar school graduatee already!!!!
Korean food from food courts is awaiting me!!!!!! *____*