Saturday, April 29, 2006

17 my age.
It's also the number of readers I averagely get everyday!!!! The proof:



Average Per Day17

Average Visit Length6:03

Last Hour1


This Week116

Mwahahaha. 17 readers! Wow man....that's so fascinating, I feel like a star...just how come no one ever gave me something for free (e. g. 2 weeks at Koh Samui's beach bungalow for free??)?! XD

I'll tell you why!!!

The reason is simple.
I haven't defined the KEY CUSTOMERS of my blog (well, actually I doubt anyone defines it before setting up a blog).
In other words, no normal average person would read my blog cuz of the following factors:

* I'm from Slovakia but I'm a 1/4 Korean who listens to Asian music (K-pop rulezz!), craves for salmon teppanyaki, sushi, K-BBQ, [insert any yummy Asian food] on a daily basis, can cook only 3 Korean meals (bulgogi, bibimbap & pine nut rice soup), loves strictly Asian guys (only Sachi had the "privilege" of being my non-Asian crush - and for 4 or 5 yrs!!!) & has a Malaysian boyfriend who's actually a Thai-Chinese. Heck, I even use the Asian smilies! It's difficult to see me use :( or :) or ;) cuz I prefer T_T or u_u, ^_^ & ^_~ above them.
This all doesn't mean that I despise Slovakia & Europe - I love High Tatra, I love Kofola, I love bryndzove halusky (the national meal) but I'm also rather....Asianised. :P
So yeah. Like I said:
So messy & AZN-ised.

Except for the last thing I share this love with baibee, hubooby & partially with ducky sis Nisah.
Normal duckies don't understand WTP (what the poopness) am I quacking about.

* I use the Ducklish language randomly in this blog. You've seen it, read it & maybe wondered what it means.

When I say that I'm "sooo poopyliciously hapoopy", it only means that I'm very happy.
When I say that "he's my feathery darling" it means that he's just....a cutie & I love him. Hah.
When I say that something's "forthongever", it's forever as you've guessed.

There are countless more examples!

* I also use Singlish + Malay words randomly in this blog.
TERIMA POOPSIH la hubooby for teaching me. I'm pretty good liao! ^.^v
Knowing these lingos is banyak berbulu (now this was 2 in 1 with Ducklish!) especially when having so many friends from Singapoopore & Malaysia. I can read Malaysian & Singapooporean blogs & unless it's all written in Cantonese/Mandarin, Hokkien or Hindu - in other words, if it's in English combined with Malay words it's fine. I usually understand a lot from it.

It's kool too cuz I can write "SIAL KAU" in huge letters in my History notebook & no one can get angry so no one except for me knows what it actually means. *evil giggle*
And yes, I've done that liao. Mwahaha.

* Not enuff pics & when they are then it's usually something with ducks & etc. Or my wannabe camwhore pics but OOOPS!!!! I'm ugly! What to do lah?! O_o
I have no patience for make-up, Photoshop & posing like Xiaxue or Cheeselicious. In case of these two - they're prettier than me as well & they're both good at PS! Heck, I can't even do the round edges. -_-''' PATHETIC. *sigh*

* Who cares for my endless drooling at hot Koreans, especially at Choi Dong Wook???? For examply my boyfriend finds him awful & ugly. Or maybe he's just envious of his looks? *giggle giggle* Oh, anyways. Endless drooling for 4688643 times is boring. But that doesn't change the fact that he's hot, sexy, lovely, adorable & heavenly kool. WAHAHA.

* Who cares for my endless wailing & complaining???? NOBODY. -_- Not even myself. Hahahah. :P

* When I write about Slovakia (seldomly) or Bratislava, no one cares cuz no one knows where in the hell Slovakia is!!!!!!! >_< It's in Central Europe, you know? Just nearby the oh so famous Vienna.
See, see:

Fuck you Americans who shot Eurotrip & Hostel. Come see the real Slovakia. *mumbles angrily*

This is no Soviet Union 60 yrs ago. This is a modern country in EU, NATO, OSN & god-knows-what, we are called "the central European tiger" cuz of our economy growth & we have the most automobile factories in whole Europe cuz our employees & workers are said to be high-qualified, responsible & flexible.

We have a beautiful nature with lots of mineral springs, caves, deep forests & endemits living in there. We have famous spas & one of the best hiking paths located in High & Low Tatra in the world.
Some more, our hockey team & tennis players are very good!
Oh, and of course Bratislava. Come & see, you Americans who think that we don't even have a railways station. *remembers the Eurotrip*

All factors written liao? *re-reads*
I guess so.

The conclusion:
Those "few ducks" - 17 readers/day.

I'm not keeping this for fame or what (I wouldn't get any anythongways)! That'd be ridiculous....and impossible too. :P

Irrelevantly..... I want the warm weather backkkkk!!!!!! T_T It's cold again....12C, rain & so on... *sigh* I wanna wear my new sandals & the MNG skirt & blahblah! Ah lianism rulez. :P

Irrelevantly 2..... I'm off to Piestany today. WHY? Tuition. =_= Lemme dieeeeeee~~~~~

No 3rd grade, no Cenfad.

My mantra. *sigh*

Listening to: One song by Taebin I can't seem to be able to remember it's name. It's something like "Gge De Ul Sarang..." or what. O_o I forgot the English translation somemore! :P It's soooooo beautiful.... ^___^ Old too, I know! ^^
Yay!: It's weekend & I've slept for 12 hours. ^___^
Grrr: Physics & enemies whom I must kick to asses in order to get to CENFAD. Haiyoooh.
DON'T FORGET: Take the cam to PN, reply to ducky sis' & Hanafi's email, email Gourab, pick up the contact lenses on Tuesday!!!!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Feeling better thanks to YOU! ^_^

I'm hapoopy so I'm quacking in Ducklish!!!! Deal with it! ^___^ THE ENTRY IS FULL OF CRAP!!!!!

This day had a lot of positive bulus in it:

  • My lovely ducky sis sent me a wonderful & looooooong email concerning my "I'm a piece of shit" problem. Ducky ducky... THANKS A MILLION. It really helped me out!!! ^___^ I shall reply you properly when I finish blabbing here at Blogger..

    It's very true what you told me..

    "You have to clean your act now or else there won't be a future in the uni of your choice. just keep that in mind, you need to work hard to achieve your dreams. nothing is every simple. not for me, not for you. it is very hard sometimes, i understand. but you can't give up. not now. you are this close to doing something you love, don't give it up, okay? :)

    when the pressure is building, remember, drop whatever you are doing, just take a deep breath, step back and grab a pen and paper and write down what is bothering you. because i believe when i write my problem down on the paper/mirror, then there is more space in my head to think :) then i can think clearly."

    ...and I WILL remember it & act like that!!!!
    *takes a deep breath*
    Ms. Ducky Myself, prepare for the remaining 44 schooldays full of terror & awful Maths & Physics. Don't die!!!! Not yet! You haven't bought your bungalow in Thailand yet! You haven't adopted your Cambodian baby girl yet! You haven't entered the darn uni yet! No wedding yet! Nothing! SURVIVE!!!!

    My dear ducky, I'm thankful with my whole BERBULU heart for always being there to help me! Me looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you foreeeeeeeeeeever!!!! You're like a real sis to me....all complete with glittery bontot bulus! Wahahahaha! XD

    *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge hugs* Lab you muchos!!!!!! ^_____________^

  • My glittery duckyboy Ray sent me the following things:

    * the photos from this winter when he was here - I didn't have them anymore cuz I've removed them all on the day of the "break up". Korean drama behaviour, really. :P

    * two letters - they both kinda touched me as one of 'em was about our unpoopy rship & the other one was just a random one. Ray! Such a long letter, the 1st one! Wah! O_o Korean drama indeed.... *hihi*

    * a white boot cut Renoma microfibre thong which is gonna be VERY comfy! :D Hahaaa! Yes, you've noticed my THONG MOOD very well, I'm getting thongified these days & I'm happy for any thong..hah...and this one rulezz, the material is so nice. ^^

    Eh, I hope we can survive this our lil' shit. Maybe all we need are to be kicked to ass for 2 times and we'll be OK. I'll ask my former saseong Pak Chol Min if he doesn't feel like kicking asses. Hahaha. :P

    I'll write you a letter during this weekend, OK? ^.^

  • I bought new yellow sandals for summer for the "brutal" price of 490Skk. XD They have a lil platform (ca. 4cm), 3x 2 white strings across the sandal & yellow flowers on it. Looks damn summer-y & tropical....and I feel as if I bought it in Singapore, there I liked the shoes a lot & they were for similar prices. :D Sooo kool. I love it! :D

  • It's FRIDAY!!!!!! 'Nuff said! *dances merengue around the room*

  • I'm happy also cuz HE is the hottest sexiest yummiest loveliest *blahblahyaddayaddadrooldroolswoonswoon* man EVER alive!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, Dong Wook oppa, WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!?!?! *gets killed by Ray*
    So...err...What makes me happy?
    This photo (Credits to!!!:
    Oooohhhhh, his looks are HEAVENLY. *dies* I'm completely obsessed with him, I can't help myself.....he's so DAMN CUTE!!!! I'm dying!!!! O_O ^______^

    Oooohhhh........ooohhhh.....aaaahhh....if I could just hug him & smell his (surely sexy) scent & rest head at his sexy chest and with his (nest-style! XD) hair and....look into his eyes & BLAHBLAH!!!!

    I must stop cuz Ray will go & kick my ass. Wahahaha. XD

    Saranghaeyo..... *hearts in eyes*

    AHEM, I'm really sorry, I'm only a tiny bit mad, you know? *angelic smile*

    I like sweet kawaii hot Koreans with nice flat noses, sexy single eyelids, luscious lips, beautiful smile (Bae Yong Joon!!! *_*) & tall toned body.
    Ugghhhhhh. Aaaahhh.

    I totally can imagine Jong Moon oppa slapping his head in disbelief & laughing at me!!!! XD I think he has never met a madder 1/4 Korean than me! XD

  • I'm happy cuz I have GREAT friends. ^___^ You duckies know who you are. I LOVE YOU ALL FORDUCKEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jong Moon oppa should get my letter by now or by next week. Whohohooo. I miss him!!!! I wanna go to Korea!!!!! *cries* Then I'd buy all of the CDs I want, nice clothes, Missha makeup which I like a lot, eat TONNES of yummy food & drool over those sexy Korean guys. <-- Ray, I AM loyal!!!!! ^^;;;;

Listening to: "Nae Ga Noo Neul Gam Neun Ee Yoo" by Taebin.
Yay!: Read this entry! ^^
Grrr: Tuition this weekend in Piestany. =_= TWO Maths tests next week. Shit.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Piece Of Shit

My father returned from the meeting of parents & teachers and brought me the following news:

* I'm failing Physics & Maths
* 2 from behaviour is awaiting me cuz I'm an arrogant bitch
* I'm a slacking fuck who's skipping way too much
* If I fail the 3rd grade, I can't do maturita, I must repeat the whole year (1 more year there - please, just kill me~)
* If I can't do maturita & end up with not even the maturita paper, I can go clean shitty toilets or sell my body or wash the dishes or tide up autumn leaves at streets
* Forget Cenfad, forget your design, forget all your bungalows in Thailand, personal cooks, Baldinini heels, Connemara ponies, elegant white kitchens, mahogany floors, creamy white silky curtains, Shiseido & Kenzoki cosmetics, as many books & CDs as possible, FORGET ALL YOUR DREAMS, YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!!!

I hate myself, I really fucking do. I've always thought how kool am I, how intelligent am I, how strong & nice & loveable am I and now I've finally woken up and saw the truth.

The truth is this:

I won't go wail to anyone about this.
Don't even leave comments on this entry - I don't deserve 'em.
I deserve to fucking die & not poison this air anymore - I'm a pain in the ass to my whole family. Seven fucking years I were annoying my grandma & uncle, they had to tutor you'd expect...with NO RESULT. I'm still getting 4 (D) from Maths & Physics. That means no brains at all - I'm as fucking stupid as some Jessica Simpson or any of those brainless bitches I've been despising all the time - until now when I've realized that I AM ONE OF THEM.

If I don't fucking start to STUDY now, I'm in the deepest shit of all.
My family is so good & intelligent - they all are with IQ at least 140, uni diploma (PhD.!), money, success, brains (esp my uncle who's a scientist) & a future.
I'm the black sheep, the shit, I'm the one who is different, stupid, IQ maybe 45, no money, no future, no brains & possibly not even one fucked up maturita paper.

I'm utterly disappointed in myself.
I hate myself for who I am - all this shit I am in is MY OWN fucking mistake.
If I ever want to even get to the maturita, I must start to STUDY. Fuck. STUDY. STUDY. STUDY!!!! I'll study until I get nuts and die from that - it's the only thing I deserve anyways! >_< *bangs head on the wall*

Why do I have a boyfriend & friends?
I don't deserve them.
I deserve to rot in a shitty hole, that's it. Guys, I love you all with my whole heart but I'm a piece of stinky shit so please understand that I don't deserve you. I deserve to die alone while washing a shitty toilet on the railway station at some village with 500 inhabitants who'll all call me a shitty whore.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Funny shopping

I should be sleeping already! WAH! =_= And irrelevantly...Ray read all he could in this blog so I MUST move to Yakutsk now & change my identity. Cialat. *sniff*
Gib emailed me today! ^^ Me is happy for her she got her Bc. degree! ^__^

Ah, anyways. Very briefly...

* my oil on canvas is DONE!!!! :D I even painted two little rabbits there. Mwahahahaaaaaaaa, it rocks. XD
* me & Kuci went shopping to obscure shops after the art course & I got gila and bought:

- A BRA (turquoise-white)
- A THONG (apple green!!!!!)
- BATH SPONGES (dark grey & magenta. Uhhh.~)
- CRAPPY HAIRCLIP (Made In China, very sexy, mmmm, 40Skk)
- LIL NOTEBOOK with something THAI written in front & a KAWAII MANGA ANIMAL (not Pom2005!) ~ I bought it only cuz of that Thai stuff written on it!!!!! XD I'm pathetic, hahhah. See see:

Now you know what?

I wonder WTP is written there. I know like 5 Thais (+ Ray's mom & aunt and cuzin and..) BUT I don't want to ask them about that cuz what would they think?! *slaps head*

Hihihihi. Kawaii ne?! XD

Listening to: "Pride" by Se7en feat. Masta Wu. My fav song...tho...I WANT THE 3RD ALBUMMMM!!!!!!!! *cries heavily* Se7en is so damn sexy.... I'm losing my virginity just by looking at him!! *giggles* OH, MY MIND IS FULL OF PAKINESS NOW. *licks lips sexily & drags Se7en to a quiet place* XD
Yay!:I still can't believe I got 87% from a Chem test. OK, I was cheating but less than usually + whole the class cheats. I don't feel good cheating but sometimes it's just...inevitable. *angelic smile*
Grrrr: It seems like I'm UNABLE to go sleep in normal times. =_= 12.28am now!!!!!! AARRGGH!
DON'T FORGET: Send out that letter to Jong Moon!!!! Pick up that tea!!! Meet up with Li Hong!!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

I have a HILARIOUS DIARY!!!!! *rofl*

Dearest Mr. Anupong A. from Chanthaburi & Mr. Raymond Ch. from Ampang are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to read this entry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Pui, Phong, Munie, baibee & Gib must NOT mention anything to them cuz if they knew about what will be in this entry, I'll be forced to emmigrate to Yakutsk & change my identity. *shivers*

Oh, since yesterday I know very well what's that.
I'm sure you remember how I was saying that I didn't love Pom, that it all was a crap & that our 'relationship' was just a crap too. Oh yes & that I was dating him cuz I just 'felt like it' but I didn't feel any love to him.

HOLY. SACHI. <--- Don't ask! XD

I've opened my (written) diary yesterday. I like reading it sometimes cuz I find myself very ridiculous & I like to laugh at how ridiculous & idiotic I was.
So. *ahem*
I opened my diary & was randomly jumping from page to page. I knew that I kept this diary during the "Pom Times" & during the times when I got to know Ray and I 'broke up' with Pom and all this Korean drama. Yadda yadda blahblah.

It was interesting so I started to read it and.................................................. *takes a deep breath* .......................................................... THERE WERE WRITTEN THINGS LIKE THESE!!!!!!:

*flips the pages still in a state of shock & translates*
(The comments of Mich2006 are in grey & small btw.)

January 22th, 2005 (12.03am)

I LUV U POM! ^_^
Really. Seriously.. He's as INCREDIBLY SUPER as I think I'm gonna die from him. And btw, I have his recent 2 pix but I've printed out only 1 and even that one got printed out badly but Pom's face is OK. Here he is:
(I still have that pic! The one in my diary! *hihi* Hahahaaaa, he looks like some kawaii manga animal. *dies laughing* I must say that he looks better now - *cough esp topless cough* & thank god for that. *rofl*)

Eh, I don't mean it bad but he looks kinda weird, doesn't he? ^^ :P But in reality he's AS handsome as it's even impossible. I've seen him on the webcam again & he looks almost like Se7en (shit, I wish! *laughs*). Well, not really like he looks like that but he just reminds me of him SOMEHOW. ^_^
My collection of romantic lyrix from Korean singers has grown a lot, haha.
And that's cuz ----> POM.
Today he was calling me (ringing me up), I've rang him up back and he told me that he didn't think that I'd call him back. Hehe. He's POM. I can't just NOT CALL HIM!!!!
And hoooo....he told me "I luv u", totally like to the fone....aaaaaaahhhh.
Well, I'm going to bed or I'm gonna melt.
Hehehehe~ ^_^

*O_O XD*

OH MY BULUNESS. @_@ XD *laughs till tears flow from her eyes* I AM SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS, IT'S JUST HILARIOUS TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rofl rofl rofl rofl*
Oh Pom, if you knew..... XD
*cries from laughter*

Shall I continue? *bats eyelashes*
I should be sleeping already actually (12.56am & I'm waking up at 6.25am!!!!) but I CAN'T leave this entry unfinished. I just can't. Lemme post another stuff from my diary:

*tries to stop laughter & translates*

January 27th, 2005

Today I feel like Pom doesn't love me..for a change.
I'm sure I'm again paranoid as always...I hope he loves me cuz I'd be able even to die for him. I LOVE HIM. POM, UR MY EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD... I LUV U.~ *_* (See how I automatically changed the Eng used into "da hip hop" way? Pom talks like that, that's why. *giggles*)
Tommorrow I have a test from Bio, I haven't studied at all yet. Fuck it. Fuck everything. I wanna be with Pom...and I wanna be sure that he loves me...cuz if no, I'm gonna die. :(
I was watching the Diary Of Sisters. Young-Hun and Yu-Jin hugged as beautifully in the end as I've almost died. *wipes tears*

I'm off to study. I'll write it badly tommorrow anyways...FUCK IT!!!! >.<

*wipes tears from laughter*

Wanna more?! XD
THE FOLLOWING THING IS DAMN HILARIOUS & I AM DYING FROM LAUGHTER AS I AM READING IT!!!!!! *cries laughing* But it's beautiful in its own way! Oooohhh!!!! OOOHH!!! Wahaha!!! :D Me ruk it! :D

February 14, 2005 (it's already after midnight --> 12.09am)

Tommorrow we have a test from PHYSICS but I have no strenght for studying it. (I've always been a slacker!) I really CAN'T MAKE IT. (Phy or the following thing? O_o -->) Pom sent me this kind of SMS (unchanged mistakes in English):
Man. He's so cute. ^_^ That "u r my breath", he meant "my air" but we all geddit.
I think I'm gonna die, he's REALLY SUPER. My dearest boy ^_^ :D *hearts in eyes*
Things are working good for me... I HAVE THE ALLOWANCE TO GO TO SINGAPORE!
Lynna almost died when I told her that. ^_^ For half a year!!! I'll also buy visas to Malaysia & to Thailand. ^_^ (I didn't know I need no visas to Msia.)
I'll go to Malaysia with Lynna & I'll go visit Pom in Thailand.
I'll be in Singapore!
With Lynna!!!!
I'll meet Pom!
I'll meet his family!!!!

*laughs like a total retard & gets drown in wavy haired memories as she proceeds to write the following 3 lines*

Pom, soon we're going to hug each other
I promise U 2 luv U more than anyone
Ur my everything! ^_^
Lynnie, soon we're going 2 hug each other 2
I promise U 2 be ur bestest friend
No matter what! ^_^ (Awwww... ^.^)

(Oooooohhh noooooo, I'm dying from laughter seriously, the following stuff will make me die for 200%!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD *points downwards*)

Pom - my star, my sun, the most beautiful flower out there, the darkest sky, the brightest EVERYTHING. I LOVE YOU POM.

Okay, I'm again getting crazy. :P (I admit that, Mich 2005! *rofl*)
G2G. Physics is expecting me, she can't wait for me!!! >_< -_-"

*cramps on tummy from all the laughing*
Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. XD I think my diary is HILARIOUS. *laughs* I'd post more hilarious entries from my hilarious diary but it's already 1.25am here & that means that if I went to bed now, my complete sleep time would be only 5 hours....and it'll be less than that actually. *sigh* Boxed panda look again. =_=

But...but....THAT DIARY!!!!! I AM IN A BRUTAL SHOCK!!!!! O_O *faints*
Was it really ME? ME?! ME, MICHAELA?!?! O_o :D
I totally forgot that I was so crazy in love with him. Hihihihihi! :P Nice to remember when he comes online I'll start to laugh like a retard & he'll ask me why and I'll be like "Ummm...u know.... *innocent sweet smile* ^^;;;"
Usually I have my webcam on both with Ray & Pom. And it's usual too that when Ray is online, Pom is online too....and....when I'll be talking to Ray & suddenly Pom comes online & we'll start to talk....I will start to laugh like a deranged ass & then BOTH Ray & Pom will ask me what's wrong with me and then HALLELUJAH!!!!!! *drops dead imagining that*


Wahahhahahhahah!!!! I can't take this!!!! XD XD *rofl* I shouldn't have started to read my diary. Now I can't look at Pom the way I did before cuz it'll remind me that he's "the most beautiful flower out there" and I'll end up crying from laughter. XD
And then.....IN THAILAND ON XMAS!!!!!!! O_O @_@
Oh no.
Oh no.
Ooooohhhh noooooooooooooo~~~~ XD
I'll MEET him! I'll MEET also his FAMILY!!!! And he wants me to meet his mom & etc., etc.! OMG, ooohh wahhahahahha, this is gila, I'm dying. XD

Oh. My. Godness.

It seems like I loved Pom & that's really shocking cuz I thought I didn't!!!! *faints* Thank god that the SMSes I've been sending him at that time are removed already. *whew* I'm sure it was something mushy. XD

I will no more call him "HUSBAND 2014" (the cooking business deal, rememba?) cuz it reminds me of the entries in my hilarious diary. XD And that's scary! Eeeekkk!!! So much love!! Overdose! Eeekkk! Isn't it amazing that I'm supposed of so many deep crazy feelings???? *giggles*

Oh, btw. Recently when we were supposed to meet online, he was wearing the t-shirt I gave him a long time ago (my diary, Jan 28, 2005: I've just packed the t-shirt & CD for Pom. ^^ I hope that he'll like that t-shirt!!! It costed me 99Skk, except of that tree for Jong-Moon it is so far the most expensive gift I've ever bought. But for Pom...that doesn't count. He's special 2 me! ^_^). AMAZING, ISN'T IT?!
Men. I'll never understand them. :P

Ray, you have no this kinda entries in my diary cuz I was just blogging when we've declared our love. Ehehe. Sorry la.
Still, stay tuned for the diary entries where I mention R for the 1st times. It's AMAZING. *giggles*

Listening to: Some Jay Chou. Dunno what is it but it's from the Initial J album.
Yay!: Ooohhhh Pom, if you knew about this, you'd die laughing with me, I'm sure of that. XD
Grrr: Oooohhh Pom & Ray, if you knew about this, I'd have to emmigrate to Yakutsk & change my identity, I'm sure of that. XD :S
DON'T FORGET: Pick up the tea from R at the post & send out the card to Jong-Moon oppa!!!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I need a handsome Asian PC nerd... help me with my fucked up PC!!!!! @_@

Before I blab on - HAVE YOU LEFT YOUR COMMENT HERE ALREADY?!?! Ha?! If NO, don't dare to read more. I NEED your comment. Nicely poop there & make sure you read the whole entry & give me a reply at least as long as Harry Potter 5. *evil laughter* GO GO!!!!!! *shoo shoo*

*continues on*
Aaaahhhhh!!!! It's all SO horrible. Too little memory. Disc E is always full. Virtual memory (whatever it is) is too little. I DON'T EVEN HAVE FEW THOUSANDS OF kB FOR MICROSOFT OFFICE TO UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haiyah. =_=
I'm desperate.

Recently I wanted to show you my masterpiece I did during History classes - a beautiful, A4 sized "Fuck Off" I drew on the last page of History notebook and it looks all fabulous & graffitti-ish - but I couldn't cuz my PC was too full to transfer few dumb photos!!!!!! *aarrghh*

So I tried to burn some photos & etc. on CDs, delete 'em from the PC and thus get more space. Do you think I succeeded?
NO, I didn't. The PC was too full to create some backup data or whatever.

I've never seen a PC which is too full to burn data on a CD in order to make it emptier!!!!!!!! #_#
OMG. -_-
I dunno what to do. *sigh sigh*

********************************************* ***** ***** *** ** *

One day when I'm 40yrs old, I might read this entry again and well, the 40 yrs old me *a successful designer mind you, with a bungalow on a Thai seashore, loving husband No. 1, Pom as a loving cook & husband No. 2, Connemara pony and Choi Dong-Wook as my lover* will want to recall how boring her life was when she was 17.


Monday: Wake up (6.25am), school (8am ~ 2.30pm), Art Course (3pm ~ 5pm), come home & eat, go online, talk to Ray and whoever is online, eat, listen to K-pop or anything whole the time, blog & read blogs, take a shower & wash hair, go to bed tired like shit from doing nothing all the time (12am+++)
Tuesday: Wake up (6.25am), school (8am ~ 1.30pm), go out with Haku, eat, come home, go online, talk to Ray & whoever is online, eat, listen to K-pop or anything whole the time, blog & read blogs, take a shower & wash hair, go to bed tired like shit from doing nothing all the time (12am+++)
Wednesday: Wake up (6.25am), school (8am ~ 2.30pm), sometime hang out with Linda, eat in the downtown, come home, come home, go online, talk to Ray & whoever is online, eat, listen to K-pop or anything whole the time, blog & read blogs, take a shower & wash hair, go to bed tired like shit from doing nothing all the time (12am+++)
Thursday: Wake up (6.25am), school (8am ~ 12.30pm), go out with Haku, eat, come home, go online, talk to Ray & whoever is online, eat, listen to K-pop or anything whole the time, blog & read blogs, take a shower & wash hair, go to bed tired like shit from doing nothing all the time (12am+++)
Friday: Wake up (5.55am), school (7.05am ~ 12.30pm), go out with Haku, eat, come home or go elsewhere usually with mother or with Linda, go online, talk to Ray & whoever is online, eat, listen to K-pop or anything whole the time, blog & read blogs, take a shower & wash hair, go to bed tired like shit from doing nothing all the time (12am+++)
Saturday: Sleep!!!!! At least until 11am, waking up earlier is a crime. Then eat brunch veeeeeeeery slowly, read newspaper, go online & talk to Ray and whoever is online, blog & read blogs, eat, sometimes go out (usually with parents), laze around, take a looooooooong relaxing bath (or shower), stare mindlessly at the TV, sometimes read books, be online more, go to bed (time varies from 11.30pm to 3am!)
Sunday: Sleep some more!!!!! Eat brunch veeeeeery slowly, go online & talk to Ray and whoever is online, blog & read blogs, sometimes go out, laze around, shower & wash hair and put on a face mask & etc., pretend to study or procrastinate so there's no studying, be online more, go to bed (usual time 1am)

Someone rescue from this boredom cuz soon I'm gonna rot here. -_- *yawn*

Oh well, I'm tired from doing nothing from the past few seems like I'm really turning into Garfield. O_O *meoww*
So where's my lasagna? :P

Listening to: Something by FTTS. Forgot what..heh..sorry..
Yay!: I was reading Xiaxue's old entries & giggling like stupid. :P
Grrr: No wonder I'm blind when I stare into PC for so long. =_= I need to get a life. *sigh*
CURRENT MOOD: Very pathetic. Duh~ But a bit happy also. The chat with R was pretty fine. *smiles*

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Two roads ahead - only one is the right one. Which?

William says he doesn't read my blog anymore to prevent getting pissed off so I can safely talk about him & us here. On this entry I expect some FEEDBACK. Everyone who stops by here, please LEAVE A COMMENT with your advice/opinion or I'm gonna pluck off your feathers & de-glitter them! *evil glare* Mwahaha. The longer comment the'll really really help me out a lot with it. ^^ Thanks in advance. ^.^ *bows*

We've started anew in the end of Easter. The few days of the beginning of our "new start" were nice & I felt like it's back to the 'old love' again. was just an illusion. -_-

Our communication isn't good. We're still talking rather bitterly, I'm still sarcastic & Will still talks things which can piss me off..well & he often puts things like he's the poor mistreated guy and I'm the evil bitch (that is surely true in some cases but in all..?! No way.)
I don't like it & I don't feel happy in this kind of relationship.

I've never been married (THANK GOD) but now I feel like married for 40 years to Will. You know what I mean? If you don't know, read some jokes about married couples. Those describe it perfectly. -_-

If you ask me whether I can feel the love from each of, I can't. Maybe care but love? What's that? ._.
Maybe I love him. I'm saying maybe cuz me myself can't tell. I surely care for him & wish him only the best but love..oh...I don't know. O_O

You know, when we were after the "break-up", I was crying all night long like fuck and felt like I can't live without him..and it was hurting me damn much that he has decided to erase me from his life for good. I didn't want me to be erased by him - I wanted him as my friend..just don't forget no..that's like a sharp spear to my heart, that's just too crude. x_x

Here I come to a point where I ask myself another thing:

Do I love him & that's why I don't want to end this even when I'm unhappy in it OR am I just too weak & scared to end it, forget him forever and move on?

Tough stuff this one...and to be honest, I think it's the latter. ._.
I'm too weak, scared & sensitive. I'm scared of losing someone I've shared my life & heart with for already 11 months and I'm too weak to accept that it's the end. I'm too weak to bear that he'll never ever appear in front of my eyes again & because I still care for him...I'm too scared to let him go...I don't want to lose touch with him, I want to be there for him cuz what if something happens? I wish to be there to help him & support him..

But this much care...isn't it love?

I wish it could be like with Pom. But the problem there is that it wasn't a real least not from my side. *duh* It was more like "lalala, oooh, you said I'm cute & you love me & you know what, maybe I love you too so let's date~" what - you must admit - is rather stupid.
Maybe he'd wanna erase me from his life too if we were in a normal relationship...just like he now blocked his ex-gf & forgot her...that bitch hurted him a lot so it's understandable.

Eh, I digressed.
What I wanted to say is that...
Me & Pom are GREAT friends now. Really great. ^.^ We trust each other 100%, we really really like each other, we ask each other for advices (Pom used to tell me about his probs with gfs and ask me for advice and I use to do that too, he was SMSing me all down when his grandpa died & so on..) & we're both always happy to meet - whether online or in real in Dec.
I love that things are like this cuz just as I don't want to lose Will from my sight & I didn't want to lose Pom. He's someone I know for already 4 years and for all of that time we've never lost touch with each other - not even after the 'break-up'.

But this William thing... I really really don't know what to do.
When my heart is confused then what can I do? Actually my heart is way schizophrenic & its 'heartsonalities' (Heart's personalities, get it? ^^) are mumbling things like:

H1: "You're not happy with him. Why do you suffer with him, bitchie? Why?! Just kick him outta your life, stop whining, stop thinking 24/7 about what to do with you & him, forget him & move on. He's treating you the way you don't like and you see that it all isn't working. You two are way too different to get on together. Yes, at 1st it was beautiful but don't forget that you were alone 10 000km away from your parents & cuz you were crazy in love you were closing eyes before all of the things you disliked at him. Darling, love is blind & deaf. Geddit finally. There are many fish in the sea - or do you really want to naively believe that people in 21st century find their true loves at the 1st pick? This is reality my dear & NOT a fairy tale. All his whining, self-pitying, putting dirty socks on table, talking about the same things all over again, immature behaviour, naivity, chicken personality - if you know that you mind it all WHY are you still with him?! Move on, you bitch. You're NOT for each other."

H2: "Stay with him. It's been 11 months with him - how can you give up now?! Do you remember those beautiful times you had when you was in KL in summer? Yes, it's past but why can't the present be like that too? You bitch, it's YOU who's treating him like a shit. Slap yourself & wake up, OK?! If you behave normally again, you'll see that love blooming like it was before. Why are you so sarcastic anyways?! Why do you laugh at him & look down at him from time to time?! Why, oh WHY can't you be sweet & nice & understanding like before?! Why are you so straightforward & bitchy and cause him a heartache he doesn't deserve?! Yes, he's immature, naive & a chicken but people grow up and change. Don't end this - you've loved so many things at him...he's still one wonderful great guy and he loves you. He'll grow up and change and he won't be naive & immature anymore. Give it time & stay with him. You ARE for each other only you don't know how to behave in a relationship, you know? You won't find anyone better than him. NEVER. Cherish this love. He's GREAT."

HAIYAH. *sigh*
Please, someone tell me what to do.
I'm really hopelessly confused & I hate it...I'm hanging in the middle and it's bitter.

There are two roads - or H1 & H2 - in front of me & I don't know which one to choose... I can't walk on the road between the two. It leads to nowhere, you know?

Road H1 may lead to many things. Some tears & a peace in my heart. More time living a real life & less time stuck to MSN. A very practical thing - less nasty fone bills. A harmonious happy relationship may be awaiting me too - sometime in the future.

Road H2 leads to this feeling of not-knowing-what-to-do. It also leads to Will in my life - and I'm happy that he's there although I'm not sure if he weren't just a better friend (but imagining him finding a gf is not too pleasant to me as well - I feel like killing her even tho he still has me!). It leads to having someone there when I study in KL & that's way kool cuz when I'm studying in KL we can finally forget MSN & have a normal relationship! ^^

Oooooohhh... *news*
Just now we're talking and it's not so bad. It's actually kinda fine! O_O *gasp* I can't say that it's totally perfect's fine. ^^ I'm actually SMILING & I sent a virtual KISS to Will & when I was typing up the heart icon (L), I didn't feel like I'm forcing myself to that!!!! O_O ^_____^ So kool & shocking! O_O ^____^

On the other hand... This is what I saw in a random magazine recently: "If one day you feel like you love your man & the next day he's annoying you horribly and you're asking yourself why are you with him, then he's not the right one for you."

Food for thought? O_o

Help me. Help me cuz I'm HOPELESSLY CONFUSED!!!! Please! *bangs head*

Listening to: "Running Away From The Sun" by Bi. BEAUTIFUL. *melts* ^_^
Yay!: We went out to bike today. I hope I got tanned a bit - I really look like a ghost after 5 months of winter. @_@ Oh & I've found Jong Moon's addy. For WHOLE THE TIME it was in my addressbook!!!!! *faints* I wrote him a card & I'm off to send it on Monday. ^^
Grrrr: Oh my poor legs! 15kms is not much but oh my legs! *sniff*

  • Mary J. Blige - "The Breakthrough"
  • sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • go to Koh Samet with Pom & his friends - I NEED some crystal blue sea! u_u *_* ^^
  • 2hrs long Thai massage *oh my legs!*
  • visit Jong Moon oppa in Seoul. I miss him. T_T
  • Kenzoki *_* (Yes, I'm vain! ^^)
  • that green eyeshadow I saw recently
  • all possible K-pop CDs available!!!!!! Maybe except of ChaeYeon (crap), Koyote & err..that's it haha. XD

Friday, April 21, 2006

Food Craving Quack No. 486545855

I did something not wise today.... I watched the World's Best Restaurants at Arirang & they were in Tokyo, in two WONDERFUL Jap restaurants.

Oooooooooooooohhhh....... *hearts in eyes* ..................that SUSHI......oooooooooooooohhhh aaaaahhhhhh...... *massive drooling* ....mmmmmMMmmmMmmmmmm~~~ *__* ^____^

I've cooked a plain rice (1/2 of sushi hahah) already but I'm still drooling. Shit shit. I NEED sushi. Please!!!! u_u

*sigh* No no, I won't get any. =_= AWFUL LIFE. You see, if I were a Buddhist monk, I wouldn't be craving for any sushi cuz their philosophy is to stop wanting stuffs. XD

Oh, that reminds of today's Photo Essay - there was one Buddhist monk (HyeGwan? Forgot his name..) who was just such a good person! O_O
He was just sooo good-hearted, I was in awe.. In all his gestures, words, movements I could see how good in heart is he. ^^ He was always there when the local people needed him, he worked on the field & was teaching a young unemployed man how to use the excavator and in the evining he held a magician thingee in the temple so the people would laugh, feel better, open up their hearts & understand and feel their prayers better. Wowow! So kool! ^___^
Much better than 50 yrs old priests fucking little innocent boys behind the altair with Jesus. WTF. <_< *sorry all Christians I've insulted now*

I wish I were so good too but it's harder than it seems. Hmpf. ._.

Things aren't well between me & R again. Haiyah. New start? ._. I believed it's all gonna get better but it's just so-so...and today was just like any other day before the 'break-up'. -_- Maybe we're just too different to click & we just don't have a future. *sigh sigh*
Choi Dong-Wook, come to me in case we break up, I need to cry in your sexy arms. *giggles* XD

Oh Peif, marry me, you're the only one man (*ahem* plushy elk) who truly loves me & never annoys me (except of the summer when your plushy fur is not good cuz I feel too hot in one bed with you. XD Too hot like "very warm" not like hot like topless Se7en or what~ :P)!!!

Oh well duckies. I'm off to take a shower & then ZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZ. Btw, I've changed the plants' soil today & watched Sister In Act 2 for the millionth time. But I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!!! ^___^
Now I'm singing "Oh, Happy Day" everywhere. :P

Listening to: "Blind" by FTTS. Korean & (certain) Thai music rulezzz! ^^
Yay!: I have a new friend! ^^ One guy from Bkk added me to his MSN today & he's quite fine. An amazing dude too, he studied in India for 6 years all by himself and he has a gf there too.. He's just 18. Interesting. He also speaks "da hip hop way yo" seems like all Thais I know use da hip hop Eng, maybe except of Phong. :P
Grrr: I WANT SUSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RANDOM QUACK: I went out to buy newspapers wearing just a t-shirt, jeans & FLIP-FLOPS. Wow! ^___^
The best song ever

I admit that I'm an individualistic bitchy bitch (heh) just like it's a custom to be for people from the good ol' Europe.

I want to live the way I want, I want to do this & that when I feel like it, I want to have these & those friends, date this or that guy, wear this & that, eat this & that, say this & that, donate money here or there, buy this & next time that and etc... You can imagine.

All this of course doesn't mean that I wanna live forever by myself doing whatever I feel like doing....even duckies like me need some men (okay, ONE! Hahaha! Kang Joon-Sang for me, please! ^^v) & fairy tale happyend and all this romantic blabla.

Now I present to you the best song ever catching my own individualistic bitchiness very well too:


Nechcem byť žienka domáca
I don't want to be a housewifey
a už vôbec nechcem vydať sa
nor I want to marry
Nechcem byť žena a mať stres
I don't want to be a woman & have stress
Nechcem mať muža a detí päť
I don't want to have a man & five kids

Nechcem sa správať rozumne
I don't want to behave sensibly
a všetkým mužom vravieť nie
and say "No" to all the men
a každú stredu byť v spolku žien
and every Wednesday in the women's club
to nie je pre mňa to je zlý sen
that's not for me, that's a nightmare

Žiť ako kvietok umelý
Live like an artifical flower
a čakať kým ma niekto opelí
and wait for someone to fertilize me
byť milá a dobrá, to radšej nie -
be nice & good, that better not -
dúfam, že sa mi to nestane
I hope that doesn't happen to me

Ty chceš a ja nie
You want & I don't
veď žiť s tebou to je umenie
it's an art to live with you
nechcem žiť s tebou ale bez teba nie
I don't want to live with you but also not without you

nechcem sa snažiť o stošesť
I don't want to try like crazy
aj tak to s tebou nehne
it won't move with you anyways
tak čo chceš…
so what do you want...
…nechcem byť pri tom keď pôjdeš za inou
...I don't want to be there when you'll go to other chick
a so susedou plakať nad vinou
and cry with neighbour at my guilt
jedného dňa si mladú dovezieš
one day, you'll bring a young chick
a mňa do domova dôchodcov odvezieš
and send me to the senior's rest house
a každú stredu v spolku žien
and every Wednesday in the women's club
to nie je pre mňa to je zlý sen
that's not for me, that's a nightmare

Žiť ako kvietok umelý
Live like an artifical flower
a čakať kým ma niekto opelí
and wait for someone to fertilize me
byť milá a dobrá, to radšej nie
be nice & good, that better not
- dúfam, že sa mi to nestane
- I hope it doesn't happen to me

Hilarious!!!!!! :D

Listening to: "เข้าใจและยอมรับ" by Armchair. My new linguistic record, I understand "khob khun". Wahahahahaha. XD
Yay!: I SKIPPED SCHOOL TODAY. Wahhhoooooooo~~~~ ^___^
Grrr: I wanna go to Koh Samet & I can't!!!! *cries heavily*
DON'T FORGET: Buy newspapers. Change the plants' soil - really!!!
I need an instant Maths knowledge pill for tmr

This is BAD. I have that freaking Maths exam tmr and I haven't studied yet cuz I was taken to the Woch Music Club by mi madre and that all happened just cuz it was some post-rebranding party of T-Com & its ad agency or WTF.

It's just 11.25pm & tmr I'm waking up at 5.55am, lallalalaaaa, life's beautiful!!! *sarcastic*


I was so fucking bored, I went out to buy the Slovak version of German Geo mag with the month's theme of BUDDHISM & DALAI LAMA. Waaah, so interesting. *_* I'm not a religious person (Ray can tell~) but I like Buddhism and its attitude towards life and its meaning, the way of living it and all.... From all the religious it looks the nicest & closest to me - although well, I wouldn't call it a religion, it's more a kind of lifestyle.

I was reading the article and I was getting sadder & sadder and more and more touched...and sentimental...the misery of Tibet under the Chinese assholes (sorry, Li Hong, Fong, Li Chun & Hong Hong!)...the current dalai lama probably being the last one too - China wouldn't accept another one from Tibet, would they? *sigh*
Recently I've read that they erected an enourmous statue of Chairman Mao in the centre of Lhasa. FUCKERS!!!! What else can I say on that?!?! >_< *curses* We've had communism in Slovakia (Czechoslovakia then) & all I can say is - FUCK IT ALL. The communists all are alike in one thing - THEY DON'T USE BRAINS.
There can never be a good result from communism. Never. Esp when the bosses of this shit have dictatorship syndroms like forbidding people to access this & that, travel here & there, fart here & there and etc. We had this in SVK. It was very beautiful indeed, we couldn't even look at the Austrian border nor cross it.
Cross it = die. x_x
I was born on the year of the Velvet Revolution but from my parents' & grandparents' talking about that, it was just unbearably shitty. And right after that the dickhead Meciar's era... =_= Bleeeh. Even typing his name makes me sick.

************************************* ******* ***** **** **** *** ** *

At the party there was an annoying man who was telling me for366789 times to stop reading & let me be introduced to all the Art Directors & vice versa.
My mother could do nothing better than telling all people around that I want to study Communication Design in Malaysia. >_> WTF!!!!!

Suddenly I feel like studying Fashion Design. =_= Duh~~ Ehehe. :P

My right earlobe is again a bit inflamated....eeehhh....not good. =_= What if I spontaneously buy some white golden earrings in Chanthaburi on Xmas (as a gift from myself 2 myself) & won't be able to wear it?! A disaster. *sniff* :P

Oh shit. 12.03am & my mother is still drinking at that party & she doesn't have the keys SO I must be awake until she bothers to come. I'm gonna skip the 0th class, maybe the 1st one too, tsk, who cares. >_> Damn Maths. I REALLY must study it.... =_= I'm expecting to get like 3% from that. Analytical geometry my ass!!!!! I have no idea abt it. @_#

This has been a VERY PISSED OFF ENTRY full of RANTS, I know I know. Suffer reading. Ha! *evil laughter*

Listening to: "คนที่เธอรักกับคนที่รักเธอ" by Brothers from the album "Together With Love". That's some Thai band of which I know nothing only that one dude there is very very cute & according to Pui his name is "June". :P ^^ See see ----> *likes the pic muchos* Cuuuuuuuttteee!!!! *___* ^___^

Not bad, hm? But that music....hahahhaha...I's pretty good but Thai lingo makes it all so funny, I can't help myself..hahaaa.. It's a CUTE language tho. ^^
CUTE & FUNNY. ^^;;; I love the alphabet it's so kool. :D

Yay!: The only yayness of today was the eyeliner & chat with Pom. He never fails to make me laugh, I dunno how he does that. :P Probably he's on the same gila-lenght (gila wavelenght) as me. XD

Grrrr: Grrr to Chinese in Tibet. Grrr to party. Grrr to Maths. Grrr to myself still not changing the plants' soil. Shit shit. Grrrr to tmr's 0th class. Looking like a boxed panda is NOT nice. Aaarrgghhh. Failing a bit test is NOT nice too. Tolong!!!!! O_O

RANDOM WISH: I wish....I were drinking bubble tea on a beach in Thailand or Malaysia. I also wish I could understand the whole analytical geometry out of sudden. *sigh* -_-

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pointless Wavy Haired Entry

Mr. Anupong A., I BEG YOU ON MY NANOBOOBS, please don't read this entry! (You don't visit this blog often but what if...???!!!???)
Mr. Raymond Ch. mind my blabbing please - every woman needs to blab & my case is that I need to blab ALL THE TIME. Too bad. :P

Today was a brutal okayish dictation at Slovak class, Eng maturita shit, awful Maths (got an exam tmr! TOLOOOOONG!!!! @_@), fine Spanish & interesting Society Studies.
Me got a very nasty 0th class tmr....eeeehhh.....ungodly early, 7.05am, that's NOT good. =_= Lemme sleep, PLEASE!!!!!! *cries*

Ooo, I bought a nice eyeliner has that kind of hazelnut-ish golden color...VEEERY PRETTY! ^__^ Me feels pretty again....and like an ah lian too, hahha. :P

Just now I'm talking to Mr. No More Wavy Hair (that straight hairstyle is actually really kool although I can no more make fun of waves *sniff*) and he's telling me to go with him to Koh Samet.
I'm obsessed with tropical islands..............mmmm....but...not just me. :P

Ahem, this entry has no head no tail, I know.
I'm just writing what's on my mind as I talk to Pom. He's wearing the t-shirt I gave him a looooooooooooooooooooong time's grey but now I see that that isn't the good WAVY COLOR, I should've bought him a dark blue/red (wah!)/grassy green/black/white or beige...just NOT suck. =_=
Eh! He has 2 cars, Mitsubishis...lucky boy indeed.

OK, this is not recording of a chat with Pom, I KNOW I know but I really am just randomly putting here what appears on my mind. As you see, just pointless stuffs appear there. :P

I'll be Wavy's 1st wife? How come? Wasn't Jeon Ji Hyun supposed to be 1st & then BoA? O_o <--- Yes, we share the ruk for Koreans~
Duh, such a jump up at the Wife List. I don't know whether to feel flattered or horrified, wahhahhaha~~ XD

Trees are blooming EVERYWHERE & I love it to bits. ^_________________^ It's bbbbbbbbbbeeeeaaaaaaaauuuuuutifffuuullll..... ^____^

Hmm...I sent out the THONG PACKAGE to hubooby today by 1st class so I hope it arrives soon!!! :D The black thong IS comfy, I'm just wearing it & it's pretty kool. And glittery too. Waaah, fresh from Alaskan tombs with Hell-No Kitty pictures on purple walls! XDDDD

Pom's face is so funny!!!! Wahahahhahhahahh, I even dunno why but it's so funny!!!! XD *laughs like a total idiot* That NOSE!!!! Ahahaha! <--- OK, why am I laughing at his nose when it looks like mine only tanned? =_~ :P
You must understand, I'm obsessed not only with tropical islands but also with Asian noses. Just look at Se7en and his adorable makes me feel like in heaven, it's so lovely. ^____^

<---- MmmmMMmMMMMMmMmm AAAAaaaAAAaaaAaaaaaaHhhhhhHHhh that nose, those eyes, those lips~!~~~!!!!! *faints drooling* How come I forgot to tell Mr. Wavy abt my LUIS VUITTON DREAM? That was so kool & idiotic!!!!!! XD

It went like this:

I flew to Bkk where I met up with Ray and we were at the Chatuchak market (right?) but I terribly horribly wanted to get to somewhere where Pom was cuz he promised me that we'll go shopping to Luis Vuitton and he'll advise me too and buy stuffs and all.
To my misery, I couldn't get there cuz Ray was always telling me something, I was annoyed, he was stopping me from going & etc. etc. so I couldn't get to the place where Pom was supposed to be until very late evening. Oh and before going on my own to the place where he was we miraculously appeared at Patpong! :P Patpong, the slutty place, I'm sure you know. :P
Well, anyways...somehow I managed to bulu away from Ray and went through Bkk in night on my own until I came to a very wide dark boulevard with almost no cars, dark trees and some lights here and there...amazingly, as I was walking to there, I was passing by all those crowded streets and I could smell the exotic food flavors. ^^
It was some posh shopping place where Luis Vuitton was supposed to be or what. And there - finally! - Pom stood maybe 200m away from me & I started to wave at him and walk towards him all looking forward to Luis Vuitton & food and etc. but before I reached him I woke up!!!!!!

Gila. XD

If dreams have meanings then WTF could be the meaning of this dream? :P XD
Maybe that:

a) I'm talking abt tropical countries, Thai bungalows, expensive shopping, food and SEA way too much and I should shut up cuz it's even in my dreams already!!!!

b) Luis Vuitton??? :P Why not Jil Sander or Kenzo or Chanel or Christian Lacroix or anything? But aaahhh, LV isn't bad too. Ehehe.

c) My destiny is to fly to Bkk, meet with Ray there and want to get to Pom and break up with Ray for good and then walk through the dark streets of Bkk all alone till I meet up with Pom and... *dramatical silence*! Ahaha! OMP, it sounds rather absurd. XD *slaps head* And why Luis Vuitton? Maybe I have high expectations of Pom...hahaaa....or think abt him that he's some fascinatingly perfect being.
(GILA. x_x The real-life me likes him a lot but this..??!!? Eaaaeeh! O_@ *slaps head & walks away*)

Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh I'll really stop this BLABBING. *everyone goes: "Whew!!!"* x_x We bought the new Elle today so I'll have to see it later when Mr. Wavy goes offline.

Listening to: "Cinta Tak Berganti" by Siti Nurhaliza. CANTIK. ^__^ Me loves it very very very very much!!!!!! ^___^
Yay!: I'll get to make a make up to madre today with those new Christian Dior eyeshadows! Whohoo!!! :D
Grrrr: That MATHS tmr!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooo~~~~ O_O *jumps off a cliff*
VAIN WISHLIST: Envy Me by Gucci. That perfume is so damn wonderful. ^^

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Short Vain Quack No. 2

Soon I'm off to bed, it's already 11.31pm & tmr I really wanna look better than today.
Today was a critical day. #_@
Horrible clothes, awful skin, oily hair...OH NO!!!!! #_# Die die. AWFUL. I'm surprised that no one ran away when looking at me.

Today I was working on the looks... I bathed in my little sea (water + sea salt, aaahhh nice~), put a dead sea mask on my face (sexy!) & washed hair with Kerastase shampoo. Yes, and shaved legs & armpits and applied Vichy emulsion on the skin...mmmmm...

Now, just come someone with a bouquet of English tea roses & hand me a smoked salmon. Hahaha. :P

Aiyaaaah, I'm so TIRED. =_=
Must go brush teeth & then sleep, I can't see any other way out... *yawns*

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: I bought a new hairpin with 2 lil' sea blue "gems" as the centre of flowers & it looks way cool on my poopy brown hair. Yay also to myself looking BETTER. Should I wear the pink thong tmr? *bats eyelashes* :P
Grrr: Bleh, got Eng shit tmr. x_X This fucked up PC's discs are ALWAYS FUCKING FULL!!!!!!!!!! I dunno what to do with it anymore, it's so damn annoying, aaarrrggghhhhhh, I hate computers!!!!! >_< *curses*

  • Send out the thongs to hubooby (I forgot to do that today..maaf la..)
  • Study Eng for the wannabe maturita shit
  • Go buy eyeliner & that massage stuff to DM after out with Haku
  • Take that lil' pic of Glenn to father & put it on his desk
  • Don't die in the school
  • Return home soon enuff to catch Pom online (that man is off to Koh Samet on May 13th! THIS IS AN UNFAIR LIFE. Why can't I go too?????? *sobs*)
Procrastinating As Much As It Gets

Have I studied Literature already???????

a) Yes, of course I have. I'm a responsible person who knows that it's essential for me to study for it - maturita has compulsory Slovak lingo anyways so a bit of studying will just be good for me.

b) Eh, erm, not much but I've at least opened my notebook (since the book is in the school) and read it a & I remember few things and the rest is for tmr's "last minute studying" before the test itself.

c) No, I haven't. Instead of that, I've been trying to find Se7en's 24/7 album online for illegal downloading, chatting with Pong & Kika, writing a letter to Ray, helping Linda out with her English homework, filling out Cenfad's online enquiry form, packing thongs for hubooby, starting the download of FTTS's 5 albums, staring at a small map of KL & trying to imagine where probably Cenfad could be, daydreaming, creaming my ugly face, reading blogs, changing the theme of my Mozilla (I have this one now! It's damn classy & pretty! ^__^), listening to Korean Top10 at KBS radio, eating yummy Schogetten chocolate (who's been bragging abt DIETS?!), drinking Kofola & thinking of how good is it that me & Ray are together and that I wanna go to KL & that he has no muscles elsewhere, except of maybe arms but it's compensated by nice shoulders & fascinating Asian single eyelids.

Yes, you were right, c) IS CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's past 1am now!!!!! Aaarrggghhhh!!!! Again I'm procrastinating!!!! AGAIN!!!! Will it ever end?! I hope it will or else... =_=

Or techincally today cuz it's past 1am & I'll sleep less than 5hrs tmr and look like a panda who met angry drunk Muay Thai fighter. >_< @_# Awful. I'm so impossibly STUPID.

Listening to: "Two Steps" by Se7en feat. Perry. Aiyah, Se7en is a 100% commercial product of YG Entertainment but he's fascinatingly hot & hilarious ANYWAYS. :D I want his latest CD!!! AAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *sniff sniff*
Yay!: I will get to Cenfad. I will. I will! ^__^ Or no? Ohhh no no, I WILL get there.
Grrr: I'm a procrastinating bitch who's horribly irresponsible. >_< SOMEONE KICK MY ASS!!!!
DON'T FORGET: Send out package & letter tmr. Take the book to Linda. STUDY, YOU BITCH!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thong Time

Hubooby, look poopward to somethong BERBULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wife bought DA THONGS today.

They're two & one is very ah lian-ish - light pink & semi-transparent (!) with two little ribbons & a lil' "skirtie" and...hold your quack...with...FEATHERS on back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies laughing*

The other thong is also ah lian-ish - it's black, semi-transparent as well with some lil' matte dots (or what) in front and it has a black LACE WITH GLITTERS!!!! XD
OMP!!!! *hides in a glittery tomb & giggles stupidly*

Haiyah! *slaps bulus*
What's the world turning into? XD
I'm a bit afraid of the black thong being uncomfy, the glitters may be scratchy but I think that the pink one is comfy & nice to wear. ^^
I'll send it out tmr so I hope it arrives in few lah...berbulu & glittery thongs... XDDDD

I won't post pics now, first I'll wait for hubooby to get the thongs. ^^

****************************** ******************* ****** ***** **** *** ** *

I've sent the pic of the swampy forest not to the contest - I couldn't register there cuz I don't have Czech nationality - but to other NG thingee. More here.

I hope that this weekend me & Linda will be off to Piestany. It'd be kool....we would go eat some hot rasberries with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream again....mmmmm... ^___^ Yum yummm...

Oh well. Me got a test from literature tmr so I should study now... I will, right after I make some black tea in order to prevent me from falling asleep while looking at it. x_x

Waaahhh actually, I should write a letter to Ray before I'm off to studying - then I can send it out tmr as well, along with the thongs for hubooby & also I can pick up the jasmine tea from Ray - I hope they give it to me even without that paper which I don't have cuz I ripped it into pieces on thee "break-up" day. Cialat. :P

Listening to: "Bukan Cinta Biasa" by Siti Nurhaliza. Waaahhhhh, she's SO good, can anyone please get me some her CD?! :P
Yay!: Me got new 2 thongs! Spring is here & maybe it'll be 20C tmr!!!! *dances cha-cha cheerfully* ^__^
Grrr: Literature test tmr. F*^@... x_x Also...SCHOOL tmr!!!!! AAaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! *dies* Today is the last day of last holidays before the summer ones!!!! *commits harakiri* @_@
R. I. P.

Cuz Blogger is idiotic, you can't read what's written there. Well, I wrote:
"We shall never forget'll always be in our hearts... We're wishing you eternal happiness & lots of yummy food in your Dog Heaven.
With love,
your master, your master's daughter Mich & young crazy Haku"

Poor Glenn....but you know, I believe he's happier now..he was suffering a lot from the inevitable AGEING in the past 2 years.
Take a good care of yourself, dear Glenn. *mwaks* I love you. ^^

Listening to: "Love Love" by โฟร์ + มด cuz as I said it's as idiotic as it rulezz.
Yay!: I really believe that Glenn is happier now...probably dogs don't have ageining problems in their Heaven. Not that I'm a Christian but this idea of Heaven is damn kool!!!! :D
Grrr: My father is so sad cuz of Glenn passing away. u_u I'm sad seeing my father sad!

  • sandals for summer
  • acrylic colors
  • laser eye operation (must be 18 for that..)
  • a funky dress for summer
  • eyeliner
  • KOREAN BBQ SOTONG & KIMCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • having 25 000Skk at my account out of sudden OR my parents buying me an airticket to KL out of sudden!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Vain Ah Lian Quack No. 1

I warn you all men that this entry will bore you to death & make you all turn gay cuz you'll see how horribly unbearably vain we women are. Ha! Oh, and my sayang hubooby will lose all his remaning illusions of his wife! QUACK! x_x

Congratulate me, for I've re-discovered the miracles of human world called "water", "shower gel" (moreover with a beautiful & sexy wild rose fragrance), "shampoo" (I love that 2 in 1 Timotei with cucumber! ^.^), "hair balsam", "toothpaste" & "tootbrush" and "body lotion".
I feel like a human again. ^_____^

I've wanted to re-polish my right toe again cuz it's not smooth and nice enough but I will do that tommorrow. Sleeping in a room smelling strongly from a nail polish is NOT good.

Continuing with my vain-ness (does such word even exist?)...


I mean, I'm not fat compared to some people who are really obese (like they weigh 100kg & etc.) but I'm fat compared to my usual self.
I daresay I weigh 62kg now. *faints*
That's NOT good, my usual weight (in Europe) is 58kg & 54kg (in Asia). <--- Here you can see beautifully that it's true that Asian food is healthy! I was eating like a pig for whole 2 months in SEA & I lost 4kg.

Aiyah. @_@
I admit that I have curves now - esp my ASS CURVE is very visible - but I don't like it. =_=

Some my clothes don't fit me at all (too small!) or they do fit me but they're way tight.
When I'm sitting or bending down, awful walrus pieces of 'bacon' (as we here call fats) are cascading down my pants/skirts like a cheerful fat waterfall.
I feel like I'm sitting on a very huge heavy armchair - and man, that armchair is just my ass! O_O

Where's my 58kg? u_u *sniff*

It's clear.
I must start an Asian diet, it seems like working on me.
Diet in the meaning of "eating Asian food" not in the meaning of "dying from hunger ". Voluntary dying from hunger is gross, people all over the world are dying from hunger cuz they have nothing to eat & there I'd go kicking away all the meals cuz in all my vanity I feel that "my hips are fat".... BLEH. <_<

Tommorrow me & Kika will go for miso shiru to that nice sushi bar at Hviezdoslav's Square. If I have time for that, I'll go buy sesame oil tmr also - I desperately need it for all my cooking (mmmm, Thai rice with chicken, bulgogi, bibimbap, fish, soups..).
I'll be drinking Pu Erh a lot. It helps as well.
I won't eat sweet stuffs like my grandma's cakes or chocolates. However, eating lychees in a can is not a bad idea. :D *yum yum*

That'll be kool. I'll imagine that I'm in Asia! :D
There are so many recipes I haven't tried out yet anyways...and we have so many Asian cookbooks. That's what I call a sin. Duh~~

As if this blab wasn't vain enough, MY SKIN IS SO AWFULLY UGLY.
I can't stand it. >_< It's horrible!!!! *hides in a dark cave*
It's a result of excessive greedy eating & little sleeping in Piestany. I ate like a pig & I look like one too - only pigs are prettier!

Now I'll do something intelligent & go sleep. Tmr at 2pm I'm meeting up with Kika and we're of to downtown. I choose not to look like a boxed panda!

Listening to: "เสียไปไม่เท่ากัน" by Chocolate. Not bad...a typical relaxing Thai mainstream music I'd say. ^^ Quack here if you wanna listen to it.
Yay!: I AM CLEAN & *relatively* PRETTY AGAIN!
Grrr: Fats, zits, awful awful awful me. Itchy eyes, no money, 95% of me not going to KL to see boyfriend in summer. Aaarrgghh.
DON'T FORGET: Buy thongs tommorrow. Ask Pom what's with Armchair's CD (he was so nice the other day, I told him I broke up with R and he said: "Don't worry Mich, I'm standing by you". ^^ Khob khun ka, Pom! It's good to have a friend like him. Wavy hair & ability to cook RULEZZ!~ :D)