Tuesday, July 17, 2007



No presence, no future, no perspective.

Let's focus on what matters, that is, keeping the friendship, working hard at LKW and living my life the best way possible.


Tmr got power yoga class at 8am.

On Wed gotta see Harry Potter 5 again, but very gladly, cuz no words could do the justice on how much I salivate at RON WEASLEY. Hahahahahaaaa! :D Rupert Grint, you sexy, cute beast! ;)

Must go to bed. Nites. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Those were the days when I was cracking my head above the academic issues and issues regarding my future. I'm turning the leaf to my usual Korean drama life! :P

There's this my friend from the art class, let's call him L.

He's the one that has invited me over for a coffee for a grand total of three times of which we have actually met for zero times, due to unknown reasons. :D At that time I found it rather ridiculous for him to invite me over for anything, I didn't know him that well and I didn't feel like guys should interest me at all, after the pleasant break up with R.

Time went by and we've became a really good friends, recently we've been together at a club, before that at a bar with his friends (I've been laughing for 1.5 hours straight; those guys were the funniest & freakiest lot I've met in a loooong long time) and then he has left for an awesome road trip around Europe with his friend.
We, of course, keep in touch, we text each other pretty often at what's new & how are things going and where are they and what's new with Dr. House.. :D :D :D Ah yes, he watches it too! :D

I sense that still kind of likes me *that* way...I assume that he has liked me *that* way even before, hence the still; people don't invite other people over for a coffee just because, do they? :P

And NOW!!!! I think I also do! And FUCK IT!!!! I'm leaving in SIX WEEKS, okay?!

There are things that are pro doing anything significant around this issue:

  1. I can hardly meet another dude with THAT of a lovely character & THAT of a freaky sense of humour

  2. I live just ONCE! Grab the chance, bitch!

  3. Six weeks is quite a lot, isn't it? Who knows, maybe we could last for three days. Live at presence, babe.

And then there are things that are contra doing anything significant around this issue:

  1. I can hardly meet another dude with THAT of an addiction to cigs and apparently, to alcohol as well. Very gross. Cannot tahan.

  2. I'm leaving in SIX WEEKS. 10 000km away. Wake up. WTD.

  3. Maybe he is totally phlegmatic about me & I'm just seeing things, thus, doing anything would inevitably mean a total embarrassment. Not that I'm not used to embarrassing myself, but still!!!

  4. Even if he liked me & we would hypothetically get together, I'd leave and then I'd be yet in ANOTHER long-distance relationship, now in the exactly opposite way as before (me in SK, bf in MY), now it'd be me in MY, bf in SK! Who wants THAT?!?! 12 hours long flight is a 12 hours long flight. WTP.

Jesus Christ, I'm not gonna elaborate on this any longer, it's too much of a Korean drama for my three brain cells. @_@ He's coming back from his road trip sooner or later and then will, hopefully, things clear out. Wahlau.

Good luck to me & good luck to hubooby with a similar problem! B-)