Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Femme Fatale

I'm REALLY sexy now. I'll oh so make you horny with my TEA TREE OIL FACIAL MASK & my FLUFFY PINK BATH ROBE!!!!!

Would you choose Angelina Jolie over me? Surely not. ^_~


I had a very TRAUMATIZING SICKENING EXPERIENCE right now when I've opened the mango juice can/bottle/WTP and poured myself the rest that was left on the bottom.

It was mysteriously dark in the living room.

I smelled it & it smelled fine. Mango juice la.

I sipped it. My tongue came across a LUMP in the juice......I turned on the light and - to my most horrific horror ever - saw that the 'lump' was a lump of FUNGUS in the juice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So fucking gross, I've spent the past 10 mins by rising out my mouth, gulping down 10 litres of tea and eating up as quackly as possible some cake.



Just read Aud's blog and also tried the Past Life thingy! :D

See see, it's amazing!!!

Your past life diagnosis:
I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Burma around the year 1825. Your profession was that of a artist, magician or fortune teller.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
As a natural talent in psychology, you knew how to use your opportunities. Cold-blooded and calm in any situation.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
Your task is to learn determination and persistency. Youd should not allow to let misfortunes take influence on your strong will.

Do you remember now?

A Burmese artist/fortune teller/magician? O_o ^^;;;
Sounds sooo exotic & lovely. I love it! :D
And that LESSON, OMD, I totally duckingly hella lot agree with it cuz I *DO* have to learn to be determinant & persistent!!!!! @_@

It might be quite accurate afterall. :) :P

OK la. Time to washj away my sexy facial mask. I hope I won't get rash now. =_=
I'm Not A Sweet Duckling

Ha! As if *this* was a surprise or something! :D

Why am I mentioning this obvious fact?
It's because I've realized that when I come close to hating someone, it's SCARY. I'm as crude, rude & mean as Snape to Harry.....and currently, one dude is experiencing this.

It has started very innocently.
I've gotten to know him via DD. The dude (can I call him XY?) has fallen in love with DD. I have his ICQ so we were talking. Blahblahbla here, yadda-yadda there.
XY is too shy to confess to DD (I understand this cuz I couldn't confess to S for seven years; however, I was advising XY to confess to her ASAP so he won't find himself in the same situation as me) and we were talking about this.........gradually I've been getting to know him better and better and I've understood one crucial thing about him: HE IS AN IMMATURE KID WITH MORE INFERIORITY COMPLEXES THAN IS HEALTHY.

Just a note, *ahem*, I hate guys like these, since I was with my then-bf who had inferiority complexes too & he was trying to mask it by acting all macho while he didn't have the character of a gentleman! (WTP la, my next bf will be prince William..! *giggles stupidly*)

I digressed.

So. I was trying to accept & respect him the way he is, I really was. I was almost successful but then last Friday (Feb 23) came and that had spoiled it all. @_@

XY & XZ (XY's friend) have asked DD if she doesn't wanna hang out with them in the downtown. She went, but under the condition of me going too because she knew about XY's love for her and she was scared of her mere life. :P
So I went.
I was pretending to be interested in those two fuckers bravely....and I was zoning out.....and wishing I was wherever else....and then, at 9.30pm I have excused myself, saying, I have to go cuz I must take a walk with my dog. DD went to sleep here so she went with me.

During our lovely little chat these two dudes were asking me WHERE I live. I told them, unsuspecting the consequences.

30 minutes later when I was with DD, these two assholes rang her up. They asked where we are & where I live. DD wasn't able to tell them. After a while, they rang her up again. And AGAIN. And AGAIN. And AGAIN.
In total they rang her up for EIGHT times.

They said they're coming to see us at where I live and they even had the fucking guts to ask *ME* where exactly I live!!!!!
I forgot to say that I've sent XY an angry SMS saying, "NOBODY HAS INVITED YOU!!!!". Yet the XZ dude has asked me where I live. I told him to fuck off.

HOW can people be so fucking rude?!
And don't those two feel that I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THEM???!!!

That was really a Hell Friday. *fumes*

Know what's the best?

Both XY & XZ have DD's pics in their cellphones (without DD knowing about it!) and among these pics there is one with DD's lips.
On that Friday DD was looking at that pic.

"Hey, this is me!"

Both XY & XZ pretending a surprise:
"REALLY?! O_o"

I fucking bet they're masturbating by it everyday. @_@ *shrugs*

Today I met with XY at the History of Art classes. Oh gosh. I just can't hide it how much I despise him, his skinny body, his no fashion taste, his annoying questions & his inferiority complexes. Him & his girl friend were bitching something about me very silently but..... *yawns & walks away*

I will never get, WHAT DD sees at him....she talks to him as if nothing happened! @_@
Pretty amazing, considering their chasing & masturbating tendencies!!!!!

Argh. I'd kick his grape-sized balls if he was worth such an activity.


I was in Aupark today & all those people were oh so funny to me. They're all so superficial!!!! @_@ :P

There were times when I felt all orgasmic seeing a Hilfiger logo but I see a big change (to the better) at me now. I suppose it has started BIG & DEFINITE after visiting VSVU and deciding on my unis in all details.....it's like, I have finally understood that being original my own self & NOT a copycat following the latest trends, COUNTS.

Congrats, Miss M. ^___^


Okay. It's 11.24pm, I'm tired and I'm going to remove my make-up, take a shower, wash the hair and GO TO BED. Tomorrow I'm skipping the students works' showcase Cerebrum and instead of that I am looking forward for a LOOOONG sleep, a walk with Haku, a visit to the framery (?) where I'm going with my aquarell and another thing and last but not least - my cousin has a concert at 5.30pm somewhere so I'm most probably going to check her out. :)

I'm VERY MUCH feeling like wearing no make-up tomorrow & going out in my PJs but I can't cuz it's too cold and who knows *when* will I meet T?! HA?!

Yeah, I'm an ah lian afterall!
Guys = *must look pretty*

WTP!!!! @_@ XD

Monday, February 26, 2007

Aquarel(l?)ing Around

This Monday was less grumpy & annoying than the USUAL Mondays....in fact, it went pretty well with my Southeast Asia presentation being appreciated and with my 1st aquarel(l?) of my life being almost completed in like an hour. :D

I've painted...oh, you shall see, the lack of my English vocabulary doesn't permit me to describe it; too exhilarating! @_#
Just one thing, it looks very relaxing. Yaaay. ^_^

The only bad thing is, that I AM DUCKING BROKE. Argh! Got 70Skk in my wallet for the rest of the week, unless the Lady Diana's charity doesn't support me or what! =_=
(70Skk is like 2 Euro and exactly RM10. ARGHH.)

Midnight liao? O_o

I've spent my evening after the art course by checking out the shops in Polus and watching My Super Sweet 16, The Hills & The Laguna Beach.

Talk about primitive enterntainment! =_= :D

I like watching all those three series BUT it seems like my cashew-nut-sized brainie ain't capable of understanding *HOW* can those people be so fake & mean!!!
I get it, they're rich.
But why almost all those people function according to the equation RICH = MEAN???

I doubt I'd dare to throw out a former-friend-now-nobody-special-to-me from my BBQ party (if I've ever done any, hah)!

I admire this mean-ness (is that even a word?) though, cuz those people STAND UP for their opinions and they LIKE who they are. Slovaks should watch & learn!!!!

On other note, have you seen Christina's "Candyman" video already? :)
If not, watch it here:

(I hope it's *really* embedded, if not, watch it HERE.)

I love the perfectly created 40s styling!!!!!!! :D ^___^ She looks like the perfect pin-up girl (I LOVE pin-up girls cuz they're the epitomes of sexiness; unlike our average blonde playmates with big fake breasts) and I TOTALLY love the retro feeling it has! :D

Christina Aguilera rocks ducks. ^^ I like her more & more...in fact, she's my fav singer cuz I daresay there is NO ONE as talented as her now in the pop music business.....save for Timbaland and Justin Timberlake maybe.

12.12am!!!! @_@
Must go wash hair. Sorry for no reply yet to your previous comments...I'll do it tomorrow! :)

LOVE YA! *kisses*

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Weekend In PN

It's 11.40pm, I've sketched one thing & prepared few paintings for the Wed's scholar showcase of our works called "Cerebrum" (Brain) and of course, I've returned from PN.

Me is feeling VERY weak.

Must be that Maths overdose.... @_@

C (n, k) = n!/(n - k)! k!


I'm glad that I've talked to hubooby today. FINALLY!!! ^____^
I'm glad that Hyun, my Korean friend whom I haven't replied for over 1 year (!!!!) forgave me for being such a bitch and after reading my super apologizing email with my ICQ & blog details he has just.......added me as if nothing happened. ^_^

He even commented on my cbox! :D

Hyun: Your friend is here now.My millitary service is 8 months left..haha;;
Wish me good luck~~

Saranghaeyooooo, Huyn oppa!!!!! :D

I'm glad people like *him* and *hubooby* still exist. ^_^ And baibee, of course! ^^ And Munie....... If I hadn't told you yet - I LOVE YOU. ^__^

Hyun is still in army - it takes 2 years in Korea - man, I'm curious on how he's doing...
Army in Slovakia is no longer obligatory but I think that it'd do just GOOD to the guys.
Let's take my classmates.

They have 65kgs, 4kg hair gel, Hilfiger jumper, no strenght, no manners & no IQ.

Uhm, okay, this was the description of UJ, but..... 99% of guys at my fucked up school is like that!!!!! *pukes*

Where are all those SHOULDERS?! ARMS?! Eeeeh???? Probably in the past centuries or all at Rain's body..haha! :P *hubooby salivates*

My father told me that when *he* was 17, he had 98kg of full muscles (he's like 178cm tall) and when he was helping out his friend (the friend was building a house) he couldeasily put one sack of whatever worth 50kg on one shoulder & another 50kg sack on another shoulder!!!! O_O

Those were the days.....

...now we have METROSEXUALS everywhere and these "guys" are probably weaker than bedridden me with a 39.5C fever. -_- PATHETIC.

Bae Yong Joon rules anyways. B)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Are We Love Determined? O_o

I've been thinking:

How come that me & my future arch & designer girl friends ALL go for arch & designer like guys?
And how come that the poodle looking guys also look like my mother?
And how come that DD's preferance in guys clearly states that she likes guys resembling her eldest (and arch) bro?

Sooo amazing. O_o
Once I have read that daughters usually go for guys resembling their fathers or brothers and that's true in DD's case. In my case, of living just with my mother taking up also the role of the father, it must be that my preferance in guys will be, well.... I'll simply like guys who resemble my mother.

Glasses, curls.

HM? S, T, S-resembling guy No. 2? :P O_o HMMM?!

That thing with the arch guys is even more amazing, though. WHY is it, that us, aspiring archs & designers like guys working in the same field?
It's the same with other fields too. My aspiring economists friends like economists. The aspiring doctors like other doctors.



Isn't it amazing? :)

I'm asking all these questions out of blue because today I have been to the opening of an AFAD gallery with the works of the AFAD students.
Lemme explain.

I have days when I dress up like some careless ganja-smoking artist and today was a day like that too. In our Hilfiger-Lacoste-D&G school I naturally felt pretty out of place but when I had stepped into this gallery, I had found myself surrounded by other people looking like careless ganja-smoking artists and suddenly I felt so........HOME. ^_^

There were students of photography all in khaki green and with freaky hairstyles. Bearded professors in tartan shirts. Girls in black with messy dreadlocks.


*melts into a glittery lake of salivating and nosebleeds*

I saw three guys like these which were just....YUMMY.
You know how typical arch & design students look like? ^^

A bit longer hair (or shorter & artistically gelled up), wearing a stylish black coat, jumper under that and a scarf of *any* type. Most of them also wear glasses, mostly with plastic rim.
HOT HOT HOT!!!! *_*

There was one guy who totally fascinated me with his longer wavy, dark brown hair (S-style ---> determination? mother resembling??), long black coat and a freakily colorful jumper under that.

Seriously, seeing these arch guys makes me wonder if this love determination exists. Had I wanted to study, let's say, Microbiology, would I go for microbiologists? O_o

What do you think? O_o


Check out LEOBURNETT.COM. It's seriously the best website I've EVER seen!!!!! *_*

Monday, February 19, 2007

Meow Meow

It's almost midnight & I still have to take a shower so I think I'll do this in the dry and boring bullet-point way. Sorry la!

  • I keep thinking about S. AARRGGGHHHHHH. I want to forget him, but I CAN'T!!!!! @_@ The only solution for me is to leave this country and that's on what I'm working hard! ^^
  • Haven't seen T for a while so my nasty plan of somehow inviting him for a tea can't work out! :P Good, at least I have enough time for gaining my missing courage.
  • My friends said I look like a cat. Wahahaha!!!! MEOW MEOW!!!! :D

    *throws things around*
  • GONG XI FA CAI!!!!!!!!!! ^___________^
  • I hate my fucking school. SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS TO DO. Yesterday I went to bed past 1.30a, cuz I was working on the Southeast Asia presentation for Geo seominar which had to be *flawless* cuz the prof hates me more than Snape hates Harry Potter and I didn't want to give her the joy of telling me how shitty I am again.

    And whoa, today I got to know that the Geo seminar was CANCELED. *fumes*

  • Tomorrow I'm presenting two assignments at the History of Art - Toulouse-Lautrec & Fauvism. ARGH.
  • Friday - presentation of a book by Rudolf Sloboda called "Deep Peace". I must READ IT first though! ARGH!
  • I have no contact lense solution anymore. I love my itchy eyes like hell.
  • LIFE SUCKS, I WANNA HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mad Retro Night/Guys Quack

I've returned from the Head XXII where me & my two girl friends went to check out theVALENTINE'S CARNIVAL which turned out to be a totally retro thing with 45 year old people in masks dancing madly to older disco songs!!!! HAHAHAAA!!!!! We had such fun! XD Nobody knew us....and I'm on one photo! :P :D
We were dancing crazily BUT the moment they started playing the sevond song from one old retro Czech pop-grandma, we left. Hehehehe. :D

We ran for the 212 trolleybus and after that I ran for the 203 trolleybus...and almost got locked in the underground passage. XD It was 10.55pm & they officially close at 11pm!

Happily unlocked I went to the bus stop, met an old classmate & S' SEXY BROTHER with whom I've talked all the way home. I think that from his side it was just a superficial one-ear-in-other-ear-out type of dialougue but I enjoyed it. :P

Fridays are always happening days in 203....one has the possibility of meeting either S or his bro. :D


I've realized one quite an alarming & retarded thing.
All the guys I have ever liked were either curly or Asian. There are basically just two types of guys I like and I can't seem to change this.

One type of the guys I like look like a POODLE:

Think S, S' sexy bro, T, James Morrison (he *does* look like a poodle afterall), Adam Brody...

The other type of guys I like are Asians and they resemble AKITA INU to me:

Think Bae Yong Joon, Choi Dong Wook, Kwon Sang Woo, Rain...

Ooooh, seems like I can be deranged like nobody else. XD

1.12am, lemme go to bed! ^^

Listening to: "Last Goodbye" by James Morrison

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's past midnight & I'm still waiting for the 256 pictures to be transferred into my (shitty) PC. ARGH!!!
I think I'll just give it up & go sleep in the living room. =_=

Tomorrow I have a test at Society Studies but I haven't studied yet....WHOOOPS....I think I'm just gonna read it up or something....


*OOoooooohhhh, I'm listening to Savage Garden now..... "I Knew I Loved You" is one of the most beautiful ballads EVER composed ^___^*

- founder: JOHN B. WATSON
- behaviour
- the qualities we have since we were born aren't too important
- raising of a child is everything

- founder: SIGMUND FREUD
- the behaviour & psychological problems happen because of the negative experiences from the past
- subconsciousness!
- dreams, hypnosis
- sexuality
- 3 parts of one's persona: ID (the inner kid trying only to have his desires contended), EGO (the centre of the consciousness, mediator of the conflicts between Id & Nadja), SUPEREGO - NADJA (the morality)

- psychological happenings (or wtf, I'm lazy to check it out in a dictionary but I'm SURE it's NOT happenings) = a complex thing --> its structure & qualities can't be guessed from its separate parts cuz it's all one complex thing

12.19am liao? O_o
I'm gonna be SO dead tomorrow. =_= Time to wash hair & take a shower..... Good night! ^^

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tick, Check, Tick

I've just completed my English CV for La Salle. :) Wahlau, I'm so proud of myself! ^^ Yesterday I have written my reasons for applying and today the CV....the only thing left are the reasons WHY they should give me the scholarship.
That's not gonna be easy to write cuz I have to prove that I'M DA BEST & that I deserve the money cuz there's nobody as pefect as I am!!!!

:P We know it's true anyways.

Hahaha, just kidding! :D

What else is on the La Salle checklist?

* Completed application in English (CHECK!...it's done...in a

* Passport-sized photograph (GOT TIME)
* Portfolio or
recorded audition (MUST WORK ON THIS AS HARD AS I CAN!!!!!!!!)

* Copy of academic transcripts in English (I'm under conditional offer,
will give them my graduation report card l8r)

* CV/resume & any testimonials in English (CV - CHECK! Testimonials -
soon to come)

* Evidence of English level (FUCK!!!! MY TOEFL!!!


I saw the S-guy #2 today at the bus stop. This is not T, this is the dude I saw last time before seeing S.
Isn't it weird how often am I meeting these S-guys?! O_o
Kucci says it's because "S in any form is my destiny" but I daresay she's WRONG. XD Haha, but I wouldn't mind that! :P

Btw, next time I will see T, I'm gonna invite him over for a tea to somewhere cuz he's a real cutie. A funny-looking cutie somemore! He looks like a brown poodle with glasses!!!! XD

(For credits CLICK HERE)

I would post more today but my PC is fucking slow & I can't tahan it! *fumes & bangs head*


But know what have I found out today?


I hope it's not only cuz he also resembles a poodle! @_@ XD

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V Day!

It's a stupid & unecessary celebration anyways. -_~
Or maybe I'm saying that only because there's no boyfriend who'd hug me today, give me flowers & tell me something pukingly mushy...? :P

S? S' saucily sexy bro? T? Bae Yong Joon? Choi Dong Wook? Adam Brody? Keanu Reeves? Johnny Depp?

WHERE ARE YOU, GUYS?! O_o XD You still can invite me over for a candle-light dinner, you know. Hehe.

Hmm, whatever!
Seb was SMSing me to update today cuz he's curious on how is my Korean drama going on but I must disappoint him by saying that today was a totally ordinary day.

The most exciting thing that has happened was getting 3 plus points at Maths & completing my "Reasons For Applying" for La Salle. AND THAT'S IT.

Oh yes & I've tided up my room!!!!!

HOOOORRRAAAAAAY!!!!!! *throws confetti*


I STILL haven't replied to my ex. I even wonder if I should reply.....won't a total ignorance better?
You know, just imagine that you write someone an obsessive 3 pages long letter and you're awaiting the reply......you get no reply for almost a month.....and then one day, you get it & it's a nasty "DUCK OFF FROM MY LIFE" kind of reply.
Isn't that TOO cruel? Shouldn't I just let it be?

Wahlau. =_=


I must be mentally retarded because when I REALLY want to relax, I read stupid info about PRINCE WILLIAM. Good website for that is for example *THIS ONE*.


Prince William.


One of my impossible wishes is to have sex with him one day. NO KIDDING NOW!~! XD Hahahaha!!! I'm no hypocrite pretending to be oh so pure and innocent....nooo....I'm an old pig....a virgin pig neverthless but a very perv one indeed! ^_~


I think I still want S. Or T. I keep thinking about them. KICK MY FEATHERS, SOMEONE!!!! @_@ XD


I KNOW THAT THIS POST WAS SUPER-RANDOM. I'll blog something proper when I have my thoughts sorted and tidied up....now the only sorted & tidied up thing around me is my room. :P
Nite! QUACK! :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

No time at all! HA! My social life is getting BIG again! :D

St. Valentine's with Li Hong, one Chinese dude (he wants to get to know me, WTP), on Friday I bake a poopy seed cake for Hong Hong, her sis, then on Saturday lady's night with DD & girls, then bowling with Li Hong at CNY...
Oh, and aerobics + salsa on Wednesday with Kika.
GILA!!!!! :D
Me likes this. ^^

Btw, La Salle had replied to me liao & I have to send them the application + portfolio + the required documents AND in case I get accepted, they'll give me a conditional offer; I'll just give them my report card after being accepted.
Also, they have only one intake & that's the one on August 2007. Hmm!


Keane's new song "Bad Dream" ROCKS DUCKS!
I looooooooove these hurt masculine voices trembling with love...aaaahh,.......

...and do I sound like on weed today? XD

Sorry, I'm sleep-deprived & cuz of the lack of normal food I've already ate TWO PIZZAS today!!!! @_@


My Sweet 16 with a GUY?! O_o Must go watch!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Argh, I hate Mondays!
We had the art course today but again we were doing nothing there.....seriously, I must STOP THE PROCRASTINATION cuz Cenfad/La Salle/Limkokwing don't accept procrastinators!!!

By the way, if anybody of my 0.000526 readers could nicely give me the first-hand info on La Salle, its students, the professors & etc.....I'd REALLY appreciate that! :)

It worries me on how am I gonna afford it all.
Fuck, I REALLY must start finding some part time job abroad, like, being the waitress in UK or something.

Is it just me or am I really only saying just what I have to do instead of listing things I HAVE already done?!

Let me list down everything & I SWEAR I WILL DO IT ALL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:

  • finish tidying up my room!!!!!
  • transfer pics from my cam to the PC
  • copy certain pics to friend's USB key
  • send certain pics to other friend via ICQ
  • look for a part time job abroad!!!!!
  • pay up my recommendation thingy by the English prof!!!!
  • make the Geo seminar presentation about the Southeast Asia for next Monday!
  • print out the Toulouse-Lautrec assignment for the History of Art seminar!!!! TMR!
  • wash my curtains
  • throw out EVERYTHING unnecessary
  • download April Snow with English subtitles
  • call Li Hong
  • draw, paint, draw!!!! LA SALLE & CENFAD!!!! ARGGHH!!!
  • study, study, study!!!! GRADUATION!!!!! DOUBLE-AAARGGHH!!!
  • tide up all the artistic items, cartoons, papers, giocondas & etc.
  • clean up the floor

WAH!!! @_#
I've never realized it's so much. @_@ Maybe I should start by cleaning & washing & throwing out everything; the CNY is coming afterall & that's a great excuse for me to bring myself to tidying up! :P


I've decided I should somehow get T. T is the S-resembling guy....the curly one, with glasses. Heheheee. It'd be great to have a bf! ^^

Also I've firmly decided on confessing to S prior to my departure to SG/KL (if that happens) in the form of a letter/card! Ha! :D
I'll tell him about my undying 7 year old love & then disappear to SG/KL without leaving any contact on me.

I *LOVE* Korean drama moments. ^_~

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dearest S, Thank You.....

....for unknowingly letting me & Kucci get to know your fav music club/pub/restaurant/cocktail bar called Head XXII. *kisses*


He wasn't there today, but yesterday Iv told me with a nastily funny grin of a lil' devil:

"S is in Head XXII with his friend....don't wanna go, hmmm?????? It's S!!! S!!!!!"

Gosh, EVERYBODY knows about my S-obsession.....except of my mother, I guess. XD Hahaha.

Well, yesterday I didn't go there because that'd be weird.....but today I persuaded Kucci & we went to check it out cuz the previous place we were at - the Film cafe - was SERIOUSLY boring.

This Head XXII ROCKS DUCKS!!!! :D ^___^
There's LIVE MUSIC there almost every single day (yesterday there was the progressive rock, today some old school rock, tomorrow will be live jazz...), great food, nice cocktails, cozy atmosphere & most importantly - NO FAKE PEOPLE.

I hate all those places in the historical BA centre with FAKE PEOPLE. Well, except of Melones, that's the only cocktail bar with normal visitors... In other restaurants/bars/pubs there are:

a) "the golden youth" AKA filthy rich & super cocky teenagers from head to toe in branded clothes (big logos 4eva!)

b) 40+ year old top managers tired from living this life drinking whiskey or wine or decently sipping to a cocktail

c) the tourists

We don't belong to any of these three categories!
Well, and this Head XXII is thus just for us (and for S & his friend apparently too?) cuz the people there were normal, nice, without Hilfiger logos across their butts, without platinum credit cards in their D&G wallets and they weren't 50 year old. :P

Thank you, S. ^^
I'd hug you for this, if I had that awesome opportunity!!!!! :D ^____^
*sighs & salivates*


I went home by feet!!!! HAHAHA!!! :D It took me about an hour! :P


No meeting/date with E today, it'll be tomorrow....today DD came back & wanted us to come & celebrate her passing the entrance exams to architecture so I apologized to E, told him where am I heading & told him to go too.
He said he'll come later but he didn't! Grrrrr, asshole.
Then later I was SMSing him to come to Head XXII but he hadn't even bothered to reply. Whatever. -_-'''


Oooops???? 1.24am?! O_o @_@ I still haven't changed into my PJs, threw away the pile of clothes which is now at my bed to elsewhere (the mess in my room is UNBEARABLE already!!!!!!!) & washed off my make-up...
Off I go.
Maths tuition tomorrow!!!! T_T *bangs head on Bae Yong Joon's chest*

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where's My Beauty Sleep? O_o

I got this from my new blog addiction *CLICK HERE*:

1. How old do you wish you were? Eighteen because that means I'M OUTTA MY SCHOOL!!!! B)
2. Where were you when 9/11 happened? At home.
3. What do you do when vending machines steal your money? Mutter something nasty under my nose & let it be.
4. Do you consider yourself kind? Unfortunately, I'm the most sarcastic & terrible person you've ever met! GRRR!!!!
5. If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be? Above the ankle....some sakura flowers...teheheee ^^'''
6. If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be? Korean ^_^
7. Do you know your neighbours? Not much! :S
9. Do you follow your horoscope? I read them and I always forget what they said. :)
10. Would you move for the person you love? Don't know....maybe if I just *knew* that our love is infinite....maybe then....
11. Are you touchy-feely? This is very dependable! But generally not really. It took me almost 1,5 months to let my then-bf-now-ex-bf kiss me. XD
12. Do you believe that opposites attract? No, I think the opposites just ARGUE.
14. Favourite tv channels? Discovery Channel, MTV, Arirang.
15. Favourite place to go on weekends? That nice lounge bar or fav cocktail bar Grandes Melones. ^^
16. Showers or baths? Showers.
17. Do you paint your nails? From time to time. :)
18. Do you trust people easily? Depends on my mood & the person.
19. What are your phobias? Heights, deep dark waters.... I'm horrible! No heights, no depths, where can stay ah? HOLLAND?! XD
20. Do you want kids? OMD, no, not until I'm like 28 or so! @_#
21. Do you keep a handwritten journal? Yes.
22. Where would you rather be now? In the bed! Haha! :D Or in Singapore chilling out, doing nothing with baibee, hubooby, Manis & BRYAN!!!! Wanna get to know him liao! :P
23. Who makes you warm and fuzzy? When my dog Haku shows me his love, when I am with people who love me & I love them! ^^
24. Heavy or light sleeper? Light. :(
25. Are you paranoid? Not really.
26. Are you impatient? Depends on with whom/what, but generally: yes!
27. Who can you relate to? To all the young deliquents who're being assholes cuz they hate their own school. I'll become a deliquent too, I sense it's coming!
28. How do you feel about interracial couples? ME WANNA HOT, CUTE ASIAN GUY!!!!! *___*
29. Have you been burned by love? Certainly not.
30. What's your pick-up line? Errr, I'm not an expert in flirting, I don't have any pick-up line! O_O
31. What's your main ringtone on your mobile? Bodoh question! *sigh* No idea & who cares?
32. What were you doing at midnight last night? Talking to Kucci on ICQ & reading up - BEHOLD! - idiotic, stupid news about PRINCE WILLIAM & KATE MIDDLETON. XD There are pathetic people & I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!! @_@ XD
33. What did the last text on your mobile say? "Muahaha :)" Intelligent, isn't it? :P
34. Whose bed did you sleep in last night? Bae Yong Joon's...............okay, no, sadly it was mine.... :P
35. What colour shirt are you wearing? Sexy black! ^^
36. Most recent movie you watched? Failure To Launch during English class and it WAS a FAILURE. Bleeeh.
37. Name three things you have on at all times? Mascara, powder, earrings, hahhahahhaah XD AH LIAN, DUCK ON!!!! *No, I'm not THAT hopeless...not yet!*
38. What colour are your bedsheets? Madly multi-coloured. :)
39. How much cash do you have right now? Around 700Skk.
40. What's your favourite part of the chicken? The breasts, maybe..?
41. What's your favourite town/city? BA/Singapore/KL/London
42. I can't wait 'til: I GRADUAAAAATE!!!!!!!!
43. What did you have for dinner last night? No idea....
44. How tall are you barefoot? 167,5 cm
45. Do you own a gun? No, but my Dad does! :D
46. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Black tea.
47. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years? In my own apartment with keys from my own car on my desk....and with a nice career of a Graphic Designer. I'll be just getting ready for dinner with my long-term bf! :D
Talk about naivity & daydreamers. =_= :P
48. Last thing you ate? Cheese.
49. What songs do you sing in the shower? I don't really sing in shower. :)
50. Last thing that made you laugh? Something my friend DD said.
51. Worst injury you ever had? My bursitis. Hihi.
52. Does someone have a crush on you? Probably yes....my Korean drama life is amazing these days! :P
53. What's your favourite candy? Belgian seashells. And Polish caramel krowkas! :)
54. My ideal guy is: Intelligent, funny, with good manners, beautiful eyes, smile & broad shoulders, caring, self-confident, independant, sincere & crazy in a good way. Loyal too. And he should love animals, books & art! ^^ (PS: Glasses = plus points!)
55. What song do you want played at your funeral? "Goodbye" by Spice Girls! HAHA! :D

Fuck! 1.42am liao! @_@
Chill Out

Nice day today (actually, yesterday, as it's way after midnight now)! Thanks, LIFE! ^_^

After school I came home, went to the tailor's to get my shortened new jeans back (they fit super), then back home, then meet up with AL in the downtown...then 4 Rooms pub with AL & the guys....then me & AL went to take a walk to the downtown...we then went to Aupark cuz one my friend called me that they're playing snooker there and there are like 20 super-hot Asians.
Me, the superficial, teenage girl feeling the painful lack of hot Asian guys WENT THERE and of course, they've ALREADY LEFT. XD *sigh* =_=

Life's unfair! :P

After that we all (my friend - let's call her Michelle - & two her friends, UJ, AL & me) we again went to the downtown..and after Michelle's friends had left, AL had left too UJ, AL & me had decided to go to the nice lounge bar nearby the castle.

Great idea. ^___^

Most impooportantly, I love cozy, elegant lounge bars with LOUD & CHILL OUT MUSIC! ^__^

I swear, one day I'll have my own lounge bar in my villa at Seychelles.....hah, erm, okay, I'll stop daydreaming! :P


Tomorrow (today) is going to be an amazing day. OMD.
I'll have the Maths tuition.
Then around 7pm I'm going to meet up with E in the downtown. @_@ I wonder WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!
Then DD & another successful future architects (they passed the entrance exams :)) want to celebrate their success somewhere in the downtown so probably me & E will go join them later.

OMP!!!! @_# :P

E? Erm....okay. No comment before I see wazzup. :P

1am liao! @_# Off I go...I need to take a shower, wash off my make-up, wear off my contact lenses AND then finally get my much-needed beauty sleep. ^^ Yay!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Like this? ^_~

I drew it today in the simple MS Paint. My Photoshop is screwed up & not working, ok!!!! *howls*
Not that I actually NEED Photoshop as I totally don't get how to work in it. :P Whooops, hahahhah. XD
I suck duck!
ANOTHER Unexpected Brand New Episode Of My Own Korean Drama

My life is so interesting for the past few days! :D

It started with *THIS*.
Now my Korean drama has taken a very unexpected turn with my art course friend E inviting me for a coffee on Saturday.

RENDEZVOUS? O_o *scratches head*

We were SMSing to each other when it happened.

Me: "Heeeeey E! Wazzup with your architecture entrance exams results?"
E: "Fucking terrible, fuck all the architects, they're assholes, aaaaaahhhh!!"
Me: "I'm sorry to hear that! :( But maybe it'll make you feel better that I ALSO wasn't accepted into the uni. :P Wanna try out marketing with me? XD"
E: "I know it for 15 mins and I got drunk already... I'm gonna go clean the toilets, fuck the uni!"
Me: "Oh PLEASE!!! You're behaving like a kid! It's not like the world is ending with you not getting into architecture! You can try it next year or just abroad where it's usually easier!"
E: "Okay, sorry, I'm really a kid. Nevermind.. Hey, why don't we go for a coffee on Saturday?"

I replied why not. :P
I wonder if it's a date?! O_o Hopefully not...I like E a lot....but I don't like him *THAT* much! @_#
Okay, let's just see what will happen. :)
I feel soooo femme fatale! XD

You think that was the end of my Korean drama?

Today I got a short & nervously pissed off email from my ex-bf telling me how he finds it pointless & stupid that our relationship ended because of some virtual non-existent conflict on MSN which hadn't even mirrored our real something...I don't remember what anymore. :P

*AHEM* =_=
No comment lah. I DON'T know what to reply to him at all. I know I have to reply to him though because if I don't, his parents & siblings will consider me a real asshole and that's what I don't wanna, cuz I really like them. :)
Stupid diplomacy. Grrr. -_-'''

This still wasn't the end of my Korean drama....
I've seen T today! ^___^
For those who have no idea who T is - it's a guy who damn much resembles S, my forever crush. :P
It's not gonna surprise you much when I say that I DO like T as well, right? :P I'm a really pathetic duck. XD

I looked at him briefly.....smiled just super-briefly....and went away because I was heading to the tram stop with UJ & AL. On the way there I couldn't resist turning my head around one more time and he was looking at me! :D ^___^'''''

YAY!!!! :D
I'm a CRUCHE FATALE! Hahaha! :D
(la cruche - duck in French)

It's an amazing & nice feeling of being so wanted but it's kinda headachy too because I really don't know what to do.... I don't know what to reply to ex-bf.....I don't know how to behave at the meeting/date? with E......I don't know how to hint T that it wouldn't be a bad idea if *he* invited me for a coffee as well....AIYAAAAH!!!!! @_# XD

I need some relax....I think too much.
Off I go to watch Girls Out Loud! ^^

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I seriously hate it how scatterbrained, unfocused, messy, procrastinating & lazy I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must do something about this.

Whatever schedule I set up for myself, I almost never behave according to it. For example, I'm already telling myself since December that I have to register for TOEFL. Grrr!


I'm editing this few hours later (11pm) & I can't continue on that topic anymore.

I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mother was again way tipsy, reeking of her fucking wine & being aggresive to whatever I said. Fucking bitch!

Tmr she's gonna meet that dude from Graphic Design at 10am at Steam & Coffee.
It's all gonna be about me. WHOLE the fucking thing.

AND I CAN'T GO THERE CUZ I MUST GO TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who is she to tell me where to go & what to do?!
ARGH, I'm soooo waiting for my 18th bday to come. I'll finally be fucking independant (sadly, not really because I happened not to be born as prince William/Paris Hilton/Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen)!!!

Cannot tahan this.
And she didn't even get it; she thought I want to manipulate that dude & everyone so we can meet up later on....even though I was saying that I wanna GO there at that 10am!!!!
And she yelled at me what I think about myself & that for further questions I should "contact the president's office".


I'm also a naive, infantile, irresponsible & dependant kid according to her.
Should I let her spend one day with UJ?! She'll think he's still just gonna be conceived!!!!! AAARGGGHHHHH. >_< @_@

I must calm myself down.

Must make myself smile.

Must forget my anger. I'm a very angry person by the way; I wasn't but since those years of my mother's alcoholism I had became a very cynical, angry, sarcastic asshole. Thank you, if you still like me.


*searches for relaxing pictures*

Did it help?
Not much. =_=


I've decided on applying for THREE schools:

CENFAD (Kuala Lumpur)
LIMKOKWING (Cyberjaya)
LA SALLE-SIA (Singapore)

The La Salle enrolment policy is that I have to enclose the personal statement & various blahblahs about myself & my relevant successes, courses & exhibitions (I had one!) and that's gonna be fun creating.... ^^ I also - of course - have to create a portfolio consisting of 10 works relevant to the course I've chosen (Graphic Design).

The ducks at LKW don't require any portfolio when I'm applying for the Foundation in Design Innovation 1-year course to which I'll be applying as it's the pre-requisite for the BA Graphic Design course.

And the ducks at Cenfad want my portfolio consisiting of 4 artworks on the set themes.

All three schools want the TOEFL/IELTS so I'd better move my fat ass & get it done ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @_#

I'll be sooooo busy.
14 PERFECT artworks to create (but really PERFECT!!!), graduate, get TOEFL.... OOOOHHH, ALMIGHTY DUCK, GIMME STRENGHT AND THE POWER NOT TO PROCRASTINATE!!!!!!! :D

I totally love drawing & painting now. ^^ At least that, otherways I wouldn't get anywhere...but art....mmmm... ^^ My art prof will help me with both portfolios, that's so kool. ^^

Midnight already. I am going to take a shower....then sleep...and SCHOOL AGAIN. Arrghh, how I hate this terroristic routine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x_x *fumes*

This letter full of love & sorrow & heartbroken feelings scared me so much that I'm just looking at the Singaporean art unis of which my sayangku hubooby told me about.

Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts.

LASALLE-SIA College Of The Arts Singapore.

I'll see, I'll see, I'll see.

Truth is that Singapore is a better city to study in than KL because it's relatively small, with a great public transport and with no ex-boyfriend. Wahahaha!!!!

KL or S'pore?
I'll know more after the interview with the GD dude who said that I'm an unpolished diamond. :)

I like both Singapore & KL, how can I choose? :P :)

By the price of the course I guess.

I must get to know how to get the TGD granted (Tuition Grant Deed) and then I should persuade my mom to let me study there for the full lenght of the course (if I get there)...then I'll HAVE TO work in Singapore for at least 3 years upon completing the course....wahaha, I'm soooo bad....just thinking of how to escape this winter. :P

I'll know more later though. Now I'm SO puzzled. @_#
Good night, ducky darlings....let me think this all over. :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Unexpected Brand New Episode Of My Own Korean Drama

Today I happily opened the postbox and took out the three envelopes laying there. One was from the bank. The other was from the government or from wherever. These two were addressed on my mother's name.

Then there was the third envelope, beige, from the recycled paper, sleek & with Malaysian stamps. RM1,50.

I took it.
It was from my ex-boyfriend.
I opened it.
It was a THREE pages long letter written with a blue pen. O_O

I read it.

I feel very puzzled now. :P

It basically says that even after all that long time that has passed, he
still loves me, he doesn't want to be just "someone" to me; he doesn't want to
be a "friend" as well, because being a "friend" says nothing. He wants to be
someone who'll wait for me at the airport, who'll hug me & kiss me and etc.
He's not comfortable with me seeing guys either (ERM, SO...??!)....and he still
dreams about me.

W. T. P. O_o

What IS happening in this world?! O_o

Sunday, February 04, 2007

No More Sweets/Insecure?/Busy

*Ah lian talk*

I'm banning myself from EVERYTHING sweet except of Chinese fried bananas in pastry with honey. I have already ate 2 kiwwiis & there's 1 more to go! :D
I have escema, my skin is DISGUSTING & I can't allow my butt to grow even more cuz recently I bought those size 38 jeans and I really wanna fit in them. =_=

That means from February 5th to March 5th.
Eeeeeeeek. @_@

I'm just talking to 小 Kafka who happens to be my blog reader & he added me to his MSN. :) First one to do that! YAY! :D Okay duckies, you, who read my blog, feel free to add me to my MSN (look at my profile for addy), I appreciate new ducks!! ^_^

I digressed...errr....so, he lives in China and he seems REALLY concerned about me better NOT going to study to Malaysia cuz as he says:

"at the risk of being labelled unpatriotic, china is a much better country than
malaysia in ALOT of aspects
malaysia is an OK country for leisure/holiday but
living there with all the inequalities and what have you, it's rubbish"

Waddya think?!
*feeling a bit insecure about my already crazy decision*

Most of my 0.0000569 readers are from Malaysia & Singapore so you duckies, tell me your opinion, okie? :)
Thanks! ^^

Kucci insists on me & Ilkka being born for each other. XD She insists on the fact that "Ilkka had always had a crush on me for sure" and that he'd be "perfect" for me. XD HAHAHA!!!! OKAY!!! I agree that he's PERFECT but hey! She can't say such stuffs or I'll believe her or something and then I'll come online & tell Ilkka:

"hey u sexy thing u make me veri horny u wanna cyber ok? u perfect 4 me, come hug me ok"

Poor duckyboy, I CAN'T trouble him like that. @_@ XD

But baibee, I'm booking you! If I book you in advance, will I get 30% discount on you? XD

You surely can't resist me. *dazzling smile*

Just quacking rubbish! XD

Off to study Society Studies...Philosophy is waiting. :(
I Hate Choi Ji Woo

Just look at her:

This is the sexiest & the most feminine photo of her I was able to find:

Well, this dress is pretty skimpy, but look at the face! Ugh.

I hate Choi Ji Woo & not just because she could hug & kiss Bae Yong Joon & Kwon Sang Woo. That'd be too superficial. :P


Man, does she EVER act her age?! Does she EVER act like a woman & NOT like a 3 year old kindergarten girlie in pink dress with lacey hearts?!


I know it's not easy for Asian women to wear eyeshadows & all AND let it be seen under those eyelids...probably just Xiaxue is the expert at it. :) I myself have almost Asian eyes, the shape is just a bit almond-y but I DO have the eyelids and I tell ya, I need A LOT make-up to make my eyes more visible.

But godness, Choi Ji Woo (or her characters in these two dramas I've seen so far..??) wears NOTHING. In both dramas she plays the good girl next door, the one who's smiling & her eyes are shining, whose cheeks are rosy and who's cute 24/7. And no make-up, therefore she looks like 3 year old.
I CANNOT TAHAN THAAAAAT!!!!!!!!! *bangs head*

Thank God she doesn't make the "V" peace sign or I'd explode. @_@

I hate it when she cries cuz she REALLY looks like 3 year old then. I hate it how she acts all vulnerable, pure, opens her teary mascara lacking eyes wide, whispers in a broken voice & shudders whenever a man touches her.
God, if I was a paedophile, I'd...

Those Korean screenwriters probably have no fantasy. Aiyaaaah. =_=

Vulnerable, pure, innocent, young woman needed for a drama = LET'S CALL CHOI JI WOO!


At least SHE wears high heels & make-up. =_=

*goes back to watching Stairway To Heaven & cursing Choi Ji Woo under her breath* :P

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Long Live, Sappy Korean Dramas! :)

I've just reluctantly stopped Stairway To Heaven for today - I saw 4 episodes in a row - and I can't wait for more to come.

The plot is pretty similar to the one of Winter Sonata with the lost memory, old love, old mutual memories the one side had long forgotten...even the characters are similar in a way and it's not just that Choi Ji-Woo played the femme fatale in both dramas.
Both in WS & STH the guy is the rich CEO while the woman is in lower position but granted a really kool job by the guy who has granted this to her because she is THE one he's desperately searching for.
Well, or vice versa, in WS it was Yun Ji-Sun seeking for Kang Joon-Sang after she saw a glimpse of him (aka Lee Min-Hyung) on the streets but....

Am I confusing everyone right now? :)

Maybe because it's already 2am. :P

(That long hair is weird & those grandpa glasses even weirder but I still feel the sudden urge to rape him. Must be the sexual baelution.)

(This is the naughtiest photo I could find so far, gahaha!)



I oh so fucking much envy Choi Ji-Woo for being able to star with both of them in dramas!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!! All those hugs, piano plays, kisses (WS, last episode! *_*)...aiyaaaah, I also wanna. ^^

Good night. ^^ I shall dream of dating these two heavenly guys! :D


Would you rather cheat Kwon Sang Woo with Bae Yong Joon OR vice versa???? :D

I, myself just CAN'T decide. XD

And I know what you ducks think! That I'm PATHETIC!!!!! :D
Ugh yes, I totally am. =_= XD

Friday, February 02, 2007

An Unpolished Diamond

Sorry for the lack of posts but for the past few days anytime I've tried to quack here somebody messaged me at ICQ or MSN and then I couldn't concentrate anymore. =_=

It's been a happening & amazing time, these past few days! :)

Two days after my entrance exams mother told me that her friend met up with a guy from the Faculty of Graphic Design. That guy met up with him to discuss his own stuff but in the end he had asked about me as well and.
Turns out the guy said that if I ended up 39th from 109 other people and I wasn't trying too much, I might be an UNPOLISHED DIAMOND OF GRAPHIC DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!

He said he'd like to meet up with me & I'm supposed to bring my portfolio as well, while he'll check out my works I have done at the exams again. The point of this meeting is for him to judge if I'm good enough for the Graphic Design field and he said that if yes, he will give me counsel & help me out for another year! :D

He doesn't know yet though, that I wanna go to KL; the Foundation year is one big 'counsel', isn't it? :) We draw & paint there all the time afterall. ^^

Cenfad is being bodoh recently though, they still haven't replied to two of my emails! >_< They better do or I'll change my mind & go to Limkokwing. *fumes*

Still, isn't life amazing? :P ^__^

One day I'm bitched at both by my art prof & by my mother for being a crap and few days later I'm the possible unpolished diamond of graphic design. XD

I find it tiring how my classmates (especially DD) are wailing that they don't have boyfriends.

DD also wails that our quiet, almost invisible, good-girls-with-straight-As classmates have found themselves boyfriends while we others are still unnoticed & single.
Yesterday I told her what my metal-liking-ugly-haired-alcohol-loving classmate told me, that he has a girlfriend and DD almost died on the spot.

Oh godness, and the best thing is that she's loved endlessly by one our mutual friend and few others like her as well. If she wanted to, she could get herself a harem! :P

I also find tiring how we all judge everyone. =_= Primitive, isn't it? I shall stop it.

The most tiring thing though, is how Kucci envies everyone's money. FUCK! She lives in a 120 square meter maisonette by the way...!
Whenever I complain that I don't have money, she puts on her bitchy, envious face looks at me with a dreadful hatred and says: "YOU are complaing?! YOU, with your 4000Skk per month?!?!"

(Credits to HERE - check it out!!!!!! There's explained step-by-step, HOW TO FOLD THE T-SHIRT FROM A DOLLAR BILL!!!!! :D I'm willing to fold it from the RM1 bill or from the S$2 I have! :D)

Fuck, I might be getting 4000Skk per month but my parents live separately and the times I've been through when their relationship was fucking up - I don't wish that to anyone! Grrrr!!!!

She's also pretty pseudo-snobbish & materialistic.....recently DD told her how she's gonna get her drivers' license at the driving school located in our school & Kucci exclaimed:

"There?! Oh gosh, have you seen their car?! That shitty Citroen?! That's a complete crap!!!! I wouldn't even sit in such a crap!"

Where had my nice, sweet Kucci gone? T_T

I bought new low-rise jeans yesterday!!!! ^____^ It's set, Pull & Bear is MY BRAND. :) Now I should get paid for this......haha..... But really, their clothes are the best, I love the designs, the color, the materials....and the prices are good too. No overpriced stuffs like at Hilfiger or Lacoste! There you pay for the brand, here you don't.
What's the most surprising, these jeans are size 38!!!!! O_O I haven't worn 38 since.....since I was in Malaysia. XD

European food makes one fatter!

These jeans are with elasthan or something flexible so I could wear size 38 too. :P
Wahlau, I feel so slim. XD

Enough crap! :P