Monday, July 31, 2006



After travail et coucher (work & sleep) all the time I'm finally HOME and I finally can:

  • listen to Mary J. Blige (and all the music in general)
  • access this blog & read all my friends' blogs
  • log into ICQ & MSN
  • check my e-mails after TWO weeks
  • pick up my pure white Visa Electron at the post
  • CIVILIZE MYSELF, e. g: trim eyebrows, bath, manicure, pedicure, wash hair + apply balsam, apply lotion, sunscreen, shave everywhere (I kinda resemble gorrilla now, I'm reelli sexai!), make-up, wear heels (WHEEEEE~~~), wear normal clothes..
  • go eat salmon steak to IKEA
  • drink Single Mojito (Virgin) and Chill On The Sun at Grandes Melones
  • see Li Hong, Kuci, Kika & everyone
  • sleep in my own bed and stare at the anti-fur poster in front of it
  • go to Vienna with Mato, Kuci, Ali and all da duckies & waste horrible money on sandals Lacoste & Chanel Chance perfume (YEAH, I'm terrible, I know! But I can't resist those two things!!!! *_*)
  • go to Panta Rhei (Kinokuniya-like bookstore) and buy books about design & portraits
  • learn to play tennis
  • fry pancakes with blueberries
  • make that Horror Night at our apt or at friends' apts
  • see Haku & take care of him!!!!!

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_________________^
I think I'll go now & CIVILIZE MYSELF.
The gorrilla look is getting on my nerves liao. Travail et coucher. For WHOLE DUCKING TWO WEEKS!!~

Arbeit macht frei, ja?! ._.

Huhuhu. It was way too tough for my lazy self. But I've survived & now I love Bratislava with undying passionate love! ^___^ *___*

Bratislava is DA BEST CITY EVER.

Remember that, and come here, okay? ^^

I'll quack more after I civilize myself.... I can't stand myself anymore - I'm REALLY awful and I need a 56hrs long Thai massage after 16hrs in bus. Duh. Off I go and I promise that I'll write more after I feel & look better.

*waves with dirty sticky hand*

Listening to: "So Lady" by Mary J. Blige. YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!! MJB!!!! I missed her so ducking much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay!: I'm home. ^__^
Grrr: My chinchilla died while I wasn't here. T_T AAARRGGGH. Sob sob. u_u

Monday, July 17, 2006


Nisah's post "Finding Love Eventually" made me weep like a lil' duckling.

Read it.

It's sadly beautiful...and I can't stand it!!!!! *dies* Religion and family...but YES, love doesn't conquer all, unless you're Cinderella or one of these happier ladies.

What about me & love?
From the naive believer in true, endless love and all this yadda yadda I've grown into a rather cynical duck who says that there might be a true love, but it can hardly last forever.

Or maybe just by me it can hardly last forever. -_~ :P I'm very impatient you know, and also I'm easily annoyed by people. I say nothing but I'm annoyed and THEN when I finally say something on this matter, the poor duck usually gets blown off by my impolite words.

And NOW!!!! I can't imagine living with the same person for 40 yrs or so. I think that no love can last for that long. In your 15th year together you're just friends, not lovers. You know him/her from head to toe, there's nothing more to discover and you're living your boring daily routine.


I don't like stereotypes. I love changes!

Now I must seem like that kind of duck who has decided to have a new boyfriend every 3 weeks or so, but no, that's not it. I only can't imagine a really serious commitment. That's normal la, I'm 17 years old, not 45.

So far I've been only in one more or less serious relationship (sometimes I felt like it was too serious - why we talked about weddings & etc.?) and I've learnt many things.


Sadly, I'll continue with this after I'm back from France. Sigh. Now I must go.


Love ya forever! ^^

Listening to: "Beautiful Day" by MJB
Yay!: Mato said he'll get me something in Greece! Yay!
Grrr: Have I packed everythong? O_o

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Viva La France!!!!!

Bonjour mon amour Bae Yong Joon (et Ji Jin Hee)!
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? XD
Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Christian Dior, Luis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Esteé Lauder, Christian Lacroix, Coco Chanel, Prada, Elizabeth Arden, TV5, Fois Gras, Le Monde, Elle, Vogue, Madamme, Lanvin, Marseilles, Cote D'Azur, Nice, Paris, Versailles, METZ, Provance, L'Occitane, Cannes, Haute Couture, Prét-A-Portér, Gérard Depardieu, Tour De France, Marionnaud Parfumeries, Hermés, Seine, Claude Monet, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Nice, Cannes....


I'm off to France tmr!!! ^___^

That means that I'll be TOTALLY without net connection for 2 weeks, or at least I think I'll be....well, in case there's a netcafé in Metz, I'll try to post something here BUT don't expect too much from me. And sadly, there'll be NO PHOTOS.
*dies* I want my cam back!!!! T_T
May you die in unbearable pain, you fucking thief!!!!!!!!! AAAARRGGGHHHH!!!!

I'm planning to buy some sandals with not too high (max. 5cm) heels there. Something á la what the Singapooporean Charles & Keith sells and I totally love it.

I'm just looking at their website. *_* My size is 38!!!! DEAR ALMIGHTY DUCK, SEND ME SOME HEELS SANDALS!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

For example these in white. *drools*

*looks at Ralph Lauren website & dies of love*

I'm speechless. Those clothes (at the Collection line) are heavenly beautiful.

*doesn't dare to look at Tommy Hilfiger website anymore*
*looks at Lacoste instead*

MMmmmmMMM, lovely!!!

I want that body, that skirt, that top, those shoes, that bag and that hat. WAH.


I think that now I'm going to take a looooong, waaaarm bath with magnesium enhanced salt. Maybe it's gonna do well on my (currently) HORRENDOUSLY DUCKRRIBLE skin.

Oh yes, and after I'm back from France, I'm gonna learn tennis. YAY!!! ^____^

Off I go - adieu for now! ^^

Listening to: "Somebody To Love" by George Michael
Yay: I'm STILL not biting my nails. And I'm downloading two MJB's albums! Yay!
Grrr: My skin is TERRIBLE. And I really have cellulitis on my ass. I CANNOT TAHAN THAT!!!!!!!! *jumps off a cliff*

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I've returned from the downtown at 10.30pm and man, I'm tired. =_= We - e. g. me & my friends - went to see Bandidas (quite good!) and then we went to the historical centre where I drank a strong Darjeeling black tea with sugar but it didn't help me with my sian-ness. #_#

*yawns somemore*

This is what I get for going to bed at 1.30am, falling asleep around 2am and waking up at 7.40am. HAIYOOOOH. @_@

Btw, I've found out that no one reads this blog. Hmpf.
Well, whatever.....that just means that the duckylation is more normal than I thought. :P

And irrelevantly....I REALLY love Mary J. Blige!!!! *___*
The more I listen to her latest Breakthrough CD, the more I love it.
And those lyrics...!!!!! *shining eyes*

An excerpt:

Take Me As I Am

She's been down and out
She's been wrote about
She's been talked about, constantly
She's been up and down
She's been pushed around
But they held her down, NYC
She has no regrets
She accepts the past
All these things they
helped make to make she
She's been lost and found
And she's still around
There's a reason for everything

You know I've been holdin on.
Try to make me weak,
But I still stay strong.
Put my life all up in these songs
Jus so you can feel me.

So take me as I am,
or have nothing at all.
Just take me as I am,
or have nothing at all.

Now she's older now
Yes, she's wiser now
Can't disguise her now
She don't need
No one tellin her
What to do and say
No one tellin her
Who to be
She's on solid ground
She's been lost and found
Now, she answers to G-O-D
And she's confident
This is not the end
Ask me how I know
Cause she is me.

You know I've been holdin on.
Try to make me weak,
But I still stay strong.
Put my life all up in these songs
Jus so you can feel me.

Or from the previous albums:

Don't Waste Your Time (an excerpt)

What's the point of love
When you got no trust
What's the point of staying
When you seen enough
What's the point of giving
What he don't deserve

No More Drama (another excerpt)

Uh, it feel so good
When you let go
Avoid these drama in your life
Now you're free from all the pain
Free from all the game
Free from all the stress
So find your happiness
I don't know
Only God knows where the story ends for me
But I know where the story begins
It's up to us to choose
Whether we win or loose

AAAAHHHHH, I love her!!! ^^
I think that when I'll have some relationship problems, I'll look into MJB's lyrics. She knows how to deal with em.

And now cuz I (relatively) love myself too, I'm going to bed. *yawns again* Soon I'm gonna faint from exhaustion.....aiyahh....I'm sleeping until noon tmr no matter what's going on. *grim face*

Listening to: "Take Me As I Am" by MJB
Yay!: I cleant some windows today so there isactually some light in our flat. Heheh.
Grrr: I miss Mato!!! He's at Rhodos now and I totally miss him!!! *SNIFF* T_T
你好李虹!!! ^___^

Finally I've met up with Li Hong today!!!! ^____^
I'm so happyyyyyyyy~~~~ ^___^
She looks so damn good now, beautiful, pure and sexy - and she's great as always.
Me is a happy happy ducky to have such a friend...yay! *dances salsa* ^.^
She returned from the almighty homeland 中国 and said that everything has changed so much there....everything & everyone.
Well, c'est la vie...nothing stays the same!

I'm VERY thankful to her cuz she brought me one wallet I don't like (My standarts for wallets are now at Armani so it's hard to please me~ Haha!) AND bra straps which I totally love cuz they're beautiful and practical and I can't get them here!!!

The first bra strap pair is 100% practical cuz it's a kind of....almost invisible 1mm wide strap from some flexible material. GREAT THING! ^^ I have tonnes of tank tops and colorful bra straps shining from underneath the tank top look rather vulgar.
HA! Now I'll be neat again, thanks to Li Hong. ^^

The second bra strap pair is simply BEAUTIFUL - it's from little white wannabe pearls and even smaller transparent sparkly beads serpentining between the pearls.

I'm lovin' it!!!!!! ^________________^

You see, I'm living such a great, happy life. ^_^ *smiles like a fool* Each day is unique, beautiful in its own way and great thanks to my friends. BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!!!! ^___^

And have you noticed that my life is great like this since I broke up with ex? AHEM. Yes, that's true, since then I'm actually living a life and enjoying every moment of it.

What might that mean?

1) LDRs are idiotic cuz they make you stuck by the PC like a retard.
2) LDRs are tiring and annoying. And without a future. Those who say that LDRs have future are either too naive or too unexperienced or both.
3) LDR often means no freedom. That also equals to 1) and that equals to 2) as well. Being in a LDR was like being caged - sorry to say that, but it's true.

I've learnt my lesson and it was an annoying lesson. Ugh!

Yesterday was yet another great day! ^^

I woke up at 8am and went to one place where I wanted to get the new ID but the cheebye there pissed me off and blah blah - that's not important anyways. After that I went to Tatra Banka to get another debit card and because I have the student's package TatraAcademy TB I can choose between four designs of the debit card - black, army, ethno sunflowers, white.

Guess which one I chose? ^.~

The white one of course. Heheh. ^^ It looks awful on the picture but in reality it's nice. I also saw the black card, Mato has one and that's nice as well.

After that I went to CKM to get my Euro>26 card and then eat to Govinda. Yum, I had a sedap Malaysian kiwwi juice by Jefi! :D

After that I was off to Billa and then home.
Kuci came in like two hours, I prepared breads with cheese, curly lettuce and smoked salmon and then I fried HEAVENLY GOOD pancakes with curd & cane sugar and with blueberries. Droolylicious!!! ^^
Because Mato wanted to come but couldn't, we've decided to bring him two pancakes and that boy almost died of shock seeing us in front of his house with such a gift. Hahah! :D

Oh, and then...then we went to the downtown for a nice mojito virgin and an ice-cream. I had the cookies one and Kuci had the caramel one. ^^

La Dolce Vita, mmmm???? ^_________^

Me is happy, happy, happy.

Today's evening I'm off to the downtown again, with Linda and Kuci and maybe with Ali. YAY!!!

OK la. I think I'm going to prepare myself a mint tea and slap it over poor my itchy swollen eyes. ^^

Listening to: "Father In You" by Mary J. Blige. I LOVE Mary J. Blige. So does Mato....and that remindfs me of asking him to send me her older songs.
Yay!: My life is YAY! ^^
Grrr: I'm sleep-deprived!!! @_@ Tmr I'm sleeping until noon no matter what's going on.

Friday, July 14, 2006


These titles are so distracting! Once I call something XYZ, I'm writing about XYZ and I can't concentrate on UHG. ._.

Anyways, today was yet another day of my vida loca. ^^
In the morning we (me, Marek & Mato) woke up on the patio of Ali's cottage in Senec (we've decided to sleep outside as it was a nice weather) and then we hectically packed and left for BA by train.
At that time we had no idea yet that there were some assholes thieves and we just told the rest of the dudes to find our missing things (a cam *sob*, wallet *sob*, iPod speakers *Mato's sob*) and bring 'em to us to BA when they get there later.

Well, then we (Ali, Mato, me) spent 2 hours & 30 minutes at the police station in BA what was stupid, cuz we had to talk to the police in Senec, not in BA.

After that we (me, Mato and then Kuci and Linda) went to IKEA for a delicious dinner and then home........and on my way home I had to pass through a weird shadow of one tree - it had a shape of a big hand, in the shadow there were no signs of even had five fingers and it was swinging from side to side with the wind...bbbrrrr....creepy!!!! @_@ *shivers*

After that I saw a meter long snake on the road.
Most of the ducks don't like snakes but I do - they're so pretty & elegant! ^^

Btw, I LOVE that red Armani wallet from Wallie!!! ^___^
It's small but very nice, cute and of a perfect quality - and because it's small it makes me clean it and don't flush it with century old papers, expired coupons and etc. ^.^

I'm very random today, I know. :P

And I feel that two things are color preferences and my feelings, or rather my interest in S.

Before I've liked brown, blue, black and hated violet and disliked white and grey. That's what I remember about the past myself. It must've been some boyish phase here, for I've looked like a crap and I behaved like an asshole. Hahah, okieee laaa, I'm NOT saying that guys are like that, OK!!!!! I'm just saying that me in that boyish phase was like that. :P

Now I love white, green, turquise, violet, dark purple and yes, I still like black although I rarely wear it.
It's amazing with this white - if I had to design my own villa (and I DO want it, hohoooo, I just need $$$$!!!!), 80% of it would be white with vibrant colorful details and a dark mahogany floor. MMMMmmmMMMM aaahhhh! *__*

My dream kitchen..... *starts daydreaming* ^.^
Dark mahogany floor, white minimalistic furniture, white marble on the workdesk (this is an invented word! XD Erm, but I mean by it that area where you chop the meat, slice the cabbage, the place where you put dirty dishes & etc.) and...little colorful white-turquise-golden tiles., maybe 5x5 cm. YAY!!!!!! ^_____^
White orchids or English tea roses on the mahogany desk would do great too. MMMMMMM~~~~ ^___^ And long, organza curtains...white, of course.

I have it all designed in my head, I only need the MONEY!!! Haha! :P

What about S?
I just don't care anymore. Not so much. When I'm at Koliba, I look for his car, but I'm not really disappointed not seeing it; I just tell myself that life is long and I might see him next time.
I don't agonize over him anymore - maybe it's cuz I've understood that I can hardly ever have him, and even if I had him, there's no assurance that it'd be a great relationship.
I just don't care.

Soon enough I'll leave for KL's Cenfad (I hope, I wish, I want, aaaahhh~~) and I'm sure that during those 3 yrs I'll forget him......almost completely.
After six years of thinking about him, wondering how he is, drooling over him, daydreaming about him, scribbling into my diary about him.....after all this long time my crush is slowly fading away.

The other thing is, what would I do seeing him face to face.... I'm sure I'd be back in the rollercoaster of agony.

I'm glad that it's slowly ending - I feel this kinda...freedom. ^^
I'm (almost) free from my heart's gilaness! Ain't that just great? ^^

And yes, even if S and me dated, it wouldn't be good. We would break up after few moths, for we're too different; at least when I'm comparing my character and his (assumed from my friends' talking, those who know him).

MMMMMMMMMMM.....I'm free. ^^
And I don't want a boyfriend. Not yet. There's nobody suitable anyways...and I like this freedom. ^_^

Uh...1am liao, I'd better go. Tmr I have to wake up at 6.30am cuz I'm off to that place where you get the new ID. Haiyoooh. I'm sian.... *yawns* x_x

Listening to: "Seduction" by Usher
Yay!: Oppa told me that he'll buy me Korean CDs!!! I LOOOVE HIMMM!!!!!~~~~
Grrr: I'm so tired. =_=

Thursday, July 13, 2006

$%$#%^&^^%$ #$^%^ &*(^# ^( )&@#!^~~~!!!!!

It's not lost.

It's fucking STOLEN.


Frustrated Materialistic Lady Blogging

I'm back.
Tanned, sleep-deprived, bitten by millions of mosquitos, with itchy eyes and an unique scent of a big pond with algae, swan's sial (no kidding!) and dead fish.
Oh, and I bit one my nail. -_-

It'd be such a great trip weren't it for a little experience of today's morning:

Me and Mato woke up and realised that some our things are missing.
It's not my cosmetic tampons or Mato's stinky underwear.

It's Mato's iPod speakers (but the iPod is okay).
It's my beautiful good ol' Sony Cybershot P8 digital cam.
It's my turquise bag with my sweetheart, darling, honey Pom the keychain. 2 in 1. FUCK.
It's my wallet with my ID, debit card, school card, bus card, assurance company card, the only photo of me, hubooby & Manis, my temporary Peek & Cloppenburg card, Yves Rocher card, 500Skk and etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*jumps from the window*

Hare Krishnaaaaaa.
Jim Carrey in "Almighty".

Please, all of You, PLEASE, make these 4 (5) things be just LOST within the cottage and not STOLEN. O_O

I'm gonna take a shower and die.

And thanks Wallie for the beautiful red Armani wallet you gave me. Finally I can use it. SIGH.

Listening to: "Into You" by Fabolous feat. Tamia
Yay!: Mato, Kuci & me are off for IKEA's salmon today. Yay! ^^
Grrr: FUCK YOU, WHOEVER STOLE OUR THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lesson 1: How To Waste Money Most Effectively

The Queen of Wasting, Her Royal Duckness Michaela I. shall give you a valuable lesson of the most effective, fastest and somehow 'invisible' wasting, e. g. you're wasting not even knowing how.

Pay attention and follow the instructions:

1. Have a nice sum of 674Skk in your wallet and nothing at your account.
2. Go to the pharmacy and buy a solution for contact lenses & Fenistil gel. ----> -333Skk
3. Go to Fujifilm and let them take 4 passport sized photos of yourself which you don't need anyways and you only thought that you need them. ----> -156Skk
4. Go to the downtown and buy two plain croissants and one sparkling mineral water. ----> -26Skk
5. Go to the L'Oreal cosmetic studio and let them take care of your eyebrows. ----> -30Skk

THE RESULT: 120Skk in your wallet and still nothing at your account.

Grrrraaauuurrgghaaarrgghhh, I'm again broke!!!!!
120Skk ain't enough for me, I'm off to that Ali's cottage!!!!!

OK la, I'll eat insects there. -_~ Maybe they'll taste fine enough if I fry them on sesame oil or what.... *sigh*

Ugh, someone teach me to handle money... ._.'''


Eh. I'm off to pack and then...I think I'll try to find some money here.
I'm against GMOs, but damn you scientists, invent a moneytree!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< PLEASE!

Listening to: "Wait A Minute" by Pussycat Dolls feat. Timbaland. HEY! These ah lians are actually good! :D I've downloaded the CD and I actually like it!!!! O_o
No help for me anymore, soon I'll buy glittery Barbie pink 15cm high heels with baby blue chiffon butterflies and then HALLELUJAH.....!!!! *dies in horror*
Yay!: I love having holidays. ^_^
Grrr: I hate knowing that the holidays will end. T_T
In The Morning

Isn't it amazing that I had the inner strenght to wake up at 6.55am? ^^
I have to go see my doctor today and take some vaccination list from her for the Fiche sanitaire de liason which is for my workcamp to France in July 17 ~ July 29.

The morning sun is caressing my dry awful skin gently...mmm....I feel like in Malaysia, only it's not that hot (yet) and not that humid. :P

Yesterday was an interesting day.
I've realized that even thought I think that I DON'T look Korean, it seems like to other Koreans I do! O_o ^^

Three of them stared at me flirtatously yesterday.

One of them was very hunky, tall, with glasses, looking nice and intelligent. Sedap (tasty), hahahaha! XD
The other one was older (40~45yrs?) but that didn't stop him from smiling at me. -_~
The other one was some young thing and I think he was a Chinese but it wasn't bad anyways.

Still the hunky one wins!

The most absurd Asian-ducky-related thing happened to me on the trolleybus stop on my way home around 10pm - I sat down on that bench by an elder Asian woman and she offered me the chips she was eating.. Ehhh??!! O_o I'm not getting it! Heheh!

Oh yes, yesterday I was in the downtown with Ali, Linda & Hanka and I'm telling you, spending 240Skk on two stupid (and DARN DELICIOUS) mojitos virgin is really a waste. :P
240Skk....... *slaps head* I can't tell about this waste to madre cuz she's gonna kill me. x_x
The barman decided to give us a lil' treat then and prepared a blueberry vodka + some juice + malibu WTD + something something blahblah mix and served it in little glasses for us.

So I had to sip it cuz he was looking at us.
It was quite delicious, I can't deny it, but I didn't wanna drink it all cuz I just don't drink. See what a good girlie I am? ^.^ :P

As a real ah lian, I'm off to one place where they'll take care of my chow chow-ish eyebrows. Today around 10.30am.

Yeah, I look THAT hairy. Hihihihi! Cantik, ain't I? ^^

This is very random, but I love Munie cuz she'll get me April Snow and My Sassy Girl in KL!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! *_______________________*
Sayangku!!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Bae Yong Joon in April Snow, mmmmmm aaaahhhh orgasmmmmmmmm (eh, pardon me).... *_* *drooools*

DUCKING FINALLY I'll see it! ^___^

I really need to study in Malaysia so I'll be in touch with the Korean world. Sure, I could download everything when I'm here but I'm lazy to, so I'm million yrs in the past. -_-

Okay la. I must go call the doctor now...then I must go to the ambulance (if she's there)...after that to Trnavské mýto at 10am to meet up with Linda.
After that back home, pack and go to the railways station at 15.30pm cuz we're off to Senec, to Ali's cottage.

I'll be back tmr! ^^

Do skorého videnia! ^_^
(See you!)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sometimes I Wish I Were A Gay

Yes, yes, yessss, I'm back to BA! *throws glittery lotus-like confetti in the air and dances merengue quackyfully*

I've been to Aupark with grandma cuz she wanted to buy a brown bag.

In the 1st shop there was big nothing. Or actually, there were 3 bags and they were crappy.
In the 2nd shop there were few really pretty bags, but all costed around 3000Skk what's quite a lot.
In the 3rd shop (Mango) were no nice bags for grandma and tonnes of perfect clothes for me - in sale somemore and shit, I'm broke! *wails in despair*
In the 4th shop (Mexx) there was one nice bag which grandma bought, more nice clothes for me *wails more* AND a nice curly benefit in a shape of a hunky guy with intriguing dark blue eyes......................~~~

And YES, he was a gay.

Is there any justice in the world?! T_T

I think the answer should be negative, for I know about two guys in Slovakia which are rather yummy AND they are gays. And that's just in Slovakia...and they're not even Asian...well, one of them isn't. Heh.

Sigh sigh sigh.

Kool guys are...
a) attached
b) unattainable
c) gays

So sedih. u_u

He was kind, nice, cute, adorable, smart. He had dark brown curly hair (3rd guy with CURLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), nice lips, BEAUTIFUL dark blue eyes (or was it brown?) and a lanky, quite tall body.

Nice, nice, me liked very much but he's a gay so WTP. *sniff*

As always I'm very lazy to write.
Now I must catch up with blogs, ok?! I haven't read them for million yrs liao!!!!!!

Listening to: "My Memory" by Ryu (OK, I know I'm pathetic)
Yay!: I'm STILL not biting my nails! ^^
Grrr: Idiotic allergy. Grrraaarrggghhh!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hot Koreans 4eva
*Off To PN*

More ignorance from my side.

I'm off to the BA's castle soon (*photooooooosssss*) with Mato, Ali & whoever....and after that I'm off to Piestany with madre.


FUCK THIS PRINTER, I can't print out the Bulletin d'inscription for the French camp!!!!!!!! Fucking black letters disappear, aaaarrrggghhhhh, I wanna new printer!!!! RIGHT NOW!!! T_T

(And a new cellfone *yum, what about LG Chocolate?*, and A NEW CYBERSHOT CAM!!!)
(And Gucci Vol. II, Pure by Jil Sander and Kenzoki cosmetics.)
(And lotsa $ so I can go shopping.)
(And a HUGE apartment at Koliba with a swimming pool & sauna...and a bar pult with a hot Korean barman. Wahaha!)
(And that brilliant necklace I saw yesterday, for like 28 000Skk or what.)
(And Ji Jin Hee in a polo t-shirt in my room.)

OOOHHHH yesss, it's no more only Bae Yong Joon....although Bae Yong Joon is somehow HEAVENLY....but Ji Jin Hee ain't bad too, right?? ^_~
Sexy & hot!

*points down on Ji Jin Hee - credits to*

BYJ! BYJ! *_*
BYJ is a man. Ya know, like that kind of man whom you would trust, the one who's all polite and gentlemanly and BLAHBLAH. Ideal husband.

(Oh no, I'm officially willing to marry, what's gone wrong with me?! O_o Must be some disease, please someone cure me asap! #_@
I don't wanna find myself cooking for some smelly man watching the World Cup 2006, waving hands and shouting "Gooooo, you dickheeeaaaad!!!! NOOO, that's an offside, you Brazilian fuckeeer!!!!" Nooo! That's not what I wanna! I don't wanna pick up armpit hairs from the bathroom when my husband finally shaves his 56cm long hairs in his smelly armpits!!!! @_@ I don't wanna wipe beer from the kitchen table!!!! I don't wanna wash his smelly stinky awful *grrraaaauugbleargh* trunks!!!!!!!! OH NOOOOOOOO~~~~~)

*credits for the pic to*

Ji Jin Hee is A HOTTIE.
Yum. Eyecandy. Raper's object. Toyboy wahahhaahahhah!!!!! XD
Me wannaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~ *_*

When I'm 40, alone and sexually frustrated, I'll call Ji Jin Hee to come and play with me. *winks* Eh, I know he'll be old then - ok la, I'll call some new innocent hot Korean star then. GAHAHA!!


Ah lianism is winning.

I've decided that I wanna a REALLY long hair.
Long like...reaching my nipples? Fucking long la, I'll look like a broom but whatever, hahhah!!! XD
My hair is healthy, thick & pretty (oh, sorry, this was damn self-confident, but really, everyone is telling me that!) and it's absurdly slightly wavy and SUCH a hair will look da best only long.
Then I'll buy some fake flowers and WTP and look like the real Tahitian babe. ^^v

Also I wanna heels sandals.
Grrrrr, Charles & Keith has such CANTIK ones and I can't get them here. *curses*

*bright smile*

EH, don't think I wanna go there only cuz of shopping, I'm nt THAT kind of ah lian (yet...)!!!
No la, I wanna gothere & meet hubooby...and go eat Korean food...and buy CDs and VCDs with Asian stuffs....and buy Asian cosmetics....and visit Sentosa...and eat eat eat....and take materials from those art unis....and drool over Asian guys....and finally visit Zouk!!!

OK LAAAAH, I must go liao, 1 hour to pack and commute to Zochova to meet with duckies!!!! O_o

TAKE CARE MY SAYANGS - I'll be back on Sunday!!!! ^__^

Listening to: Some song by FTTS
Yay!: It's hot outside finally. Yay!
Grrr: I'm such a materialistic bitch!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

La Vida Perfectamenteeeeeeeeeee ^.^

I'm HAPPY!!!! ^____^

I've got my lovely friends - Ali, Mato & Linda - and WE LOOOVVVEEEE EACH OTHEEERR aaaaaachhhh my deeeeeeaaarrr duckieees, I looove yaaa!!! ^______^

I love you all too as well.

And sorry for ALWAYS forgetting to reply all the SMSes. I'm too alzheimeric and I'm busy LIVING LA VIDA LOCA. :S Mampos me lah. :S I DESERVE IT!!!!

I don't want this holiday to end.
I wanna be with these my three sayangs 4eva! We click so great....who would've thought that? O_o 7 years ago I even didn't remember Mato's name and surname! @_@ Now he's the one who prepared the hot chocolate for the pancakes I fried for all four of us who came here with me.

Love, love, love. ^___^

I feel so free after I broke up with ex! REALLY! I more sitting by the PC like some more saving up money (I can't do that, no matter how much I'm trying) more behaving myself ("Don't look at that guy, you betraying bitch!") I can hang out to everywhere all the time and I'm happy! ^___^

Me wants no boyfriend for the next few centuries. HA!

Oh, that reminds me of seeing S recently...he has a big curly mess on his head (wahaha comel nyaa~~~ XD *sarcastic evil grin*) and very skinny legs. XD
And my heart fluttered just a tiny lil bit when seeing him, I didn't die on the spot. *applause*

I wonder whether it's cuz I'm curing liao or cuz I didn't see him properly, cuz it was dark liao and I was sitting in a trolleybus??? O_o Huhuhu. Who knows.~

Enough happy crapping!

Me shall go & take a shower, re-apply the nail polish on my toenails, apply a facial mask and wash my hair.
Ah lianism
is taking over me.....I can't stop it.....soon I'll buy a pink lacey miniskirt and 10cm heels and then DEAR HEAVENS, SAVE ME. Hahahaha!!! XD
*shakes the butt sexily*

The pic down there shows what MIGHT happen to me one day if I don't stop my ah lianism *gulps*


Please, please NO!!! *dies in an unexplainable horror*

Listening to: "Emotion" by Destiny's Child. I LOVE THAT BALLAD FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! It's so sad & beautiful & aaaahhh.... *melts*
Yay!: I'm NOT biting my nails! ^__^ I'm off to France on July 17th!
Grrr: Damn shit, I want this holidays to last 4eva. *sigh*

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I Actually Have A Life

Sorry for no proper quacking.

For the past few weeks I have a busy social life with my friends & I can't quack properly.

Last week me & Mato were in all BA's shopping malls (downtown --> Aupark --> Polus --> Shopping Palace Zlaté Piesky --> IKEA --> Avion --> downtown) for 8hours cuz he had to check out some green-white sneakers and a hoody. We travelled everywhere by all buses, trams and trolleybuses and we had two mojito virgin cocktails in Aupark, köttbullar, salmon steak, smoked salmon & 2 drinks in IKEA and then two Kofolas at the 4 Rooms pub.
Very absurd and very kool..... I especially loved how we were seriously checking out IKEA's furniture.
Hahaha, we have a similar taste for that. :D

The day after we did nothing (a miracle) but then the next day we went to the downtown.

Yesterday we (Mato, Linda, Marek, Miso, me, Juro) went for a cocktail, then we went to Sibyla (OMG, a terribly shitty place but they played Usher there, I liked that), Film café and to two other places. Oh my. I came home at 11pm!
Oh yes, and before all this we (Ali, Mato, me) went to Aupark for sushi *aaaahhhh looooveee*, for Asian soups and a drink and to Atrium to check out the furniture. Yeah, AGAIN. XD

Today we (Mato, Juro, Marek, Linda, me) went to Zelezna studnicka (BA's park-forest), from there we took a cable-car (!!!) to Koliba, went to check out the TV tower, went down to my former primary school at the 203 final stop, then we went to surprise Miso, from there we ran through all Jeseniova (300m) to another 203 bus stop and travelled all the way to another final stop of 203.
There we had pizza and Linda and Marek left cuz they felt bad after eating some crappy langosh or whatever.
After that we - me, Mato and Juro - went to Slavín, a big memorial above Bratislava in memory of the fallen Russian soldiers.

(Credits to Markoff for the pic of Slavín)

From there we went to check out some DARN PRETTY villas (both me & Mato are into architecture and we have the same taste) around this memorial (it's a very luxurious area) and then to Horský park which is another forest park here in BA. From there Juro went home and me & Mato walked through all the forest park to get to the trolleybus stop....and from there both of us went home.

I totally LOVE Mato, Linda, Marek and all these duckies.....they're just great. ^.^

Tmr we're off to Koliba again and we're gonna have some nice picknick and all... Yay! ^__^
I'm gonna take some pics & then post them up here. That's a yaksok (promise in Korean)! ^.^


Few days ago I've learnt that...

...I belong to the group of menopausal Japanese women liking Harry Potter's Dad with make-up.


Let me quote three sources of my incredibooble knowledge! ^^'''

USA Today says:

Japanese women in their 40s, 50s and 60s line up for hours to see him the way some of them lined up as teenagers to see the Beatles here back in 1966. (...)

Yoshiko Takeuchi, 50, came to the Mori Tower exhibit from Saitama Prefecture, an hour and a half away. She has Bae's picture on her cell phone screen, regularly checks his Japanese-language Web site, can talk in some detail about his diet and exercise regimen and has seen all 10 or so of the South Korean dramas in which he has appeared.

Takeuchi says Bae is an "old-fashioned gentleman: cultured, well-read and kind — nothing like the shallow pretty boys who seem to dominate Japanese pop culture." ( I AGREE)

Lost Seouls says:

Speaking of fame (, ) there's a drama series on Korean TV called "Winter Sonata" which as far as I can make out, mainly consists of young couples walking around in the snow, deeply in love and occasionally crying onto each others shoulders. (Wahahahaha, I have to admit that he's right! XD)

Quite frankly, like brushing your teeth, it's for girls, but very very popular. So popular in fact that the shop where I buy my morning coffee was once featured in a small scene on the show, and they now sell commemorative gift sets with some ground coffee and a laminated still of one actor in particular enjoying a cup. Now it's this actor, Bae Yong-Joon that's the star of the show, and apparently the preferred eye-candy of most post-menopausal women in Japan (where the series is especially popular). I can't see what the fuss is about myself, he looks like Harry Potter's Dad wearing makeup to me, but then Japan is the country where you can pay vast sums of money to have a girl paint her face white, giggle behind her hand and pour you drinks all night.


Don't girls in my age find him irresistibly wonderful, hot, adorable, lovely, blahblahblah?! O_o

Appooparently NOT. TT_TT

Again I'm the weird one!!!! T_T XD

Oh, alright. Too much random blabbing. Off I go! ^^

Listening to: "Snakes & Ladders" by Joss Stone
Yay!: I love you duckies! ^^
Grrr: Kuci is still at Monte Negro, I miss heeeeeer~~~~