Thursday, March 30, 2006


[Mwaha, you see, I've got Hangul in my PC already - so kool! :D And 서렁 means love. I hope I wrote it good cuz I suck at Korean, everything what 종믄 오퍼 (Jong Moon oppa? Written well? O_o) taught me, I've managed to forget already. I suck duck. >_>]

I know that ideal love exists only in fairy tales, Asian dramas & maybe some movies. And even this love has to overcome lots of obstacles in order to climax in a beautiful happyend.

We, regular mortal people have it harder.

Anything can come up suddenly. For example a sudden & persistent bitchiness. Or for example the two of you will just start to feel like you can't take it anymore & you can't see any point in the relationship you have.

Maybe you'll get tired of all the conflicts, all the brainless arguing, all the hurt talking, annoyed sarcastic replies, nasty words and ridiculous accusations. Then, for the peace of you two you'll decide to break up. It may be a good (although a sad and disappointing one) decision cuz what's the reason for suffering in a relationship which apparently isn't working??

But maybe you'll decide to work things out. It'll be a tougher way than a simple bitter 'farewell' & no one can guarantee that you actually can work it out. If you try, you hopefully can. If you don't try...well, no guarantees. I think that this work-things-out-option most importantly requires two things: PATIENCE & lots of TIME SPENT TOGETHER.

Let's imagine for now that I'm right - then what should the couples in long-distance relationships do? O_o

They can have heaps of patience but they don't qualify to the 2nd thing unless you count in the hours spent online everyday.
And that online time is not good as - let's not forget we talk about relationships in a crisis - as it's usually spent by useless arguing. (Try to argue's nothing kool, I assure you. >_>)

Both options are reasonable, understandable, bitter, hard & good.
I wonder which one could prove better.
Let's wait another month and see.

Listening to: "Perhaps Love" by HowL. Soooo beautiful....I love it. ^__^ Where can I download it? Anyone knows??
Yay!: Yay goes 2 me & UE in bed blanket toga today. ^^ Pics today in some other entry! Weekend must get a big YAY too!!!! :D *dances salsa*
Grrr: Waking up at 6am. School. SCHOOL. SCHOOL. SCHOOL. >_<

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Never say "I believe you" and then let me change the MSN password for you.

It's not good to give me your password for your MSN account. No, no. It's not good.
My dear wavy haired friend Pom should get his mistake by now after I.....

...logged into his account & wrote this as the personalized msg under the nickname:
"Lalalalaaaa, lalalaaaa, lalaLAAAAA, I bought a new pink bra 4 Pong! I hope u luv it, mann!!!!"
(Pong is his - and mine too - 25 yrs old friend and it's not a girl. It's a GUY. )

...logged out & giggled slyly...THEN decided to change his display pic. He still had there those two snowmen I drew in MS Paint a long time ago.

BORING, isn't it???
And very out-dated. It's 33C in Bangkok (WTF, I wanna also! >_<) & no snow here in Bratislava anymore. I had no suitable pics for him in my folders - all flowers, beaches, squirrels, manga animals, crowns, horses, high heels, Winter Sonata, irresistible Se7en, Bae Yong Joon darling, Shi Won....
Unless Pom is a gay or a seriously weird being, he shouldn't have my pics in his MSN account. XD

So I did WHAT???

This! ^___^
*dies laughing at her geniality*

Now you dunno how much it looks like Pom....but....I'm gonna show ya!!!!!


WUAHAHAHAHA, now you believe me?!~ XD

Fuckin good. I'm so proud of myself. XD

Poor Pom, he'll probably get a heart attack (WAHAHAHA, I almost wrote "hair attack"!!!!) after he logs into his account and FINDS THE NEWS THERE.
His wavy hair will all turn straight & that'll break my heart cuz I won't be able to make fun of it anymore. XD

Ahahaha! I'm so gila! XD

Or you'll end up like Pom. XD

Oh & now there's written a note for Pom not to kill me for the pic in the personalized msg section. No more bra for Pong. Next time! ^_~

Listening to: "Brother" by Miss Dynamite
Yay!: Yay goes to the face expression of poor little wavy haired being when accessing his MSN. Can't someone record it for me? Please???? *puppy dog eyes*
Grrr: Grrr 2 me!!!! Still haven't opened the Chem notes! >_<
Woodless & graphite

So I was a badly good girl today who skipped the last Spanish class (FINALLY!), vacuum cleant the flat, hasn't studied at all, went out with Haku despite the ugly rain & DREW.


Drew...drew something very random, that is, a mushroom. Hahaha!! :D
Wanna see? ^^

Now when I'm looking at it, the two mushrooms DON'T look alike. WTF whaaa... >_>
But it's quite good, isn't it? ^^;;;;

I admit I photoshopped it a bit, I adjusted the contrast. But that's cuz I took the photo like a shit and I HAD TO do something abt it or you'd see nothing.

Practice makes perfect.
Maybe one day I'll be perfect also.

I had more pics, esp of the camwhore me in my new white cap. But man, there was some prob with the pics-to-the-PC transfer & I'm lazy to restart whole the PC. Tmr, ok?

And for goodnite...

.:+Mich+:. says:
no no but wife is finding him ridiculous
.:+Mich+:. says:
he didnt manage to puss off wife yet
=<"DeFeNce...NoT DeFiAnCe...wHeRe aM I aGaIn??! + += says:
PUSS OFF???!!!???
Where did wife get that???? XD XD XD WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!
=<"DeFeNcE...NoT DeFiAnCe...wHeRe aM I aGaIn??! + += says:
sounds wrong liao

(Wife is me. ^^)

That's how it looks when a typo stops by me. XD *rofl*

Listening to: "In My Memorye" by MC The Max. My hip hop & sentimental K-ballads moods are endless. :P Hip hop & K-ballads & mood in-love-with-anything-concerning-Winter-Sonata are ETERNAL. Or it seems like that at least. :P
Yay!: Drawing. 5 classes only. New great cap for just 330Skk. ^^ My Physics teacher bought my Black Holes & Warped Time book from me for 300Skk! :D So absurd, my Phy prof is buying Phy books from me...a person who is happy not to FAIL!!! XD
Grrr: The Winter Sonata OST I was downloading had only instrumental versions inside but I wanted those sung by Ryu also. So FINE. I'm downloading it all over again. >_<

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random quack No. 457452,902

* Hubooby, TERIMA POOPSIH for all your advices. *squishy berbulu hugs* I'll always remember them! My hubooby is soooo good to tirelessly listen to all my bodoh stuffs... I'm endlessly grateful to you. You've helped me so much. ^_^ SAYA CINTA KAMU!!!! FORBLINGEVER!!!! :D My poopromise! ^^

* I bought the canvas today. 40 cm x 60 cm which is pretty good, I like it a lot, it's big enuff for me...I hate painting little details (that's why I hate all drawing including the one with giocondas) but I love to paint with a big brush on a big canvas/paper/Se7en's ass *ah ahem*. ^^;;;; XD
I think that those cherry flowers on this big canvas will be good... I can't wait for Monday, then I'll start it. ^_^

* I also bought a Koh-I-Noor woodless graphite pencil. NOTHING can stop me now from drawing in my free time. >_> Nothing. WTF, I've been lazying around since Ray came & left, I've skipped 4 art classes, drew nothing & pretended not to have anything to paint on/with. >_< style="font-style: italic;">more acrylics.
I've got 2 pallettes, hard brushes, soft brushes & even 1 Chinese calligraphic brush.

What else I want? >_>

* Finally I bought the yummy Pu-Erh tea! ^__^ It reminds me of Malaysia. There, in all the hawker stalls when I asked for tea, they brought me this Pu-Erh one. ^^
Well, from time to time they brought me some green tea but usually it was Pu-Erh. No wonder I lost so much weight, this tea helps it.
Guess my weight now?????

62kg. *faints* ._.

WTF, 54kg in M'sia, 58kg normally & 62kg now? =_=
I don't feel or look fat (that tummy is a bit bleeh maybe) but I feel just...bigger. :P
Pu-Erh, help me, k? ^^;;;;

* I wanna buy a cap. That means I'll go support the Vietnamese export and that means I'll go to the crappy market & buy something. MUAHAHAHA.
I'm in a hip hop mood now, maybe I'll go buy something hip hoppish. ^^ First I wanted to go to some kickass kool expensive Quiksilver & waste 1000Skk on one stupid cap but what's the point??? -_~
At Vietnamese markets I can buy kool caps too & maybe I'll even find something with kawaii manga animals!!! Hahaha!!!
Like panties with manga animals!!!! :D XD

Like these:

Oohhh so sexy. BUT!!! Mommy, mommy, I want THESE instead!!!! *_*

YEEEEY, such a beautiful pink dress with Hell-No Kitty!!! ^___^
*pukes secretly*

I want such!!! *_*

*runs away*

It's amazing to see what people are able to wear. >_>

But those panties are often found at the markets here. So if there'll be too little other kawaii manga animals panties there, I might end up with buying the Hell-No kitty ones. Oh no, where's this world going? O_o =_= XD

Listening to: "I'm Still A Man" by MC Mong.
I'm telling you I'm in a hip hop mood today. Just don't make me listen to Eminem or 50 Cent, please! I can't stand em! @_O# :P Hmmm...I have that CD of Miss Dynamite.... I shall listen to it later then.

Canvas, graphite pencil, Hell-No Kitty dress (WAHAHAHA, I'm kidding), Pu Erh & Gyokuro teas, Pom the keychain staring at me with loving eyes (can keychains stare?!) ^^ XD
And yay goes to Yunho's pelvic thrusts too. HAHA! Sexy!!! ^_~

Pom the real guy already changing his password to MSN which I've changed for him. *SNIFF* I wanted to log into his account & write something like "My towels are all lacey!" or other nonsense but I couldn't. u_u Or maybe I've typed the password wrongly. :P
Grrr goes to period cramps today also. And to Physics prof giving me -3 pts for not doing my hw. -_-

Monday, March 27, 2006

Panda's blab time again. >_>

Stupid daylight saving. >_<>
I had to wake up at 5.25am instead of my usual 6.25am! Not healthy. >_>

At the painting course I was doing a rough draft on how I want my oil on canvas look. And cuz I'm SO great, I didn't bother re-painting it for you in MS Paint. :D

THAT'S IT!!! ^___^
What do you think? Nice or not? :D I think it's quite nice although maybe rather boring or too simple...
It looks very spring-ish though. ^^

Well, when I finish the painting, I'll post the pics, ok?
It'll take some time though, I haven't even bought the canvas yet. :P

Oh well, I've got the infamous Chem test tmr. @_@ I haven't studied yet...just like I haven't studied for the today's Economics' test at all! Haha! *angelic smile* It wasn't hard though, I think I'll lose only 1 point. ^^;;;
For the Chem tmr I'll prepare some fascinatingly good CHEATSHEETS. I know that cheating is bad but heck, I'm lazy to study & this is the fastest way on how to get the Chem from my sight. ^^ MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! *evil laughter*

Maybe I should even prepare 'em on PC.
Colorful, good quality, tiny letters, all important info extracted! $5,000 for each, wanna??? XD You know, I need money, I wanna fly to KL & Thailand. ^^

Muaha, my attitude towards the school is impressive. :P

Oh well, now I must go read that book & finish it finally or my feathers die. Abt 120 pages left, that's nuffin! :D Chem can wait! MWAHA!

Listening to: Lee Seung Chul's "Western Sky". Nice, slow, sentimental. ^_^Me likes! :D
Yay!: Erm...maybe that art course. Oh yes & I've finally bought the transparent pantyhoses. Now I can wear skirts finally.... Yay goes to my mother which wanna cook bryndzove halusky today. :P And yay goes to the wonderful WARM SPRING WEATHER too! :D

Sunday, March 26, 2006


We've been to sauna today... Twice I went to the Finnish dry one & once to the wet, steamy one. And cuz I'm a stupid ass, I hadn't gone to the freezing pool even once. >_> Bad Mich!!!! *slap slap*

I've found out that I like the steamy sauna more cuz when I sweat there, I can't feel the sweat dripping on me! Everything is dripping there, the warm water, your sweat, the steam is everywhere.... A Taman Negara time, haha! :D

Ohhh.... O_O

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOODNNNEEEEESSSS, at KBS Radio they're playing the soundtrack for the WINTER SONATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M DYIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! So freakishly beautiful, I'm dying of my sentimental feelings!!! *wipes tears & listens to the heavenly voice & the piano*

Just SOMEONE send me the mp3. My soul, my life, my heart, my everything depends on that song. It's so beautiful................................aaahhh............. ^____^

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm truly a 1/4 Korean. Haha! :P
Heeeya grandpa Cho, ya proud of your crazy granddaughter? XD

Ah, erm, where were I? O_o
I apologize for hyperventilating like must understand that this winter I had my little Winter Sonata too.... Ray was here... I was always in touch with Pom cuz he had probs with gf... Then Ray complained that I'm too much online talking to ppl...
And in all the time... I was watching Winter Sonata here & wiping tears at Joon-Sang & Yujin. :P It was snowing outside when I was wiping tears or it was just plainly awful...and then..Ray had to leave & I was trying not to cry at the airport trying to be strong...
*sniff sniff sniff*


Yes, by sauna. <_< It's like Malaysia! Haha! :D Only rather hotter & more humid Malaysia. :P But still, it's hot & humid and hot & humid is GOOD.

And the rship thing... I love Ray...yes I do...and I ALWAYS notice it in all its depth only after we argue & I tell him nasty stuffs. <_<>_>

Fine, duckies. I must go to bed now...with the sound of the Winter Sonata heart! ^___^
*Oh darling Joon-Sang, just hug me like this and I'll gladly end my life in the very second... ^_^*
(But change your hairstyle please! That color! OMP!)

(Yes Ray, you also!)


Listening to: "From The Beginning", the beautiful Winter Sonata OST. I'm listening to it for the 7th time already. :P This, duckies is LOVE! I fuckin love it... *melts into a puddle of glittery snowy white feathers* ^_______________^
Yay!: Yay goes 2 sauna, "From The Beginning", Ray & me, Jolene's entry, the book I'm reading, Haku, Pong sending me beautiful pics of Thailand (I'll forward it to you!^^) & to myself eating instant kimchi mee yesterday & not finding it spicy AT ALL. The next step - tomyum! O_O EEKK! *dies*
Grrr: School tmr & me not preparing for it AT ALL. I suck. >_<>____<
So true

Applause for Jolene FOR THIS ENTRY!!!

Read it well my dear duckies. Men & women. And learn!

*goes back to rather angry chat with Ray*

Edit at 4.18pm:

So true No. 2:

"Learn to love the person who is willing to love you at present. Forget the person and the past and thank him/her for hurting you which led you to love the person you have now."

A beautiful quote from the awesomely crazy Bryanboy's web.

Aiyaaah. I'll tell you something.

I have a bf.
Bf is good.
Bf is caring.
Bf is a chicken but often he's a chicken cuz he doesn't want bad things to happen to me.
Bf often has no money to pay so I pay.
Bf is no good at being a romantic gentleman prince as I wanna cuz watch too much K-dramas.
Bf cannot cook as I wanna cuz my life depends on food.
Then me.
Me is bad.
Me is picky, independant, sarcastic, ignorant & egoistic.
Me is daring & yet a chicken, that depends.
Me hates to talk abt certain things and gets angry at bf for mentioning it although he wants no more than finding a solution for the certain thing with me.
Bf has a great ability for making me angry with just 1 simple sentence.
Bf wonders what's wrong with me.
Suddenly I behave like a total bitch.
No good! In Malaysia I was sweet, good, tolerant, polite & nice although I was sarcastic as usually.
But now I treat good bf like a piece of shit.
I tell him things I wouldn't expect myself to even think about.
Bf is then angry & hurt and me the same.
Me often thinks about a breather, about a break-up & ask myself - "What's the point of this rship?"
Me thinks more & remembers all the nice times together.
Me thinks even more & reminds myself on how empty and sad my life would be without bf.
Me thinks EVEN more & finds out:

"No matter how much he makes me angry, I still love him."

Me thinks then even more & knows that me MUST change.
Me must not lose bf cuz bf is good.
Both me & bf must grow up & stop behaving like immature maggots but we can do so also together.

I've spoken, Oh great Manitou.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The World's Wonders

* Wonder No. 1:

Like my ducky sis' boyfriend who always opens the door for her since their 1st date until now. OMFB!!! O_o *faints*
Such thing hasn't happened to me if I don't count my father who has good manners & opens the door for women also!
Well & my guy classmates do that, but they don't mind telling us "you stupid ass" after they open the door for us. XD Haha! They (usually) don't mean it though. :P

* Wonder No. 2:

One from L* 哥哥 in times when he had some feelings for me (that was a brutally beautiful e-mail, only I didn't love him back).
The other one from P* but shame (for him) that in time when I got it I was already not-loving-him-anymore. This was a real letter btw! Not an e-mail! WOW!

Who would think that a duck like me with dark eyebags, -7.5 dioptries, no boobs, huge ass, men's shoulders & deadly sarcasm would gather TWO love letters in 17 yrs of life? :P

* L & P...I used these letters instead of their real names. Still, a love letter is kinda personal.

* Wonder No. 3:

It's FINALLY already here! The fresh spring drizzle, no more (or only little) snow, birds chirping & the nature slowly waking up. YAY!!!! :D

* Wonder No. 4:

A good sleep makes wonders! I went to bed around 23.30pm yesterday & woke up at 11.15am. Life is beautiful. ^__^

* Wonder No. 5:

Really! :D
They're just reconstructing the Hurbanovo Square & the Main Square, the Mileticova & Obchodna streets... They wanna & will build a bar in the middle of Hviezdoslav's Square (but the inhabitants say that it's useless).
The only one thing which MUST be renovated but it's NOT gonna be, is the Bratislava castle. =_=
I've read that it would require 1 billion Skk which the city & state doesn't have. I find it pretty stupid as the castle is one of the Bratislava's symbols and currently it's in a bad really need an urgent renovation. :S

This is it, the Bratislava Castle. Impressive, isn't it?
I think that looks like those castles in fairy tales. ^^

* Wonder No. 6:

I've found a time to read my new 960 pages long book from Frank Schätzing, it's called The Revenge Of The Ocean, in the original German version it's called Der Schwarm though.
It's GREAT!!!!! ^__^
Recommend it muchos....if you like'll like this too. And if you like Dan Brown, you'll like this too cuz it's a bit similar to his books.
But then - who doesn't like Dan Brown? :P Maybe only fanatical Catholics somewhere in Vatican. Pfff, sial kau! >_<

* Wonder No. 7:

Thoughtful girl me is dying to caress a horse, smell his scent, talk with him & of course - ride. Since the day the girl bought Jezdectvi, her old love for equus caballus came back.
(Credits to
Oh, HOW MUCH I wanna do this....gallop along the beach..
Feel the wind in my poopy brown hair...smell like my horse (I think that horses have a beautiful scent) to him, take care of him, clean his box, clean his fur, shower him in the sunny summery day, make sure he has enough food & water, polish the saddle...

OK, OK, the same blab again for the xth time already. >_> I'm sorry for being annoying.

The point is, the thoughtful girl me knows that she should wait a bit. For the spring to come, for the money to grow on the trees, for the block of flats' complex building nearby one horseriding centre being finished.
Such patience isn't usual by me for I'm a spoilt asshole who wants to have the certain thing now. WOOW!!! I'm changing!!! *applause*

Good Mich, good girl.
Dun cha worry mah baybeh, you'll ride a horse in your life for many times, you're just 17! ^^

* Wonder No. 8:

The weekend is one big wonder if you wanna know. You FINALLY have time for many lazy activities such as~

* reading a 960 pages long book
* listening to a great relaxing Thai music
* reading yaoi fics (UE sent me a Poopy Pooter + Snape fic and IT WAS SHORT BUT PAKI. The 1st yaoi fic I've ever read. I don't read such... Duh~~ @_@ I can't decide whether I like it or no. >_> More I don't.. But sometimes it's fun.)
* Chatting to Ilkka, hubooby, Ray, Pui, Pong, ducky sis & UE
* Replying to Pom's email
* Wailing in pain at the pics of the stunning Patapom beach (?) at Krabee island in Thailand which Pong sent me. Please, suffer here. ^^
* No need to think about school. Ha! FUCK YOU, SCHOOL!!!!!
* Being able to go 'cook' instant Korean kimchi noodles at 11.11pm. Normally I'm staring mindlessly into some Physics or Chemistry or Biology at this time and counting down the days for the weekend the come.

You see, weekend is one big wonder. It keeps us all alive! It allows us to be lazy & relaxed! And laziness & relax IS HEALTHY! ^__^

That is something you must remember. End of discussion, the Garfield's mind has spoken.

Listening to: "วันที่ฉันป่วย" by Armchair, my favourite song. ^^ No idea what is it about but it's so relaxing and beautiful....wanna listen to it? Please, come HERE & if you can't speak Thai like me, then it's the 7th song from up. Love it, love it, love it. ^_^
Must get the mp3 but dunno where to find it..duh~~
Yay!: The weekend, the book, many friends online, feeling good, spring coming...just weekend's fine time. ^^
Grrr: What can be grr? :D Nothing today! Maybe only that I'll have to go for a walk with Haku later and it's raining outside & it's late, almost midnight. I hope that no one will kill me outside or what. Not good! >_>

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sssss, I'm a !

(蛇- she2 = Snake; Serpent)
I'm just reading the Chinese horoscopes characteristics and it's weird but the Snake's one kinda matches me! I highlighted the things which I think that match me the best.
Listen, listen & perhaps see yours here:

The Snake:

Snakes have always been the seducers of human beings.
(Really? XD) If you know the story of "The White Snake", you will understand what I mean. In reality, Snake people are born charming and popular. Snakes are spotlight magnets, and they will not be ignored. Peer group attention and public recognition are the least of what he expects. Yet Snakes are never noisy or deliberately outspoken, and they have excellent manners. Unlike the Snake who seduced Eve in to sin. the astrological Snake, is not a devil, not even a little demon. The Snake is a nice oversexed normal human being. ("A nice OVERSEXED normal human being"? Wahaha! WTF?! XD)
Determined to follow through anything he undertakes to the bitter end, the Snake detests being left in the air. He makes his decisions quickly and firmly.
Most people are secretly or hopelessly in love with Snakes.
(Dear Mr. Anupong, is this your case? *winks*) Gather those frustrated folk you know and most likely, they are probably in love with a Snake. Irresistible as they seem, the Snake never wastes time in idle gossip. He thinks often and deeply. He is an intellectual, a philosophers, a cerebral person. (Totally. =_~ :P)
Snake people rely heavily on first impressions, on their own feelings, on their sympathies, rather than on facts, on the advice and opinions on others. He seems to have a kind of sixth sense in this way.
Snakes are a bit tight when it comes to lending money, though his sympathy for others often leads him to offer help. The fatal flaw in his character is, in fact, a tendency to exaggerate - in helping friends as with everything else. If he does somebody a favor, he becomes possessive towards them in an odd way. Another big flaw in a Snake's character is that, they are capable of biggie lies. White lies, true lies, whatever they call them, though they don't lie often, they do lie when they feel they can get away from it.
In money matters, the Snake has good luck: he doesn't have to worry - he'll always be able to lay his hand on money when he needs it. Generally, Snakes are careful but generous with friends and family. The Snake should stick to careers that won't involve him in any risk - even the risk of working too hard, for to tell the truth, the Snake is a bit lazy.
(A bit? Pchhh! A LOT actually!)
In love, the Snake male is romantic and charming. He has a sense of humor and the female is usually beautiful and successful. but if a Snake chooses a partner, he'll be jealous and possessive - even if he no longer loves her. Rejection is the worst blow his delicate ego can suffer. The Snake must be received, welcomed, accepted and approved by those with whom he comes in contact. They need a lot of security. (And lots of freedom too - it's like, if I truly love you, no matter how far away will I go, I'll make sure I come back to you...freely without anyone forcing me to do so. I hate clingy ppl, I hate ppl who force me to anything and who butt into my stuffs. I'm just an individualistic bitch!!!)

Matches me really pretty good. ^^ Don't you think so?

I'm off to bed now cuz I wanna read & then sleep. Just DARE to wake me up before 12pm tommorrow (NO SMS PLEASE!) and you'll end up VERY badly. >_>
*patts the shiny Kalashnikhov gently*

I miss mai baibee, Pui & ducky sis. Must come online la! *_*
Unavená, takmer mŕtva*

I'm so terribly tired. I feel like I'm gonna fall asleep anytime & then die. =_= AAarrrggghh. @_@ Today was a totally USELESS day, I have no idea why I even went to school....

Eng - idiotic exercises in our idiotic book, Esp - idiotic article, Sport - I was lazy to exercise so I didn't, Maths - what was that stuff abt!?, Phy - what was that stuff abt!?, Aesthetics - talking abt graffitti what was interesting but I was too tired to think. =_=

Then me, Kuci & Plutva went for a walk with Haku...after that hungry Kuci, me & Linda went for lunch to Bamboo Garden (yum yum, shiitake in a chicken soup and sweet & sour chicken, mmmm~~ ^^) and then Kuci & me were just walking around the downtown and checking out few shops.

SUCH AN EXCITING DAY. *rolls eyes*

Pom (the real guy) said that he doesn't wanna accept any money for the Armchair's CD I asked him to get me but I refuse to be a bitch like this cuz that boy has the same prob as me - he's an incurable waster. XD That means he seldomly has enuff money cuz he likes to waste. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THIS HIS INCURABLE DISEASE. *angelic smile*

OMP, if me & him were still a couple and I were in Thailand (so it wouldn't be any long-d rship), it would be A COMPLETE DISASTER. Hahahaha! XD
No money never & endless wasting on food/clothes/drinks/anything nice and irrestistible. XD

Fine, fine. Blahblah. Lemme go read or wat. I'm SIAN. *yawns*

Listening to: Nothing. I'm too tired to switch on the music.
Yay!: Bamboo Garden lunch, wearing my new Bennetton cardigan, me still alive, new book~
Grrr: School. School. School. School. School. School. School. School. Waking up at 5.55am for school. >_<

* In Slovak: "Tired, almost dead"

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The maybe-complete list of the things/duckies I can't live without cuz my feathers would fade away from sadness

A very pointless & long entry. The order of the things/duckies is RANDOM. :P

* Sayang hubooby
* Towelman baibee
* Sayang Ray
* Li Hong jiejie
* Kuci & Plutva
* My turquoise Pom the keychain & his brother Pom the Wavy-haired
* Jong Moon oppa
* Bae Yong Joon's HEAVENLY SMILE
* Sachi, my eternal inspiration XD
* Sentimental Korean dramas
* Tea
* Japanese food
* Korean food
* Chinese food
* Bryndzove halusky
* Justine & her blog
* Bubble tea, Winter Melon tea, Wheat Grass drink & Honey Lemongrass drink
* Pui AKA Mrs. Kobkusol (mwaha!)
* Shopping
* Reading
* Chatting
* Writing pointless entries like this one
* Shire horses
* Connemara ponies

Can anyone please get me a Connemara pony approx. 148cm high? Pwwweeeaaassseee? ^_~

* Chocolate + Belgian choc seashells
* Spinach lasagna
* Korean, Thai, Chinese, Jap music which I don't understand
* R&B, hip hop, poprock
* Flowers
* Nice shoes
* Tropical countries
* Travelling
* The hubooby + baibee + me --> DUCKY CREW
* Ducky sis Nisah
* Xiaxue's ah lian blog
* Kenny Sia's blog
* My white gold bracelet & Roxy butterfly pendant
* Trying on crazy make-up at DM (like dark purple lipstick & etc.)
* Handsome & hot Asian guys
* Paki diallogues abt Yaoi with Plutva XD
* Painting & art
* Ray's scent
* Pleasures by Estee Lauder
* Envy Me by Gucci
* Cosmetics
* My cellphone
* Korean hip hop (Korean is DA BEST lingo for rap I think! :D)
* Prawns
* Pak Choi, Chinese spinach, Baby kailaan
* Salmon
* Haku

* Kawaii manga animals
* Sea breeze
* Craziness :D
* Laziness
* Freshly washed hair
* Poopy Pooter
* Receiving flowers
* Holidays
* Daydreaming abt my uni
* Anoying ppl *evil laughter*

Oh, I can't think of anything anymore. O_o :P
So duckies...What's YOUR love-list? ^.~

Listening to: Another K-pop CD mess from Jong Moon...and again I know the song but can't remember the interpret & the name. >_> Alzheimer's attacking. :P
Yay!: New violetish purple Bennetton cardigan! A great chat with hubooby. Only 1 day left until the weekend. ^^
Grr: Can't ride horse now. u_u No connemara pony/Shire horse for me (haha how stupid, I behave like 3 yrs old). Another Physics tmr. Awfully irritated skin & awful dirty hair. >_>

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I love white hairs above hoofs, did you know?

Today, after maybe 3 yrs I bought a Czech magazine called Jezdectvi(Horseriding).

I used to ride a horse for 2yrs++ and although I was never really good, I loved it a lot.
For horses I would do everything, I didn't mind even waking up at 6.30am on weekends and being at the stable at 7am for the morning's obligatory 'service' which included cleaning the horses' boxes, sweeping the whole stable, feeding the horses & giving them water.

(Credits to Merry Cherry Appaloosa)
I learnt to trottle, gallop but I've never learnt how to jump. I jumped over a 50cm thing but never anything more. For all the time I didn't feel good & self-confident when galloping cuz I wasn't really good at it.
For once I was at a horseriding camp which was really beautiful & great and it was there where I learnt to ride the horses a bit better.

I still remember - and can hardly ever forget - how we've galloped in a brutal speed across one field...and another time when we were outside in the nature on a looooong outing and we've stopped on the top of a not too steep hill, sat down to the green grass with flowers & watched the sunset, all our gang together. WONDERFUL. ^___^

It was at this camp where I met two great girls with whom I'm no longer in contact (*sniff*)...we could spend hours & hours by talking abt horses, horseriding & the whole equestrian "business". ^^
For some time I was totally in love with the impressively huge Shire horsesand my only one dream was to own a black or a grey spotted shire horse with his lovely dark gentle eyes, white hair above the hoofs & shiny fur. Then I loved the Norwegian Fjord horses, Shagya Arabs, lipizzans & many others.~

By the way, this is him - the impressive, huge, gentle & patient SHIRE HORSE! ^__^
(I would give credits but I forgot the link. :S)

Oooohhh, how I envy that woman!
She's riding a SHIRE HORSE!!!
*howls in a deep emotional pain*

A beautiful, brown shire horse with white hairs above his huge strong hoofs, long dark mane, swishy shiny tail, wonderfully goatee-ish (Hah!) mouth, soft light pink nose and...those eyes....loving, dark, gentle eyes....

AAAAAAAAEEEEEEEHHHHHHH........ *_* *hearts in eyes*

Oh my's here again...still...I love shire horses!!! *__*

*blabs with an incoherent crazy-in-love look in her eyes*
I wish....I could gallop along a beach on the back of my shire horse somewhere on the green grasses of Ireland...ahh... I would call him (if it were a male) Nils and if it were a female, she'd be Mia. ^___^
Mmmm...I would put flowers in Nils'/Mia's mane and kiss his/her soft pink nose every single morning. ^__^ YAY!!!! *keeps on daydreaming*

Umm..I apologize. I got distracted. >_>
Where were I?
By my sucky horseriding skills & the beloved horse breeds I guess.
I wish I could ride a horse once again sometime...reading Jezdectvi made me miss the equesterian world a lot. u_u

I also miss Taekwon-Do.....and I also miss my ceramics course.

WTF. I stop something & then I regret it? NOT OKAY.

(I've just re-read this part & noticed that I always tend to finish my blabs all of a sudden with few sentences so it looks as if I suddenly stopped writing in the middle & refused to continue. WTF. I suck! >_<)

My point is...I always seem to quit something I enjoy & pick up something I don't. >_> AEEHH! Why on Earth I wasted 3200Skk on that Spanish conversation classes which I was attending rather rarely?! *rolls eyes*

I quit horseriding although it was nice & relaxing and I quit Taekwon-Do although it was a good exercise & I was nearer to all the K-stuffs.

Heck, even our former TKD saseong Pak Chol Min gave me a beautiful dobok! GAVE me! Not SOLD me! O_O He GAVE it to me cuz I am a quarter Korean & my grandpa is from the same city as him!!!
I was telling myself that I shall continue TKD until I reach the 1st Dan & always use my precious dobok no matter how terrible it'll look cuz it's an honor that a lousy beginner like me got such a thing from 7th Dan seseong but....IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

I suck. =_=

But alright!
Enuff blabs! ^^

Listening to: The CD with K-music from Jong Moon oppa. A typically sentimental Korean ballad with piano is playing now & I love it endlessly. ^____^ :P
Yay!: Jezdectvi, spinach lasagna, hangout with Kuci, SUN SHINING & BEING WARM! :D
Grr: 3-/3- from da History test, being sleepy at Spanish class, no talking to duckyboy for the recent 2 days, stupid sclerotic broke Pom still not sending me Armchair's CD *takes out a sharp katana*, sucky irritated skin

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sleep-deprived. =_=

Imagine the scariest thing ever:
ME.....with rather oily hair, ghostly white tired skin with zits here & there, dark panda eyebags, dry cracked lips, reddish eyes and pieces of a dried black mascara fallen down from my eyelashes to my eyebags.

I doubt anyone can be sexier!!!!! @_@

That's what I get for going to bed at 12.20am, falling asleep at 1.30am, waking up around 4.45am on the sound of SMS & when trying to fall asleep again being disturbed by my mother who couldn't sleep & went to cook at 5am.
And of course, I was waking up at 6.25am as every weekday. =_= x_x @_@ #_#
*drops dead*
OH MYYYYYYYYY, I'm so tired! ._. I wish I could just go to bed & sleep but no, I can't, I must go study Biology for tmr's test. =_=

Oh well, anyways..
Mi madre bought me new shoes today. ^__^ They're moccasins, white leather and....and...with RHINSTONES!!!!
Hahaha! So I'm a real sparkling duckling now, you can't deny it. :P XD

They look better in real. ^^ I really love 'em! ^__^
At first I was thinking of getting some sandals with tiny heels but the truth is that, I walk up & down 126 stairs 2 times a day, 5 times a week .
(Credits to Not good for heels, you must admit too. :P

Aiyah. Alright my dear duckies, I should be going now. Need to take a shower & make a strong black tea which will keep me alive while trying to remember Biology. ._.

Listening to: Amerie - "Touch"
+++: The shoes. ^^ And the smoked trout we just ate & kulajda (a very yummy Czech soup).
---: No sleep! @_@
Duck: Mr. Cho at the Arirang Korean grocery store today. :P He still remembers me!!! After x months of me not shopping at his place! Wah! O_o

Monday, March 20, 2006

Who says that blue dogs can't fly?

I think that both Dimsumlife and this blog are so terribly BORING. *yawns* How can you even read it?! How can I even write it?!?
Totally useless. >_>
Useless, yes yes, but still I need some place for my endless blabbings.


Boring blog, boring day, boring duck (person). =_= *yawns again*

The only one non-boring experience of today was at the Art Course where we were painting with charcoals on a colorful paper (I had a brown one) & once again my endless imagination & creativity caused a misunderstanding. :P

My friends were all painting the motive on the photo they chose but my art prof told me that she appreciates people using their own fantasy & that as mine is a big one, I should paint something what comes to my mind.

Well, at first I started to paint a muddy tropical river in a jungle with a grey bridge over it.
I didn't like it though - a jungle & a river theme requires so many details and I'm not the patient one who can spend hours with painting a 3cm shadow under the pisang leaf or something....

....So I've turned the paper and started anew.
An incredible idea came to my mind - paint BLUE FLYING DOGS! - and as I didn't find anything unusual at this topic, I started to paint.

I've painted a high cliff with patches of a green grass & lil' pink flowers.....I've painted a green grass under the cliff with two tall trees....I've painted hills & little slim cloudies at the hills....and of course, I've painted the FOUR BLUE FLYING DOGS flying off the cliff.
Then I've added a dark brown, terracota & white to the background which was naturally brown and ta-daaaa! Finished! ^^

I came to my prof:

Me: "Prof, it's done but it looks rather weed-ish, as if I smoked marijuana."
Prof: "Well, why...? It's... *examines it closer* ...well, it does look like that!"
Me: "I know, I know....but this year all my works look like that. But I don't smoke weed!"
Someone else butting in: "But it's good, hey, I wouldn't paint such."
Prof: "You need imagination & the skill."
Me: "I don't have the skill. @_@"
Prof: "Well, maybe you have the skill in something else, what do we know?!?!" *looks at my blue flying dogs once again & then stares at me closely*

Ohhhhh nooooo!!!! @_@
My art prof now actually thinks that I smoke weed only cuz I got carried away with my (usually ignored) stupid gila ideas and painted a total nonsense. =_= :P
I can't decide whether to cry or laugh. XD

Maybe I should choose "to laugh". Creativity is very important now, ain't it? ^^

Blue flying dogs...... *slaps head* XD

I'll have to paint a lot now in order to gain some skill (prof - in painting!) also. The portfolio-for-Cenfad time is approaching & soon I'll be filling in all the papers and trying hard to paint myself what's gonna be rather scary. And make the collage & paint 2 other things also.
WAHHH. @_@

--------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ ---- --- -- -

!!!: My bills are too high, over 2000Skk again & my father is getting angry (understandably) as he's paying it for me.
Thus, please accept that I MAY NOT REPLY TO YOUR SMS/CALL & I MAY NOT SMS/CALL YOU as I must not make my father pay so freakishly much. This applies especially to the overseas SMSes and CALLS of course.
So Ray, Teresa, Pui, ducky sis, Pom, hubooby, baibee, Jong Moon oppa & Tsung Long - SORRYYYY!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back to Kilju!

Being in PN since Friday to Sunday without any net connection & with loads of Maths, Physics & Chemistry tutoring made me realize how sweet it is to spend my weekends in BA. Heheh~
I missed this my new 'bday blog'!
I missed my MSN & you, my lovely duckies there. *sniff sniff*

However, it had certain advantages also. ^^
A daydreamer like me had enuff time for daydreaming about my future & planning it as well. So I've decided on a great thing - after 3 years at Cenfad Malaysia I'd like to transfer for the Bc. year to South Korea! :D
I'm sure that in Malaysia I can study Korean & in 3 yrs of studies I can learn a lot.

(My duckyboy will be protesting against my ideas, fearing that seeing all the hot Koreans I'll lose my mind & marry someone there or what. :P Hahaha! FEAR NOT!!! I'll drool but not cheat! XD)

You know, I have one idea/wish which I can't make true now however much I wanna...cuz of the politics!!! >_>

I wish I could travel to North Korea one day (after the much-wished unification of DPRK & Rep. of Korea) and search for my relatives. ^^

I know that my grandfather's family is somewhere there...I don't think that my grandpa himself is still alive (try to survive 73yrs in a communist regime) but I'm sure that some my grand-uncles, grand-aunties, nephews, nieces & my bigger family is still there somewhere, not knowing anything about me.
In North Korea it's necessary to know Korean.
Those people there won't speak English, I doubt it....maybe Chinese & maximally Russian or Japanese but not English cuz English is the language of the "imperialistic West".

My grandfather Cho Da-Muk was born on August 25th, 1933 in Kilju by the East Sea's seashore.

Not too far away from Paekdusan, Korea's national mountain to which the South Koreans naturally don't have any access.

I can only guess how my life would be were my grandfather alive or at least here in Slovakia.
It's a strange tale of his & a long one but in few words - he came here to Slovakia (for studies perhaps?), met my grandma who studied Korean Studies & Sinology, they fell in love & got married, my father was born and grandpa took him to North Korea where they spent 3 years then grandpa came back to SVK but for something he had to go back to Korea. And from there he never returned to Slovakia.

My grandma was searching for him with the International Red Cross & for a certain time there were some informations about him but more. O_o
And no one knew what's with him anymore.

All I have from him is his library card, some Jesus-paper-stuff & his little Bible (or whatever it is - that book with gospel, prayers & things like these). Well, it's not exactly from him - it's just something what belonged to him and I got it from whoever.

OOohhhh but yes yes, I have one thing from him. ^^ It's a....beautiful, PLATINUM RING WITH A DIAMOND. ^___^
I guess it was the engagement ring he gave to my grandmother or what - I can't be sure though. My father told me that my grandfather gave it to him & told him to give it to father's daughter (me).
Sounds like a tale from the LOTR books to me or something. :P

I wonder that if he were with me in SVK....

Would I speak fluent Korean now? Would we be making kimchi together & playing Name-City-Animal-Thing (a word game) in Korean?
And would I be even crazier for Korean dramas & music than now? Hahah...
And what kind of grandpa would he be?
Would he be happy for me doing Taekwon-Do? Would he persuade me not to stop it as I did?
Would I have some pretty Hanbok from North Korea also? <----- VAIN! >_> XD
Would he tutor me Chemistry (he was a Chemist; a scientist) & make me love it?
Would he like my Korean friends Ji Sun & Jong Moon oppa?
What would he say on my duckyboy? Would he like him & accept him or not?

So many questions.......with NO ANSWERS. *sigh sigh* =_=

But if I learn Korean.....*not only I can watch sentimental K-Dramas without subtitles* but also I can talk to my relatives one day when I come to Kilju! ^___^
And understand sappy, beautiful Korean ballads' lyrics where the piano plays!

HAAA!!!!! :P
So many advantages. Can't let my Korean 1/4 laze around, better study Korean lingo in Malaysia later. :P

Good ideas I have, very good. *patts feathers happily* ^^v

Oh well, it's 11.40pm already so I should go. Tommorrow I'm going to school for the 1st time after 2 weeks (OMP!!!!!) so it's gonna be harsh. @_@ Wish me luck...
Off I go to shower my ass! ^^

Friday, March 17, 2006

But it reminds me of spring! ^^

Today I'm off to Piestany with my cuzin Kika & her friend Ada and before that I'll go see them sing in a choir so....

Take care dear my feathery friends! ^^
Hohooo, I'm 17 today..... where are you people, with bouquets of fragile tea roses, fresh sushi, invites for yummy dinners in Korean & Japanese restaurants, Korean dramas on DVDs, CDs, tropical islands just for me & sexy high heels sandals????

HAHAHAAAAA, just kidding! :D

I think that bday is a nice day for starting a new spring-looking blog. ^^
However, if your heart aches for my old blabs, feel free to check out my old one - DimsumLife.

And last but not least....
I'd like to thank to
Ilkka, Hubooby, Sayang, Tsung Long, Pui, Jong-Moon oppa (for his super in-advance congrat on March 7th :P), Munie, ducky sis Nisah, Dad, Madre, Li Hong jiejie, babka, Ada, Karca, Kika, Kuci & Plutva for all your birthday congratulations for me. ^___^

*huge feathery hugs*