Sunday, October 29, 2006

Andy's 18th Bday Party


Just returned from Andy where I slept (totally unexpectedly), was forced to watch an erotic movie with the guys, slept of the sofa with UJ on one side & Michael on another and I probably behaved too much like "I really like you, UJ" cuz I was in a nice mood & as he was the only sober one except of me, so I felt like he's da best from that society.
But I liked it.
Darn, I hope I don't like him *that* way any single nanobit cuz SERIOUSLY, I DON'T want to like HIM. From all of the guys, please, just not HIM!!!! @_#

Everyone got drunk (except of me & UJ), Andy was hugging me every 3mins & telling me how much is he glad that I came and that he loves me & IV suggested I should jump on the table, get naked & dance.
OH MY GODNESS. *slaps head*

Also we went to the downtown around midnight, AL & Liinda were hugging Erik lovingly, Ali fell down on the stairs and then they went to Laverna Club, a hip hop club with fake, rich, hip hop people like Erik himself... Andrej went there too, then he returned with us home & on our way it REALLY started to rain so we all got wet like duck. Hahaha!!! Then we wanted to go to bed around 2am but we all felt terribly cold cuz we were soaked like never. @_@

Well, before we went to bed we watched the TV & after the Ring ended (we saw just the end of it) there was that already mentioned EROTIC MOVIE. Not PORN. Erotic movie, what means (according to my perv boy friends) that there wasn't *just* the shagging but also some dialogues and a plot. Oh god. @_@
I didn't want to watch that & I was kinda tired but there was no space for me on the I put my legs on Michael's legs and my head and hands on UJ's forearm and closed my eyes.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE warm guys' forearms!!!! Hahaha!!! ^^;;;;

Okay, I'm totally bodoh, I know. =_=

Well, then we went to bed and I couldn't fall asleep cuz 2 (UNINVITED!!!) Andy's soccer teams' 'friends' banged drunk into the apartment at 3am and made a fucking noise.
I couldn't stand it so I got up, furiously sent them to the fucking hell, went back to bed where UJ was laughing at my anger like stupid. XD
At that moment I didn't know whether to kill him or laugh with him but I chose the latter. XD

This morning was calm & pretty...although it rained again so we waited until it stopped and just then went out. Before that though, me & UJ went out on a balcony which had like 3 square meters and there was lots of hung up socks & boxers (haha) and the guys LOCKED US OUT THERE!!!!! AAARRGGGHHH!!!!! *fumes & laughs*
Then they unlocked the door & said:
"Not like you two should mind it."


Do we look like we love each other or somethong?! *bangs head* Pfffff. No comment ah.

Partyduck me, ar? :P
The busy weekend doesn't end by this though. At 5.45pm I'm meeting up with my friends in front of Aupark and we're off to Au Café for a nice cake & tea before the ROCKY HORROR SHOW in Arena theatre!!! :D

Listening to: "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee
Yay!: This autumn is so unbelievaboobly beautiful.... And I LOVE my friends. ^_^
Grrr: This autumn is so unbelievaboobky beautiful.... And I HAVE NO CAM. AAARGH!!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's Been Hard 3 Days' Nights

3 days on events to attend in a row, 3 days of speaking English to the top managers AND 3 days of salivating at the catering which I mostly couldn't eat (except of yesterday when I had like 54 sushis, smoked salmon AND strawberries, melons & bananas in chocolate!!! YEAAHHH!!!!).

Me got just 3 pics, but take a look anyways:

{ABOVE} Day 1 of the ETNO conference - Crowne Plaza 4*, Bratislava. Me in the aluminium-like dress in which I look like a fat aluminium, don't I? :P

{ABOVE} ETNO Day 2, wine restaurant Matysak, Pezinok - my make-up by Alena Schulczova made me look like a big-eyed, Slovak girlie from the hills! Hahahaha!!!! :D Cute!

{ABOVE} ETNO Day 2, Pezinok - the "kroj"!!!! That's our traditional Slovak clothing. This isn't too Slovak to be honest, it's custom-made for my agency in the T-Com's brand colors BUT it's Slovak enough, at least for the foreign top managers...hahah.. That magenta pink thing looks kind of Austrian actully,'s nice anyways!!! :D The only minus of it was its size, cuz it was like 4 sizes smaller than me & I could barely breath in it. XD

But HERE are some traditional Slovak krojs! ^^

Very colorful, isn't it. :)
This is the Wikistub about krojs:

From a promotional brochure from the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library ( Kroje (pronounced "kroy-eh") are folk costumes worn by Czechs and Slovaks. Gothic influence is seen in tying shawls and kerchiefs on the head. Fine pleats and gathered lace collars typlify the Renaissance era. From Baroque bell-shaped skirts to delicate oriental patterns borrowed from Turkish invaders these folk costumes show the complex growth of a proud people.

My grandma had many krojs, then she borrowed to some traditional Slovak dance group so now they're there. I look a bit absurd in a kroj with my quarter Korean face, but otherways I like wearing it, cuz it makes me feel so freaky and...Slovak. :P

Waaah. I have to meet up with my girl friends on 4.45pm and it's 3.05pm....soon I'll have to civilize myself! BYEBYE for now!!! ^__^

Listening to: "Too Funky" by George Michael
Yay!: 2450Sk which I earned by myself AND the weekend!!! And musical for free at Arena theatre tmr!!! ^___^
Grrr: Society Studies test on Monday. Ah yay. =_=

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Golden Glitter

My nails have the most mad dark purple of all purples & I'm feeling very unusual & *rrroooaarrr* sexy with it. ^^ AH LIAN?! Oh. -_- Yeah. =_= It happens. I'm an ah lian. Not as big as Linda though, which wails she has no money and gets fake hair, gel nails & eyebrows tweezed & colored. I hope I'll never come into this grave state of ah lian-ism; if yes, kick my ass, please!!!

Today I went to the Economical Uni in BA with Linda and oh my duckness, weren't those economy students over there HAWT!!!! *__*

Polo t-shirts. Check.
Messy, cute hair. Check.
Clean-cut looks. Check.

It made me reconsider my MEN GUIDE TO MYSELF. Now I (as before) prefer ARCHITECTS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS and then....instead of DOCTORS...the ECONOMISTS. Hahaha!!! :P
They look so serious, it makes me drool. Hahahaha.

Well, also I bought the super stylish Slovak Inspire mag AND now I'm in a schizo state of wondering whether this pseudo-lifestyle of brands, glamour, design, style, fashion, the trends & the trendsetters, celebs, architects, graphic designers, adverts, haute couture, make-up, cosmetics, metrosexuals, gays, fashionistas & high-tech is:




I don't know.
What do you think?
Everything within this pseudo-lifestyle is more or less fascinating me, I even want to work in this field....and on the other hand it makes me feel sick. It's not a real life; it's just some golden glitter sprashed on whatever shit.
You know what I mean?

Oh, yeah.

"My jeans are Versace, die, all of you around me, I'm da king!"
"Is my hair kool enough today?"


"I wanna Cadillac Escalade and/or Range Rover Supercharged and/or Aston Martin DB9 Volante and/or...." *continues until forever*

The FAKE(ness?):

"I'd rather have a fake LV bag than no LV bag."

(Makes me very sick. I myself am a brandista so I'd rather have no LV bag than a fake one!!!)

"You're fat like a walrus, but cuz the skinny jeans are just soooo in now, you have to wear 'em!!!!"
"OKAAAYYY!!!!!" *shiny eyes*

Etc., etc. You get me now liao I guess, don't you?

Wanna see the "most stylish" Slovak pseudo-celeb?

(The link *quack here*)

That's BRUNO, one of da koolest guyz in da Slovak showbuzinezz. I consider this Bruno as the epithome of the to say that? O_o Well. In other words. Bruno is the fashionista, the brandista, the design-craze, the metrosexual, the everything-I-said-above.
And know what I think?
That inside of him you find just....VACUUM. ._. I don't know him personally though, I can't say, but I really, really don't think that his world would be rich if you've removed all the golden glitter.
I'm afraid that this is the case of my dear amigo UJ who's one lovely guy but as he's a little Bruno himself, sometimes I wonder whether there actually IS anything in his inner world besides the shiny Aston Martins, stylish Laufen bathrooms & lovely Hilfiger jumpers. O_o
Today I was asking him about it all.
The result?
God knows. He said he lacks certain inmaterial things (love? *scratches bulus*) and he also admitted that he may be shallow, empty and dependant on things.
As if I didn't know that liao. But good that he had admitted that, now he knows more about himself.

Why nobody stops me? :P

Today we painted the bust of that S-resembling Rome dude/woman/? and...I had it quite nice. :) Me is relatively happy today!!! ^__^ YEAHHH!!!! ^___^

The last sentence of a true brandista: The Maybelline mascara SUCKS DUCKS. I think I was born for luxury for just the Shiseido has been good for me. No more M-crap!!! Shiseidooo!!! :)))


Listening to: "Emotion" by Destiny's Child
Yay!: Eh, dunno. Whatever.
Grrr: Eh, dunno too. Maybe that I AM SOO TIRED!!!! Aaaargh!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm on a desktop!!!

Seriously!!! XD One dude put that my beautiful photo on his desktop. Cannot tahan. XD Hahahaha!!!!
It's official that NOBODY reads this blog

I've just replied to the email from Limkokwing and invited my friend for another friend's dance exhibition today and checked out my profile at (nick: Mushu) and now.... I'm BORED.
Not that there aren't things to do.
There are.
For example I should:

  • tide up my room
  • make that freaky homework for the TOEFL prep course
  • paint/draw
  • put away the summer clothes into and tide up the winter ones
  • start studying the Society Studies
  • go to Aupark and buy those eyeshadows (I need some strong eyeshadows cuz of the hostessing job)

And look at this:


Average Per Day0
Average Visit Length4:36
Last Hour0
This Week2


Average Per Day0
Average Per Visit1.5
Last Hour0
This Week3

Me is SAD, SAD, SAD.
Am I that boring?! =_=

Okay, whatever.

Listening to: SG Wannabe
Yay!: I'm gonna check out Ali's dance exhibition today :))
Grrr: Nothing to do la. Waaah. =_=

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Look at me!

Ain't I BEAUTIFUL???? ^___^
I LOVE crazy make-ups.
But just on certain times, I wouldn't wear such to school but these hostessing actions rock duck.... I even had strawberry pink lips but I ate the lipstick as the evening went by, so I'm with bare lips on the photo.

The CEO of T-Com told me that I'd "always be pretty, no matter when & where". I mean, whohohooo!!!! O_o The CEO! *gasp*
Okay. Either he was just being polite or I was cantik enough for the important man to notice me, the invisible hostess in brutal pink (magenta) paper (!!!) dress. :P

I almost fogot.... I had a mad hairstyle too. Well, kind of mad - it was no Petronas Towers gelled up (?) on my head, just messy side ponytail with a HUGE magenta paper almost-ribbon and it made me look like some Hawaiian princess or what.


On the other hand, here I'm bragging about how cantik I felt.... But well... There were 5 other girls apart from me and 3 of them were models with perfect bodies, perfect faces, perfect complexions, perfect hair, perfect everything.
Size 36, whole world seen, 175cm tall, 50kg and beautiful.

I felt like a crap. =_=

Then there were two other girls - both go-go dancers and those were two sluts. Aiyoooh. I must admit that I was complex-free when looking at them, cuz seriously, the 1st one was small, blonde and very very fake and the other one was a pure WHORE. And she even wants to go study SEXUOLOGY. Hahahaha.
Okay la girl, I guess you should in this field, ya know what I mean? XD

Well, I think I must go now cuz I have 5km of make-up on my face, 3l of hairspray in my hair and as it's after midnight, I have only around 6 hours left to sleep. DUH. @_@
I'm gonna be so fresh tomorrow, I know it liao. =_=

Listening to: "P. I. M. P." by 50 Cent :P
Yay!: YAY!!! ^___^ And 900Skk!
Grrr: I had to skip the TOEFL course...ooops.... @_#

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Into The Blue ^.^

I just had another lovely day with UJ & Dodda. ^_____^

I was so pissed off in the morning....and miraculously changed into a really good, cheerful mood & felt like hugging everyone.
Oh, these hormonal rollercoasters.

After school me & Dodda went to the downtown cuz I had to pay the fine for Li Hong and Dodda needed to go to British Council and complain about the shitty classes. After that we bought icecream (me cinnamon, Dodda chocolate & nuts) and waited for UJ to come to the Hviezdoslav's Square from where we went to Aupark.

On feet in the beautiful golden autumn light. :)
Across Danube at the re-painted bridge with the deep river flowing under our feet. :)
With the crisp, chilly wind ragging our hair. :)

And in Aupark I bought the.........

ESCADA INTO THE BLUE 30ml!!!! ^_____________^

It's LOVELY. ^___^

Oh gosh.
I'm just talking about UJ with DD & Mike. Those two are my friends & classmates.
I'm kinda terrified cuz things lead to one thing - UJ does have feelings for me. @_@
Cannot tahan.

I'm gonna continue my chat with Mike....know what he told me....

Me: "I don't have any bf, I think my requirements are too crazy.."
Mike: "Well, I think it's the opposite, I think that the one wanting you would have such crazy requirements.."

Such a sweet compliment. ^_^
With that (and UJ's madness) on my mind I go take a shower....tomorrow's another day of my hostessing AND I'm gonna wear my new Benetton jeans too...YEAH!!! ^_____^

Listening to: the Cruel Intentions OST
Yay!: That perfume...mmmm....
Grrr: Waaah. This UJ!!!! WTF!!! Could he please VOICE IT OUT?!
My Fucking Classmates

The word FUCK is used very often here. I'm FUCKING pissed off.

That AP thing.
I'll tell you its story now.

As we have maturita this year, we're also having this special evening where we get the green ribbons or whatever fuck.
It's a tradition here that thje 4th graders give "oznamko" what's a fancy piece of paper with whatever mottos & the owner's photo and the names of all ppl in the class, the head prof & blahblah.
And this oznamko is that AP thing I've been doing probably since I stepped my foot into the fucking 4th grade.

In normal graphic studios it's like, the client comes, the client tells you exactly what the fuck he wants, pays you & fucks off with a nice project the designer does for a nice sum of money.

In my class it's like, the clients (my classmates) want oznamko, so they just say "Come up with ideas", tells you NOTHING, give you NO INFO (not even the Ad Revidendum year for fuck's sake) and let you do it. Got freedom, you say, ar?!
So you've got the freedom.
And after you - the only person!!! - bring your design to school, you get scolded for *this* not being there & *that* being there. And you have to change *this* & *that*.
So you change it & bring it back.
You add.
You do. It's 1am in the fucking morning, your eyes are bloody & itchy, you're fucking tired but you do remove it.
You bring it back.
They hand it back cuz they disagree with whatever fuck.
So you change whatever fuck again.






And yet, you're again mistaken.
They don't hand you back your CD, they just tell you to add *this*, remove *that* and move *those* over *there.
So you curse like there's no tomorrow but do it.



You wish, you pathetic maggot.

Change *this*!
Add *that* name*!
Write *there* *that* motto!

You curse even more AND do it, swearing to all gods & mermaids that you're NEVER EVER gonna do it again.

But still, you do it.

You hand them another of your CDs and they go with it to that fucking printer dude.

And they call you back to CHANGE *THIS*, *THAT* & *THAT*.
That happened to me yesterday when I was fucking enjoying my relative freedom.

Then your fucking classmate B tells you that after you do it, you have to email her the oznamko even if it was at 1am (when she's normally sleeping soundly while you're working & cursing) and even when you request it, she doesn't give you the email add of someone at the fucking printer's.
So you email her oznamko at 0.30am and curses for the last time.

And yet, she calls you THIS MORNING (6.35am!) and tells you that she didn't receive that email (which got fucked up twice while you tried to send it, andf you also had to restart the PC) and tells you that you have to email that fucking woman yourself.
Oh, ain't that kool, she allowed you to do it!!! *shiny eyes*
You have enough brain cells to send YOUR oznamko to that woman!!!
WOW!!! Let's party!!!

You're tired like 500 fucks but yes, you email her that.
While writing the email your noses starts to bleed and your eyes are fucking itchy.
So you lay down and wait until the bleeding (oh, maybe your nose bleeds cuz you've slept less than 4 hours? Could that be the reason why? *dumb smile*) stops and inevitably miss the 1st class in the school.
But back to the email.
You send out the email & Y! tells you that "an error occured" and you have to send it again.
Same story as with the email to the fucking classmate.

So you send two emails.

Your nose is still not really OK and your eyes are still damn fucking itchy and you curse like there's no tomorrow but yes, you send it.


I'm fucking pissed off.
For all the nerves I lost during this fucking oznamko making I deserve at least 4 million Skk, okay?!

Oh, and one another detail.
My oznamko design was the only one given to the 1st deadline.
Then nothing was happening.
Then Erik & Inge came up with ideas. And told me to make them, even though Erik has some friends skilled with AP.
I didn't do it.
Then Marek designed his oznamko & that was nice. Only that it was 1 month late after the 1st deadline.

Then we all argued which we want.

Because on the 575th deadline suddenly the people woke up and said that they want neither mine, nor Marek's design.


I'm fucking pissed off.
And I really need Ophtalmo-Septonex. AAARRRGGGHHHH.

It'll take a business class airticket to KL or Singapore or a 3 weeks stay on Pulau Perhentian to befriend me again.
You hear me, fucking classmates?!

Listening to: MTV
Mampos Me Liao

I need to be mampos-ed.
12.25am and I've been working on that fucking AP stuff YET AGAIN.

This time it was the supposed 47658th last time. *cough kills everyone cough*

My eyes are itchy, my skin is broken out & my nerves are gone.

Do I really want to be a Graphic Designer???? @_# =_=


Oh, yes, I do.... *sigh*


Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay. I like that title. Reflects my feelings. AAARGH.
Yay!: Gonna earn more $$$ on Thu. Mmmm. Oh, and I got the Marionnaud customer card finally with some points liao. YEAH~

Monday, October 16, 2006

Being A Hostess

I'm richer by 600Skk!!!! ^______________^ *dances around & flashes Armani thong*
And by Thursday I'll be richer by at least 800Skk BUT hopefully by 1000!!!! MMMMM!!!!

No more money talking.

What's more interesting is that I was hostessing at the premiere of Gustav Husak (the last socialist president) play in the theatre Arena and as the whole evening was held in a USSR/Czechoslovakia socialisistic theme, all us hostesses were dressed up as the real socialist youth.

All complete with armpit-reaching dark blue A-shape skirt, bright blue awful shirt & menstrually-bloody-red tie.
Mmmmmm. SEXY!!!! XD

We even had the make-up artist for us there!!! ^_^
Because we 'were' in the communist era, we had to have the communist make-up too.
So I ended up with - behold - GLITTERY ICY BRIGHT BLUE EYESHADOW, ICY BLUE EYELINER under the lower eyelashes and ICY BLUE MASCARA on the lower eyelashes as well. And BLACK one on the upper ones.
Oh yes, and I had like 56m of make-up on my poor face, PINK CHEEKS and PINK LIPS.

Can die only. XD

What's more than surprising - I look quite good with those unbelievaboobly ah lian-ish icy blue eye shadows! O_o
Not my style, still. @_@
Eeeeekkkk!!!!!!!!!! O_o

Mmmm. Anyways la.
The next hostessing thingee is on Thursday in one MEGA-EXTRA-BLOODY-QUACKY SNOBBISH place called "Castle Studene" and I'm really looking forward to it, cuz again, we're gonna have costumes, make-up artist, good catering & nice salary. 100Skk/hour = FABOLOUS!!!! *____*

Off I go liao. The...err....the make-up remover is calling. =_=

Listening to: "Why You Wanna" by T. I.
Yay!: 600Skk! New friends! New skills learnt!
Grrr: Nothing much. :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006


You know what I did just now?????


I went to Raymond's Friendster profile.

Now I wonder if it's good or bad that all I felt while looking at his profile was:

a) Oh man, I envy him being at such a beautiful place! I ALSO WANNA!!!!!!! *stares at photos of him on some beyond-beautiful island*

b) "It's complicated" status? Ohohohoo! Who's the (un? Teheheheeee~)lucky girl? :P

c) Aaaah, maybe this one..? *stares at the pic of Ray & some ang moh girl Chloe*

Then I logged out of Friendster cuz this little activity was pretty psychically draining. Heh. And I forgot to reply to Sofia's message....oooopsss.... :S

Anyways la.
I'm back from Piestany, it's 6.43pm and I still have to:

  • learn Philosophy (Society Studies) for tmr's test (EEEEKKKK!!!!!)
  • write an essay on I-don't-remember-what-topic in 30 mins for the TOEFL prep course
  • edit that stupid thing in AP (OH NO!!!!)
  • dye my mother's hair
And not freeze as well.

It's so DAMN COLD here, I'm literally freezing. Soon I'll be an icicle, you BET. O_O My feet & hands are as cold as the air outside and I'm wearing warm socks and I'm in my room!!!!
I really don't understand why couldn't I stay in KL when I had the (hypothetical) possibility to. =_= XD
Well, but then I would have no fun this summer with Ali, UJ, DD and all the gang.....MY MAD SAYANGS!!!!! *squeals lovingly*
On the other hand I'd have the fun with Sofia, Munie, Teresa, Chris & blahblahblah whoever, maybe even with some sexy, hot, hunky Korean with deep warm eyes and broad shoulders. *sighs orgasmically*
Mmmmmm, YUMMYLICIOUS. ^____^v

AIYOOOOOH, 6.49pm and it's DARK outside liao.
Summer, come back to meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


I guess I should go off liao and start doing what I HAVE TO do. =_= What's the priority?
The essay, the hair, the AP thing or the Society Studies?

I guess....

1. The AP thing
2. The Society Studies
3. The essay
4. The hair


Listening to: "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone
Yay: You can't imagine how beautiful it is to shave off 5km long leg hairs. *_* I'm feeling like a HUMAN!!!! Whohohoooo!!!!
Grrr: Why am I so busy this year?! @_@

Saturday, October 14, 2006


No time for lenghty quacks!
Me is off to PN!


Listening to: "Loving Me 4 Me" by Christina Aguilera
Grrr: Fuckin many things to do. Argh.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tram Dreams

The night of 2 days ago I had an interesting dream - I was in the tram and there came that 'controller' or whoever (the one who fines you if you don't have the ticket) AND fined me cuz yes, I didn't have the ticket.

Today I went to Panta Rhei bookstore, opened up a random book with dream meanings and read:

Tram - indicates that you didn't do something very important what you were supposed to do

I wonder if THAT could be those TWO English essays I'm writing now (on different topics) AND all those two months of laziness instead of studying and drawing....??!!

I'm a hopeless case of an idiot.

Listening to: "Coffee & TV" by Blur
Yay!: Me had a nice seaweed soup today. Yum.
Grrr: It's SO LATE. 11.15pm. And I don't have anything done yet cuz I was lazying around in the downtown. KNN. @_@

Monday, October 09, 2006


EVERY Monday I'm dispirited.
EVERY Monday of this year I mean, and it's ALWAYS after the art course.


I just DON'T have any T*A*L*E*N*T. 'Nuff said. T_T

We were supposed to draw a damned still life consisting of 2 boxes, 1 can & 1 plastic glass on the table and of course we had to pay attention to the perspective and mine SUCKED A BIG FUCKING DEAL. Not even 40% of those fucking lines were correct. The angles were all wrong. The box1 looked weird and the box2 on the box1 looked as if it wanted to fly away from the paper. The can was too far from the boxes and it had a weird shape. So did the glass.


I'm looking at the LKW's Graphic Design & Multimedia course and slowly dying inside knowing that neither Cenfad nor LKW will become true.

I'll try.
I'll try hard, even though after each art class I feel like the worst shit.

And if I don't get there, I'll shut up and go try some Mass Media or Marketing or some Linguistics....
And if I get there, I'll seriously start to believe in God, fairies, mermaids, elves and ghosts.


I WISH I'll get there.
I've been drawing for almost my whole life, it just can't be that I'll end up as some linguist and whenever I'll be flipping thru any pointless mag for dispirited poor housewives (myself in 30yrs), I'll look at the ads with eyes full of tears, bang my head on the table and wail aloud: "Noooo!!! AAaaaaaHH!!! WHY hadn't I gotten *there*?!?! WHY?! Why were I so lazy?! Why had I given up so easily?!?! WHY OH WHYYYYY???!!!!??"

I've realized the uncertainity and misery of my future few days ago when I was happily walking to my TOEFL prep course and I had the TOEFL book in that black Limkokwing University bag in which Raymond brought me the materials about LKW.

You possibly can't feel what I felt. @_@

I felt a scary emptiness. Yes, and a fear.

You see, I'm NOBODY. I have never earned a single koruna of my own, I'm dependant on my parents, I'm not even 18 years old, I live from what they earn, I don't even have the high school education completed - I'm NOBODY.
And here this NOBODY was walking to the TOEFL course (paid by mother) in nice clothes (paid by mother), holding a black bag with proud, white letters telling the whole word that *this* is the bag from the Limkokwing University. As if the Nobody Girl were already an uni student.
Ain't that funny, considering that the Nobody Girl would be lucky even to pass maturita?!?!

*dies in depression*



I've found three PERFECT encouragement quotes here *click*:

Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.

I'm loving it.
Gonna print it out in BIG letters and hang it above my desk or bed. Waaaaahh. *_* ^_^

Listening to: "I'm OK" by Christina Aguilera. Kika borrowed me her Stripped album and it's fabolous. I love that gal, she's SO talented!!!!! ^___^
Yay!: Those quotes. Mmmmm.
Grrr: I HATE this uncertainity!!! @_#

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ducky Princess' Glad Game

Inspired by Potatomus Maximus' Glad Game I decided to do da same thing. ^^

Here quacks MY Glad Game:

1. I am glad because I am alive & quacking happily. ^^

2. I am glad because I live in Bratislava and I have my freaky & kool & perfect parents, Haku and my lovely featherliciously pooperfect friends here & abroad.

3. I'm also glad that my name is Michaela what means "God's alike" and it gives me a false illusion of being a goddess/bombshell/star. WAHAHAHA.

4. I'm glad for visiting so many countries liao.
Almost whole Europe!!! UK (2x), Greece (3x), Austria, Czech rep., Poland, Hungary, Italy, France, Benelux countries, Canary Islands, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia...... !!!!
And then.... ASIA!!! YEAHHH!!!
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. Mmmmmmmm. ^_^

No USA or America Latina or Australia or China or Russia or Scandinavia yet but life's long for that. ^^

5. I'm glad that I'm 168cm & 59kg.
Errr, actually I'm just 167,5cm BUT I like to think that I'm 168cm cuz that sounds like I'm not that short. :P

6. I'm glad that I'm a 1/4 Korean. Makes me feel :P And a bit exotic too! Heh!

7. I'm glad that I have two hands & legs and that with those two hands I could apply hydrating grape facial mask today and now I have to wash it off. :P

*rushes away to the bathroom*

*comes back with complexion soft as a duckling's bontot*


Mmmmm. Thank you, Garnier.
I'm a bodoh AH LIAN. =_=

Errr, ok, I'll continue my game. :P

8. I'm glad that Tsung Long just emailed me & sent me 3 kool photos!!!! WAH! :D Thanks! ^^ He told me one VERY important thing: Asian guys are sweet but they aren't gentlemanly. Haiyooh. I must remember.

9. I'm glad that I can watch Staiway To Heaven. Episode 3!!!! OMD!!!! That bitch Yoo-Ri running over *her*!!!! OH NO!!! *bites all fingers she can* And poor darling Sung-Ju all devastated by the *supposed* death of his love!!! NO! NO! NO!!!

10. I am glad cuz yesterday the Lacoste Touch Of Pink sample arrived.

11. I am glad cuz I REALLY stopped biting nails and now they're reeaaaalllyy pretty. ^^

12. The presentation yesterday went way better than I thought. The prof was delighted with me and said that it was for 1* what's an equivalent of A+!!!! WAH!! ^___^v

13. I'm glad cuz the sun is shining outside, the sky is blue & clear and the leaves are green. ^^

14. I'm glad cuz I know what I want to do in my life, even though I'm not too sure if I actually can achieve it. But hopefully I can... Must draw, must draw, must paint, must paint.... @_@

15. I'm glad cuz I have a fashion taste and I can dress up nicely. Very vain, I know. :D

16. I'm glad for being in a relationship liao, cuz, even though it didn't turn out well, I learnt many things there and I hope that so did Raymond.

17. I'm glad cuz I speak Slovak, Czech, English, Spanish and German. The last two languages...hmm..I'm not fluent at them but I think that if I went to countries where they're spoken, I'd learn fast. I have a certain feeling for languages....or at least I hope I do. :P

And of course, I'm also glad for knowing a bit of Singlish & Malay. And like 3 words from Chinese, Korean & Japanese. Hahaha. :P OK, I know more words, but I definately can't speak. -_-
Banyak bodoh la. Hihihihi! ^^''''

18. I'm glad cuz my hair is nice, shiny, thick & healthy. Whohohohoooo. Anybody wanna endorse me for some hair cosmetics thingee? B-) XD

19. I'm glad cuz my DNA is unique. :P

20. I'm glad cuz today I'm going to see Li Hong and Kika is coming from the spa after 3 weeks so I'll see her too! ^^

21. I am glad for having some painting talent. I wish I had more, but hey, I can't have it all. :P

22. I'm glad for reading a perfect article about the makan culture in Singapore! ^_^ Yes! It was in today's SME newspaper... I'd link it here, but you guys don't speak Slovak, so....

Chicken rice.
Roti canai.
Char kway teow.

YAAAY! *_*

23. I'm glad for falling in a stable, fluffy, feathery love with Southeast Asia. ^^
Reading blogs from there, knowing that food (and drinks) and most impooportantly - having FRIENDS from there - gives my life a nice, new perspective! :D It's like, I have my regular, Slovak part of life....and then the other part filled with Korean sotong from Times Square & bubble tea and Xiaxue & hubooby & Nisah and CENFAD and La Salle and all my dreams of going there for uni. Heheh.

24. I'm glad for having a bit of an insight into the Korean stuffs as well. ^^ The dramas! The music! The kimchi! The guys! The hanbok! The Taekwon-Do! The Hangul! WAHHH!!! :D And Jong Moon oppa! Ji Sun! Bae Yong Joon! WHOHOHOOO!

25. I'm glad for having freaky friends like UJ & Ali who don't mind walking 0.5km on feet from the Apollo bridge to the Apollo Business Centre at 1am and calling a taxi from there and then sleeping in my weird PJs. :D

26. I'm of course glad for having Kuci as well! She's my SAYANG, even though she doesn't know the meaning of the sayang word...hahhah.... :D

27. I'm glad for experiencing summer holidays like the recent one and the one from 2 years ago. ^^ Both different, both beautiful beyond words. ^___^

28. I'm glad for having you, Ilkka, hubooby, Nisah & Tsung Long. Thanks. ^__^

29. I'm glad for being healthy & not starving.

30. I'm glad for having my PC (even though I'd prefer Mac now, hahha). It's a gate to the world!!! :D I dunno what I'd do without it. =_= Wither away maybe. Hehe.

31. I'm glad for being the weird myself cuz I have fun with myself. XD

32. I'm glad for being young and having the whole life in front of me!!! :D It scares me sometimes, but on the other hand - it's gonna be a nice, long adventure. Mmmm.

33. I'm glad for being (at least a bit :P) educated. Ok la, I'm a very bad student and whatever, but I DO have a grammar school education! Ain't that kool?! :D

34. I'm glad that I can be glad!!!! :D Imagine I had depression. Then I wouldn't be able to be glad cuz I'd be thinking of suicide or what. @_@

35. I'm glad that now I'll dress up, apply lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, splash a bit of some perfume and hop on 204 or 209 trolleybus and then on the tram 4 and go see Li Hong. ^^

Off I go to do the Glad Point 35! ^__^

Listening to: "Be Without You" by MJB
Yay!: Hey! The Glad Game is a big YAY!
Grrr: I'm feeling so cold on my feet & palms. =_= Cannot tahan!!!! T_T @_@

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Geddit, I Have To Die, Thank You

WHATEVER I fucking do is always fucking WRONG to my mother.


Now I did what..?

Talked to my mother's colleague's son (let's call him MH) about his sis who found a rather...errr...untypical boyfriend. And that boy told his mommy right away about this. AND that woman is fucking pissed off at MY mother which is fucking pissed off at ME.

"I lost *her* cuz of YOU!!!!"
"Why? O_o" *wonders WTD is up*
"She is now hysterical & paranoid that everyone knows about her daughter's bf! That it's spreading around! You could do nothing better than talking to MH about that?!?! Are you outta your mind???!!!"
"O_o What's wrong at talking to my friend about his sis whom I know..?"

WTF ar.
My mother is literally asslicking that woman just cuz she's influental in mother's company. They're friends, but I think my mother is being a hypocrite cuz at home she utters nasty stuffs about her AND then she goes to Pilates with her. AIYOOOH.

Maybe I hould just die & stop destroying your life, shall I?!?! >_< Hija de puta.

Listening to: "Oh Mother" by Christina Aguilera. Such irony. Listening to *that* when I'm pissed off at my mother and vice versa...
Yay!: Friday tmr. Mmmmmm!
Grrr: Read the post. Arrrgh.
Chilly Days

The autumn is here in its full beauty & ugliness.

Luckily for me, there's more beauty in these days than the ugliness - the sky is clear, icy blue with whipped cream-like white clouds, the trees are still mostly green or turning gold, the grass is still green and fresh.... I like it! :)
The days are windy, sometimes there's a bit of fog in the mornings and when the sun is shining, it's shining as intesively as it's like piercing my lenses & eyes till I start to tear.
Oh and the killing me! VERY dry and VERY crisp. Eh, well, maybe icyly brutal would be the better expression. When I breath in, I feel like my poor lungs (still living in Malaysia, haha) are freezing and crying for help. :P That makes me tear also.

So basically during the autumn I'm crying everywhere I move. Hahaha. :P

Many good news for me!
I got a part time job! ^^
Starting with Oct 16th, I'm going to be a hostess for Promea communication and that means things like, greeting snobbish top managers at hotels like Crowne Plaza, handing them roses when they're leaving, showing them where's the toilet and so on.


I like the salary!!! ^^
I'm gonna earn like 800~1000Skk/event!!!!

Also I'm gonna get the uniform and I'll have to wear the pumps and look my best...okiee...I like that! ^^

Wah. Ah lian must go do some manicure now... Very vain. =_=

Listening to: "Why You Wanna" by T. I.
Yay!: Tmr's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grrrr: Got to do that stupid presentation. -_- OMP. Dun wanna!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Quack This Out

Almost forgot...
I came across this totally accidentally & almost DIED laughing. Maybe just hubooby, Ilkka & Nisah will's just the DUCK THING.

I never knew there was such a mag! :D

Cannot tahan! XD *dies laughing again*

Listening to: "When You're Mad" by Ne-Yo
Yay!: blablabla
Grrr: yaddayaddayadda
The Two Lost Bets + *HIS* 18th B'Day + Singapooporean B'Day Boy Sayang Wallie!!!

PINK template!!!! Yes, I'm an AH LIAN!!!!! *corrects her pink glittery lipgloss and fines her fake glittery baby blue nails with Hell-No Kitty stickers somemore* <--- Nonooo, this is just a fiction, I'm not like THAT!~ O_O

Too much lime green in my life, I tell ya.
It's like everyone's fav color now & everyone (incl. myself.. Duh. -_-) is crazy over the MOJITO.

And WTD, even the current interior design is all about the contrasts of "pure white & the crisp, fresh lime green". I saw it the August's issue of the French design/architecture mag IDEAT, I'm not making it up! :P
UJ wears his lime green Lacoste polo t-shirt. I wear my lime green whatever-brand-from-P&C t-shirt. PD as well. And my Blogger template was lime green. Very emmbarrasing & tiring.

I'm in the need of more black clothes cuz I feel a certain overdose of bright colors. -_-'''
Well, I bought that long V-neck black t-shirt and that long-sleeved black pullover recently, but I feel like it's not enough - I'd like to have some black pants too, preferrably with soft vertical stripes...that'd be so nice! ^^ Very business-like too, I know. But I love this kinda elegance.

We have two BDAY BOYS. Erm, considering my ducky-themed life - two BDAY DUCKS!!!

Ilkka (Oct 4th) & Wallie (Oct 3rd). ^_^


I wish you both HEAPS of happiness, love, success in all areas of your lives, lots of beautiful times, no sorrow, no misery, no poverty, no tears spilt, no kicks to bontot feathers earned - I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FROM DA BEST!!!!!!!!!

Be happy, always.


The gifts will eventually come - but only in case I finally manage to remember that I have to buy new thick envelopes. -_- Sorry la, my darlings! :S

I lost two extremely IQ-less bets today. *bang head on the table*

The bet No. 1's punishment: Kiss Erik on his cheek.
CHECK. His cheek is a very soft one. XD Wahahhahahha!!!! I know I'm really B. O. D. O. H. but know what?! I liked it!!! Kissing on cheek is such a beautiful activity!!!! XD

The bet No. 2's punishment: Kiss one of Mato's from our class (UJ or the other one) on the lips.
I HAVE TO DO IT TMR. *jumps off the window*
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! On the LIPS!!!! Geddit?!?! Lips??!!!! AIYOOOOHHHHH TOLONG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! @___@ Me dun wannaaaaaa!!!! TT____TT
Anyways la, I'm picking the ther Mato, not UJ, cuz I can't imagine giving him the peck on his lips. Blleeaaaurghh. Sorry UJ, but really. You. Are. Not. My Stuff. even though I really like you, but still. WTP ar. The other Mato is "the smaller evil" as we say here for the bad option which is still better than the other bad one. :P Hahahah.

Oooohhh. O_o
Is it 11.41pm liao?
Originally I wanted to blog something sensible, but I think I'll just go to bed instead. -_- Yesterday I went to bed at 1am and couldn't fall asleep for the next 2 hours AND had to wake up at you can imagine how fresh was I today. =_=

Nights!~! :)

Listening to: "Void In My Life" by Chamillionaire. Me likes hip hop. Hihihi.
Yay!: Ehm. Dunno what. Maybe that I survived? :P
Grrr: Those bets...oh noooo..... -_-

Monday, October 02, 2006

Just Kill Me

Yes, it's official.


Composition?! Like, what's that anyways?
Perspective?! Eh? Speakin' Zulu to me, ar?
Straight lines?! Sorry, I dunno that.
Clean drawing?! Dream on..
Shading? Ah? Ehm? *coughs* Is there such a thing? O_o

Goodbye illusions about my "talent". THERE IS NO SUCH A THING.

I know I should stop being so pessimistic, and instead of wailing start drawing but after the last two art course I clearly saw that I HAVE NO CHANCE FOR GETTING ANYFUCKINGWHERE.

Now I'm thinking of crying loudly and I'm checking out the other possibilities for me.

What about the International Relations faculty at BA's Economical Uni? -_-
Or maybe...but...I won't get there either.....maybe...the Communication & Mass Media at the University Of NY in Prague....?

That wouldn't be bad.

I wish I had some talent, but I have NONE.
"Life's a misery", I agree with you, Mr. Buddha.

But "After rain comes sun", too, right? I hope it does or else..... *takes a gun*

Me is not in a good mood today.
Leave me alone, EVERYONE.

Oh, btw... I've started to watch the Stairway To Heaven (finally) and man, do I love Sung-Ju....and the way he dude! Polo t-shirts, jumpers, coats...yummy...
I've heard that it's a very sad and sentimental drama.... I'm looking forward.... It's gonna deepen my autumn depression and the growing displeasure with myself. Pooperfect. *weak smile*

Listening to: "Why You Wanna" by T. I.
Yay!: I had a pretty good mood during the school. :) Thanks UJ for borrowing me your iPod! Good music makes my day! ^^
Grrr: I got shouted at from mother cuz of spending money. WTF. I just ordered one damn fucking pizza. Rot in hell! Also I have no idea about the English AND I don't have the essay for tmr's TOEFL. Wtf la. I dun give a fuck.


Sunday, October 01, 2006



Ryan Phillippe!!!!

Not too normal for me to like an ang moh, but....butt....this Ryan.... He's UNBELIEVABOOBLY FASCINATING. Aiyoooh! *drools till dies*

A very pointless entry, I know. Hahaha!
*continues the drooling*

I'm just looking at the Flickr's Kuala Lumpur Pool & the MALAYSIA BOLEH Pool and I'm feeling DAMN NOSTALGIC & SENTIMENTAL.

...would you believe that I was there TWO YEARS ago?!?! O_o

I'm feeling like it was like 6 months ago or so. O_o
The time's flying so fucking fast, ain't it?

Soon I'll be old, troubled, sad, stressed out & weary of life.
And then I'll die.


Nooo, I'm not depressed at all. *puts on a very fake smile*

I've started to feel very BLEH after the lil' celebration of Linda's 18th bday at Grandes....because....I just felt that *the Moment* is flowing away to the past....that *this Evening* is the last one like this....that from now on we'll be just older & more stressed out & more responsible for everything....Linda is NO MORE a child, we'll follow her path to adulthood soon after her...



Oh, and in the same time I don't want. :)

I dunno what I want.
Lifelong summer holidays, poophaps? ^^
Ohh, that would do! ^^

Darn late liao. 1.10am. I should go to bed soon even though I'm NOT tired.... But... But.... Tmr is SUNDAY. Fucking SUNDAY. And after that FUCKING MONDAY.


Byebye, sayangs.

I miss the time from 2 years ago. Sigh.

Listening to: whatever song by SG Wannabe
Yay!: I'm talking to D and it's so nice. :)
Grrr: Going to bed late again...WTD....