Thursday, May 31, 2007


It's OVER!!!!!
It was OVER already yesterday but I was too exhausted to think straight. In fact, I'm still not really GETTING it; all those 8 years of my grammar school are...... *OVER*. *_____*
Gosh, I won't believe it until I get that precious graduation report card!!!!!

Btw, the grad. My results are awesome:

1 - Literature & Slovak language
1 - English
1 - History of Arts
3 - Social Studies (but that was absolutely unfair, I should have gotten 2 or even 1!!!! The prof is apparently a complete bitch, I hope her boobs rot & drop off)

1 is like A and 3 is like C.
I'm proud of myself but I can't say it was entirely my geniality kickin' in cuz it was partially about an INSANE LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gosh. I've chosen - from all the 35 questions that I haven't studied for - the only one question I haven't studied for as well, but knew about it anyways. That was the "Slovak folk arts and costumes".

Then on Slovak I've chosen the "Baroco & Classicistic" literature to which they gave me three pages with excerpts I had to work with - and that's just what I needed as I'm bad at memorising stuff and good at working with texts. By the way, the other questions had just two papers with excerpts. Lucky lucky me!

English was nice too. Know what have I chosen? ART & CULTURE. Teheheheeee! So we ended up talking about the visual arts I like and about me hopefully going to KL & etc. :P

And then Social Studies, I've chosen a Q where I had to talk about the human rights & the political parties & etc. I've told that bitch EVERYTHING. And she gave me 3???!!!! FUCK HER AND I LIKED HER!!!!

Anyways, I'm happy cuz now the doors to Limkokwing and to everywhere are open wide AND now I have the chance to fulfill my dream & go study Graphic Design overseas. ^_^

Sadly, I've been slacking in the terms of drawing & painting... I must start painting again. For the past three hell of a weeks I was doing three things only: STUDYING, EATING, SLEEPING. Seriously, I've learnt more during these three weeks than during all those 8 years! Hahaha!


Today I'm going to give back the books they borrowed us and then I'm going to Prague with dad. :) I'm soooo looking forward! ^__^ We'll be going for a KOREAN DINNER and I'm salivating for a Korean food for like 18 years of my life or so. :D Yesterday I've found THREE Korean restaurants in Prague (compared to ZERO in BA) and I really dunno to which one shall we doesn't matter long as we'll go to one! ^_^

I'll have a day off in Prague and I plan to go shopping in the downtown. I hope I won't get lost too often - I've been to Prague million years ago and I don't remember a single thing, not even where the Vaclav's Square is and how do I get to the Karl's Bridge. @_@ OMG, emmbarrasing....and to think we were one country once.... @_# :D

Bikini, sneakers & a bag, that's what I need. So I shall hunt for it. :) I'm thinking about buying some funky Converse shoes cuz I've always been eyeing them but never bought them cuz my cousin told me that they are quite shitty. Well, as they say "Trust but try out"...I shall do so. :)

THen the bikini....well, I've been thinking about buying Lacoste bikini but thinking about it again, it's a waste of money. Do I need to have a crocodile on my boob?! NOPE!!! :P Besides, it's a tennis brand and from a certain time onwards EVERYWHERE I GO, THERE GOES TENNIS. It's like, STALKING ME!!! @_@ I'm starting to hate it!

Wherever I come, there are people talking about tennis. I switch on the TV and there's tennis (but that's understandable, as the Roland Garros is now). I meet new people and they turn out to be tennis players. GOSH.

Whoops....I'm in a quacking mood today but I must go liao - the books are waiting! It's going to be the very last time of myself in *that* school. ^_^ The LAST TIME will be on Monday when we'll get the GRADUATION REPORT CARDS and then.... I'm OFFICIALLY FREE. ^___^


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


FUCK. FUCK THE DUCK!!!!! <--- I'm a creator of new vulgar phrases ok

I'm the saddest example of the most bimbotic procrastinator EVER. Tomorrow is the day D with the LAST GRAD ORAL EXAM from Society Studies. Honestly, I can't even *pretend* that I know anything,. cuz I DON'T. I studying/revising..?


If I fail tmr, I'll DIE. Gosh~ @_@

Dear Almighty Duck, PLEASE, lemme choose Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Freud, Jung or Kant cuz I remember them at least a bit. Also the religionistics would do me good...just, PLEASE....NO LAW NOR ECONOMY.

Thank you.... *sighhhh*

I'm off to revising that nothing I know. Shit shit fuck fuck fuckkkkkkk the duckkkk. @_@

So far I've been acing it, I feel like Federer, hahha... Lit A, History of Arts A, English A.......ok, let's prepare for tomorrow's D...... ALL GODS IN THE UNIVERSE, SAVE ME, HELP ME, LEAD MY HAND TO A GOOD & EASY QUESTION, PLEASE!!!!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Battle

I have set up my alarm clock to 5.10am.
I will wake up.
Dress up.
Eat up.
Brush the teeth, wash the face, apply the lenses.
Do the make-up.
Wear the heels.

Enter the class with the History of Arts.

Choose one paper with some question.

Use up the 15 mins that I have for the preparation.


The same thing but without the waking up part later, on the Slovak language & literature. GOSH.

And then, the 1st day of my graduation will be over. O_O

Tuesday - English. I'm aiming for A.
Wednesday - Society Studies. I'll be damn happy with C or D!


I shall FIGHT!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back To BA

Long time no see & I know that 0.45 of my readers deserve a long post BUT I'm very lazy & escematic so I'll be really brief.


  • One more topic left to learn from Literature (Lit after 1945)
  • I have ecsema, swollen red right eye, nose bleed and allergy (thus, a running nose)
  • Got my hair trimmed and now I look like 8 year old
  • I've slimmed down 3 kg! :D THANK YOU, BADMINTON SWEETHEART!!!! Now I look more appropriate for the hostessing job. :P
  • I've decided to wear my platinum + brilliant ring from the Korean grandpa for luck...I think it's a stupidity, but I've got nothing to lose :P
  • May 31st ~ June 1st, I'm off to PRAGUE. With my father, that is.
    Hahahaaa, who would've thought that? :P My woman's pride & dignity aside, I wouldn't mind meeting Doggy there just for the sake of seeing WHAT may happen. Teheheheee.
  • Shit, I don't have 3 red things to wear. Or golden. I'm superstitious even though I pretend I'm not, but neverthless, I ALWAYS wear something red when I need luck. -_-

Okay. I'm sorry but I'm off liao - I need to bath in the bath sea salt that is supposed to be beneficial for the skin irritation.... I'm irritated EVERYWHERE!!! GOSH!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"No Time For Love"

There's FINALLY/SADLY/LUCKILY nothing else for me to contemplate about because one episode of my drama of life has just ended.
It was bitter like a lemon fernet for me and I'm still swallowing it, but c'est la vie.....
To the point:

DOGGY: "How was your badminton? What, ain't the Prague option interesting for you?"

ME: "Not NOW, after the grad maybe...I'm in PN now....but then, I'll come...for 85%! "Life is about changes" as the Heracleitos from Efez has said!"

DOGGY: "I know. Is it there where those vinyls are? I won't be here (in SK) right after your grad but I'll surely come back later. And if I'm right, it's as the Epicuros has said: 'Foreigner, here you will feel good, here the pleasure is the biggest contentment.'"

ME: "Anyways, now I'm in PN and it's fine here; fresh strawberries in the garden, badminton, food, relax, music...aaaahh. :)"

DOGGY: "And what about the lovers? And the beer? I was kinda thinking when you were talking about that your're still waiting for your prince, aren't you?"

ME: "Hahaaa, today one guy that was dropping the flyers almost dropped off his bike when he saw me in a short skirt! :P And yes, I am waiting....and with my requirements I think I will, for a long time... =_="

DOGGY: "Don't you worry, those that would like to please you (physically, he meant), they are in heaps! You're just SMSing with one I guess.... But if you're waiting for your prince, it's not gonna be me. I don't have any time for love now."

ME: "Well, I could have LOTS of them last Friday at Dopler (SK version of the Zouk), thanks...I'm not in for shallow relationships. Is love for tennis enough to you? ;)"

DOGGY: "It is. It's just that sometimes one needs to vent out the hormones. If you'd have a similar problem someday, I'll be glad to help...but now I'm off to sleep. Nites & sweet dreams. I'm going to dream and I think it'll be about making love with you."

ME: "Good night and I hope there's a tennis racquet lying by your side.. ;) Well, and if you were calling me to come to CZ just so you'd be able to shag me, then I definately won't come. Sweet tennis dreams!"

DOGGY: "Nah, just like, for a visit. It's not like I can call you for anything else anyways (he has a gf but he's planning to break up with her after the grad).. Well, nitez and sweet dreams about the Miletian school." <--- I was studying the Philosophy, hence all these Philo jokes & references :)

ME: "Well, that's another speech now! I shall see. Take care!"

Wow, so kool, I've always wanted to be the one the guys wanna shag. =_='''' comment.

My feminine dignity and pride is shattered. Gosh, if ALL GUYS are like this, I'll be a lesbian. =_= :P

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Two Chirping Birds

I have never believed on anything like SYMBOLS, SIGNS and etc., but I was forced to rethink it few days ago.
I have never 100%-ly believed even in this Feng Shui thing and I think I'll be forced to rethink it too. :P

Three days ago, in the morning, I was in the living room, just about to leave for the school. Suddenly, I heard a REALLY loud chirping and even though I was in a hurry, I turned around and saw two pretty birds on the balcony fence (or whatever) 'dancing' around each other.
It was *them* who were chirping so aloud.. And I was looking at them, smiling, they were chirping and then they flew away....still together. My mother hasn't noticed a thing.

"The birds?", I thought, "The birds are supposed to be a super positive sign according to the FS...and TWO birds, that may be a sign of a positive turn in my love life or something!"

Little I believed in that anyways and I went to school.
And then I came back home & logged into MSN & ICQ. I saw Doggy online and I was really tempted to IM him but then I collected all my pride & dignity and my hurt ego & told my friend:

"I'm NOT gonna IM him ANYMORE. It's leading from nowhere to nowhere & nothing's gonna happen anyways."

A minute later he IMed to me & invited me on mutual webcaming.

And from THAT DAY onwards I am chatting with Doggy almost everyday and he's inviting me to see him in Prague (there's a tournament these days) and to "listen to the music by the candles"...oh yes, and he has told me that the way I looked at him once on the webcam (but I swear that was just for fun!) was "really tough weapon" and so on.


Duck. I can't believe it's JUST BECAUSE. O_o
Who knows what's gonna happen today..tomorrow...later? :)

I have politely declined his Prague offer because I'm graduating in freaking few days and I need to STUDY, not to watch him playing tennis...haha...however...maybe I might go to CZ AFTER the graduation.

I just hope that things will go fine! If not, I'll kill those silly birds for making me believe in things that weren't for real! @_@ :P


Slovak lingo composition: 92,6%
English description: 90%
English graduation test: 92,5%

The ORAL GRADS are coming. I'm freaking's not like I've studied too much. @_@ WISH ME LUCK & MANY MORE BIRDS ON THE FENCE, PLEASE. ^_^

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Golf/R&B Chicks With Long Legs/Awesome Tennis Panties

It's THURSDAY already! YEAH!! *dances salsa*

Tomorow is FRIDAY and then SATURDAY....and that's when I'm off to some VIP golf tournament as a hostess. 1000Skk netto. AWESOME. ^^

I'll buy the Slovak version of the HK Octopus card (although here we don't tap anything as we're in paleolitic age in terms of mass transport), buy the fitness member card and then indulge. Perhaps on sushi or aromatic candles.... Or on new flowers! ^_^

There's the new Rihanna's single "Umbrella" playing on the radio and I must say that I REALLY like it. It's so....different. :)


It's Beyonce that's considered as the unofficial "Queen of R&B" but...she's so....UNORIGINAL. I find all her songs sounding the same, her style is the same and it's all more an average pop with a hint of R&B than R&B itself.
She has a ducking hot body though, I wouldn't mind having one myself. *bats eyelashes*


Wahlau, her legs are 5x longer than my ENTIRE body. O_O

BUT! My fave is AMERIE! ^^
Maybe it's also cuz she's a half Korean and we all know that I'm biased.

Have you heard her new single "Take Control" liao? More impooportantly, have you seen the video liao?
Gosh, it's so sexy, I think I'm turning lesbian while watching it. O_O

And again, even her legs are 5x longer than my ENTIRE body, even though you can't see it on this pic.
Well, in my next life I'll be Barbie and then *THEY* will envy *ME*! MWAHA!

I bought AWESOME panties today @ Accessorize. :D They are stripy on front and these stripes are rasberry-pink & white....and on the back they have this hilarious patterns consisting of little tennis racquets, tennis balls & hearts. XD
It's HILARIOUS, really!!!!! XD

There were also other hilarious panties (with watermelons & chrries, with lil' doggies...) but none of them were THAT hilarious.

I feel like I can finally go play tennis. ^_~

....Marx, Heidegger, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, the After-Classicist Philosophy...that's what I've learnt today. Sian lah. NITES! ^^

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm Scaring Myself

I've just CLEANT UNDER MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMD!!!! OMD!!!! *dies of horror*
Oh yes, and then I've wiped the wooden shelfes & the funny sculpture of a lazy, laid-back laughing Buddha that father brought from Taiwan many years ago.

We have this cleaning thingamajig (I love this word, HAHAHAAAAA, ducky sis, thanx for teaching me :D) for wooden furniture that contains honey and it TOTALLY changes the quality of the wood. It's so shiny and pretty.

Mmmm. ^^

Oh, duck me, I'm quacking like a 89 yrs old grandma. =_=

Yesterday I was SO boasting on the topic of myself being a nerd and..?!

It's 8.32pm and I STILL haven't studied a single page.
GAH. =_=

I'd better do so ASAP cuz I've counted that I have only 26 days left until the grad and that's a freakishly short time, considering those 58847547857785 pages worth of uninteresting notes that I have to remember. @_@

Today my Society Studies prof accused me of slacking and losing the grip of things when I've muttered that I don't understand the Slovak annuity plan that includes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pillar and 18% and 9% and other 9% and the Social Insurance Co. and BLAHBLAH, in other words, it's madly complicated and not even my mother understands it.
Thank you, professor. =_=

The thing is, it's in the B level graduation questions (that she & her colleagues prepared!) and she was explaining that to us today, in case we get that question.

Wahlau. I'm worried bululess, I really am! @_@ This prof liked me at first but now I think she no longer does that much. Then there is the Geo prof which is a complete bitch and I am SURE that she hates me. We have this kind of Potter-Snape relationship. :P

Aaaaahhh well...................................................................I think there is no more room for procrastination for me left. Maybe only.....checking out my horoscopes. XD

And after *THAT* I WILL go study Slovak literature which is the most annoying subject EVER but I'll try to autohypnose myself into loving it more than sushi.


NO PAIN, NO GAIN. In my case, no FREEDOM.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Painstaking Path Of A Nerdess

Didf that sound pompous enough? Teheheeee.... I hope it did. :P
Reading it again, it sounds more WEIRD than POMPOUS, but.... Okay, I'm not prince William to speak perfect English, just my teeth are almost his size.

It all leads to one thing anyways - I am (un)pleased to announce that TODAY I've officially launched my newly-found schizo part of myself, that is, THE NERDESS.
*Yes, I also don't think such a word exists.*
I've managed to study for FULL THREE AND HALF HOURS during which I've learnt the mysteries of State, Democracy, Peoples and the blahblahs around it and then Neolit, Paleolit, Egypt, Mykena and Creta and its art, architecture and sculpture.
O_o *_*

I've never thought I'm able to study THAT much! OMB!!! O_O @_@
The nerdess path is gonna continue tomorrow and even fiercely than today, as today was just the warm-up.
Gosh, isn't it scary? :P Ain't *I* in particular scary?! @_@

I believe I am and as a true nerdess I'm now listening neither to Beyonce nor to Avril Lavigne but to a CLASSICAL RADIO via iTunes.

Oh. My. Poopness.


Don't be scared though.... I assure you that the nanosecond after my graduation I will turn into my usual self and enjoy the art of procrastination yet again in its full glory.

It's sad but NOW, in my new Nerdess role, I can't procrastinate as much as my soul wishes to. T_T
True, today all that studying exhausted me as much as I was reading Potter 6 for most of the time after it but....again, today was JUST A WARM-UP. *shivers*


Period is bodoh. My complexion is awful, my small of the back hurts bluntly and I can't even go to power yoga because many of the asanas aren't recommended to women in *those days*. :( I've wasted 150Skk already, as I had booked and paid a power yoga class at the morning (8am ~ 9.30am) but I precisely remember waking up at 4.22am and finding out that I have a period.
Next time then...but not even tomorrow...maybe next week... TT___TT

I don't dare to go to yoga despite of the period because I believe that during those thousands of years of yoga's history the yoga masters surely must have found out what's beneficial and what's not for the body, right?!
Then if they say this asana isn't good when you have the period, I shall not do it.

But I LOVE yoga! ^_^

It's so awesome....those gracious, slow movements we (desperately try) to do...the breathing in & out....the meditative music....those beautiful, balanced asanas...

My most fave ones are the ones where we stand on one leg and hold our hands either together as in a prayer or held out in that 'lotus flower' way or whatever it is called. ^^


Midnight liao. Eeehhh. I'm just sipping my Sweet Dreams tea & listening to the So 90's iTunes radio and feeling REALLY sleepy already. Got school tmr! UUUAAA!!!! TT___TT

Nite, nite. Love ya all. *kisses*

I've heard Se7en was supposed to be in it but maybe our TVs aren't airing that version or what....sigh...!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


I'm scaring myself with my sudden growing affinity to the color PINK.

Two days ago I bought dark pink-bordeaux-blackish sunglasses. Yesterday I bought a bright pink bra, it has that almost invisible powderish shade, but still, it's PINK. And today I bought a pink (in the scariest combo EVER with BABYBLUE) toothbrush!!!!!!!!!

*wails in horror*

I'm scared that one day I might end up like Xiaxue having everything... - Glitter Graphics

Wouldn't THAT be the biggest horror?! UHHHHHHHHH. @_@

Maybe it just means some subconscious need for love (as pink symbolizes romance, feminity & blahblah) but - I ask myself: WHAT LOVE?!
I'm enjoying my singlehood, okay?! I have Haku's love, that's the only one love I need and as I've understood that men (save for baibee & BYJ) are bodoh I don't need to trouble myself.

The other option is that...

...maybe I'm just becoming a REAL ah lian.
It had to come one day, it really had. =_=

Irrelevantly, I had a dream about PRINCE WILLIAM.

WAHAHAHAHAAA, no kidding! I think in the dream we were in bus or something and we became friends and all in all, the dream was as if I had smoked sa good old ganja before I closed my eyes. XD Amazing, it was SO real! :P

Hmmm. The beauty of my room is STILL intact. In fact, I've removed my curtains today because I felt (or lured myself to feel) that due to their filthiness they emit the bad yin qi and I cannot tahan that.
Somebody please SHOOT ME soon, okay?

Today I was even determining my Four Pillars (whatever it is) now I have a super beautiful Four Pillars chart with me being the "Yin Fire Snake" and etc. but I don't really understand what am I supposed to do with it. Like, ooops! XD

I've checked my ASTRONOMICAL WEIGHT today & this is what I've learnt:

Your astronomical birth is 3 (liang) 6 (chin).

Solar DOB: 17 Mar 1989
Lunar DOB: 10 Feb 1989

You will have a very busy schedule ahead, but this is good as you will be busy attaining great success in life! You enjoy excellent family affinity and they will bring you lots of prosperity luck. Lucky stars will always shine on you, helping you achieve all your wishes. Keep a wealth vase at home to enhance your wealth and prosperity luck further. And do not be afraid to be ambitious. You have a lot of potential based on your birth weight, which you can realize if you have the conviction and courage to do so.

Sounds good, I just hope it's TRUE! :D

I'm sooo sleepy today. Not even this FLUFFY PINK bathrobe I have on helps me to wake up! T_T @_@ Probably it's cuz of the grey skies outside and the sleepy chillout lounge music I'm listening to. Sigh. *yawns*

Time to try finding something nice to eat.... And maybe I'll just cook a plain, white rice, I love its aroma. ^^

Thursday, May 03, 2007









(Amedeo Modigliani)

10pm, no studying yet? KNN!!!!

I saw Yves Klein's, Gustav Klimt's, Egon Schiele's, Pablo Picasso's, Andy Warhol's, Eduard Manet's and other giants' of art artworks today! *_* AWESOME!!!!!!!
We (the class) were in Vienna for the super perfect exhibitions of erotic paintings and of Yves Klein.


He's the Artist with capital A!

Egon Schiele was provocative & almost gross as always, Pablo disliked by me as always and Manet liked by me as always.

I had miso shiru, bulgogi (the KL one was WAY better), one piece of friend's sushi :P, green tea, Almdudler, apple strudel and a salad. Life's good. ^^

I bought sunglasses, H&M eyeshadows and whatever..... Goodbye, 50 Euro. :P

Very boring quack indeed but I'mm tired like hell and I'm planning to get a nice bubbly bath in my lychee bath foam thingee and read up the Society Studies there. SIGH. =_=

P.S.: My tided up, neaty, pretty room is still intact, save for few clothes on the chair and a bag, a book, an iPod and the results of my shopping on the table. YAY!!!! ^^

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

FengShui-ing Around Da Room

Just as the title quacks, I've gotten yet another feng shui mood & I've almost compoopletely tided up my room, cleant up everythong that could be cleant up, threw out almost all useless stuffs AND - and this is an upgrade! :D - even drew a plan of my tiny room and determined which corners of the room are said to be full of the negative qi that can't be roused.

Sadly for me I HAD to rouse one negative qi corner, the Northeast one because I had a mirror there and according to FS, the mirror doubles the qi. In my case it was doubling the negative qi (if we assume that we believe in all these qi quackings) and that really is NOT good at all! @_@

Right now there are two candles lightning up my room. One of them is in a LOTUS shape, now, could you find anything more......feng shui-y? O_o :P
Cantik. ^_^ Me likes! :D

I think I'm getting paranoid cuz of the upcoming graduation and therefore I wanna make sure that EVERYTHING is perfect with me & around me.
(I'm even planning to wear RED TOP & UNDIES on the grad that will bring me luck. In fact, I've realized that whenever we have a difficult test, I tend to wear red. Seems like I'm kinda superstitious. Uhhh. =_=)

Sadly, Snakes (me) are the compooplete opposites of Pigs (this year is the Year Of Pig) and that means that in general this won't be a good year...and that adds up to my pre-grad paranoia. :P

If you catch me buying some esotheric qi-enhancing golden whatever next time, STOP ME!!!! @_@ It means I've gone seriusly GILA and I need just few tight slaps. -_- :D :D

Hmmm, there might be something true about these qi things because immidiatelly after tiding it up here I feel much much better. ^^

It's miraculous - THERE IS NO DUST ON THE FLOOR!!!!! *faints*

Such things rarely happen to me. :P

Eeeeh. It's full moon. Know what that means? That I won't be able to fall asleep!!!! T___T I'm weirdly sensitive to these full moons and I don't sleep well when it's so. I'm not a werewolf (WEREDUCK???? That's more likely :D) though, don't you be scared! :P :D

Feng Shui.
Feng Shui.
Feng Shui.

I like least for the fact that it keeps me tiding up my room. :P

In case you get inspired by me & FS your room too, then WATCH OUT FOR THE WEST, NORTHWEST & NORTHEAST!!!! *waggles feather*
The negative qi (some 'bad stars' or whatever) are said to be there in 2007 and the less you disturb them, the better. In case you NEED to disturb them, at least don't disturb them as the first ones - you better start in another corners of your room.

Now, am I educated or not? :D

HAHA!!!! :P

Uh, now it quacked me. MY BED IS ON THE WEST!!!! @_@

*Borat voice* Nice, nice, niiiiiice.....NOOOT!!!!!!
What do I do? Sleep badly until 2008???? -_-

*inner voice*
Ducky Princess, PLEASE. -_- Wake up lah. Don't take FS THAT only has 5000 years worth of history! :P

Okay. Off I go to take my freshly showered plants (new yang qi), put them in my room, then I'll freshly shower myself, set the alarm clock (6.25am T_T) and go sleep to my negative qi corner. Sigh. Hahaha. :D

GOOD NIGHT!!!! ^_^

(And, btw, YANG qi is the good one and YIN qi is the bad one and they must be in harmony. I'm so clever. And check out :D