Thursday, August 24, 2006


A very creative title, I know. :P Let's hope my future ad slogans won't be as creative as well! :P O_O Cuz if yes, byebye nice apartment/villa at Koliba & byebye a nice car!

This will be a VERY random post btw.

Lacoste has sales.
And I'm leaving for Thassos on Friday for 12 days with madre.

The cons of the leaving:

  • What if the Lacoste sales will be over when I come back?!
  • Linda has returned from Salzburg liao & I won't even see her before I leave
  • I think I'll miss out on lots of outings with the gang
  • Madre!
The pros:

  • The turquise sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The white beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The palm trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The warmth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The 4 star hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The tzatziki and fish
  • The RELAXATION (well, or maybe not, I'll be there with madre)
  • Tennis courts by the hotel - maybe I'll meet a hot Korean who's gonna teach me tennis there XD

I'm looking forward!!!!
But but.... I think I won't be able to blog a lot, so this is the one but last post from me before I come back.

I saw T, that S-resembling-dude in the trolleybus today and amazingly, I've felt nothing looking at him. He has very pretty eyes & lips, I must admit, but that hair.....EEEEKKK!!! @_@ Is it that I'm really already over S? Is it that? ^^
That means another chapter in my life!!!! ^__^
On the second though..I wonder what would happen if I saw S. Like very close to me & for more than just 2 seconds. Would I still feel that "I'm over him liao"?
Somethong is telling me that I wouldn't be *that* over him yet, SO, PLEASE KEEP S AWAY FROM ME!!!! I don't wanna go into all that agonizing yet again. Six years was more that enough. Hmpf. >_> @_@

Know what.
I think I want to hug some guy. XD

Did that sound stupid? :P

I guess it did, so HEY, I meant my guy, not any guy! I think I would like to have a boyfriend now, but except of UJ there's no one else fulfilling my standard. Aiyoooohhh....
Difficult to find someone suitable for me cuz I want way too much. :P

Lalalaaaaaaa, I'm listening to the Lion King OST, you know how beautiful it is???!!! ^_____^

I digressed, sorry! ^^;;;;
Really, really, really. A boyfriend! *_*
A boyfriend who'd hug me, laugh with me, smell well, do stupid funny stuffs, understand my materialism & wasting, love food, love ME (more than food, please!), wear nice clothes (I'm vain, I know), be relatively well-off (or his parents actually. Ahem, you know, after my ex I don't want boyfriends whom I'll have to pay dinners...), be self-confident, independant, tolerant, one who'd drink in moderation & one who wouldn't smoke.....and one who'd like some form of art.

Ayayayayayayayayyyyyy, I want TOO much, there's NO ONE like that!!!! NO ONE!!!!!! O_O Okay, UJ is like that (for 98%) but he's my classmate, as we know.

But a bear hug from a nice, loving dude who'd have a lovely scent (or perfume or both, haha!), that'd be somethong!!!! :D

That'd for sure keep me sane during the last year at the grammar school! :D
Or maybe it'd keep me insane, cuz yeah, love is crazy.

Hmmmm, hmmmmmmm.

I have a headache!!!! @_@ I don't know from what though, cuz I don't have headaches often....I guess I'm just sleep-deprived or what.....or I'm iPod nano-less hahha....


  • Pure (Jil Sander)
  • Gucci Vol. II (Gucci)
  • Chance (Chanel)
  • Envy Me 2 (Gucci)
  • Lacoste Inspiration (if it's good!!!! I'm gonna get the samples soon, I've ordered them. :D)
(The credits)

That crocodile is making my mood better. :P He's SMILING, see it? ^.^

WAAAHHH, this is such a retarded post. @_@ XD I'd better go to bed, it's 1.48am anyways & I HAVE A HEADACHE. Blaaaahhh. @_@

Listening to: The Lion King OST
Yay!: Nice day again, with UJ & Dada. Nice salmon.
Grrr: Why can't there be another UJ? MMM??!!! WTF!!! One UJ would be a classmate, another UJ-like dude would be a boyfriend. But then please, I want the UJ-like dude to have nicer eyes. Heheheh.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Amazing Absurdity

Very briefly cuz I'm sian liao.

I was out with Li Hong & we had a good time as usually.
I went to UJ's and we've planned to stay there for maybe like 2 hours, fry pancakes and then go to IKEA with Dada.

The plan has changed & when it was drawing to the end of the day, it all began to look rather AMAZING.

Dada couldn't have gone to IKEA cuz she had tennis & then her fone got screwed up & she couldn't tell us that we don't have to wait for her.
So we've waited. Me at UJ's have waited for 8 hours and during that time I've talked to UJ's cute & freaky younger bro, met his grandma, met his father, met his mother, read all Porsche, Bang & Olufsen, Laufen, Sony Cybershot DSC-T9, iPod, iPod nano, Lacoste & Lexxus Real Agency prospectuses, played with toy cars with UJ's bro, fried the pancakes, had lunch & lunch 2 with UJ, his bro & his grandma and went for a walk for some Kofola with UJ & his bro (UJB).

Throughout whole this time neither me or UJ had known that later we'll be understood as a........................COUPLE. *faints & dies laughing*

Because I wasn't contacting madre for a while, I got an SMS from her saying: "I hope that you aren't pregnant yet."

UJ's father (UJF) came, shook my hand & said: "I'm glad to get to know you finally! UJ has been mentioning you so much!"

Later he has said: "Michaela....that's such a beautiful name, but I can't get it, why the nickname Mosha? Can I call you Misha? Or Mishka? (the way my closest family calls me btw!) Can I?"

And then: "UJ's bro is a lovely boy, ain't he? I think you guys go along very well.." *contended smile*

After that: "I've gotten to know my dear lady (wife) in my 16yrs...." *a diabolic wink first at UJ & then at me*

And then: "How did you get home yesterday? By the night's bus?" <--- I went home at 0.35am from a bus stop nearby UJ cuz we were together until then.
Me: "Yes, by the night's bus, I got home safe, only I felt very cold."
UJF: "Why hasn't UJ borrowed you any jacket? So bad of him, he's no gentleman.."
Me: "Eeehh, but that's okay, why should he be borrowing me his jackets.."
UJF: "And now you won't feel cold when the three of you are off to Slavin? Don't you need a jacket now? Why hasn't UJ given you any? Well, don't you want mine? Or he will borrow you his & I will borrow him mine!" *looks at UJ with a very interesting glint in eyes*
Me: "Oh please, no no no, it's totally okay!" *not getting the fuss*
UJ: O_o ???

A bit later:
UJB: "Let's go to Slavin!"
UJ: "Okay, let's go!"
Me: "Surez!"
UJF: "Yeah, just go to Slavin! UJB can stay here with me & *you two* can go.."
Me & UJ *alarmed cuz we've got that UJF thinks we're dating*: "Oh no, we want to take UJB with us!" O_O

When I was leaving, after me, UJ & UJB went to Slavin and me & UJ were dying of laughter & very mixed emotions and trying to figure out how to let mi madre & UJF know that we aren't dating & that we've never dated...:

UJ: "You really can't get to that bus stop by yourself? Don't you know where is it?"
Me: "Sorry....I have no idea, I don't know this part of the city very well."
UJF: "Just walk her to the bus stop! When I was in your age, I walked my lady everywhere!"
UJ: *speechless* @_#
Me: *slaps head* "Ahem..umm...mmm...take care, goodbye..I had a nice time here!" *walks away with eyes wide opened in shock* O_O

There was more of this, LOTS MORE. It all lead to one thing: ME & UJ ARE FOR SURE DATING!!!!!! AND UJF & UJM LIKE ME!!!! UJB LIKES ME TOO!!! AAAAAHHH, I'M SUCH A GREAT UJ'S GIRLFRIEND, TOTALLY LOVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*slaps head & doesn't know whether to laugh or cry*

I REALLY like UJ. He even fulfills my standard & he knows that he does....but we both know, that dating would be plainly ridiculous! We don't wanna date. We really, really like each other but it's not love!
As you've seen, I've thought about dating him, cuz really, he's a great guy. But WTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_# Oh gosh...
Still, I think we do look like we're dating. Ah yay.

This is so funny!!! XD
I can't stand how funny it is!!!! 3 months ago I haven't even talked to UJ much & then we somehow started to talk....and all....and now we have to deal with the fact that my mother & his father think that we're dating. XD


Pardon me, but I'm going to die of laughter. XD
And to be honest, I'm even liking it that these two crazy ducks think that we're dating. XD Maybe, maybe in the smallest feather of mine I do like UJ *that* way....well, he fulfills my standard after all. O_o We're classmates though and we wouldn't he wouldn't want me anyways I think. :P


I'm going to get my beauty sleep and then....then we shall see. Maybe tmr I'll wake up pychically adapted on the fact, that according to two people, me & UJ are dating. Aigooooo. :P

Listening to: "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland
Yay!: Me & UJ fried really good pancakes. :D And I think that us cooking together must have supported the dating ideas of UJF as well. Wah.
Grrr: I dunno what's grrrr. HAHA!!! I'm in such a funny mood now! XD
Yet Another Fine Summer Day ^.^

I LOVE this holiday..... I wish they'd NEVER end!!!!! *__*

You see, I should be sleeping liao, but I'm not sleepy yet. Oooops. 1.52am! @_@

Got a busy day tmr. See my schedule!:

7.30am: Wake up, take a shower, civilize myself
8.45am: Meet up with Li Hong in front of Tesco
ca. 11am: Go to UJ's to have nice yummy blueberry pancakes, somethong anythong, finally get to know his younger brother & poophaps go see D's dog! Welsh corgi! YAY!
ca. 1pm: IKEA - yummy salmon steak for lunch
After that: Either PACK for the last minute trip to Greece or enjoy la dolce vita even more ^^
Even after that: Go to Kika & pick up the books from her...those I bought today in Panta Rhei bookstore :)

I'll tell you somethong impooportant.
UJ does fulfill my unbelievaboobly unrealistic updated standard on men! O_O Like really! He DOES fulfill it all. *gasps silently*

  • He is intelligent.
  • He has a good sense of humour (he's gila actually!).
  • He smells good (Puma Jamaica! Aigooo. I love it! Its tones according to Fresh Mandarin, Lemon, Thyme, Sage, Tarragon, Floral Heart, Galbanum, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla. NICE 'N' FRESH!).
  • He has a good heart (I can see that). I don't know whether he is loyal or not cuz I haven't tested it. :P
  • THE BONUS: He does have a taste in clothes/food & a liking to the art/music/architecture/design

He can't cook yet but who knows what's gonna happen next?
Amazing, I'm searching everywhere for the perfect duck & the perfect duck is just "under my nose" for all the time!!! :P O_o
I'm not going to try to make him love me endelessly or whatever though. We're the classmates. Dating would be ridiculous.

Oh my, I can't believe I've just quacked here about the fact that UJ is actually the perfect duck & that dating him would be ridiculous cuz he's my classmate. XD

Maybe I'm blabbing such a bulusense cuz it's 2.18am liao? O_o
I'm waking up at 7.30am tommorrow.....oh well, yet again I won't get too much of sleep. =_= :P

Off I go.
I have to wear off the lenses, clean up my face & the eyes, maybe brush my teeth (usually I'm lazy to do so, YEAH, I'm a dirty ass), change into the PJs and....go sleep. ^^
Yet another wonderful day is awaiting me tommorrow!!!! ^____^
YUPIIIIIII!!!!!!! *dances salsa & shakes the bontot berbulu*

Listening to: "We Ride" by Rihanna
Yay!: I bought a presso cup for madre today & it's really beautiful!
Grrr: We can't find a last minute trip. =_=

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tmr I'll Proboobably Die

Cuz I'm going to BIKE!!!!! *dies*
Hahaaaaa!!!! My humps will be thankful for such an activity, but I'm afraid that I'm going to die cuz:

  • I don't really like biking anyways!!!!!
  • I'm going to UJ's house at first, from there we're off to Slavin ("to take some pics"), from there downhill to the downtown, from there to Danube, from there under one bridge where we're going to meet with the rest of the gang and from there to another part of Danube where lots f duckies go inline skating & biking. OH DUCKNESS. @_@
  • I hate biking in the city with lots of cars around & all
  • I'm usually scared of biking downhill!!!! AAAAAHHH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • I've set up my alarm clock at 7.45am so GOODBYE, LONG SLEEP!
  • If UJ is a mad asshole and he's gonna laugh at me being stupid & afraid of biking, I'll be forever traumatized!!! TT___TT
  • I may have a tennis training in the evening!!! WTP!!! Biking & tennis in one day is UNHEALTHY!!! @_@ :P
Maybe I'll end up like this! The only difference is, this dude WANTED to make this spectacural trick & I will NOT want it, it'll JUST HAPPEN!!!!

Dear Almighty Duck, MAKE IT DUCKING RAIN!
In that case we'll just go to UJ's house and fry pancakes and have a quacky time.

What about the tmr's weather forecast for Bratislava? *angelic smile*

Monday, Aug 21
Bratislava, Slovakia Weather Not as warm with intervals of clouds and sunshine High: 26° C RealFeel: 25° C
Bratislava, Slovakia Weather Monday Night: Partly cloudy Low: 13° C RealFeel: 13° C

(Credits to


Oh, anyways.
At least I'll see the gang again & UJ's younger brother. :P


After today I officially HATE Windows. Shitdows!!!
ICQ 5.1 + Windows XP Home Edition = *throws the PC away from the window and looks at it falling down with a maniacally satisfied grin*
Dear Almighty Duck, GIMME AN iMac!!!!!

The beautiful design. *hearts in eyes*
The fact, that it's NOT AS SHITTY AS SHITDOWS.
The fact, that at there's written that those students who buy an iMac will get iPod for free.

Eeeeehhh. WTP.
I'll buy a shiny, lovely, new, snowy white MacBook when I'm in KL studying hard!!! Like REALLY!!! I will! *shining eyes*
Of course the MacBook Pro would be even better, but hey, I should be at least a tiny lil' bit modest. ^^;;;;


12.51am..... I think I should go to bed cuz otherways I won't wake up tmr. =_= YYAAAWWWNNN.
Oh no, oh no, oh no.
And poophaps the tennis later?
Oh no, oh no, oh no!!!! *screams in horror*

I've just remembered.....
Today when I went home from Dada's, I saw a really kool dude in a really kool Tommy Hilfiger jumper sitting in the bus.
WHY haven't I done anythong?! *bangs feathers on the desk*
He looked like he's a fine duck & I just let him sit & then go his own way somethongwhere. Aigoooo. ._. Next time I'm going for all outstanding dudes! *evil laughter*


Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay
Yay!: Know what la, my nails are like really cantik! ^___^ <--- Yeah, I'm an ah lian -_-
Grrr: Almost 1am! SHIT!!! O_O

Thursday, August 17, 2006


...mother, you alcoholic cheebye.

I was right saying that I'd probably need an Mulan therapy. Right after I'm back with Haku, I'm gonna watch it. AARGGGHHH.

Malas to type a lot. My wrist hurts after the 1st ever tennis training.


  • finished interieur drawing
  • nice lunch (Liberty Burrito) at the L. A. Restaurant in Polus
  • nice time with Kuci
  • the Shiseido mascara is good
  • Kuci bought a nice bday gift for Mom with my help
  • two guys in a sleek black Audi were staring at me apparently mesmerized - I wonder why I didn't smile back! *slaps head*
    Audi = got money = la dolce vita. Rich boyfriend = la dolce vita again! Aigooo. I'm such a materialist. -_-
  • nice tennis, nice trainer
  • my beautiful, pure, snowy white debit card is unblocked!


  • getting caught by the dude who controls the bus tickets. I travelled ONE bus stop from Trnavske myto to Racianske myto (2mins) & I got caught. FUCK!!!!!!!!! 1400Skk is gone!!!!!!!!
  • getting home after paying up the fucking 1400Skk and finding my cheebye mother drunk. FUCK. YOU. BITCH. I don't give a flying FUCK about you being my mother, STOP DRINKING YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • getting my period & having cramps right in Polus. Thank god for Panadol Extra, I don't like fainting on public places!
  • fucking bitch asking me whether I'm PREGNANT when I didn't get my period - which I did get, only she's too drunk to get it. CHEEBYE.
  • my wrist hurts!!!!
  • feeling very weak because of the period
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • bitch
  • no money for an iPod nano 2GB
  • no money for Sony Cybershot DSC-w100/W50/W40 or the lovingly designed Sony T9
  • no money for nothing
  • I can't reinstall iTunes cuz the fucked up PC has not enough memory on its fucking disc

Off I go with Haku. I'm trying to calm myself down with listening to the Ying-Yang instrumental CD for meditating but it's NOT helping.

Studying in KL is gonna help me a lot... I'll be away from this fucking alcoholic bitch.

Listening to: That Ying-Yang CD
Yay! & Grrr: READ ABOVE.
A Hypothetical Blog Entry From 2026

I've just returned from Le Monde (a restaurant in the very centre of BA) - all of us, our gang, have remembered to meet there after 20 years! Yes, we've decided on this lovely meeting in 2006...
Everyone came.

I was especially curious about Kuci's, Mato's, Dada's and Linda's lifes.
I remember the days, the ICQ chats, the nights when we dreamt about owning a shiny Aston Martin Vantage V8 (Mato), a maisonette in River Park with a mahogany floor and a huge terrace (me), a villa at Florida (Kuci), a yacht in Carribean (Dada) and 200 million Skk (Linda) so you see, I HAD to see whether our dreams have became true or not.

It's great because, even though we haven't accomplished all these things yet, we're all successful and we earn quite a lot so we don't have to think about buying this or that, our kids attend good schools and we can eat out in the downtown whenever we want to. :)))
Some of us live in long-term harmonious relationships, some of us are single and looking.... And I'm a SINGLE MOTHER.

Really!!! Haha! What I've darkly predicted back then when I was 17 has became true. I'm 37 and I'm a SINGLE MOTHER. The man who impregnated me is (thank God) long gone but to be honest, I couldn't care less about that - I've always said that almost all men are assholes. We were happy together, then I got pregnant and that asshole left me. Lovely. Is the history repeating? My father also did that to my mother when she was pregnant with me.

However assholish the father was, my son is LOVELY. He's my little sun! :) He's 8 years old now, his name is Oliver and he's attending the primary school at Koliba, my former one. You see, I could've let him attend the British International school too, but I'm pretty sentimental about my school....I had a great time there when I was in his age. :)
Oliver loves cars, food and - that's great! - he loves to draw as well!!!! I hope that he has inherited my talent so one day he can go study product design or architecture to NYC's Parsons and become the new design/architecture star. Oh, but that's in the far away future.....right now I have to deal with him trying to choose whether he should attend the 8-years long grammar school or the 4-years long one.
I seriously don't know, both has its pros & cons and I want the best for Oli....
Ah, Oli.
You remember how I've always loved guys in polo shirts? :P
Well, Oli wears them almost everyday. My lovely little boy! He's just 8 years old and he already opens the door for the girls in the school..............the perfect darling, isn't he? :)

What about my job?
I LOVE my job.
I LOVE it, it's so creative, demanding, contemporary... I can't imagine a better job for myself, seriously.
You see, I don't want to brag about myself but I'm pretty successful. :)
After getting a communication design degree in NYC (after three years in KL I've transferred to NYC - thanks Mom for all the support!) I've worked for several ad agencies and graphic studios and then I've decided to establish my own ad agency which has became one of the most prestigious in Slovakia. Right now we're trying to get to the Austrian market as well, wish us luck..
There's a lot of work now, and I, as the CEO has to manage it all, represent the agency and be responsible for the ongoing profit..... I'm pretty exhausted, I have to admit.
In the presence we're working on a corporate identity for one artsy bookstore and I've never came across such a difficult task! They want to make an impression of a creative, deep, inspirating bookstore for both the professional and amateur artists and they want us to accentuate the artsy air flowing in the minimalistic interieur of the bookstore.
Oh gosh. @_@
I wonder what does the corporate identity has to do with an interieur... Well, I've already contacted their interieur designer and we're working on it together.
Poor my friends in Le Monde... I couldn't even talk to them because of all the calls - wah, the clients should learn to stop the calls after 7pm!!!!

Have I forgotten anything?
Oh yes, my living. :)
Me & Oli can't afford the maisonette in River Park yet but we have a nice little villa at Koliba which I bought 7 years ago after living in a newly built apartment house in Karlova Ves. I love new apartments but Karlova Ves was really far away from the downtown and anyways, I love Koliba.
I'm just renovating the villa, I want it to lose its shabby exterieur so the architect recommended me to rebuilt it. After a consultation with him (believe or not, but the architect was S!!!! Still remember him? I've almost died on the spot when he walked to the office, I think it was the biggest shock ever. He looks like an old poodle now, very funny~) I've decided on completely changing the windows and for adding a bit of wood here and there.... I go for a stylish minimalism as you know.
Inside we've changed it a bit too, I wanted to have more air there so we're pulling down two walls. I have a huge kitchen - it's light pink and there's a golden marble on the walls, orchids in the windows and a big palm tree in the corner. Very tropical!
The living room is stylish, spacey and crisp with its turquise walls, puristic white sofa and golden pillows from Thai silk. Nice!!!!
The bathroom is lovely too I think... The walls are from white marble, the clayware is white too and there is a beautiful wooden furniture from Korea which accentuates the bathroom's purity and adds a certain vibrant Asian feeling to it.

I'm pretty proud on whole the interieur, it was all my work, I've consulted with the interieur designer only one room and that was Oli's which is whole in boyish blue & brown tones and there are lots of shelves for all the books, cars and toys..

In the garden I have lots of sakuras and peach trees and it's so beautiful in the spring.... Me & Oli use to sit on the terrace and look at the blossoms falling down to the swimming pool's clear water. ROMANTIC. My garden is the best getaway from all the work.

We - the gang - are planning a relaxing trip to French Polynesia in the winter and I can hardly wait for the time when I dare to switch off my mobile phone and ignore all the emails.
The CEO is away, contact the VP, sorry!!!!

Oh no, another call. I bet it's about the logo for that pharmaceutical company.

Actually I think I'll have to go.... I've promised a car model to Oliver (he wants that new BMW) and he just can't wait for it so we're off to Avion Shopping Park now. I guess we're gonna have some sushi and I'll have a shot of sake cuz I think I need it. @_@

Dear God, make the weekend come when me & Kuci and our kids will go to High Tatra and hike and play tennis!!!!
Daily Tasks

I know that nobody cares for my daily schedule, but because I'm highly alzheimeric, I have to note down my daily tasks cuz only that way I can remember them.

So today I have to:

  • take a shower & wash my (they say very beautiful & silky, hohoooo, I'm Cho Chang) hair
  • FINISH THAT INTERIER DRAWING IN MY NOTEBOOK!!!!!! (*Cenfad, Parsons, Cenfad, Parsons*, ooooh my mantra)
  • eat the yoghurt & drink the Pu Erh tea <---------------------- both drawing & eating can be done on the loggia, as it's sunny & nice outside
  • TIDE UP my room & CLEAN UP the floor
  • 2pm - finish the walk with Haku
  • 3pm - Polus City Center with Kuci
  • exchange 20 Euro for Skk
  • late lunch at Polus, use up the Gastropass tickets!!!!
  • change ah lian clothes into sporty clothes & go learn to play TENNIS
  • poophaps watch Mulan as a therapy? ^_^

Oh gosh, this is such a looooong & exciting day!!!! ^___^ I think that I'll have problems remembering what to do next, so I'd better print this up. Yeah, I'm THAT alzheimeric. :P

Off I go to take a shower & wash my Cho Chang-ish hair. ^^

I MISS SINGAPOOPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Outside it feels like in the Singapooporean morning and I feel like going for a bubble tea & sushi somewhere but WHOOPS, I can't.............................
Shit, I've been to Spoopore only for 8 days cuz I've decided to waste my time at KL with a guy I thought I'm gonna love forever and yadda yadda which of course wouldn't be truth, only if I were Cinderella or WTP.

And when talking about Singapoopore, I'd really like to have the TiT Localbrand t-shirt which is so darn cool!!!! *___* A TAI TAI!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!! That's whom I want to become, apart from being a successful graphic designer! :D XD
Maybe the red one would do, red doesn't always fit me cuz I'm just so deadly white, but it's a beautiful color, ain't it? ^.^ Or maybe the white + pink one? But that's too sweet or no.....
M or L.
I think I'll be annoying yet again & ask my sayangku hubooby to buy it for me and send me.

And that reminds me of buying somethong for Munie cuz I owe her a gift "Made in Europe" for the ilegal (ssshhhh) VCD with "April Snow", starring BYJ.

Time to do my scheduled stuff!!!! ^^

Pointless ending No. 1.: I'm not so sure whether I want the iPod or no. Tell me, DO I EVEN NEED IT?!
Pointless ending No. 2.: It's 17th August. The school-year is drawing near. Please, shoot me someone before I do it myself!!!!!

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: I'm gonna try my new Shiseido mascara today! ^_^ Shiseido rocks ducks!!!! ^__^
Grrr: Laziness is bad. MICHAELA, DRAW/PAINT MORE, YOU CHEEBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Updated Standard

I'm in a weirdly blue mood today. ._. And for the recent two days I feel like really nobody likes me, even though I know, that of course there are duckies who DO like me - and I'm deeply grateful for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! *huuuge hugggzzzz*

I've tried to lift up my mood today by buying a gilaliciously expoopensive brown Shiseido Advanced Volume Mascara for 840Skk (around 22 Euro) which I think that is going to be PERFECT but my mother almost killed me hearing that price.
A girl can waste!!!! ^^;;;; Especially when she's feeling blue!!!
Wasting is not a therapy though....I wanted to watch Mulan as a therapy, but it's already 2.11am and that's quite late, the movie has 88mins and I don't wanna look like a zombie tommorrow.

But that mascara!!!! ^_^
Its brush is in a triangular shape and I think that that's gonna be very good for my straight Korean eyelashes. A Japanese brand must be producing good mascaras for Korean eyelashes, no? :P

Enough ah lian quack.

I've updated my STANDARD ON MEN aka WHAT MY BOYFRIEND MUST HAVE. From a standard which guaranteed that I'd found no one I've changed it to somethong less demanding. :P

Now my hypothetical boyfriend must:

  • be intelligent
  • have a good sense of humour
  • smell good
  • have a good heart & be loyal
  • A BONUS: a taste in clothes/food & a liking to the art/music/architecture/design
  • SUPER BONUS: ability to cook

NOW!!! That's fucking all!!!!!!!!!! Just this!!!!
I AM SO MODEST!!!!!!!!!
I think that there are guys like that. Only I dunno where and which one of them would want me. :P

But actually............... I don't feel like I want a boyfriend. I mean, sometimes I wish I had one, but on the other I don't know. I think that I wouldn't have time for one and also I think that having one would kind of, put me into a cage again & I want a FREEDOM.
Oh yes, and I'm probably frigid, but I dislike kisses.
Hug me all you want but for God's sake don't want kisses from me. x_x

Am I frigid? O_o -_-'s already 2.23am and I think that sleeping wouldn't hurt me at all. I'm tired after everything & I think too much.

And our conversations with UJ have became strangely lifeless. I wonder why is that? O_o I guess that either I am empty in my head or he is or both of us & we aren't able to talk deeper things than "Oh, that Vantage V8 is so lovely!" and "Why don't you buy that Lacoste t-shirt?". =_~
Ah yay. Whatever.

I miss hubooby, Ilkka & Nisah.................I MUST COME ONLINE FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not tmr though, I plan to sleep until noon, then I'll go out with Haku, then I'll go to Polus City Center with Kuci and in the evening, at 8pm I have my 1st ever tennis training. ^___^ I'm looking forward!!!! Maybe I won't like it & in that case I'll try yoga or what. :P


And DON'T talk to me about ex-boyfriend nor mention him in front of me. My friends can't seem to understand that I don't like thinking about him or remembering anythong cuz I'm super extra sensitive and even now I'm capable of feeling guilty for sending him to the Hell AND they keep talking about him & asking me about this and that...... I tell ya, MY HEAD IS GOING TO ERUPT SOON. @_#

Understand it, please. ._.

Listening to: "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee. Yeah, REAGGETON ROCKS DUCKS!!!!! XD Mwahahaha!!!!
Yay!: I'm looking forward to sleeping. Sleep = no thinking!
Grrr: Why am I so blue? WTF!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back in BRAtislava!!! ^___^

I'm glad to be here again, dear duckies.
I'm glad to be able to go eat Sacher Torte at Café Mayer & drink a smooth black tea.
I'm glad to be able to go to Grandes Melones (YEAH, again!!!) and have a delicious non-alco Chill On The Sun cocktail with mango, lime & blahblah.
I'm glad to be back in my room & listen to Mary J. Blige & be logged into ICQ and into MSN (I'm "appear offline", sorry la~).

But anyways, it was also great at Alan's cottage. ^^

The guys were drinking, getting drunk & then throwing up. EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!
Rum, vodka, beer, wine....
Minus points to all of them, maybe except of Miso who didn't drink that much.

Me & Seki were having a good non-alco time & on our last day there we made a yummylicious salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, garlic, thyme, lavender & oregano. VEERY good!!!! ^^

Oh yes, and Miso was cooking. Like really cooking!!!! *faints* O_O Many plus points to this boy, I'm seriously impoopressed. Guys who can cook are SOMETHONG. Wow!!!! :D

After this cottage outing I went to Piešťany and there I drew an interior. It's not finished yet, maybe today I'll be working on it more, but so far it looks pretty good. ^^ I'm not too sure about some angles there but PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and I believe in myself in this, I think I can make it. ^^

Cenfad & yummy Korean food is calling meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~
The sales!!!
The parks!!!
The Korean dramas on TV!!!
The warm weather all year round!!!
The sea.................................................................... *orgasmic sigh*
The cheap electronics!!!


Nothong I want is cheap. O_O Poor my future boyfriend!

This entry is very random. I know. ._.

And I have a thing to ask:

Please, if you're a student of Cenfad, Kuala Lumpur or you've studied there - please, email me at or leave a comment here and I'll contact you with BILLIONS of QUESTIONS about it.

Thank you very much.......... ^__^
Time to think about my future. Heh.


Artwork, consisting of 1 self-portrait, 1 collage and 2 drawings from observation. Report card of grades from last two years at Secondary School (if available)

Someone please tell me why I'm drawing interiors when they aren't even required at Cenfad. WAHAHAHA!!!! XD Okay, but I think they're required at Parsons NYC & that's where I'll be sending my portfolio too not hoping for too much.


Tommorrow I'll finish my interior and start a collage, I promise so. ^^

And a lil' materialistic ending....

5 things I want and don't dare to ask for them:

  • black iPod nano 2GB
  • DSC-H2 cam
  • Kenzoki body lotion
  • a better webcam
  • that cute white tennis skirt at Adidas' for over 2000Skk

And oppa is sending me Rain's 3rd CD, SG Wannabe's 3rd CD and Stairway To Heaven DVD. ^___^ I LOVE THAT DUDE!!!!!!

Listening to: "Enough Cryin" by MJB
Yay!: I think tmr I'm going to call that tennis dude at Koliba. I have nothong to do anythongways. :)
Grrr: Why can't my father understand that I DO LIKE taking pics & that I DO NEED a good cam?! T__T

Monday, August 07, 2006








(Plus An Entry About UJ's & Mine Infinite Madness)

I'm so sedih!!!!! Why you ducks are so bodoh & stay home instead of going out with me & let me try out father's mega big umbrella???!!!! TT_________TT

And I oh so wish to try it out & feel like an English gentleman....errr..woman.

SNIFF!!!!!! U_U

Not even UJ wants to go with me, he says he wants to laze arou
nd. T_T I'm heartbroken! *sob*

Speaking of UJ....yesterday we've had an interesthong time! ^__^ Yet another absurd day & I totally loved it, cuz it was so much fun! :D

I went to the downtown at 5pm cuz our usual gang went to our usual cocktail bar, Grandes Melones (sorry la, I wanted to link it, but their website ain't working & last time I tried to find it via Google, it found me LOTSA hardcore porn, but no yummy mojitos! XD) cuz UJ came from his cottage and wanted to celebrate the beauty of civilization.

We had 2 hours time before 7pm when we were supposed to meet up with Miso (who, later decided to go with other ppl) at Grandes.

So what we did?

Me & UJ had a mad idea of going to the castle
. So we did. In the rain!!!!!!!!!! XD And me & UJ had no umbrellas. Nice, veeerry nice. XD

After that we went back to the downtown, ate some crap at McDonald's (but yum, FishMac!), met up with other guys from our class, who were going to some ugly beerplace & I scared the hell outta Andrej when I jumped at him from behind. XD

And by the way, here are few pics from our recent CASTLE OUTING in July! ^^

UJ, me & Ali. Notice our funny sillhuettes. UJ is like a skinny T, I'm like....hmmm...fat X? and Ali is like I. :P

UJ & me. Yeah, we're two happy retards & I have a messy hair somemore. :D

The castle & UJ and Ali in front of it. The pic was taken at the terrace of the Slovak parliament. UJ's t-shirt is wet, I think it's cuz I splashed water at him....there's a fountain at the parliament. :P

Me & Ali. I look retarded, I know! XD

The castle & its main gate and Slovak flags.

Am I cantik or what? I like my long brown hair BUTT I want it to grow even more, that'd be really kool!

The castle again & you see, it needs some renovation. But it's pretty, isn't it? There's a musuem inside, lots of antique furniture, a cafeteria with pretty good pancakes and currently a Da Vinci's exhibition.

Hmmmm, where were I? O_o
Oh, yes, by jumping at Andrej and scaring him to death. :P

After we were happy & cocktail-ful (I'm so innovative in English XD) we went to meet up with the other gang who was at Námestie slobody (the Square of Freedom) or "Gottko" what's its nickname, because during the communism here, it was called Gottwald's Square.

The guys were drinking there (except of UJ) ....aaaahhhh anal assholes, minus points la....

Some people left, and then Andrej, Alan, me, UJ, Ivor and Marek went to Obchodná street where - SHIT - listen to what happened to us!!!!

We went to Slovak pub cuz we wanted a stupid, non-alco Kofola & a chocolate bar called Horalka. First the waitress sent us from one part of Slovak pub to another cuz she had to "clean up that place". And after that, we were told that THEY WON'T GIVE US KOFOLA, BECAUSE WE'RE UNDER 18 YRS AND THEY'RE SERVING UNDER-18-YRS-OLD-PPL ONLY UNTIL 7PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was speechless. What kind of anal rules are those?! AAARGGGHHH!!!!

After that the time of mine & UJ's madness came.
It was 11pm++ and we've decided to visit Slavín, a war memorial above Bratislava with hundreds of graveyards of the fallen Russian soldiers.
And so we did. XD It was chilly, the cold rain was drizzling, I was just in a short-sleeved t-shirt, my debit card blocked, my cellfone's battery dead & I've missed the last regular trolleybus home, so I had to rely on UJ's bus timetables in his mobile phone and at the night's buses. XD

It was so fun!!!! :D
Especially cuz we went there by feet. XD Hahaha!!! And on our way there (where Andrej accompanied us) I had to listen to those two crazy duckies competing that who has a higher rating by me & who has more plus points. XD UJ is winning by now, ehem, sorry A. XD

Bratislava in the night is really beautiful, so we stood at Slavín for few minutes, stared at the lights and then, when we were feeling too cold & too thirsty, went away.
UJ has plus points for being a gentleman yesterday, cuz he checked out the night's buses for me, then walked with me to the bus stop & waited those 10mins there with me despite his thirst! NICE! Yay! :D

I came home at 1am & my parents almost killed me. XD

Tmr I'm off to Alan's cottage somewhere nearby Banská Štiavnica and on Thursday or Friday I'll be taking a train or bus to Piešťany, so YET AGAIN I'll be out of reach, out of ICQ, out of MSN & out of Blogger.

QUACK ON!!!!! ^__^

Listening to: Slovak music TV called Musicbox
Yay!: I had a nice Chinese food today at Bamboo Garden & they gave me a beautiful wooden fan!!! ^__^
Grrr: Where's the summer? T_T It was like 17C today!!!!! TT__TT

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm happy, happy, happy!!!!

There are two tennis courts at Jeseniova, nearby my former primary school & I got the telephone number and I'm going to learn to play tennis there! ^___^


The courts are outdoors only though, but hey, who the winter I can go play elsewhere. Yeah, and I'm assuming that I'm gonna like tennis. :P

And baibee, please forgive me for not replying to your SMS until now.....I basically don't use my cellphone during the weekends....I put it on silent mode & threw it somewhere and didn't hear your SMS coming. :S
I'll reply tommorrow.

Now off I go to bed....I have to go for a walk with Haku tommorrow's morning & instead of sleeping (it's 1.51am liao) I'm looking at Lacoste's beautiful sneakers for guys. Am I pathetic or what.... XD

Hm, I am pathetic cuz I'd really like to have a Lacoste towel. Like WTF!!!!! Who normal wants to have a Lacoste towel?! *slaps head*
I need a medicine, QUACKLY. -_-

Nights! ^^

Listening to: "My Prayer" by BoA
Yay!: UJ is coming to BA tmr. I'm really curious about his hypothetical 'interest' in me. I'm gonna analyze his behaviour, that's gonna be fun! :D
Grrr: My skin is still awful & so is the weather. >_<>

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rich & Poor

I'm such an intelligent duckie. *sarcastic laughter*

Few days ago I accidentally blocked my brand new, pure white, beautiful Visa Electron debit card by mistaking the last digit in the PIN code for another one.
The card is blocked.

Now I have to unblock it....but the problem is, HOW to unblock it? O_o

The dude at TB told me to call Dialog (the 24/7 bank on fone) and tell them some password to my card which is found at the contract.
How beautifully easy..... Sadly, I can't find the contract.

There's another way for unblocking the card, by taking out my GRID card and telling them the password for that.
How beautifully easy..... Sadly, I can't remember the password and I can't find the GRID card.

What to do?!?! *bangs head*

This is the tax I'm paying for my materialism & wasting, I know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KNN!!!!!! TT____TT

4500Skk at my account.
4500Skk which I can't take out, not even 1Skk, no matter how much I want & need.

Shoot me! @_@

Listening to: "So Sick" by Ne-Yo
Yay!: Grandes Melones tmr! ^_^

Friday, August 04, 2006

I Healed...

...from the LAZINESS, IRRESPONSIBILITY & PROCRASTINATION and realized the following, well-known fact:

No drawing = No portfolio ---> No portfolio = No Cenfad ---> No Cenfad = No Communication Design course, no KL, no Korean BBQ at Times Square, no M'sian beaches, no K-dramas ---> No Comm Design Course = No future ---> No future = No Money ---> No Money = *kills herself*

YEAH, I'm a materialist.
You know it, I know it, we know it....and don't hide it, *you* also think that life in poverty sucks ducks, right? HAHA. I knew you do! ;)

Right now I'm drawing this.

Know why?
Cuz it's easy to draw. I kinda have some problems with her pouting lips, but the rest is relatively easy to draw, the shadows are strong and well defined, the background is simple and it's just a good photo for an untalented "artist" like me.

Okay la.
I'd better continue the drawing while I'm thinking of CENFAD & my shiny future.

Listening to: "Caught Up" by Usher
Yay!: I bought A4 papers, A3 papers and 3 graphite pencils.
Grrr: No money for a cam!
Back To My Mother Tongue?

Should I get a new Slovak blog or not? *scratches head*

Well, I'm almost convinced that I should, but the Slovak blogosphere is still in its womb, while the, let's say, Singaporean one is an adolescent liao....EEEHHH....what I'm meaning to say is, that I don't wanna get a new Slovak blog at like everyone, BUT there are not many Slovak blog websites...
On the other hand, having a blog at SME would maybe grant me a nice traffic. And maybe not, as for example currently I'm at Blogger and this blog is hardly read by 10 people/day and before when I was at BlogDrive, I was happy to get 20 readers/day.....YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, RIGHT?!

If I suck, then I suck, that's what I mean. Ehh. sucks too, you cannot edit the template the way you wanna and I doubt that one can have the TagBoard there or SiteMeter or whatever....

Hmm, hmmm.

I dunno, I really dunno.
I'll think about it somemore, maybe I'd get to some conclusion.


I'm going to save up on Sony DSC-T9 for 13 000Skk or on Sony DSC-W40 for 9 490Skk.
I already miss it. T_T XD

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: Hopefully Pityol will heal my awful skin a bit.
Grrr: I still have to go out with Haku...
Duckrribly Bored

Outside is an awful weather (HEY!!!! It's August now! Not October, geddit?!), no friends online, Kuci away in Senkvice, UE probably reading yaoi fics at home, Ali sleeping, UJ helping out his Dad at their cottage or eating something delicious somewhere and is listening to Robbie Williams' "Sexed Up", singing aloud those sad, bitter lyrics and applying another layer of nail polish on my fingernails.

This boredom will kill me soon. =_=

*sings aloud*

Why don't we break up
There's nothing left to say
I got my eyes shut
Praying they won't stray
Oh we're not sexed up
That's what makes the difference today
I hope you blow away

So sedih. ._.
It makes me glad that I'm SINGLE and FREE and INDEPENDANT on any guy.
On the other hand I like UJ's hypothetical interest in me. :P ^^;;;;

You guys have no darn idea how you're complicating our lifes!
And some of you are sucking money outta us too...hmmm....what does it remind me of, I wonder?! UGH!
ORANG KEDEKUT! *remembers many things & gets furious*
I don't like gender stereotyping (men earning money, women at home) BUT I do agree with the custom of guys paying dinners and etc., in case they invite the girl of course, or just cuz they love her or at least cuz they're gentlemen.
A rare breed now, I tell ya.
But our guys from the class are all opening doors for us or letting us go in front of them in the school's cafeteria. O_o Applause to them!!!!!! Our guys rock ducks!!!! ^_^

Whohooo, my nails are pretty long now.....finally I'm starting to look like a HUMAN.
We should ignore my face though, my skin is again hideously awful and I can't stand it. Yuck!!!!

Can't UJ come duckline????!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, I'm gonna die of boredom!!!!!! @____@ *bangs head on the wall and yawns*

Yesterday we kept quacking our materialistic, shallow stuffs and I went out with Haku at 1am. Aiyooooh. Pretty late, ain't it? :P

Thanks to UJ I have discovered my father's genes in myself. That means that I'm into pretty electronic gadgets, pretty cars, money-wasting and good food.

In the present I kinda wish I had:

  • black iPod nano, 2GB
  • Sony Cybershot T9 or Sony Cybershot W100
  • white LG Chocolate
  • onyx black or tungsten silver or slate blue Aston Martin V8 Vantage with a handsome Korean driver (I can't drive yet so I need some handsome compensation for this handicap!)
  • sushi
  • wheat grass drink OR bubble tea
  • Korean BBQ & kimchi OR
  • salmon steak & potatoes
  • that black Lacoste top

That Aston Martin!!! OMP!!!!
I'm just configurating my own V8. Such a typical girlie I am! :P

Please, someone save me, I'm more similar to UJ than I thought. =_=

Oh, this boredom.
I think I'm finally gonna wear contact lenses, wash my awful face and wash my teeth. *yawns* Please, some entertain me!!!!!!!!! *_*

Listening to: "Fly To The Sky" by FTTS
Yay!: I like my new V8 which I don't have. ^^
Grrr: My skin. OH, MY SKIN. I know I'm shallow, but I'm really devastated by the state of my skin. =_=

Thursday, August 03, 2006

K-Pop Quack

I'm just watching the Show Music Tank at Arirang, and seriously, the Korean music ain't very good....especially those dance tracks! @_@
Those dance tracks....that's not music of an artist...that's just some syntenzator's crap with no deeper message to the listeners who, let's be frank, must be under the ganja influence to love dancing to it!!!

Okay, don't kill me....
This all is just MY opinion and ME never liked dance music in the first place, ME is a fan of R&B, hip hop and a bit of poprock.
*That reminds me of downloading the Hoobastank's beautiful ballad "If I Were You" and of Coldplay's "Troubles".*

Btw, have you noticed that the typical K-ballads all have the same sound, the same melody and the same way of singing?
If you listen to, let's say, Buzz, Jo Sung-Mo or even female artists like Si Nae, it's all the same - sounds of piano, violin and the sad sentimental high-pitched voice of the singer.

Not that I don't love it though! ^^;;;;

A bit of thoughts for today... And off I go to civilize myself and take a walk with Haku.. And then I'm off to his vet cuz Haku is going to get vaccinated.

LESSON OF TODAY: Never eat bryndzove halusky as the first meal of a day.

Now I feel awful, fat and bloated. Someone gimme miso shiru and a bubble tea, please!!! @_@

Listening to: So 80s at VH1.
Yay!: I'm gonna check out some dresses today with Kuci, Seki and Bea.
Grrr: No. More. Bryndzove. Halusky!!!
Shoes Shopooping

Just between you & me, the usage of the word "POOP" or "POO" is rather primitive, ain't it? -_- Eh, but that "poo" is impooportant there.


I bought those white heels sandals by Esprit. LOVELY ONES I tell ya!!!! Even my father & Miso (my friend) were impressed and said that they're pretty and those are men! O_o

Here they are: see, they're pure, minimalist and beautiful - just the way I love it. I was feeling so cantik walking in them around the downtown.....until the moment of us coming to one square where I elegantly stepped into a DOG'S POO.

*dies laughing*

Like YEAH!!!! XD
And then I was sniffing around & saying aloud to my friends: "Hey! I smell shit here! Don't you smell it too?"

I'm really bodoh AND it's getting even worse. SAVE ME someone! @_@

I also bought those H.I.S. sneakers & I totally love them cuz they look sporty, yet not stupid, they're actually kinda classy. White, with green, blue and beige-yellowish stripes on the sides.


Oh yes, but who doesn't... ^^


I actually don't mind UJ (maybe?) liking me. I've came to an agreement with myself & I, that in case there'll be no one suitable for me, I'll go for him, cuz he has maybe 60%~70% of what I want in a man.
He can't cook though and that's a big minus! MUAHAHA!!!! *waves hand in a flegmatic gesture and goes away yawning*

OK la, let's see what I'll be saying when he returns!!!! That's gonna be FUN! :P


I don't give a flying duck about S.
I guess it's gonna change once I see him again, so I'd better focus on NOT seeing him..... I'm tired of my life revolving around him. =_= It's very exhausting, you know? I want myself to feel FREE!

Seeing S is bad.
Seeing S is bad.
Seeing S is bad.
Thou shalt not see him!!!!


I'm darn tired!!!! I'd better go sleep now cuz it's VERY late (1.45am) and I feel like a dried mango liao. *yawns*
GOOD NIGHT, duckies.

Listening to: "Confessions" by Usher
Yay!: Grandes Melones Vodka & Melon bar RULEZZZ!!!
Grrr: Why is my skin awful again? T_T

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!!

Call me stupid, but it's HARRY POTTER's birthday today, so we should celebrate it wildly!!!

Harry Potter.

*shining eyes*

Be safe, happy and magical as always, sayangku! ^^

Listening to: "You Don't Know Me" by Buzz
Yay!: I'm off to buy those sneakers & heels today! YEAH!!!
Grrr: The weather sucks. T_T This is AUGUST, not NOVEMBER!!!!! Aaarrgghhh!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Travail Et Coucher Summary

I think I owe you some description of the camp in France, don't I? Ehm, not that anyone reads this blog, but still!

The workcamp lasted 14 days (July 17 ~ July 29) and it was all held in a sleepy French village called Châtel sur Moselle in Lorraine.
In the village we had one pharmacy, one boulangerie/patisserie, one all-in-one store (you could buy even various types of tombstones!!), one grocery store, one church, one cementery, one night bar, one pizza emporter which was actually a whorehouse (at least I think it was - it was always closed and there were dark purple curtains), one school, one river Moselle (great for swimming!!), one culture house and.....err...and our castle.

We were supposed to work 6 hours per day according to the original plan. 4 hours before noon (8am ~ 12pm) and 2 hours in the afternoon (3pm ~ 5pm).

OOOHHH, how beautiful would it be, if we really worked for only these 6 hours!!!!!

We had this ugly, sweaty, stinky, authoritative French animateur Olivier there and he apparently happened to mistake our workcamp with volunteers for a workcamp with prisoners.

There were days when we worked for 7~8 hours AND then we were preparing a theatre for the visitors.
There were days when we had 25 minutes of free time in total.
There were days when we had dinner postponed from 8pm to 8.30pm.....and anyways, normally dinner used to be served at 7pm - until Olivier came and changed it. BURN IN HELL, YOU SWEATY ASSHOLE!!!!! *kicks his balls angrily*

Then there was Tomas, another animateur, a Slovak guy from Bratislava.
He looked like a frog with big eyes far from each other (but he had really nice eyelashes!), little nose and a wide smile across the whole face. Not a bad dude, BUT he used to annoy the hel outta me with his incredible theory that me & Miso can't live without each other....aiyoooh....luckily he stopped it then!

I remember a day though, when I was pissed off at him for WHOLE 5 HOURS.

That's probably my piss-o-meter's lifetime record!!! O_O :P 5 hours of being pissed off.....and then the French dudes pissed me off, then Olivier, then one day I was pissed off for total 12 hours. Exhausting, I tell ya... :P

The castle is a big complex of kool passages underground, wells, traps, stairs and etc.... It's very nice & big! Oh, and no one ever won it. Impressive, ain't it?

Us volunteers were renovating it bit by bit - some of us were shaping the stones with vees (?) and hammers, the others were discharging the old concrete from between the stones/bricks and some of us were putting a new concrete to the commissures. Or everything. Our group did the last two things.

Now I'm DA QUEEN in putting a new concrete to the commissures!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!!

Natural talent, that's who I am. XD

In the free time (if there was some, that's it) we used to play games, sleep, laze around or go swimming to Moselle, which was a little river with a strong current and max. 1.5meters depth. LOVELY. ^_^

The food was perfect, maybe except of the breakfast which was monotonous (bagette, butter, jam) and crappy...and there was no time for it.
But those lunches & dinners!!! VEERY NICE!!!

Salad, main course (meat/veggies + side dish), cheese, dessert. EVERYDAY. Whohooo!!!

Btw, I've lost weight (thank God), now I'm just 58kg!!!! ^_____^
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~ *dances samba cheerfully*
That's LOVELY!!!
I think it's cuz I was working AND not eating sweets AND not drinking sweet craps like Coke or Kofola and etc.
Good diet. Must go on with it.
Now I can even wear those nice Seed jeans I bought in Thailand (a month ago I wasn't able to button it) and the capri jeans I bought in Nancy's Pimkie is size 38 and it fits me. ^__^


EDIT AT 1.14am:
I accidentally pressed "Publish Post" instead of "Save as Draft" so the version you've just read is unfinished. My apoopologies!!! Here I go on with Travail Et Coucher Summary!!!!


The people.
Patriotic French with little English knowledge....and one funny, relatively cute French dude named Paul who looked like a crazy painter. Hihi. Not bad, but I wouldn't want him as a boyfriend anyways. I'm darn picky now, only few chosen ones can get to my shortlist. Bwahaha.

Err, I digressed!!!!!

So the French... There was a girl named Cecil and she spoke French, English, Spanish, German (I think) and Czech. OMP!!!! O_O Impressive, ain't it...
Then there was a girl called Melanie with a VERY reeking French accent in English and a beautiful face like Liv Tyler.
Also there was a dude whose name was Alexander and he apparently thought that he's da king. Haiyooh.....few slaps would do him good... -_~

Well, there were lots of French and they were nice people, only if they were better in English..

We had there also two crazy Scottish girls, Sally and Carolyn. Haha! On the last day we (Sally, Carolyn, Ali & me) dressed to bras & our working pants and started to shout: "WE ARE NAKED! NO MORE WORK!!!" Crazy, hahaaa!!!! The guys liked it a lot. Duh. XD Oh, and Sally had an iPod (my eternal love! BLACK iPOD NANO, OOOOHHHH, ORGASMMMM~~~) but to my misery she had no R&B there....apparently it wasn't her fav music as she had for example Prodigy there. Heheh.

There were also 11 Slovaks, including us.
Tomas, the animateur, us five and another Tomas, another Mato and two girls, Andrea and Diana who - to my incredible shock - happened to be S' cousins.
You read it right. S' cousins!!!!
I almost fainted when I heard that....imagine...I travel all the way to France to get to know S' cousins?! XD Hihihihi!!!!
The world is really small........and traces of S are everywhere I move. :P Aiyah.

The milieu.
And those romantic French villages!!! Flowers everywhere, clean streets, colorful wooden window shutters, patisseries on every corner, green trees, clean rivers..... Just wonderful! ^.^

I loved those vineyards in Alsace too. My English is too limited for an enough good description, but just imagine LOTS of vineyards in various directions with a blue bright sky above it and lovely tiny villages here & there.
If that's not gorgeous, then I really dunno what else is! *_* ^^

Our village was set among hills called Les Vosges and with the river Moselle curving its way through 'em. It was beauuutiful...well, you have to see it, to appreciate that beauty. ^^

What else should I describe? O_o

The shops?
Hahaa! VERY nice ones were in Nancy and in Metz!
And Lacoste was almost in every town. :P
We chose a good time for shopping as there were sales everywhere. I bought those Pimkie capri jeans for unbelievable 8 Euros, a wonderful turquise-white ZARA strapless dress for 25 Euro (50% down), a lavender pink-silver scarves looking very unique and a very pretty necklace for madre. And few other stuffs but I'm lazy to name them. :P

WAH. I've run out of ideas of what to tell ask me, okie?


I have this certain feeling that UJ (a codename apooparently) is trying to gimme a hint of something. Oh...well, not that I mind...hihi...only if he weren't my CLASSMATE!!!! @_@

If these convos at ICQ aren't hinty (wow, I'm so innovative in English :P) then nothing is:

*C1 yesterday*

*busy chat about who me & him want - think e. g. Aston Martin, villa at Koliba, iPod Nano, BMW 5 and etc....and then:*

Me: "I want a perfect man on at least the same level as me who can cook."
UJ: "So that's me."
Me: "You don't know how to cook!"
UJ: "But I'll..." <---- notice those mysterious three dots in the end

*C2 today*

Me: *describes the bleh-ness of ex to UJ and then says sarcastically* "What a great man he was!"
UJ: *also sarcastically* "The best one indeed!"
Me: "Now I'm looking for men on da level who are intelligent, gentlemen, polite, have a sense of humour, are independant, have a taste and can cook. So *his* true opposite."
UJ: "I'm missing only one thing out of those....I can't cook" <--- notice that there's no smiley, nothing, it seems VERY serious~
Me: "Practice makes perfect!" ^_~

What should I think about that? Hm? Ain't that veeery hinty? O_o
Decode it for me, please....thanks..

Oh, alright duckies.
Tmr I'm going to buy HIS sneakers and white Esprit heels sandals so 3500Skk will be wasted...or rather spent on very important ah lian gear. ^^;;;;

Me better go sleep now....2am...OOPS..
GOOD NIGHT!!! ^___^

Listening to: "You Don't Know My Name" by Alicia Keys
Yay!: I LOVE those sneakers & those heels!
Grrr: Fuck Tatra Banka, today my debit card was totally fucked up and I couldn't pay it!!!! AARRGHH!!!