Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Vrrrrrrrr Element

That's how we here describe the sound that angry dog makes. Sadly, I can't remember how is the English version of it - and yes, I'm aiming for 1 (A) in English! MUAHA! Fat chance, babe.

To me, the 'Vrrrr Element' also indicates the hotness & sexiness & the overal charm of the particular dude. Besides these, it also indicates how much do I wanna tear his clothes off & be naughty.

I'm VERY late on this, I agree, but well, I've seen the Music & Lyrics movie today & the Vrrrr Element of Hugh Grant is INDESCRIBABLE. *_* *salivates*

That British accent.
That ability to play piano (and to SING!!!)
That British humor.
That body, which is not actually hot, but there's something about it anyways!
That face.


Such a sweet lovestory! FINALLY a good movie! Okay, The Babel was even better, but it was another type of a movie...this one was a stupid romantic comedy with VERY vrrrrr Hugh Grant & catchy songs....I'm very simple-minded, so I enjoyed it. *shy smile*

Know what? I'm off to FedCup with my friend's FATHER tmr! :D Heh! Nice! It's held in the National Tennis Center, well, check the out & you'll see. :) It's SVK vs CZE and sadly, our players have been losing so far. T_T
That reminds me of seeing Daniela Hantuchova on Friday on my way to power yoga! She's just BEAUTIFUL. O_O OMD!!!!! She could be a model ANYTIME!!!! *_*

OK. I'm tired. -_-

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