Thursday, April 05, 2007

Catch Up

It's been an exciting time! ^_^

On Monday I lost my nerves and apologised to Doggy and he invited me over a BBQ party right away. It almost seems like he was waiting just for my apology...heheh...
Well, and I also passed one his secret test - he told me to listen to one video by The, unsuspecting anything said I like it cuz it's so nice & relaxing.....and he said he's glad I like it cuz he finds little understanding for music like this in people nowadays! :D
Muahaha. ^^'''''
Yay, and then the BBQ!
It should be on Sunday but he himself isn't sure cuz on Monday he's leaving for Prague for a month to train and then play at some tournament so...
Well, he said that he'll tell me when he'll know more. :)

Am I in a Korean drama or am I in a Korean drama? ^_~

Erm, not really a Korean one, nobody is as far from looking Korean as Doggy. Hahaha.

I'm trying not to get too excited cuz I'm afraid that all this might go to waste and I'd be happy for nothing. I have no idea where will the BBQ be, who will come, when will we come, whether I can take Haku with...... NO IDEA. :P
It's Thursday already and I hope that he'll tell me all these details soon cuz on Sunday I also want to meet up with my kindergarten friend B and I must time manage this! O_O

I definitely DON'T wanna NOT to meet up with B or NOT to come to that BBQ. Or maybe the BBQ won't be at last....?
NO. IDEA!!!!! O_o

Well, on Tuesday me & Kucci went out to play badminton and we've ended up playing it for three hours straight! :D HILARIOUS. I love love love loooove that game!!!!!! ^____^
I bought new Yonex rackets and new Yonex shuttlecocks (I love this word, hahahah) so now the badminton is like never before! :D

On Wednesday me & Kucci went out again to try to play tennis cuz we wanted to know whether there isn't some little Roger Federer hiding in us, but, there REALLY isn't. @_@ :D
OMFD, we have decided that we *MUST* learn that so after graduation (if we survive) we'll go to PN and sign up for some freakishly intensive tennis course at those nice tennis courts nearby my grandma's house.
The thing is, we both love badminton but we can't play it when it's windy. Unlike tennis! Ha! So if we learn to play tennis, then let it be windy, it doesn't matter, we still can play! :)

Today I'm off to DD with Haku and my parents are off to the eastern Slovakia to check out the protestant Easter celebration. I'll sleep over at DD's and then, when I come back, my grandma will come and stay until Monday. ^^

I hope the Sunday will turn out well. It MUST. *_*
But I'd better not say "YEAAAHHH" before everything clears out and turns out a certain way in order to prevent a possible disappointment. Hm? Life is very unpredictable, you know...especially mine. :)

Okay, off I go! Soon my father is here and he'll take me to DD's.... I'll be here tomorrow & maybe even quack here. :) Take care!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome... Great that things are now working out.