Saturday, March 31, 2007

Like, duh.

Doggy was online yesterday and he hadn't replied to neither of my messages. Like, duh. This is how I ruin my illusions and the sprouting relationships of any sort! It seems like I'm an expert to this....maybe all I need is to THINK before ACTING. Or maybe I just need to be attracted towards a different sort of people. =_=

Am I disappointed, you ask?

Well, I don't know. Right now I'm not, but once I see him again, I'll so be....
C'est la vie. As they say, life is a bitch. Uh, that means I'm life or something? :P -_-

Shame, shame, shame.
Well, Ducky Princess, next time think twice before you do something impulsively. -_-

On another note, I've written the condolence card for Pom and the good-mood-card for ducky sis today and I'll send them out ASAP, that means, Monday.
See? Life IS a bitch.
Pom's mom passed away and ducky sis might have been diagnosed with an awful "T" word which-must-not-be-said.

Erm, and have you seen my Year of the Pig all year horoscope? I'm Snake & this is what Yahoo! Astrology says:

Snake Overview
Actually, 37% makes things look better than they are. This could be a very trying year indeed, as you and the Pig are on different wavelengths. To top it off, several unlucky stars have your number this year.

Snake Rating
37% (1 favorable, 2 neutral and 9 unfavorable months)

Snake Career
Here is one area where results might be satisfactory. You're not likely to win that big promotion, but you can make steady progress. Just do what you do and hope for the best.

Snake Relationships
This is not a good year for marriage, for finding the love of your life, or even for taking an existing relationship to the next level. The Pig stirs up everything sensual about you, but if that leads to an impetuous decision, the results could be disastrous.
Snake Health
Frustration over a series of setbacks could increase your stress level to a point where you might need to consult a health-care practitioner. <--- I'm booking the nearest madhouse already, they're right.
Snake Wealth
You are susceptible to at least one significant loss this year.

Fuckin' awesome. =_=
Do I believe in it? Well, kind of. Fuck. How kool, this year is the BREAKTHROUGH year with my grad, TOEFL, laser operation of eyes, the uni exams and maybe even the changing of the country! FUCK IT AH! I hope this forecast *IS* wrong, or else..... @_@

The only positive thing is maybe my playing around with AP. Here's the awesomely gila result. Nothing fascinating but I'm proud anyways. Heh.

OK. I'm tired, it's 2am. =_=
And I so hate myself. Doggy??? FORGET HIM, YOU BITCH. Ah, sigh. :(

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Anonymous said...

Ah Mich! Don't worry! This year will be AWESOME! I promise :D.. And everything will suddenly fall into place! Hang in there! :P (as they say)