Friday, June 15, 2007


I had a nasty chase dream with an old maniac that was chasing me & that was trying to rape me, a bunch of helpful kids from some school, my friend Kucci and also about a strange tennis player guy that was the only positive phenomena in the dreamas he has smiled at me and we've flirted for a nanosecond. Well, there were also narrow corridors, everything was greyish & depressing and it was all happening in the old communist part of BA called Petrzalka. Ewwwwww.

I might as well be very claustrophobic.

And those LIFTS! Gosh! I was fucking scared cuz lifts are my inner nightmare that I seldomly admit cuz I find it silly. :P It's just that I hate that image of the narrow, tall hoistway that goes on for example for 30m... Ewwww. I'm scared of heights. And also of depths. :D

In other words, I'm a hopelessly EARTHY person. :P

Coincidentally, I've found out that my element (as in those Chinese 5 elements stuffs) is earth and I've read that earthy people like bungalows and the row houses. They usually also like their houses to be low, cosy and not too big.

And guess what?

(Row houses in Limerick, Ireland; I find them awesome in their simple old beauty. And imagine how many sexy Irish guys live around! Haha! OK, I'm stupid. Too much love for Ron Weasley & Seamus Finnigan. =_=. *Credits*)

It fits 100%-ly to me.

Finally something that seemed stupid tome at first & it DIDN'T turn out to be stupid!

Two days ago I've had yet another stupid dream, now with sex. In the dream I had sex with Doggy! In the DAYLIGHT somemore! Hahaha! And if that's not enough, it was in our living room on the table where we eat. -_-
How stupid. I think my subconsciousness is feeling sorry for my consciousness not going to Prague where he wanted to "have a glass of wine" in other words, where he wanted to have sex with me.

Perv subconsciousness I've got. Sheesh! @_@ XD

Alrighty! I'm off to make myself some tea. :)

BTW! That strange tennis player! That one in that dream....who the hall was *that*? :P Eh, I think I'm just watching too much tennis. =_=

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