Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting Things In Order

OHOHOHOOO!!! Being back into visual life with full of its tantalizing, beautiful colors, chirping birds and amazing shapes, I'm getting everything that has to be done, done one by one.

Like Yu Jin said in Winter Sonata: "Take one step at a time."

OMD, I think I should rewatch it sometime. Or continue with Stairway To Heaven that EVERYONE had seen million years ago except of me cuz I'm lame. However, I didn't really like STH simply cuz I don't like Choi Ji Woo (and I don't like her cuz she looks so pure & innocent; it's annoying the hell outta me) BUT!!!!!! KWON SANG WOO compensates it 6756 times. He's so hot, I almost cannot speak. O_O *_*


Speaking of hot Asians, know what happened to me yesterday?! *starts giggling stupidly*

I was at this ex-class party in the downtwn and it was held in a restaurant called The Arch. Me & my friends were sitting outside, sipping somethong (me a soda, I have antibiotics & corticosteroids prescribed) when suddenly a SUPER HOT ASIAN GUY PASSED BY.

He was the hottest thing I've seen in my entire life!!!!!!!!! *__* *salivates*

That dude was tall, with a nice body, a Se7en-ish hairstyle (only black, no weird browns), had deeeeep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep eyes, super cute flat Asian nose (I also have such, YEAHH) and all in all, he was one sexy sexy hot thing. *fans herself*

I saw him. My friends didn't. I exclaimed breathlessly:


..and looked at him, he looked at me sexily and I've put my soda glass to the lips, sipped it and.......SPILLED IT ON MY SKIRT, CUZ I DIDN'T PUT THE GLASS EXACTLY TO MY LIPS, BUT SOME 3CM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!


If he saw it, he might as well died of laughter afterwards and feel proud and his ego might have been pumped up.
"Girls can't even drink properly when I'm around..", he might have thought.

Tehehehe, I'm such a silly duck. XD

That was a BIG digression. What were I quacking...? ....ah yes, about gettyings things that have to be done, done one by one.
Yesterday I cleant my floor (I've started to like this activity, please slap me), wiped the desk a bit and put the CDs into that CD-holding-thingy (I'm not bothered about its proper English name, sorry).

Today I took pics of my two new paitings and right now I'm uploading my portfolio to Shutterfly that I've joined cuz I was tired of Photobucket liao.

This Shutterfly is pretty cool, in my opnion it's better than Photobucket. ^_^

Today I will also apply for LKW even if frogs were showering from the sky, NOTHING can keep me away from doing IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, NOT EVEN A HYPTHETICAL DATE WITH THAT PURE ASIAN HOTNESS.

Are you also noticing it? My preferences for guys are going around in circles. Asians - blonde/reddish period - Asians.
Pathetic. -_-
Please, wish me luck so I actually *GET* into LKW, ok? ^^'''' Now when it comes so near, I'm having thoughts, like, "OMD, and I'll be so far away if they accept me, that's scary" and "I'll leaaaaaveeeeeeee everyone!!!! UUUAAA!!! SAD!!!!" and etc., but heck, how else can one learn about life, if not by LIVING IT HERSELF?!
No other way, yes.
On the other hand, I've had this pleasant dream recently where I came into the LKW's food court (if can I call it that way; put up with my Eng just this once) and asked for the wheat grass drink. And they didn't have it. So I've asked for the winter melon drink and they also didn't have it. I got sad and asked for the chrysanthemium drink and they DID have it!!!! :D So I took it, it was in a nice, yellow plastic glass, and sipped it happily. ^_^ says: To dream that you are making or drinking tea, represents satisfaction and contentment in your life. You are taking your time with regards to some relationship or situation.
OK, whatever, it might be so, who knows? :P
The point is, IT WAS SO KOOL!!!! I *felt* that yummy taste of the chrysanthemium tea in my dream, seriously. Mmmmm. I think it's worth flying 10 000km away just for that one thing. ^^

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Ilkka said...

Hahaha, Asians... ;D

There is this one Chinese restaurant in my home town Ducknola... and its owners have a girl, who is two years younger than me and was this year in the same school with me. Anyway, I´ve always had this secret interest at her (like you Baibee to all Asian hunks xD) and she keeps on smiling nicely when I see her at their restaurant (cuz she´s working there as a waitress during the summer). Anyway, today I came from shopping after work (lol :D) and was seeking my umbrella from my bag (it was raining) and she walked there to the ATM that was next to me looking at me so nicely and smiling at me so beautifully.... If I had been sipping something at that time, I would have definately spilled that drink... :D