Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back Into Life

My eyes are operated, I can see EVERYTHING; I still have problems with focusing on short distances, but otherways it's fucking AWESOME! :D

Right now I'm in PN and I've successfully decluttered my email at that I mean that I've finally deleted all the unimportant/read/silly emails, replied to few that I haven't replied to yet & so on.
Mmmmmmm. I like to have things in order, even though I might not look so. :P :D

On Monday I'm gonna enrol to LKW. I've wanted to do so last Monday but my mother forgot to scan my report card and without that I can pick my ears and sing Ricky Martin & NOT apply. @_@ But this Monday....for 100%.
Wish me luck, duckies!!!!!

I'm also feeling like I REALLY NEED A CHANGE.


Isn't it so true? :)

Here it's all the same old stuff.
Same faces, same places, same foods, same problems, same conversations, same shops....

I'm getting SICK of it, seriously. Aaargh. Cannot tahan. It's a damn good reason to go to LKW as well - everything will be different there!

I'm SICK of the people here.
I'm SICK of the Slovak "showbusiness" as well. It's just a false shit full of losers.
I'm SICK even of my friends here.

For example, Kucci, her topics include this one: "I'm so fat & dull and my life's such a boring shit" and another one: "Tennis, tennis, tennis."
The irony of it is, she can't play tennis, she's almost 70kg (and 161cm tall) and I'm afraid it's just a stupid pose. A fleeting pose, I HOPE... @_@

And then, the Hilfiger friend. Let's call him shortly H. Would you believe that his mommy & daddy will buy him an iMac even though his PC is still working AND he's not going to study neither GD nor Arch? Plus he doesn't know how to work with it. It's just so he can brag. His mommy will also buy him a bright pink Lacoste polo that looks well on big guys that have no chance of looking gay; sadly, H is blonde, thin, short and VERY gay.
And he's so fake.
And SO endlessly superficial. @_@

I feel like the people here, save for few exceptions (like DD, for example) are living fake, shallow, unreal lifes. They don't crave for anything deeper than all these materialistic goods. OH MY DUCKNESS. How can they even tahan it?!

Both H & Kucci don't sport at all. Sometimes Kucci goes to play badminton with me, but just to the National Tennis centre where the court costs 200~300Skk (depends on the time) and it's freaking hot inside. Well, but I guess that it's giving her this *feeling*. You know, it's still a National Tennis Centre. Sounds great, ar?

H is a chapter on his own.

But okay, I'll stop bitching, they can live the way the wanna, it's just annoying the hell outta me. @_@



Anonymous said...

Hey! Congrads on your eyes! That is really, really awesome!

Ducky Mia said...

THAAAANKS!!!! ^__^ I'm enjoying it too! YAY!