Tuesday, July 04, 2006

La Vida Perfectamenteeeeeeeeeee ^.^

I'm HAPPY!!!! ^____^

I've got my lovely friends - Ali, Mato & Linda - and WE LOOOVVVEEEE EACH OTHEEERR aaaaaachhhh my deeeeeeaaarrr duckieees, I looove yaaa!!! ^______^

I love you all too as well.

And sorry for ALWAYS forgetting to reply all the SMSes. I'm too alzheimeric and I'm busy LIVING LA VIDA LOCA. :S Mampos me lah. :S I DESERVE IT!!!!

I don't want this holiday to end.
I wanna be with these my three sayangs 4eva! We click so great....who would've thought that? O_o 7 years ago I even didn't remember Mato's name and surname! @_@ Now he's the one who prepared the hot chocolate for the pancakes I fried for all four of us who came here with me.

Love, love, love. ^___^

I feel so free after I broke up with ex! REALLY! I do....no more sitting by the PC like some retard....no more saving up money (I can't do that, no matter how much I'm trying)...no more behaving myself ("Don't look at that guy, you betraying bitch!")...mmmm.....now I can hang out to everywhere all the time and I'm happy! ^___^

Me wants no boyfriend for the next few centuries. HA!

Oh, that reminds me of seeing S recently...he has a big curly mess on his head (wahaha comel nyaa~~~ XD *sarcastic evil grin*) and very skinny legs. XD
And my heart fluttered just a tiny lil bit when seeing him, I didn't die on the spot. *applause*

I wonder whether it's cuz I'm curing liao or cuz I didn't see him properly, cuz it was dark liao and I was sitting in a trolleybus??? O_o Huhuhu. Who knows.~

Enough happy crapping!

Me shall go & take a shower, re-apply the nail polish on my toenails, apply a facial mask and wash my hair.
Ah lianism
is taking over me.....I can't stop it.....soon I'll buy a pink lacey miniskirt and 10cm heels and then DEAR HEAVENS, SAVE ME. Hahahaha!!! XD
*shakes the butt sexily*

The pic down there shows what MIGHT happen to me one day if I don't stop my ah lianism *gulps*


Please, please NO!!! *dies in an unexplainable horror*

Listening to: "Emotion" by Destiny's Child. I LOVE THAT BALLAD FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! It's so sad & beautiful & aaaahhh.... *melts*
Yay!: I'm NOT biting my nails! ^__^ I'm off to France on July 17th!
Grrr: Damn shit, I want this holidays to last 4eva. *sigh*


Ilkka said...

Congratulations! :DDD
And please, don´t buy that kind of pink bike daarlynk ok? XD

Princess Mich said...

WAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH oooh nou mai deer, I won't.....instead, I'll buy a GLITTERY BABY BLUE one! ^_____^ HA!

Ilkka said...

JEJ!!!! :DDD That´s much better!!!! ^^