Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sometimes I Wish I Were A Gay

Yes, yes, yessss, I'm back to BA! *throws glittery lotus-like confetti in the air and dances merengue quackyfully*

I've been to Aupark with grandma cuz she wanted to buy a brown bag.

In the 1st shop there was big nothing. Or actually, there were 3 bags and they were crappy.
In the 2nd shop there were few really pretty bags, but all costed around 3000Skk what's quite a lot.
In the 3rd shop (Mango) were no nice bags for grandma and tonnes of perfect clothes for me - in sale somemore and shit, I'm broke! *wails in despair*
In the 4th shop (Mexx) there was one nice bag which grandma bought, more nice clothes for me *wails more* AND a nice curly benefit in a shape of a hunky guy with intriguing dark blue eyes......................~~~

And YES, he was a gay.

Is there any justice in the world?! T_T

I think the answer should be negative, for I know about two guys in Slovakia which are rather yummy AND they are gays. And that's just in Slovakia...and they're not even Asian...well, one of them isn't. Heh.

Sigh sigh sigh.

Kool guys are...
a) attached
b) unattainable
c) gays

So sedih. u_u

He was kind, nice, cute, adorable, smart. He had dark brown curly hair (3rd guy with CURLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), nice lips, BEAUTIFUL dark blue eyes (or was it brown?) and a lanky, quite tall body.

Nice, nice, me liked very much but he's a gay so WTP. *sniff*

As always I'm very lazy to write.
Now I must catch up with blogs, ok?! I haven't read them for million yrs liao!!!!!!

Listening to: "My Memory" by Ryu (OK, I know I'm pathetic)
Yay!: I'm STILL not biting my nails! ^^
Grrr: Idiotic allergy. Grrraaarrggghhh!!!!


The Princess said...

mich!!! so someone wants to go zouk ahh? come back & I'll bring u to the BIGGEST club in Spore!! It's called "Ministry of Sound" M.O.S for short!!!

hey ur hubooby has juz got a pair of Charles & Keith high heels! She looks soo sexy in them!! :)

btw long hair is soo last season!! short hair is IN!!! y..? cuz I chopped off my looong locks!! ;)

Princess Mich said...

Oooohhhhhh GLADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *________*

Only if it was THAT easy la.....but it's NOT!!! TT_TT

The only one way of doing it is getting to the school in KL and THEN visiting Spore in my spare time. :D
Let's gooooooo~~~~~~ ^___^