Monday, July 31, 2006



After travail et coucher (work & sleep) all the time I'm finally HOME and I finally can:

  • listen to Mary J. Blige (and all the music in general)
  • access this blog & read all my friends' blogs
  • log into ICQ & MSN
  • check my e-mails after TWO weeks
  • pick up my pure white Visa Electron at the post
  • CIVILIZE MYSELF, e. g: trim eyebrows, bath, manicure, pedicure, wash hair + apply balsam, apply lotion, sunscreen, shave everywhere (I kinda resemble gorrilla now, I'm reelli sexai!), make-up, wear heels (WHEEEEE~~~), wear normal clothes..
  • go eat salmon steak to IKEA
  • drink Single Mojito (Virgin) and Chill On The Sun at Grandes Melones
  • see Li Hong, Kuci, Kika & everyone
  • sleep in my own bed and stare at the anti-fur poster in front of it
  • go to Vienna with Mato, Kuci, Ali and all da duckies & waste horrible money on sandals Lacoste & Chanel Chance perfume (YEAH, I'm terrible, I know! But I can't resist those two things!!!! *_*)
  • go to Panta Rhei (Kinokuniya-like bookstore) and buy books about design & portraits
  • learn to play tennis
  • fry pancakes with blueberries
  • make that Horror Night at our apt or at friends' apts
  • see Haku & take care of him!!!!!

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_________________^
I think I'll go now & CIVILIZE MYSELF.
The gorrilla look is getting on my nerves liao. Travail et coucher. For WHOLE DUCKING TWO WEEKS!!~

Arbeit macht frei, ja?! ._.

Huhuhu. It was way too tough for my lazy self. But I've survived & now I love Bratislava with undying passionate love! ^___^ *___*

Bratislava is DA BEST CITY EVER.

Remember that, and come here, okay? ^^

I'll quack more after I civilize myself.... I can't stand myself anymore - I'm REALLY awful and I need a 56hrs long Thai massage after 16hrs in bus. Duh. Off I go and I promise that I'll write more after I feel & look better.

*waves with dirty sticky hand*

Listening to: "So Lady" by Mary J. Blige. YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!! MJB!!!! I missed her so ducking much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay!: I'm home. ^__^
Grrr: My chinchilla died while I wasn't here. T_T AAARRGGGH. Sob sob. u_u

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Ilkka said...

Welcome back baibee!
I´m back too! Unfortunately :(