Sunday, July 16, 2006

Viva La France!!!!!

Bonjour mon amour Bae Yong Joon (et Ji Jin Hee)!
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? XD
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I'm off to France tmr!!! ^___^

That means that I'll be TOTALLY without net connection for 2 weeks, or at least I think I'll be....well, in case there's a netcafé in Metz, I'll try to post something here BUT don't expect too much from me. And sadly, there'll be NO PHOTOS.
*dies* I want my cam back!!!! T_T
May you die in unbearable pain, you fucking thief!!!!!!!!! AAAARRGGGHHHH!!!!

I'm planning to buy some sandals with not too high (max. 5cm) heels there. Something á la what the Singapooporean Charles & Keith sells and I totally love it.

I'm just looking at their website. *_* My size is 38!!!! DEAR ALMIGHTY DUCK, SEND ME SOME HEELS SANDALS!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

For example these in white. *drools*

*looks at Ralph Lauren website & dies of love*

I'm speechless. Those clothes (at the Collection line) are heavenly beautiful.

*doesn't dare to look at Tommy Hilfiger website anymore*
*looks at Lacoste instead*

MMmmmmMMM, lovely!!!

I want that body, that skirt, that top, those shoes, that bag and that hat. WAH.


I think that now I'm going to take a looooong, waaaarm bath with magnesium enhanced salt. Maybe it's gonna do well on my (currently) HORRENDOUSLY DUCKRRIBLE skin.

Oh yes, and after I'm back from France, I'm gonna learn tennis. YAY!!! ^____^

Off I go - adieu for now! ^^

Listening to: "Somebody To Love" by George Michael
Yay: I'm STILL not biting my nails. And I'm downloading two MJB's albums! Yay!
Grrr: My skin is TERRIBLE. And I really have cellulitis on my ass. I CANNOT TAHAN THAT!!!!!!!! *jumps off a cliff*

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