Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In The Morning

Isn't it amazing that I had the inner strenght to wake up at 6.55am? ^^
I have to go see my doctor today and take some vaccination list from her for the Fiche sanitaire de liason which is for my workcamp to France in July 17 ~ July 29.

The morning sun is caressing my dry awful skin gently...mmm....I feel like in Malaysia, only it's not that hot (yet) and not that humid. :P

Yesterday was an interesting day.
I've realized that even thought I think that I DON'T look Korean, it seems like to other Koreans I do! O_o ^^

Three of them stared at me flirtatously yesterday.

One of them was very hunky, tall, with glasses, looking nice and intelligent. Sedap (tasty), hahahaha! XD
The other one was older (40~45yrs?) but that didn't stop him from smiling at me. -_~
The other one was some young thing and I think he was a Chinese but it wasn't bad anyways.

Still the hunky one wins!

The most absurd Asian-ducky-related thing happened to me on the trolleybus stop on my way home around 10pm - I sat down on that bench by an elder Asian woman and she offered me the chips she was eating.. Ehhh??!! O_o I'm not getting it! Heheh!

Oh yes, yesterday I was in the downtown with Ali, Linda & Hanka and I'm telling you, spending 240Skk on two stupid (and DARN DELICIOUS) mojitos virgin is really a waste. :P
240Skk....... *slaps head* I can't tell about this waste to madre cuz she's gonna kill me. x_x
The barman decided to give us a lil' treat then and prepared a blueberry vodka + some juice + malibu WTD + something something blahblah mix and served it in little glasses for us.

So I had to sip it cuz he was looking at us.
It was quite delicious, I can't deny it, but I didn't wanna drink it all cuz I just don't drink. See what a good girlie I am? ^.^ :P

As a real ah lian, I'm off to one place where they'll take care of my chow chow-ish eyebrows. Today around 10.30am.

Yeah, I look THAT hairy. Hihihihi! Cantik, ain't I? ^^

This is very random, but I love Munie cuz she'll get me April Snow and My Sassy Girl in KL!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! *_______________________*
Sayangku!!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Bae Yong Joon in April Snow, mmmmmm aaaahhhh orgasmmmmmmmm (eh, pardon me).... *_* *drooools*

DUCKING FINALLY I'll see it! ^___^

I really need to study in Malaysia so I'll be in touch with the Korean world. Sure, I could download everything when I'm here but I'm lazy to, so I'm million yrs in the past. -_-

Okay la. I must go call the doctor now...then I must go to the ambulance (if she's there)...after that to Trnavské mýto at 10am to meet up with Linda.
After that back home, pack and go to the railways station at 15.30pm cuz we're off to Senec, to Ali's cottage.

I'll be back tmr! ^^

Do skorého videnia! ^_^
(See you!)

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