Saturday, July 01, 2006

I Actually Have A Life

Sorry for no proper quacking.

For the past few weeks I have a busy social life with my friends & I can't quack properly.

Last week me & Mato were in all BA's shopping malls (downtown --> Aupark --> Polus --> Shopping Palace Zlaté Piesky --> IKEA --> Avion --> downtown) for 8hours cuz he had to check out some green-white sneakers and a hoody. We travelled everywhere by all buses, trams and trolleybuses and we had two mojito virgin cocktails in Aupark, köttbullar, salmon steak, smoked salmon & 2 drinks in IKEA and then two Kofolas at the 4 Rooms pub.
Very absurd and very kool..... I especially loved how we were seriously checking out IKEA's furniture.
Hahaha, we have a similar taste for that. :D

The day after we did nothing (a miracle) but then the next day we went to the downtown.

Yesterday we (Mato, Linda, Marek, Miso, me, Juro) went for a cocktail, then we went to Sibyla (OMG, a terribly shitty place but they played Usher there, I liked that), Film café and to two other places. Oh my. I came home at 11pm!
Oh yes, and before all this we (Ali, Mato, me) went to Aupark for sushi *aaaahhhh looooveee*, for Asian soups and a drink and to Atrium to check out the furniture. Yeah, AGAIN. XD

Today we (Mato, Juro, Marek, Linda, me) went to Zelezna studnicka (BA's park-forest), from there we took a cable-car (!!!) to Koliba, went to check out the TV tower, went down to my former primary school at the 203 final stop, then we went to surprise Miso, from there we ran through all Jeseniova (300m) to another 203 bus stop and travelled all the way to another final stop of 203.
There we had pizza and Linda and Marek left cuz they felt bad after eating some crappy langosh or whatever.
After that we - me, Mato and Juro - went to Slavín, a big memorial above Bratislava in memory of the fallen Russian soldiers.

(Credits to Markoff for the pic of Slavín)

From there we went to check out some DARN PRETTY villas (both me & Mato are into architecture and we have the same taste) around this memorial (it's a very luxurious area) and then to Horský park which is another forest park here in BA. From there Juro went home and me & Mato walked through all the forest park to get to the trolleybus stop....and from there both of us went home.

I totally LOVE Mato, Linda, Marek and all these duckies.....they're just great. ^.^

Tmr we're off to Koliba again and we're gonna have some nice picknick and all... Yay! ^__^
I'm gonna take some pics & then post them up here. That's a yaksok (promise in Korean)! ^.^


Few days ago I've learnt that...

...I belong to the group of menopausal Japanese women liking Harry Potter's Dad with make-up.


Let me quote three sources of my incredibooble knowledge! ^^'''

USA Today says:

Japanese women in their 40s, 50s and 60s line up for hours to see him the way some of them lined up as teenagers to see the Beatles here back in 1966. (...)

Yoshiko Takeuchi, 50, came to the Mori Tower exhibit from Saitama Prefecture, an hour and a half away. She has Bae's picture on her cell phone screen, regularly checks his Japanese-language Web site, can talk in some detail about his diet and exercise regimen and has seen all 10 or so of the South Korean dramas in which he has appeared.

Takeuchi says Bae is an "old-fashioned gentleman: cultured, well-read and kind — nothing like the shallow pretty boys who seem to dominate Japanese pop culture." ( I AGREE)

Lost Seouls says:

Speaking of fame (, ) there's a drama series on Korean TV called "Winter Sonata" which as far as I can make out, mainly consists of young couples walking around in the snow, deeply in love and occasionally crying onto each others shoulders. (Wahahahaha, I have to admit that he's right! XD)

Quite frankly, like brushing your teeth, it's for girls, but very very popular. So popular in fact that the shop where I buy my morning coffee was once featured in a small scene on the show, and they now sell commemorative gift sets with some ground coffee and a laminated still of one actor in particular enjoying a cup. Now it's this actor, Bae Yong-Joon that's the star of the show, and apparently the preferred eye-candy of most post-menopausal women in Japan (where the series is especially popular). I can't see what the fuss is about myself, he looks like Harry Potter's Dad wearing makeup to me, but then Japan is the country where you can pay vast sums of money to have a girl paint her face white, giggle behind her hand and pour you drinks all night.


Don't girls in my age find him irresistibly wonderful, hot, adorable, lovely, blahblahblah?! O_o

Appooparently NOT. TT_TT

Again I'm the weird one!!!! T_T XD

Oh, alright. Too much random blabbing. Off I go! ^^

Listening to: "Snakes & Ladders" by Joss Stone
Yay!: I love you duckies! ^^
Grrr: Kuci is still at Monte Negro, I miss heeeeeer~~~~


Mark said...

hey..where have you been?? haven't seen you on msn for ages...i miss talking to you

Princess Mich said...

My dear...I miss you too! T_T
I've been busy living life...mmm....but don't worry..I'll be on soon!