Monday, July 17, 2006


Nisah's post "Finding Love Eventually" made me weep like a lil' duckling.

Read it.

It's sadly beautiful...and I can't stand it!!!!! *dies* Religion and family...but YES, love doesn't conquer all, unless you're Cinderella or one of these happier ladies.

What about me & love?
From the naive believer in true, endless love and all this yadda yadda I've grown into a rather cynical duck who says that there might be a true love, but it can hardly last forever.

Or maybe just by me it can hardly last forever. -_~ :P I'm very impatient you know, and also I'm easily annoyed by people. I say nothing but I'm annoyed and THEN when I finally say something on this matter, the poor duck usually gets blown off by my impolite words.

And NOW!!!! I can't imagine living with the same person for 40 yrs or so. I think that no love can last for that long. In your 15th year together you're just friends, not lovers. You know him/her from head to toe, there's nothing more to discover and you're living your boring daily routine.


I don't like stereotypes. I love changes!

Now I must seem like that kind of duck who has decided to have a new boyfriend every 3 weeks or so, but no, that's not it. I only can't imagine a really serious commitment. That's normal la, I'm 17 years old, not 45.

So far I've been only in one more or less serious relationship (sometimes I felt like it was too serious - why we talked about weddings & etc.?) and I've learnt many things.


Sadly, I'll continue with this after I'm back from France. Sigh. Now I must go.


Love ya forever! ^^

Listening to: "Beautiful Day" by MJB
Yay!: Mato said he'll get me something in Greece! Yay!
Grrr: Have I packed everythong? O_o


heather said...

You still have plenty of time to find the one you love :) 17! The world is your oyster!

Mark said... are in wonder i can't find's going?? just hope that you will enjoy ur life....drop me a line whenever u can...i miss you!!!