Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lesson 1: How To Waste Money Most Effectively

The Queen of Wasting, Her Royal Duckness Michaela I. shall give you a valuable lesson of the most effective, fastest and somehow 'invisible' wasting, e. g. you're wasting not even knowing how.

Pay attention and follow the instructions:

1. Have a nice sum of 674Skk in your wallet and nothing at your account.
2. Go to the pharmacy and buy a solution for contact lenses & Fenistil gel. ----> -333Skk
3. Go to Fujifilm and let them take 4 passport sized photos of yourself which you don't need anyways and you only thought that you need them. ----> -156Skk
4. Go to the downtown and buy two plain croissants and one sparkling mineral water. ----> -26Skk
5. Go to the L'Oreal cosmetic studio and let them take care of your eyebrows. ----> -30Skk

THE RESULT: 120Skk in your wallet and still nothing at your account.

Grrrraaauuurrgghaaarrgghhh, I'm again broke!!!!!
120Skk ain't enough for me, I'm off to that Ali's cottage!!!!!

OK la, I'll eat insects there. -_~ Maybe they'll taste fine enough if I fry them on sesame oil or what.... *sigh*

Ugh, someone teach me to handle money... ._.'''


Eh. I'm off to pack and then...I think I'll try to find some money here.
I'm against GMOs, but damn you scientists, invent a moneytree!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< PLEASE!

Listening to: "Wait A Minute" by Pussycat Dolls feat. Timbaland. HEY! These ah lians are actually good! :D I've downloaded the CD and I actually like it!!!! O_o
No help for me anymore, soon I'll buy glittery Barbie pink 15cm high heels with baby blue chiffon butterflies and then HALLELUJAH.....!!!! *dies in horror*
Yay!: I love having holidays. ^_^
Grrr: I hate knowing that the holidays will end. T_T

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