Friday, July 14, 2006


These titles are so distracting! Once I call something XYZ, I'm writing about XYZ and I can't concentrate on UHG. ._.

Anyways, today was yet another day of my vida loca. ^^
In the morning we (me, Marek & Mato) woke up on the patio of Ali's cottage in Senec (we've decided to sleep outside as it was a nice weather) and then we hectically packed and left for BA by train.
At that time we had no idea yet that there were some assholes thieves and we just told the rest of the dudes to find our missing things (a cam *sob*, wallet *sob*, iPod speakers *Mato's sob*) and bring 'em to us to BA when they get there later.

Well, then we (Ali, Mato, me) spent 2 hours & 30 minutes at the police station in BA what was stupid, cuz we had to talk to the police in Senec, not in BA.

After that we (me, Mato and then Kuci and Linda) went to IKEA for a delicious dinner and then home........and on my way home I had to pass through a weird shadow of one tree - it had a shape of a big hand, in the shadow there were no signs of even had five fingers and it was swinging from side to side with the wind...bbbrrrr....creepy!!!! @_@ *shivers*

After that I saw a meter long snake on the road.
Most of the ducks don't like snakes but I do - they're so pretty & elegant! ^^

Btw, I LOVE that red Armani wallet from Wallie!!! ^___^
It's small but very nice, cute and of a perfect quality - and because it's small it makes me clean it and don't flush it with century old papers, expired coupons and etc. ^.^

I'm very random today, I know. :P

And I feel that two things are color preferences and my feelings, or rather my interest in S.

Before I've liked brown, blue, black and hated violet and disliked white and grey. That's what I remember about the past myself. It must've been some boyish phase here, for I've looked like a crap and I behaved like an asshole. Hahah, okieee laaa, I'm NOT saying that guys are like that, OK!!!!! I'm just saying that me in that boyish phase was like that. :P

Now I love white, green, turquise, violet, dark purple and yes, I still like black although I rarely wear it.
It's amazing with this white - if I had to design my own villa (and I DO want it, hohoooo, I just need $$$$!!!!), 80% of it would be white with vibrant colorful details and a dark mahogany floor. MMMMmmmMMMM aaahhhh! *__*

My dream kitchen..... *starts daydreaming* ^.^
Dark mahogany floor, white minimalistic furniture, white marble on the workdesk (this is an invented word! XD Erm, but I mean by it that area where you chop the meat, slice the cabbage, the place where you put dirty dishes & etc.) and...little colorful white-turquise-golden tiles., maybe 5x5 cm. YAY!!!!!! ^_____^
White orchids or English tea roses on the mahogany desk would do great too. MMMMMMM~~~~ ^___^ And long, organza curtains...white, of course.

I have it all designed in my head, I only need the MONEY!!! Haha! :P

What about S?
I just don't care anymore. Not so much. When I'm at Koliba, I look for his car, but I'm not really disappointed not seeing it; I just tell myself that life is long and I might see him next time.
I don't agonize over him anymore - maybe it's cuz I've understood that I can hardly ever have him, and even if I had him, there's no assurance that it'd be a great relationship.
I just don't care.

Soon enough I'll leave for KL's Cenfad (I hope, I wish, I want, aaaahhh~~) and I'm sure that during those 3 yrs I'll forget him......almost completely.
After six years of thinking about him, wondering how he is, drooling over him, daydreaming about him, scribbling into my diary about him.....after all this long time my crush is slowly fading away.

The other thing is, what would I do seeing him face to face.... I'm sure I'd be back in the rollercoaster of agony.

I'm glad that it's slowly ending - I feel this kinda...freedom. ^^
I'm (almost) free from my heart's gilaness! Ain't that just great? ^^

And yes, even if S and me dated, it wouldn't be good. We would break up after few moths, for we're too different; at least when I'm comparing my character and his (assumed from my friends' talking, those who know him).

MMMMMMMMMMM.....I'm free. ^^
And I don't want a boyfriend. Not yet. There's nobody suitable anyways...and I like this freedom. ^_^

Uh...1am liao, I'd better go. Tmr I have to wake up at 6.30am cuz I'm off to that place where you get the new ID. Haiyoooh. I'm sian.... *yawns* x_x

Listening to: "Seduction" by Usher
Yay!: Oppa told me that he'll buy me Korean CDs!!! I LOOOVE HIMMM!!!!!~~~~
Grrr: I'm so tired. =_=

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