Friday, June 30, 2006

Bodoh, Malas, Jahat
(Stupid, Lazy, Bad)

Laducks & gentleducks, I'm here to officially quack you that I'm an ITIK BODOH, MALAS DAN JAHAT (Ahem, mind me putting Malay words here & there - I'm trying not to forget them so I have to use them).

My repooport card is slightly worse than I've been expecting:

Slovak language & Literature: 3 (WTP!!!!!!!!!!! KNN!!!!!! I'm not getting it!!!!! I skipped 2 tests but I have only 1s & 2s there!!!!! HOW COME I GOT THE FUCKING 3 FROM SLOVAK?!?!?! )
English : 1
Spanish: 2
History: 3 (WOW! Sibitchisova gave me 3, I think she's not such a bitch then! O_O ^^ Thaaaaanks laaa!!!)
Society Studies: 1
Maths: 4 (Typical~)
Physics: 4 (Typical. BUT THE PHYSICS IS OVEEERRR FOREEEEEVEEEERRRRRRR!!!!! *dances salsa and macarena on the green green glittery grass and throws confetti*)
Chemistry: 3
Biology: 3 (Here I go with my slacking, I could have had 1 or 2 if I studied)
Aesthetics: passed (It's not marked, you can just "pass" or "fail")
PE: 2

My average grade is 2,3 - ain't I a genius?! -_~ *rolls eyes*

Eh, my maturita must look like this:

Slovak: 2
English: 1
Society Studies: 1
Geography: 2
History of Art: 1

No more laziness, procrastination and no self-discipline next year!!!!!!!

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYS, I'm not gonna trouble myself with that now. That's not allowed cuz it's.....


WAAHHHOOOOO!!!! ^______^
I can't believe it's finally here...................oohh.....2 months of waking up at 11am, no stress, no tests, no professors, no 0th classes, NOTHING....NOTHING.........nothing but a great FREEDOM. ^____^

Btw, I had sushi today.
Darn expensive. @_@ I miss the Singaporean prices....uhh..

OK lah. Proper quack about Bae Yong Joon and about BA's beauty and about the tragedy of being a being myself later. I must go for a walk with byebye for now!

Listening to: "Kiss Goodbye" by Wang Lee Hom
Yay!: Holidays...^______^
Grrr: I haven't seen T! WTP! Me wannaaaaaaaa~~~~ *___*

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