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Travail Et Coucher Summary

I think I owe you some description of the camp in France, don't I? Ehm, not that anyone reads this blog, but still!

The workcamp lasted 14 days (July 17 ~ July 29) and it was all held in a sleepy French village called Chรขtel sur Moselle in Lorraine.
In the village we had one pharmacy, one boulangerie/patisserie, one all-in-one store (you could buy even various types of tombstones!!), one grocery store, one church, one cementery, one night bar, one pizza emporter which was actually a whorehouse (at least I think it was - it was always closed and there were dark purple curtains), one school, one river Moselle (great for swimming!!), one culture house and.....err...and our castle.

We were supposed to work 6 hours per day according to the original plan. 4 hours before noon (8am ~ 12pm) and 2 hours in the afternoon (3pm ~ 5pm).

OOOHHH, how beautiful would it be, if we really worked for only these 6 hours!!!!!

We had this ugly, sweaty, stinky, authoritative French animateur Olivier there and he apparently happened to mistake our workcamp with volunteers for a workcamp with prisoners.

There were days when we worked for 7~8 hours AND then we were preparing a theatre for the visitors.
There were days when we had 25 minutes of free time in total.
There were days when we had dinner postponed from 8pm to 8.30pm.....and anyways, normally dinner used to be served at 7pm - until Olivier came and changed it. BURN IN HELL, YOU SWEATY ASSHOLE!!!!! *kicks his balls angrily*

Then there was Tomas, another animateur, a Slovak guy from Bratislava.
He looked like a frog with big eyes far from each other (but he had really nice eyelashes!), little nose and a wide smile across the whole face. Not a bad dude, BUT he used to annoy the hel outta me with his incredible theory that me & Miso can't live without each other....aiyoooh....luckily he stopped it then!

I remember a day though, when I was pissed off at him for WHOLE 5 HOURS.

That's probably my piss-o-meter's lifetime record!!! O_O :P 5 hours of being pissed off.....and then the French dudes pissed me off, then Olivier, then everyone....so one day I was pissed off for total 12 hours. Exhausting, I tell ya... :P

The castle is a big complex of kool passages underground, wells, traps, stairs and etc.... It's very nice & big! Oh, and no one ever won it. Impressive, ain't it?

Us volunteers were renovating it bit by bit - some of us were shaping the stones with vees (?) and hammers, the others were discharging the old concrete from between the stones/bricks and some of us were putting a new concrete to the commissures. Or everything. Our group did the last two things.

Now I'm DA QUEEN in putting a new concrete to the commissures!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!!

Natural talent, that's who I am. XD

In the free time (if there was some, that's it) we used to play games, sleep, laze around or go swimming to Moselle, which was a little river with a strong current and max. 1.5meters depth. LOVELY. ^_^

The food was perfect, maybe except of the breakfast which was monotonous (bagette, butter, jam) and crappy...and there was no time for it.
But those lunches & dinners!!! VEERY NICE!!!

Salad, main course (meat/veggies + side dish), cheese, dessert. EVERYDAY. Whohooo!!!

Btw, I've lost weight (thank God), now I'm just 58kg!!!! ^_____^
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~ *dances samba cheerfully*
That's LOVELY!!!
I think it's cuz I was working AND not eating sweets AND not drinking sweet craps like Coke or Kofola and etc.
Good diet. Must go on with it.
Now I can even wear those nice Seed jeans I bought in Thailand (a month ago I wasn't able to button it) and the capri jeans I bought in Nancy's Pimkie is size 38 and it fits me. ^__^


EDIT AT 1.14am:
I accidentally pressed "Publish Post" instead of "Save as Draft" so the version you've just read is unfinished. My apoopologies!!! Here I go on with Travail Et Coucher Summary!!!!


The people.
Patriotic French with little English knowledge....and one funny, relatively cute French dude named Paul who looked like a crazy painter. Hihi. Not bad, but I wouldn't want him as a boyfriend anyways. I'm darn picky now, only few chosen ones can get to my shortlist. Bwahaha.

Err, I digressed!!!!!

So the French... There was a girl named Cecil and she spoke French, English, Spanish, German (I think) and Czech. OMP!!!! O_O Impressive, ain't it...
Then there was a girl called Melanie with a VERY reeking French accent in English and a beautiful face like Liv Tyler.
Also there was a dude whose name was Alexander and he apparently thought that he's da king. Haiyooh.....few slaps would do him good... -_~

Well, there were lots of French and they were nice people, only if they were better in English..

We had there also two crazy Scottish girls, Sally and Carolyn. Haha! On the last day we (Sally, Carolyn, Ali & me) dressed to bras & our working pants and started to shout: "WE ARE NAKED! NO MORE WORK!!!" Crazy, hahaaa!!!! The guys liked it a lot. Duh. XD Oh, and Sally had an iPod (my eternal love! BLACK iPOD NANO, OOOOHHHH, ORGASMMMM~~~) but to my misery she had no R&B there....apparently it wasn't her fav music as she had for example Prodigy there. Heheh.

There were also 11 Slovaks, including us.
Tomas, the animateur, us five and another Tomas, another Mato and two girls, Andrea and Diana who - to my incredible shock - happened to be S' cousins.
You read it right. S' cousins!!!!
I almost fainted when I heard that....imagine...I travel all the way to France to get to know S' cousins?! XD Hihihihi!!!!
The world is really small........and traces of S are everywhere I move. :P Aiyah.

The milieu.
And those romantic French villages!!! Flowers everywhere, clean streets, colorful wooden window shutters, patisseries on every corner, green trees, clean rivers..... Just wonderful! ^.^

I loved those vineyards in Alsace too. My English is too limited for an enough good description, but just imagine LOTS of vineyards in various directions with a blue bright sky above it and lovely tiny villages here & there.
If that's not gorgeous, then I really dunno what else is! *_* ^^

Our village was set among hills called Les Vosges and with the river Moselle curving its way through 'em. It was beauuutiful...well, you have to see it, to appreciate that beauty. ^^

What else should I describe? O_o

The shops?
Hahaa! VERY nice ones were in Nancy and in Metz!
And Lacoste was almost in every town. :P
We chose a good time for shopping as there were sales everywhere. I bought those Pimkie capri jeans for unbelievable 8 Euros, a wonderful turquise-white ZARA strapless dress for 25 Euro (50% down), a lavender pink-silver scarves looking very unique and a very pretty necklace for madre. And few other stuffs but I'm lazy to name them. :P

WAH. I've run out of ideas of what to tell about...you ask me, okie?


I have this certain feeling that UJ (a codename apooparently) is trying to gimme a hint of something. Oh...well, not that I mind...hihi...only if he weren't my CLASSMATE!!!! @_@

If these convos at ICQ aren't hinty (wow, I'm so innovative in English :P) then nothing is:

*C1 yesterday*

*busy chat about who me & him want - think e. g. Aston Martin, villa at Koliba, iPod Nano, BMW 5 and etc....and then:*

Me: "I want a perfect man on at least the same level as me who can cook."
UJ: "So that's me."
Me: "You don't know how to cook!"
UJ: "But I'll..." <---- notice those mysterious three dots in the end

*C2 today*

Me: *describes the bleh-ness of ex to UJ and then says sarcastically* "What a great man he was!"
UJ: *also sarcastically* "The best one indeed!"
Me: "Now I'm looking for men on da level who are intelligent, gentlemen, polite, have a sense of humour, are independant, have a taste and can cook. So *his* true opposite."
UJ: "I'm missing only one thing out of those....I can't cook" <--- notice that there's no smiley, nothing, it seems VERY serious~
Me: "Practice makes perfect!" ^_~

What should I think about that? Hm? Ain't that veeery hinty? O_o
Decode it for me, please....thanks..

Oh, alright duckies.
Tmr I'm going to buy HIS sneakers and white Esprit heels sandals so 3500Skk will be wasted...or rather spent on very important ah lian gear. ^^;;;;

Me better go sleep now....2am...OOPS..
GOOD NIGHT!!! ^___^

Listening to: "You Don't Know My Name" by Alicia Keys
Yay!: I LOVE those sneakers & those heels!
Grrr: Fuck Tatra Banka, today my debit card was totally fucked up and I couldn't pay it!!!! AARRGHH!!!

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