Monday, November 13, 2006


I've realized that I LOVE Kwon Sang Woo.

*melts* I love men in suits.....

*melts even more* SUITS!!!!

*melts totally* And if they're as damn hot as him....

Those HEAVENLY FEATURES!!!! *dies*
Those LIPS!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!

I'm DYING. Mmmmm..... *___*

Oh gosh, I wish I had a boyfriend who looked (or was! HA!) like Sang Woo!!!! *___*

Listening to: "Something Stupid" by Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman
Yay!: I have a new friend! :) She's UJ's friend but now she's mine too & we're totally similar! :)
Grrr: School tmr. AAARGGH.


SebThePleb said...

ARG! He looks like a strong tough black belt!!

Princess Mich said...

AND SO DAMN HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!! *melts into a glittery puddle*

Anonymous said...

Ahaha... OMG, I saw KSW at the mall last month! O___O

Haha, just kidding. :P But there's this cardboard replica of him at the mall. He advertises a cosmetics brand, The Face Shop, and they recently opened a branch at the mall (even though it's a Korean brand). I dunno what amuses me more, the Hangul writing all over the walls and make-up or seeing KSW EVERYWHERE inside the store. XD *rofl*

OMG, you should really see it. 8D

- Justine ;D

Princess Mich said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I wiiiish I could!!!!! *___* *shiny eyes full of sparkling hearts*

KSW rulez. I love those his features! ^^