Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Love Days Like These ^____^

I'm going to die from exhaustion soon, but this day was too great & too crazy to ignore.... I have to type down all the things we've gone thru before I forget all the tiny & oh-so-important details. :)

It all started on 8am when UJ and his parents came to pick me up & we were off to Vienna. SHOPPIIIIING!!!! *_*
I tell ya, the shops in Vienna are 200% better than those in Slovakia! @_# I
I bought black pants, two belts (one black & elegant, the other thin, gold & with some golden dangly whatever), white-black polka dot tank top, black bra and a brown-dark brown-white stripey long-sleeved t-shirt with V-neck. Awesome. :)

Of course me & UJ had to listen to occassional murmurings about me being "his lady", some know-it-all-like type of winks (namely from his mom to me) and the best convo between all of us ever:

UJ's mom: "Well, have you bought anything?"
Me: "I wanted to buy a coat...but instead I bought some lingerie. :P"
UJ's mom winks, thinks deeply & then looks at us:
"Well, at least you could....!!!!"
Us alarmed: "WHAT..????!!!!"

I swear to the Mightiest Feather that she meant "Well, at least you could look sexy when doing it with UJ." I SWEAR SO. She THINKS we're sleeping together. Oh. My. Duckness. *faints from laughter* Yeah, we're such a harmonious couple, we also sure do have sex.
HA HA HA HA, lemme die from laughter please! XD

Well, after we've checked the shops & bought all, the UJs drove me home....and on 6pm I was meeting up with AL & one my other friend at one square so we could be off to some mega-prom or whatever.
That mega-prom was also MEGA-EMMBARRASING, but at least we had a bit of fun there.... I was pretending to be a tough hip hoppa and was 'rapping' stupidities here & there...hahaa....and with this my other friend we were salivating at guys in polo t-shirts & stripey/plain V-neck jumpers...hahahaaa...yes, we're mad. :)

AFTER that we've decided to go to the downtown, to Malecón (a Cuban bar) with live Cuban music on Friday but as the people inside were mostly above 35 yrs old, we felt rather weird & left. :P We've checked few other places to go to (Medusa, that bar nearby it) but then decided to go to Casa de Havana in front of Medusa for some mojito. :)
AL & Tt left liao so just UJ, me & Mi stayed....and had a great time. :) Later came the guys (in a rather drunk mood) and among them we've found Miki who stayed with us in Casa de Havana and we've danced to the latino music...poor UJ, Mi wasn't there anymore then and he was sitting all alone at the table. Muahahaha, boy, next time go dancing as well! :P

We've left around the midnight and went by feet the way to UJ's house from where I was planning to take a taxi home or wait for the night's bus.
We went, me, UJ & Miki and then sat down on some bench and talked for a while......and then UJ did a weird thing....he looked at the sky, sighed and said:

"Aaaaaaaahhh, this is so romantic here..! This tree & us here in the night and those lights of BA down there.."

We mumbled something like "Mmmm, yes.." and suddenly I felt UJ's head resting on my shoulder for a while. WTP. O_o Okay la, probably he does like me more than a friend. O_o

Then Miki left and me & UJ went all the way to where he lives and talked whatever... I swear we've walked 45km today! :P
I planned to call a taxi then and so I did - but well, they didn't have any cab for even despite UJ's protests I said I'm going home by feet. It's not a very intelligent idea, I mean, the area where we live is not very dangerous and we live like 15mins away from each other, but it was 1.10am and night, darkness & nobody out there...pretty creepy for a girl alone some more. O_o

UJ looked seriously worried and told me to ring him up all the time until I come home AND when I come home to send him an SMS that I am home. Sweet, isn't it? :D Such a caring ducky! :D

I came home about 30mins ago and...sorry....I must go now, my eyes are itchy & I'm feeling like I'm going to fall asleep here,'s 2.22am (weird time O_o), mind you!!! @_@ *yaaaaawn*

Without YOU my life would've been a boring shit....and this my love of course comes to all my friends here & abroad, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! *__* ^___^ :-*****

Thanks for existing. ^_^ You're my EVERYTHONG. ^^


Listening to: "Erase/Rewind" by The Cardigans
Yay!: ALL TODAY. The fact that I'm going to sleep now. ^^
Grrr: I'm tireeeeeed!!!!

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