Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Such a boring day.

Me was on good terms with UJ and now again, we are like WTF cuz I told him that he's everything but a gentleman & he disagrees.
Well, but I am RIGHT cuz he is everything but a gentleman! AAARGGH!!! When was the last time he opened the door for me?! Never, yeah. H reminds me of Raymond, he also had no idea about the way of treating women. ARRGGH.
Thank god I'm not dating UJ cuz if I did, I would kick his ass & end that r'ship. Hahahaha. :P

Also I'm failing Maths & today is the parents & profs meeting so I'm gonna get killed.

Life is sooo ironic.
Whenever I'm somewhere with UJ, there are heaps of yummylicious guys...but I can't do anything about them cuz I'm only with UJ and that would look weird if I came up to the guy and started some flirt or whatever.
On the other hand, when I'm NOT with UJ, the yummylicious guys are gone too.

My application to the art uni in BA is I'll have to wait for the entrance exams date. Not like I care... I don't wanna attend that school anyways.

Wanna be in KL liao.

Cenfad Cenfad.
My own apt.
Sushi, K-food, char kway teow, wheat grass drink, chrysanthemium drink, Suria KLCC, Petaling Jaya, palm trees, pisang trees, stinky durians, dragon fruit.
Hot guys, neoprint machines, kool fashion, sexy shoes.
Exotic me! HAHA!! Angmoh chick, everybody's gonna look at me at Cenfad. Muahaha.


If God actually exists, He REALLY should help me with Cenfad!!!!! *wink wink to the sky*


Listening to: "Heal The Pain" by George Michael
Yay!: Dunno. My pants are shortned. YEAH.
Grrr: That meeting....ALAMAK!!!!!! @_#

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