Sunday, November 05, 2006


Pardon me the title.
But. BUTT.
My father has finally done something with my ducked up PC and's ducked up another way. =_=
My Azureus ain't working. So isn't iTunes, Winamp and even the Windows Media Player!!!! All my mp3s are prob gone and if my Photoshop is working, then I'm a Goddess of Whatever.

I'm now reinstalling my MSN.....and I've already reinstalled my ICQ. *sighhh*

273-997-013, don't forget la, if you have ICQ and I KNOW YOU, add me!!! :)

I had this scary dream recently - it was about my blog! *covers ears & eyes*
There I was sitting somewhere in front of a PC and thought that nobody is looking at me, thus I blogged a bit and then viewed my blog re-reading the entry.....and then my friends came, I hurriedly closed the window but they had enough time to see the ah lian pinkness of this bodoh layout and exclaimed in a bored voice:

"Oh please, don't go hiding your blog before us, we've been reading it for like 2 years already!!!"

I gasped and almost fell from my chair, "You've been READING it?! EVERYTHING?! Like really EVERYTHING?!"
I remembered all the things I wrote here.
All those rants about my family, my ex-bf, this country, my school, my life...all the rather sensitive stuffs about UJ, S (amazing how they have met in one category together now), T, whoever....all those stupid swoons over ex, BYJ and 456458 other hot Asians!!!! ALAMAK!!!! @_# My friends read it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IN MY DREAM ONLY LA. At least I hope so. #_@


I was reading the Limkokwing Uni materials which Raymond brought here almost a year ago (in Jan to be precise - was it such a long time ago liao?? O_o) and....and....I'm sending an application there too. :P I got manipulated by the perfect marketing strategies of the uni and now I can't resist it. Hahahaha! :D
It seems like a kool weapons on my weak personality....couldn't resist it.... *mumbles mumbles*

:D :D :D
I hope I get accepted, learn Bahasa Malaysia too, get ducking rich, buy a bungalow on some paradisey M'sian island, buy a maisonette in River Park Bratislava, buy an apartment in the centre of KL, find THE man and live happily ever after...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKAY. =_=
Stop dreaming, babe.

But mmmmm, I feel the taste of the wheat grass drink on my tongue. AAaaaAAAAaaaaahhhhh. I'm salivating liao.
SAVE ME!!!!! *____*

Listening to: "Get Along With You" by Kelis
Yay!: I have silver shoes for my prom. YEAAAAHHHH. Just 28 Euro, ain't that kool? :)
Grrr: Got Geo test tmr. =_= WTP. =_= I THINK I LOST ALL MY MP3S. FUUUCCCCKKKK.


SebThePleb said...

Life sounds good... :D
Or bad :(

Cant tell! LOL

Princess Mich said...

Dont know also. AIYAH. Bad now though!