Friday, November 03, 2006

Stoopid Silver Sandals
Mad Halloween With UJ & Some 2nd Graders
1st Snow!!!

That idiotic prom thing is in a week and I still don't have any STOOPID SILVER SANDALS. Sigh. Well, tmr we're off to Pandorf in Austria, it's a village with a kool (not just) outlet shopping mall and if there's nothing...then I'm going barefoot. :P =_=



So fun!
I went to the Aupark Palace Cinemas with UJ & his girl friend Misha (yup, same name as mine, heh) and her friend Dano for a horror (which name I dunno in English, sorry) BUT it's wasn't too scary. So then we (me & UJ) have decided to cross one dark park by feet and then go to Slavin & everywhere by feet in that darkness. Mmmmmmm. MAD. FREAKY. MAD. FREAKY. It started to rain as well! Like WTD!!!! @_#
I came home at 1.30am by a taxi with 56km behind me and a mega-thirst.
We two are fucking mad.
I'm fucking mad too cuz if UJ has any feelings for me, I shouldn't grab his arm when I get scared cuz I'm paranoid after the horror. Ya know, it like gives him false hopes & that's not good.


It SNOWED yesterday.
I HATE WINTEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*bangs head & wails as a dying wolf*
I HATE that chilly wind.
I HATE that white snow.
I HATE the fact that I have to wear 781 layers.
I HATE how my skin is dry & how I can't breath & my contact lenses are freezing to my eyes.

Oh Mighty Whoever , let the winter stop liao, please, please, please!!! #_#

Very lazy again.
I think off I go & will maybe quack more after I'm back from the downtown; I'm gonna meet up there with AL and we're off to Segafredo for a nice, yummy, hot chocolate..mmmm..... ^_^

Listening to: "Good Stuff" by Kelis
Yay!: Found a kool Shiseido eyeliner which I MUST buy.
Grrr: FUCKING SHOPS HERE. Everything I like is either not in my size or it doesn't fit me. Or it costs too much, like that stupid & perfect Hilfiger coat for.... *sigh* .... 15 000Skk. HA HA HA.

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