Monday, November 13, 2006

I Don't Think He Himself Knows What He Wants
{Nor Do I}

I'd REALLY love to show you some pics from the prom, but after my father "repaired" the PC recently, I can't launch Photoshop, therefore I also can't resize the pictures and I can't add my blog's URL at 'em. FUCKIN AWESOME. =_=

But know what ah..... It went fairly well!!!! :D

My make-up & hair was by Alena Schulczov√°, so was Kuci's and we were totally the most beautiful ones. ^_^ It was expensive, yeah, but it was worth it!!! :D

Well well well, no more info about the prom, there'll be a separate entry about it later - with pics!!! B-) Stay tuned!

*oh God, make my Photoshop work*
*please please pleaseeee*


Yesterday UJ suggested:

"Hey, don't you wanna go with us to Vienna on Friday?"

Me, without asking who's "us" (as I thought it's "us", the gang) agreed with that idea immidiately cuz Vienna rulez and I've been there recently last December with Raymond and that was a pretty annoying trip.

"Okay, no problem, I'll go!" :D
"But who is 'us' anyways?"
"My parents and maybe my brother too."
"O_o !!!???"

Yeah. So I'm going to Vienna on Friday with UJ & whole his family. Actually I'm praying that his bro won't go, so we can take some Al with us....that's our girl friend and classmate and not a person from his family.
This UJ.
According to him, his parents no more think we're dating *whew* but now I have some feeling that he is kinda...hitting on me! Isn't he? *slaps head*
What's more absurd than anything else, he was talking about me going to Vienna with his MOTHER.

When will he propose to me, arrrr????!!!!

That's gonna come soon. :P =_=

It would be very nice of him to tell me about what he feels to me cuz then I'd at least know how to behave to him.

Okay la.
I'm talking to Pom now but I think I'll have to tell him "byebye" for now cuz I'm planning to cook myself rice, omelettes √° la Malaysia (with soya sauce, mmm) and those fake crab surimi sticks.
Very easy, very light, very yummy. YEAAAHH.

Listening to: "Sebenar Cinta" by Siti Nurhaliza
Yay!: I skipped school today...heh...
Grrr: Got period, got cramps, got awful skin. AARRGGHH

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