Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Me & UJ are not on good terms since today. Ahem.

He invited me for the glass plastics vernisage (?) few days ago saying that the sculptor is his late uncle. He also told me to ask Kucci whether she'd like to go or not..so I did. He didn't, however, bother to ask her personally, so Kucci said she doesn't care & won't go.
I still wanted to go cuz I like glass sculptures in general, they are so airy and beautiful....so on the recent art course I asked Emil (one my boy friend from there with face like a pussycat, hahahaaa) whether he'd like to go for an glass art exhibition on Thursday, 5pm.
He said he'll see, but in general, why not, he'd only have to skip tennis, but whatever.

So I told this to UJ today.

And he got angry at me, asked me who's Emil, told me he doesn't know him & it's not my exhibition to invite random people over.
Sorry sweetheart, but its not your exhibition either....even though the artist is your late uncle.

The last drop was when he told me that I'm NOT GOING as well.

FINE! But alright. Either me & Emil or nobody!
I wanted to take Emil with so I won't be yet again in the well-known situation of me, UJ & his whole family together. I wanted Emil to be there (since Kucci wouldn't go) so I could avoid all those small talks with UJ's family and then make them think happily that my "relationship" with UJ is blooming & growing and blahblahyaddayadda.

However, taking Emil with turned out to be a mad idea.
Do I get it right?!
My friends all agreed on the theory that he's jealous cuz he loves me and he actually enjoys the fact that everyone thinks me & him are dating.

Fucking annoying, sorry to say this, but if he loves me, he's showing it off like a 4 year old kindergarten boy.

It's just me to whom he's rude. It's just me whom he playfully slaps until I have bruises like recently on my right arm. ARRRGGHH. It's just me whom he takes to all his shoppings and then asks me about each piece of clothing he's trying on.
I mean, HELLOOO!!!!!!
@_@ Get a grip man and either confess to me or stop behaving like this. It's tiring. I'm already tired of your wannabe angry comments on whatever I do; I know that when you tell me in a 'disgusted' voice that I'm ugly, fat, stupid & insane you don't mean it. I AM NOT THAT BLIND.

Hello, boy.

You rested your head on my shoulder.

You told me to grab your arm recently at that class' fiesta when we all were out in a forest. When I didn't want to, you looked straight into my eyes and ASKED ME to. Hm.

You put your hand over mine & then, like a 3 year old boy, exclaimed in a wannabe disgusted voice "Eeeew! Your hand! OMG! How come it's here?!" or something like that. Good that before you did that, I saw you eyeing my hand; I suppose you wanted to know its precise location.

Hello, boy.
I wasn't sure about that but now I am: YOU DO LOVE ME.
I think I should be proud on that, cuz when a boy whose brain is full of Bang & Olufsen, Apple, Aston Martin & Range Rover happens to have feelings for someone; for me somemore!; it's certainly a MIRACLE.
You are a human with a heart. Mmmmmm. Great to know!

This your "OKAY! YOU AREN'T COMING THEN!" was the last drop. I think I'm gonna ignore you until you get your brain back. Jealousy? Pffff. I'm sad that you don't understand that even though I like you (not *that* way, although there were times like that, I confess) I won't date you. No, I WON'T. Why??? Cuz I'd break up with you. I AM SURE OF THAT.


And fucking UJ, he infuriated me like never; I'm not one of HIS OWNNNNN Hilfiger jumpers to decide on whether I'm going alone or with some Emil when Emil was supposed to be a substitute for Kucci. KNN.

OK, I don't think this post made sense but whatever. He just came online to ICQ. I damn fucking bet he will NOT message me....and so I won't message him. Why should I, anyways? Pfff. =_-

Listening to: "Grandma" by Jay Chou
Yay!: I loooove Michelle, that my new friend from Grade 2. ^_^
Grrr: I'm FAILING MATHS. @_@

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