Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Exciting Weekend
Little Summer Holidays :)

Here I am, back from the Davis Cup tennis match (SVK - BEL, SVK won), ladies' night at DD's, DD's visit to us, pizza & cake with her at Pirko, a lil' trip to Horsk√Ĺ park with DD, TK (and her dogs), UJ and Haku and Kofola at Funus with these my sayangs..... Ooooh, it was yet another exciting weekend - and there's still one more day ahead! ^_^

Tommorrow me & Kuci will be going again to see Davis Cup (I love free tickets!) and after that - who knows? ^^ I'm looking forward to being surprised. ^^

I'm downloaded Keane's latest album "Under The Iron Sea" recently and I'm beginning to really like it. They kind of resemble Coldplay but they're not THAT sentimental & - as I say - "foggy" (whenever I hear them, I feel like it's this depressive, cold, chilly, wet autumn with fog & I'm gonna die of loneliness, so there), actually it's quite cheerful and rhytmic...yay! ^_^

I've fallen in love with a song called "Nothing In My Way" and because before I wasn't paying any attention to the lyrics, I read them today and......found out that it's about being single & pretending not to mind that! O_o
My situation. Heheh.
And why d'you say It's just another day, nothing in my way I don't wanna go, I don't wanna stay So there's nothing left to say And why d'you lie When you wanna die, when you hurt inside Don't know what you lie for anyway Now there's nothing left to say Well for a lonely soul, you're having such a nice time For a lonely soul, you're having such a nice time For a lonely soul, it seems to me that you're having such a nice time You're having such a nice time

COME GOOD BOYS TO ME, COME. *winks seductively* I'm a sarcastic asshole but I'm gonna take a good care of you, as long as you will make me laugh, as long as you'll be able to cook a bit, be gentlemans & think with your brain and not with your dick. Come, come. ^_~

Today UJ was behaving very logically. XD

We went for a Kofola and as he sat next to me, he exclaimed pseudo-angrily-wonderingly:
"Eh! Why am I sitting next to you again?!"

Oh dear, you're such a logical boy. XD

Another interesting thing which may had been completely nothing. Or it may had been some hint/sign of something. Or I dunno-whateva-la. Confused duck I am. O_o :P

I went to call TK and as I opened up the V of my lovely Samsung babe, UJ & DD caught a glimpse of my wallpaper - a beautiful sunset at Thassos taken by me.

Yeah, this is my wallpaper now. ^^ A good photo, isn't it? I think it has an atmosphere of....of a goodbye to summer 2006. TT_TT *falls into depression*

UJ asked me what was that but I was already calling TK so I told him to wait & that I'm gonna show him after I finish that.
And so I did.
And when I opened the "My Photos" folder, clicked on that particular picture and held my phone in front of him so he could see it, he outreached his hand and caught my phone too so he could adjust the angle of it (for seeing it better I guess. Or just because...?) AND touched my fingers with his.
WTP ar? O_o

You know, if he wanted to, he could adjust it by holding the other part of my V, the one without my hand on. But nooooo, he held *that* particular part of the V (the upper one with the display) AND it wasn't just like "ADJUST -> hand quickly goes elsewhere", no it was like he held that mobile fone (+ my fingers) for good 10 seconds which is a lot considering how pointless and easy to absorb that picture was.

Aaaah, maybe I'm just thinking too much and it was totally NOTHONG. -_~

And maybe not. O_o

*scratches feathers*


I'm kinda desperate to know. Confusion is terrible!!!! I wish I knew what he meant/wanted but I'm never gonna hear that from him personally, at least not in this century, so I need you guys' help. TOLONG LA. *puppy dog eyes*

I wish I understood guys. *sad smile* :P

Off I go I's 12.39am and even though I'm not really that tired, I know I should sleep.. healthier sleep-habits will do me good. Ah, Self-discipline. Welcome to the house of mine! ^_^

Listening to: "Nothing In My Way" by Keane. I LOVE THE CHORUS' MELODY. Aaaaaahhhh! ^_^
Yay!: I love love love love love love my friends.
Grrr: I'm as broke as I've NEVER EVER been before. And the money are flying away from my wallet or WTD - I just never have any. F*ck...... >_< @_@


Ilkka said...

1) Well, it might be that it meant something he is too shy to say with words, which could be logical considering these small "hints" he has given before. Especially if he watched that pic (& held your hand) for 10 seconds.
2) Or then he didn´t mean anything special & is a friend.

But I think that maybe alternative 1) could be the correct answer. I don´t know.
I´m a guy too, but still can´t know about that. Can´t know what he was/is thinking about.

And btw, about "all those articles in Elle/Cosmopolitan/Vogue/Harper's Bazaar/etc. trying to decipher what do the MEN want, what do they NEED, what do they EXPECT from us, what ARE they like, HOW to make them LOVE us/LEAVE us and so on" that you wrote about in your previous entry. I bet they are written by women, so are they really trustworthy? And besides, everyone is an individual..

Princess Mich said...

Yaaaay, mai daarlynk!!!

THANKS for YOUR advice & opinion!!!! *hugs you tightly*

That boy is mad. Hahaha. But I'm adding him to my shortlist, since he's mad AND nice. XD Hehehehehehe!