Thursday, September 28, 2006

Autumn Depression, Here I Come!

It's here. *sigh*
I've skipped my 2nd TOEFL prep course class (jahat me!), almost died in the school & now I'm feeling completely sian while mindlessly reading various S'porean blogs INSTEAD of working on my Chinese mythology & philosophy presentation for Society Studies. =_=

Oh yes, and I'm chatting to UJ on ICQ who seems like he's totally ignoring me, so WHATEVA. =_=

Even though it's hot during the day, the mornings & evenings are chilly and I KNOW that the autumn is here.
And I HATE autumn.
Very depressing time for me.
All those grey, dead leaves, fogs, grey sky, darkness in the afternoon, chilly rains & freezing winds....
NO, THANK YOU!!!! BRING MY SUMMER BACK!!!!! TT__TT *bangs the table and cries*
Okie la, I should stop wailing, it was like 24C today.
But....those are the....last touches of the beautiful summer I had...... u_u
I do know how to depress myself, don't I? :P

I wrote a Chinese beginning of my presentation AND I dunno if it's correct or not, cuz 3/4 of the words are from the dictionary and blahblah. The sentence itself is completely boring but its use isn't of being amazing, it's of being in Chinese, so all the people in the classroom can faint & die of shock that I know some Chinese. Haha. :P

Could anyone correct it for me, please? *_* ^_^


Okie la, I wrote just the pinyin on the paper and NOT the han zi & now I totally dunno whether the actual han zi is correct!!!!! XD WAHAHAHA!!!! Sorry!!!! I bet my big ass that it's ALL WRONG, but whatever, I'm only gonna READ it in front of the class & I know that nobody there speaks Chinese, so..... THEY WON'T KNOW THAT I'M TALKING A COMPLETE RUBBISH!!!! *evil laughter*

Speaking about Asian things.....
People here in Europe have an amazing view on Asian women and their cosmetic & hygiene routines. :P
Today I bought a certain Czech mag for women and in the article about the "Asian women's mysteries of beauty" got to know, that:
"The women take showers not just for the cleaning's also for relaxation of the muscles. After they take their showers, they take a bath too and they add lots of gentle aromatherapeutic oils in.....and for the sense of balance they add fresh lotus or jasmine petals."

I'd REALLY love to see one busy businesswoman in Seoul adding jasmine petals to her morning bath....errr, shower! XD

We Europeans are very stupid. ^^

Listening to: "We Ride" by Rihanna
Yay!: A nice cocktail today at Grandes called "What's Up, Ginger?!" with ginger syrup, lime juice, fresh lime, fresh galia melon and fresh ginger. MMMM!!! ^^
Grrr: I'm as lazy as it's not even funny anymore. =_=

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