Monday, September 18, 2006

Healthy Lifestyle =_=

Amount of painkillers consumed: 3 Panadols Extra (Paracetamolum)
Caffeine, Teine, Teofyline: 3/4 litre of Kofola, 1/2 litre of Nativa Green Ice Tea
Food eaten during the day (6.25am ~ 10pm): 1/2 bread with cheese, 1 2x3cm vanilla cookie
Handkerchiefs used: 15854274 at least
Sneezes: 4854855 at least
Teary eyes: 175548555 times at least
Could breath?: NO
Times when feeling like fainting: 3x
Emmbarrasments today: 2 + 1 (at the art course)
Classes skipped: 1 (PE)

I love periods!!!! You see, I ate just 3 painkillers today because I was feeling so fine. Gah. -_- During the 2nd class (Literature) I almost heard nothing, saw nothing & felt like I'm either gonna faint or puke in the next second. LOOOOVELY. I'm such a weak ducky. Pff...

I also love my *ahem* talent. YEAH, I'M SO TALENTED, I CAN'T EVEN DRAW A DAMN STILL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shoots herself*

I also love how UJ is suddenly pissed off at me. What have I done?! @_@ *bangs bulus* Is it that he's hurt that me & Dada have created this idiotic bet that if he likes me *that* way (as Dada says), I'm gonna get her the most expoopensive dessert at Le Monde & vice versa or something else?! O_o
Aiyoooh. UJ UJ UJ. Don't you do this to me cuz I'm feeling guilty like shit.


I'm NEVER gonna understand them. =_=''''

Off I go to take a shower before my dear ducky sis replies to me on MSN. :P Heheh!

Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay
Yay!: I saw Dedo's doggy Hank! ADORABLE Welsh corgi!!!! ^____^
Grrr: No talent here, And angry UJ. WTP.

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