Sunday, September 10, 2006

First Taschen Book Of My Life!!!! ^___^

I'm literally BROKE.

Hello, new Pull & Bear light yellow cotton t-shirt.
Hello, 2 mojitos virgin for me & Dada.
Hello, new pearly light mint green nail polish.
Hello, new tweezer.
Hello, FishMac Menu in McD.

Hello, 615Skk on my account. -_-''''

HAHAHA. *sad smile*

Most impooportantly - HELLO, MY 1ST TASCHEN ART BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JAPANESE GRAPHICS NOW! is what I got myself. *happy smile*
I'm fascinated by that book.
*drools while flipping the pages*


Yaaaay!!!! ^_____^
Who cares that I'm broke? ^^
Yay yay yaaay!!!
Looking into that book gives me the strenght to try hard on the way up to my dream of being a graphic designer. How kool is that? :D B-)

I think I've found a potential prom dress for me today. 6900Skk, brown satin, V-neck, very simple & elegant. I was lazy to open up Photoshop, so here it is drawn roughly just in MS Paint:

Awful, I know la. Me was VERY lazy to draw properly, so there. :P

Aaah, anythongways.

THANK YOU, hubooby for the pink boxers!!!! Wife's gonna be SOE SEXAI now, no itik is gonna tahan it!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD WAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!

I'm IMPOOPRESSED & HAPPY for Nisah's decision about hijabs. You QUACK ON girl!!!! :D I'm gonna get you some nice scarf here! ^_~

11.31pm. Off I go to bed liao. School tmr! EEEEKKKK!!!!! @_#

Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay <---- a beautiful song *_*
Yay!: That book.... YAY! ^__^
Grrr: I'm SO broke... SO broke... SO broke.... *dies*

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Ilkka said...

Hey baibee...
How´s it going? Haven´t heard anything of you for a long time?
Take care!