Thursday, September 07, 2006

Busy Busy

Sorrryyyyyyyyyy for no quack yesterday.... I'm busier than I thought I'll be and it's gonna be far far worse (or better, depends on the way you're looking at it).

School until 3.30pm on Mondays & art course (4.30pm ~ 7pm) afterwards.
Double lessons (2 x 45 mins) of English & Spanish.
TOEFL prep course at the Canadian Bilingual Institude or at Akademia vzdelavania on Tuesdays & Thursdays. If at CBI, then 7900Sk per 3 months and the lessons from 7pm ~ 9pm. Yay.
Tennis trainings too. I had my 2nd one today...
And, THIS TENNIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals in pain*
It looks so easy on the TV where some dudes (*cough Roger Federer has a good body cough*) are playing....yet it's so difficult!!! I'm a complete loser at it! A COMPLETE LOSER!!!! @_@

OOoooohhh yes, I've missed the ball too - for like 34579641180087645 times. Am I the next Wimbledon champion or what?! XD Credits to Cs.Odu.Edu.

History of Art, Geography & Society Studies seminars after regular classes.

And we can't forget myself preparing for maturita (only 4 subjects now! YAY!!!! I'm going for Slovak, Society Studies, History of Art & English) and of course the infamous portfolio prep.

I already want summer holidays & peace.
No, actually.... I've UPGRADED MY LAZINESS!!!!! *gasp* Now I no more want just 2 months of fun, sun, Grandes Melones and swimming. Now I want to be retired!!!!! MUAHAHA!!!! You know....retirement must be SO KOOL.... You've lived thru all the pains & gains, thru all the conflicts, heartbreaks, money probs....and NOW you. have. the. peace. You can do whatever you want & the richer you are the better!!!
Err, when I am retired, I'm gonna go cruise around the Carribean in my own yacht. Bwahaha. I'm gonna wear golden bikini & show my cellulitic wrinkly ass to the whole world. Suffer, youngsters. *evil giggle*

What am I blabbing here, eh..... Someone shut me up before an innocent reader (one of those 0,000006568) dies.

Tommorrow our gang is off to the that means another busy day & another day of me NOT at MSN!!!!! *weeps* T_T Really, really, REALLY....maaf!!!!!! TT___TT I'll be duckline either on Saturday or on Sunday or both. Got more free time then.


...and know what...

I don't want any bf. Like WHO CARES!!!! Blah! I'm too busy for one. Plus if he turns out to be some wailing ass (*AHEM*) again, I'm seriously gonna lose my patience & nerves and turn lesbian or what, hahhahaa....

Wah. I'm veeeery tired, even though I drank that Kofola. Off I go read Justine's & Xiaxue's recent entries & then, GOOD NIGHT to myself. *yawns like a crocodile*

Listening to: "Call" by Ashanti
Yay!: I'm fairly positive about my future.
Grrr: Monday means *something-to-do* from 6.30am to 7pm. Lovely. Almost 12hours! @_#


munie said...

hey hunny. howwa u?? :D:D

miss me? hehehe..

Princess Mich said...

Sure laaaa sayangku.....AND!! I bought you something little in Greece!!! ^__^ Will send soon!