Sunday, September 24, 2006

Deadly Bored =_='''''
Mind the colour of this title, it's poopy-khaki-green reflects my poopy-khaki-green deadly bored mood. -_-

Today is a waste-of-time-day, really.

I slept until 12.28pm, then I went for the one but last SVK - BEL Davis Cup match where that Belgian dude (Rochus) totally K.O.-ed our Dominik Hrbaty who played like the biggest amateur and lost to him 2 : 6, 3 : 6, 3 : 6 in just 120 minutes. And it was a very boring match. Eh, I've never really liked tennis anyways. ._.


Then I went home.
And ate pancakes.
And read some mags.
And went online.
And here I am. =_=


I'm as bored as it's not even funny. @_@

I SHOULD tide up my desk, but I'm too bored to do that, can you get it?! I'm a typical hopeless case of a stupid spoiled bored teenage brat. Someone should kick my big cellulitic ass, maybe it'd help. -_~ AAAAH.

Very outta topic, but Kelis' song "Lil' Star" is really relaxing. :) Me likes. :)

Maybe I SHOULD start my PP presentation for the Society Studies about the Chinese mythology/Philosophy but I'm too bored to wake my brain up & start gathering some articles and all.
Aiyooooh. 7pm liao. Die die die die die. -_-

I've decided that cuz I'm broke AND not modest at all AND wanting like 457 different perfumes, I'm gonna buy two 30ml perfumes and it's gonna cost me less AND I can change them according to my mood. ^^
I'm thinking about buying a 30ml Lacoste Inspiration and 30ml something else - yesterday I've found 9 perfumes which may be what I want:

  • ESCADA - Signature (citrus/fruity)
  • ESCADA - Island Kiss (citrus/fruity & that name rulezz! :P)
  • AIGNER - Clear Day (should be very crisp and nice, I must try it)
  • CAROLINA HERRERA - 212 H20 (soft, floral, very feminine)
  • MATSUKI MATSUSHIMA - either Mat Blue (romantic, feminine) or Mat Le Rouge or Mat Le Vert (fresh, citrus/fruity)
  • CALVIN KLEIN - One Summer (citrus/fruity & I love the name, hahaha)
  • CHRISTIAN DIOR - Miss Dior (a classics!)
See, most of them are citrus/fruity. That's how I like it! ^^ I HATE all those sweet, heavy, floral, oriental perfumes, all flowers & esp. vanillas and etc. is not my stuff.
I love everything fresh, crisp, clean, neat......well, at least when it comes to perfumes, guys, fashion and food.
THAT MEANS I SHOULD DUCKING TIDE UP MY ROOM cuz it's EVERYTHING BUT CLEAN & NEAT. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! *bangs head on the desk*

TK texted me now that I should design another cards for our prom. YEAH. Something to kick me outta my boredom!! ^__^ Off I go!

P.S.: I saw a guy looking like an ang moh BYJ at Davis Cup today & *aaaahhh!!!* *___* ^___^ Ah anyways. I let him go & did nothing. Chance gone, still no bf. :P

Listening to: "Family Affair" by MJB
Yay!: Tsung Long replied to my email AND Jong Moon called me today. Yeeey! ^^
Grrr: I AM DEADLY BORED & feeling like a zombie. =_=

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