Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An E-mail to Tsung Long Instead Of A Proper Entry Which I'm Lazy to Write ^_~

Hi Tsung Long,
thanx a lot for your nicely long email! ^^

Poor single us.....okie....if we find no one, we get together and I'm NOT joking! Muahaha! Okay, but no more long distance relationships for me. -_- *flies to Taiwan the next day* <--- We, desperate souls have half-jokingly agreed that if we find no white chick/Asian guy, we get together. Hahaha.

I'm just staying at home for the first class, observing that whether my morning headaches, feeling-like-fainting and feeling very hot and then cold has anything to do with the school (if yes, then whatever) or if it's just like that (then I go to see my doc). For the past two days I've always felt okay in the first 20mins of any class & then I started to feel weak, hot/cold, ill and that I'm gonna faint. WTF!!!!
My mother asked me whether I'm not pregnant - double WTF!!!! >_<>_> <-- No kidding la. WTP!!!! ME & PREGNANT?! With whom, if I may ask???!!! Prince William?! AARRGH!!!

Maybe I just should sleep more. <--- DEFINATELY. @_@ Less than 6hrs today. Less than 5 hours yesterday. KNN.

Or buy some magical Chinese medicine which is gonna help me to rejuvenate my qi or whatever, haha....well, I can't get any Chinese med here anyways so I really have to fly to Taiwan tmr. :P
That makes me thinking.... If there's something wrong with me & no Western drug can help me - could you please check out some Chinese miracle for me? I know from Li Hong that she was feeling very bleeeh and no Western doc could help her..then she went to China and the Chinese doc checked her tongue and all, gave her some stuff & she got healed. Aiyoooh. 5000 yrs of history is something! ^^

Thanks for the advice on Raymond. Nice to know that he hates me & loves me, esp when his last words to me were: "Let's fuck out of each other's life." -_-''' The ultimate politeness from a guy who didn't mind me paying lunches/dinners/anything and who has never never never ever opened a single door for me. -_~ ("I wasn't raised like that, I dunno these gentleman-ly things!" <--- WTF, LEARN THEM, you fucker!)
I bet he's still single as well. *evil giggle* I AM A VERY BAD EX-GF, I KNOW. Muaha. <--- I'm bad but I'm loving it. ^^'''

The autumn is coming here....even though it's warm during the day (21~25C), the mornings are hella chilly (9C yesterday! @_@) and I HATE IT. I got used to washing my hair in the morning but I can't do it anymore because I'd get some angina and then hallelujah with me. u_u
HOT & HUMID. Yeah. 8-) Humid is good for my complexion and for my contact lenses and for my nose.... Sigh... Here it's all cold & dry. I think I was born in a very wrong country. :P -_-

I've started my TOEFL prep course yesterday and ohhh man, it's gonna be so tough. O_O 2x 2 hours per week + essay homeworks.... Well, what can I do.... I do need TOEFL because of Cenfad where I definately wanna go. I'm already looking forward for eating the healthy Asian food everyday, for the hot & humid climate, the hot Asian guys and for my own apartment - strictly non-smokers'!!!!! *_* And for the sappy, sentimental K-dramas on TV. Hahahaha, I know I'm a retard. XD

I hate the mornings. =_=

Now Pom is online..... I'm "appear offline", BUT okay, I'm gonna talk to him....

Take care!
*gigantic hugs*



P.S.: I'm gonna post this email on my blog, as I'm lazy to write a proper entry with the same info I told you....TOEFL, my weird illness, Raymond & etc.... Hope you don't mind!!!

I think I'm gonna lay down for a sec. Feeling not well la.... And my feet & palms are again darn cold....aiyoooh!!! I think I have to try some acupuncture or what. I hate it, how sick I am.... AND I KNOW THAT I AM FUCKING SICK ALSO CUZ OF MY MOTHER'S SMOKING!!!!! AAARRGGH!!!! People are fucking INCONSIDERATE. Mucus in my throat for the past 3 years?! AR?! From the smoking. I'm a passive smoker and I fucking hate it, thankyouverymuchforaskingme.


Listening to: "Run" by SG Wannabe
Yay!: Yesterday I've received the package from Jong Moon oppa! ^^ Rain Vol. 3, SG Wannabe Vol. 3 (along with a book with pics) and the "Stairway To Heaven" drama. Or is it "I'm Sorry I Love you"? O_o Dunno now la. Heh. BUT I AM LOVING IT!!! ^___^

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