Saturday, September 30, 2006

Making Other People Happy



Today me & Ali bought a BRUTALLY BIG golden belt for Linda and then I bought a BRUTALLY BIG yellow lily + whatever + peacock feather bouquet, all for her 18th birthday!!! ^__^

She was so happy, she almost cried!! ^__^


Red Delicious by DKNY (a Parsons NYC graduate!!!) is a DAMN GOOD PERFUME. Lacoste Insipration?! No, thanks. Too sweet, I don't like that vanilla!!!
I think I'm gonna buy this Red day when I actually have money... -_-


I'm sick of being myself.
All these influences from my friends who regard money as the most important....and I'm starting be like them too.



Off I go now to take a walk with Haku. That's more meaningful than lamentating that I don't have $$$ for that Hilfiger jumper and WTF la. Grrrr.

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: The bday?
Grrr: Well, dunno. Whateva.

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