Monday, September 25, 2006

A Bad Day

I've almost fainted at Geography.
Something's seriously wrong with me. =_= I hope it's not pre-matural menopause or I'm gonna die of sadness that I can never have a son whom I'm gonna love foreva & make him wear polo t-shirts and read Saint-Exupéry's "Little Prince" to him for goodnight!!! O_O

Aiyoooh. I left in the middle of the last Society Studies class but before I had to run around the school to get my headprof's signature (that bitch refused to give me) to the paper where I wrote the allowance to leave and then to the SS prof who (luckily) signed it and let me go home.

Strangely, the moment I stepped outta the school's door I felt 3x better. :P


During Geo I went to the toilet to splash my face with cold water and when I stepped out (feeling like I'm gonna faint or puke) to the corridor, I saw my little guy interest again! ^^ Not the best time for that la, I was pale and awful, but at least I was dressed really nicely. :P

I haven't mentioned HIM yet, I know, but I've been noticing him in the school for quite some time - only I found S more important and then R and S and always S and then T and then BYJ and JJH...heh...

Okay. Let's call him H as "Havo" (Doggy). :P
Very untypical for me to like this guy. :P
Cuz this dude has a sandy blond hair (Seamus Finnigan from Potter!), grey eyes which are fascinating me cuz the look in them is so darn cute - his eyes are like doggy's eyes, really! ^^ So warm and lovely!!!! ^__^ *melts*
Ahem. Yeah. So there. He's very tall (2m?), has freckles and for once he ain't skinny but his body is just normal. A bit toned la too, he's the son of the Slovak Davis Cup team captain so he plays tennis and etc.....
MMMMM. Must be rather well-off too. Hmm hmmm. PLUS POINTS. :P

Today when I stepped outta that toilet looking all pale and awful, I was playing around with the thought of fainting theatrally in front of him, but that'd be plainly stupid. XD
Also I thought of asking him whatever ("Got Paralen?") but then I did nothing and just....walked away to the classroom. -_-
BUT to my credit, he has noticed me liao - yesterday we looked at each other as we were passing each other by. HA!!!! :D
Next step is some mesmerizing smile from me. MUAHAHA. ^^v


I haven't seen S for such a long time liao! O_o Maybe already for 1~2 months!
It's not like I really mind...seeing him is killing me, cuz it always awakes my *feelings* for him, no matter how happy am I with myself that I'm over him. =_= I wonder if I ever will be over him?! I HOPE SO.


Not late la, but I still have to check out the Spanish for tommorrow. =_= BLEEAAUURRGGHH.
Tommorrow my TOEFL prep course is starting - I will be having it every Tuesday & Thurdsay from 4.45pm to 6.25pm. Very tough. =_= I hope I'm not gonna die!! O_o


My art prof bought a Terveureuven puppy called Aron. I AM IN LOVE. ^___^

Listening to: "Crystal Ball" by Keane
Yay!: I painted two things today. ^^ Met Kika's bf, Ji Sun & Savo in the downtown AND survived today!
Grrr: I HATE FEELING WEAK & SICK. I hope that tmr is gonna be WAY better!!!! @_@

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