Saturday, September 09, 2006


I'm late, I know, but only NOW I happened to find some time to read Kenny's blog & took his "How un-Malaysian Are You?" test. Ahem, okie, I'm a Slovak and a quarter Korean so I think I'm veeeeeery un-Malaysian. :P

But wah! See! It's not that bad! :P

Congratulations Michaela, you are 66% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?


UJ & Ali slept over here. WTD, I told UJ to sleep on my bed (and me & Ali on the sofa in the living room) and WTP, we have no new clean sheets now AND I have to sleep in what he slept before. Gross, ain't it?!?! >_< @_@ DUN WAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaarrgghhh!!!
I really have to go to IKEA & buy some sheets ONLY for myself & my friends. Otherways me & my friends will have to sleep in sheets stinking from the fucking cig smoke or I will have to sleep in sheets in which UJ slept. I mean, yes, I like him, but WTF, he's a guy and guys in my bed! Ehhhh!!! Nooooooo!!!! DUN WAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R was the only one (guy) who was allowed to sleep in my bed but okie, he was my boyfriend then. Now I wouldn't allow him to that. Hahah.

Yesterday I was out till 1am, then I came here with Ali & UJ and we fried pancakes around 2am (yes, am!), talked a bit and then went to sleep. Well, they went to sleep, I hadn't - I couldn't fall asleep, I was feeling horribly full & heavy & not really well, so I was silently suffering on the sofa breathing heavily like a dying hippo. Uhhh. FOOD is a POISON sometimes. @_@
The next day we woke up around 9am, I prepared the tea, apples, yoghurts, milk rice & etc., had our breakfast...after that I walked UJ to the bus stop with Ali, he went home, me & Ali stayed and read all the mags and later we went for pizza.....and to Koliba to meet up with the gang again.

Tiring day, I tell ya!

But a very nice one too!!!! ^__^ I've laughed so much, I think I've prolonged my life to x + 89 more years! :D


I've almost fell asleep while having the bath. =_=

Off I go to bed...I'm gonna sleep in those infamous sheets. SHITS! ARGGHH!!! DUN WAN!!!!!!!!!!! *curses while looking very disgusted*

Listening to: "미친 사랑의 노래" (Crazy Love Song) by SeeYa
Yay!: THAT LAUGHING!!! :D And finally, finally, FINALLY I'm listening to some K-Pop. ^__^ I really missed it!!!! O_O
Grrr: WHEN will I finally talk to my ducky sayangs on MSN??!! TT_______TT @_@

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