Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back To BA

Long time no see & I know that 0.45 of my readers deserve a long post BUT I'm very lazy & escematic so I'll be really brief.


  • One more topic left to learn from Literature (Lit after 1945)
  • I have ecsema, swollen red right eye, nose bleed and allergy (thus, a running nose)
  • Got my hair trimmed and now I look like 8 year old
  • I've slimmed down 3 kg! :D THANK YOU, BADMINTON SWEETHEART!!!! Now I look more appropriate for the hostessing job. :P
  • I've decided to wear my platinum + brilliant ring from the Korean grandpa for luck...I think it's a stupidity, but I've got nothing to lose :P
  • May 31st ~ June 1st, I'm off to PRAGUE. With my father, that is.
    Hahahaaa, who would've thought that? :P My woman's pride & dignity aside, I wouldn't mind meeting Doggy there just for the sake of seeing WHAT may happen. Teheheheee.
  • Shit, I don't have 3 red things to wear. Or golden. I'm superstitious even though I pretend I'm not, but neverthless, I ALWAYS wear something red when I need luck. -_-

Okay. I'm sorry but I'm off liao - I need to bath in the bath sea salt that is supposed to be beneficial for the skin irritation.... I'm irritated EVERYWHERE!!! GOSH!!!!

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