Saturday, May 05, 2007


I'm scaring myself with my sudden growing affinity to the color PINK.

Two days ago I bought dark pink-bordeaux-blackish sunglasses. Yesterday I bought a bright pink bra, it has that almost invisible powderish shade, but still, it's PINK. And today I bought a pink (in the scariest combo EVER with BABYBLUE) toothbrush!!!!!!!!!

*wails in horror*

I'm scared that one day I might end up like Xiaxue having everything... - Glitter Graphics

Wouldn't THAT be the biggest horror?! UHHHHHHHHH. @_@

Maybe it just means some subconscious need for love (as pink symbolizes romance, feminity & blahblah) but - I ask myself: WHAT LOVE?!
I'm enjoying my singlehood, okay?! I have Haku's love, that's the only one love I need and as I've understood that men (save for baibee & BYJ) are bodoh I don't need to trouble myself.

The other option is that...

...maybe I'm just becoming a REAL ah lian.
It had to come one day, it really had. =_=

Irrelevantly, I had a dream about PRINCE WILLIAM.

WAHAHAHAHAAA, no kidding! I think in the dream we were in bus or something and we became friends and all in all, the dream was as if I had smoked sa good old ganja before I closed my eyes. XD Amazing, it was SO real! :P

Hmmm. The beauty of my room is STILL intact. In fact, I've removed my curtains today because I felt (or lured myself to feel) that due to their filthiness they emit the bad yin qi and I cannot tahan that.
Somebody please SHOOT ME soon, okay?

Today I was even determining my Four Pillars (whatever it is) now I have a super beautiful Four Pillars chart with me being the "Yin Fire Snake" and etc. but I don't really understand what am I supposed to do with it. Like, ooops! XD

I've checked my ASTRONOMICAL WEIGHT today & this is what I've learnt:

Your astronomical birth is 3 (liang) 6 (chin).

Solar DOB: 17 Mar 1989
Lunar DOB: 10 Feb 1989

You will have a very busy schedule ahead, but this is good as you will be busy attaining great success in life! You enjoy excellent family affinity and they will bring you lots of prosperity luck. Lucky stars will always shine on you, helping you achieve all your wishes. Keep a wealth vase at home to enhance your wealth and prosperity luck further. And do not be afraid to be ambitious. You have a lot of potential based on your birth weight, which you can realize if you have the conviction and courage to do so.

Sounds good, I just hope it's TRUE! :D

I'm sooo sleepy today. Not even this FLUFFY PINK bathrobe I have on helps me to wake up! T_T @_@ Probably it's cuz of the grey skies outside and the sleepy chillout lounge music I'm listening to. Sigh. *yawns*

Time to try finding something nice to eat.... And maybe I'll just cook a plain, white rice, I love its aroma. ^^

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